a cuckold blog...by cuckytoher

Jul 2


Ah let’s talk about humiliation involved in cuckolding. At first there is the inherent humiliation that comes with being in a cuckold relationship. The mere fact that your wife is seeing other men while married to you is humiliating enough. Add to that the humiliation when other people find out. Now most cuckolds are under endowed and most have known that their entire life. A cuckold’s life is full of humiliations and his cuckoldress has a life that is full of power.

Once she steps out with another man she begins to have her cake and eat it too. Over time she realizes that she has a devoted tiny cocked husband at home willing to do anything for while she is out. He is home cooking, cleaning, doing housework, bringing home the paycheck while she is out having fun. Power as she will soon realize is a major aphrodisiac and she realizes this when she’s out in the clubs where real hunky men drool over her new attire and her body. The power she has tips the scale in the relationship and she knows that she holds all the cards.

The cuckold on the other hand suffers the humiliation of his wife’s new found power. Some cuckolds may be kept fully shaved, in chastity, or even feminized by their cuckoldress to deepen and emphasize the humiliation. She may chastise him and make fun of his teeny tiny cock or his lack of prowess as a lover, she may snicker on the rare occasion when she allows him to put his tiny cock where the real cock goes and he barely makes it inside before he cums. She chuckles and asks “Is it in?” which adds to the humiliation. His dress around the house is usually naked or something silly which heightens his humiliation.

The humiliation deepens when she brings a lover home and he has to face a real man groping and fucking his wife while he kneels by and acts as a fluffer and clean up boy. A cuckold’s life is full of humiliations overt and covert. One of my most humiliating moments as a cuckold came when my wife decided she would attend a friend’s wedding out of town with her lover and stay in a hotel I had reserved and paid for while I stayed home for the weekend. Imagine my angst that weekend as I wondered what was going on, what our friends were thinking, what would the fall out be all the while I cleaned our house, did laundry, did yard work, anxiously awaiting a phone call from her like a little school girl that by the way never came!

If you’re a cuckold, enjoy and embrace all the humiliation cuckolding has to offer!!!