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Apr 9

The Surprise

Cuckolding is full of surprises. Imagine your cuckoldress surprising you with that late night phone call telling you she isn’t going to be home for awhile. Imagine the night she says she going out with the girls but ends up meeting some hunk in a bar and having hot sex at his place only to come and give you yet another surprise. Surprises come in variety of shapes and sizes as your cuckoldress knows. She holds the power and therefore she decides how, when and where to surprise you. Maybe the surprise is a glimpse of her shaved pussy while the two of you are out somewhere, or maybe she has you locked in chastity and surprises you by unlocking you while out in public.

One of the things that drives us as cuckolds is that we are always on edge because our cuckoldress controls things. So we are always expecting the unexpected and the little surprises she springs on us are erotic and enticing. That knowingly mischievous grin she has when she looks at you and you know something’s coming but you aren’t quite sure exactly what it is. That is the intoxicating thing about being a cuckold, the anticipation, the tease and the excitement is almost as much fun as the end result. As a cuckold we can surprise our cuckoldress by cleaning the house, doing laundry (which most of us do anyway) or going out of our way and maybe buying her something special for a date she’s going on or buying her a weekend away at a spa.  But our surprises pale in comparison to the power the cuckoldress holds.

One of my all time fantasies is that my girlfriend surprises ME with a cuckolding get together. She arranges it all. She posts an ad, screens all the applicants, decides on the time, the place, and better yet she and the guy have had a chance to talk about it and decide what SHE wants the scenario to encompass. Maybe it’s a Saturday afternoon or a Sunday afternoon and we’re home and she tells me she’s going to tells me she’s going to take a bath while I am cleaning the house. She tells me she’s feeling a little frisky and that she wants me to take a shower, shave myself and put on a pair of her favorite pantyhose or whatever outfit she tells me to wear. I’m bristling with excitement as I know that I’m going to have sex! She comes out from the bathroom dressed in some sexy lingerie and smiles, gives me a kiss and there is a knock at the door. I look at her in disappointment figuring some salesman is calling and she simply smiles, gives me a deep kiss and says, “Surprise!”