a cuckold blog...by cuckytoher

Apr 1


Sometimes it’s the most mundane things that turn out to be the most erotic in cuckolding. Take hands for instance, pretty mundane on the surface, but now take them in the context of cuckolding and they take on a whole new light. Envision your wife’s hands rubbing her lovers back, or stroking his cock. Add to that picture her wedding ring on that left ring finger and things get even more exciting. That’s right, the ring you scrimped and saved for, the ring you went without to buy the ring that symbolizes your commitment and connection to each other, and now there it is on her finger while she strokes his cock. Take it one step further and picture his cock exploding all over her hand and yep there’s cum all over your wife’s wedding ring and it’s not your cum! How embarrassing, how humiliating, how hot!

Imagine if you will his strong, masculine hands on your wife’s silky white thigh, just gently rubbing it up and down. Perhaps they’re in a bar or restaurant, perhaps you’re even with them as you watch his hand go further up her leg disappearing under her dress and you watch her hands ball into fists and you immediately know that he is in her pussy playing with it, using his fingers to drive her wild. You watch as she reacts the way you know she does when she’s having an orgasm, and it’s happening right there in a crowded restaurant while you sit across the table and watch. Now imagine her hand darting under the table, taking his cock out of his pants and stroking. You watch mesmerized as their hands play with each other making each other cum. And then she reaches across the table, takes your napkin, wipes her cum covered hand on it and gives it to him and he wipes her cum on the other side and hands it back to you to put on your lap for the rest of the meal. Just a pair of ordinary hands, but how erotic!

Another erotic vision is your pale white wife lying spread eagle on the bed; a very dark skinned black man lies between her legs pumping his cock into her. And now watch as her pale hands trace down his muscular backside, her white fingers spread in passion, again displaying her wedding ring, the diamond sparkling against his black body, until she reaches his ass cheeks, she has both of her lily white pale hands on them and gently spreads his ass cheeks and you know what she wants you to do, what she is commanding you to do, what you must do. And you do it without hesitation, without protest, without regret; you plunge ahead and please them both. And after they’ve both cum and are lying on their backs his deep big black hands on her soft white tits tweaking her nipple, her white hand with its pretty pink nail polish holding his thick black cock aiming it right at your lips.

Hands, they are taken for granted every day, but the next time you’re out with your wife picture her, your cuckoldress, with her hands where they shouldn’t be, or the guy sitting next to you in a bar or restaurant with hands on her where they shouldn’t be. Think of his long fingers inside her pussy and ass pleasing her, think of his strong masculine hands roaming all over her body, your wife, but you have no say in the matter, it’s her body and a welcome playing field for anyone wishing to put their hands there as long as she says it’s okay.

Let’s not forget about your hands, your hands that rarely get to touch your cuckoldress, your hands that spend so much time jerking your tiny cock and cupping your pathetic balls. You stand in your bedroom, your wife and lover lay on the bed having cum and are now just enjoying their time together, but they have you standing there playing with your cock, your just rewards for pleasing them. You look down and you stroke your tiny cock between your thumb and forefinger and hear your wife comment to her lover how you’re so small you can’t even get a full fist around your cock. They both laugh; you cringe, but keep stroking. She tells him how you have small, delicate almost effeminate hands, not like his big strong masculine ones which make it all that much more emasculating. Suddenly you jerk and cum spurts out of the end of your cock and you catch in your other hand, the orgasm over the arousal gone, you look at them and your wife tells you to go ahead and clean your hand. Yes you’re going to lick the cum off your own hand. You obey and think of it as licking ice cream or something you’ve spilled on your hand, and swallow showing her and her lover your nice clean hands.

So many mundane things in our every day lives can take on such new meaning when they are applied to a cuckold relationship. All it takes is a willing cuckold, a magnificent cuckoldress and a little imagination to make it all come true!