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All cuckolds know about denial in one form or another. There is the base denial many of us experience of having sex with your wife, girlfriend, or cuckoldress. Along with that denial, there comes other denials. The cuckolding lifestyle affords many areas to explore fantasy and pushing limits of both parties. Your cuckoldress may or may not deny you the knowledge of her trysts depending on your situation and agreement. Some cuckolds I have talked to are denied the view of their naked cuckoldress except on special occasions. But the most intense denial of all is that of orgasm denial.

Orgasm denial can take place in many forms. Many cuckolds are locked away in chastity their tiny cocks in plastic or metal cages the keys dangling sexily around their cuckoldress’ neck or from her anklet. This form of denial combines not only orgasm denial but the denial of a hard on. In a chastity device the cuckold can’t even get hard and many devices are made so that even if he begins to get hard the cage is designed to be uncomfortable and inflict pain. I’ve been in chastity and it’s a double edged sword of pleasure and pain. My cuckoldress had me lock myself in and kept me there for two days until she arrived at my house. By the time I was on my knees licking her pussy and ass I was dribbling and dripping like a leaky faucet. She found it quite amusing as all my attentions were focused on her! Once she was satiated and had cum several times, she made me lie on the bed and took me out of the device. Having been locked up for two days (while at the same time reading about cuckolding, watching videos, surfing porn sites) I was ready to explode. She teased and toyed with my cock which tiny as it is sprung to its full rock hard four inches. She toyed and laughed at it and it made me harder and I was ready to burst. After being locked up you are so horny and for me anyway I immediately go into my subspace. She toyed with me stroking me, running her finger up and down my shaft lightly and right when I was ready to explode in orgasm she stopped! I groaned and spurted all over my hips bucking in the air desperate for some sort of friction on my cock. The orgasm subsided and was intense and I nearly passed out.

Orgasm denial while hot has many different forms. I’ve had my cuckoldress make me get on all fours while she gently tosses my balls around like a pair of dice until I cum never touching my cock. She’s made me hump her leg, her ass, the bed, her feet always denying me at some point the exact moment of orgasm. After a while if you’re a cuckold you get used to being denied things. You get used being denied the knowing’s of her comings and goings and what she’s doing when she’s not with you. You get used to being denied penetration in her gorgeous warm, wet pussy. My cuckoldress loves to have me lie on my back while she rides my cock to orgasm. I’m forbidden to cum until she’s had her orgasm (sometimes I have great difficulty holding out) and once she’s cum she lies next to me in a dreamlike state and toys with my cock leisurely stroking playing with me until I’m almost ready to cum. Sometimes she’ll stop sometimes she won’t, but I’ll never know until she tells me it’s time to make my “mess” as she calls it. However I’m allowed to cum I cherish it. I have worked very very hard at being able to have her ride me and not cum, it takes a great deal of restraint and willpower on my part, but I know that I am pleasing her and I am doing what she wants. I also know that I’m not allowed to cum “where the real men cum” as she so candidly puts it.

If you’re a cuckold, enjoy the denial, revel in it, it’s your birthright!