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Feminizing Hubby

There seems to be a big attraction in the cuckolding circles regarding feminizing the husband in the relationship. It runs the gamut from putting him in pantyhose or panties to fully dressing him in wig, makeup, etc. I get the whole putting him in panties or pantyhose to make him feel a bit humiliated and as a cuckold I’ve been there. My girlfriend likes to put me in pantyhose she tells me not because of the feminine aspect but rather she like the way my cock and balls look and feel in pantyhose.

There’s also the whole aspect of feminizing him fully to totally emasculate him but I think guys in this category are more into crossdressing than they are into being cuckolds. There are also guys out there who feed their homosexual urges by justifying it when they dress as a female under their wives supervision, it somehow makes it alright and acceptable, not that there is anything wrong with wanting to have a homosexual or bi-sexual experience, but a lot of guys find it way too taboo. So the rationale goes, if I’m a submissive and only following orders of my wife then it’s okay because I’m not doing it voluntarily I’m following orders.

I spoke with guy once who was actually in the process of becoming a woman and lived with his wife and her lover, again not a cuckolding thing, but I think people can justify most any behavior they want sometimes. Stereotypes have a lot to do with it. Most cuckold guys are submissive by nature, much of that submissiveness leads to wanting to act a bit effeminate which then leads to wanting to appear a bit effeminate which then leads to wanting to act out their feminine side but sucking a cock or taking a cock. It’s a progression of events that as I’ve said in other blogs comes from varying degrees of all things sexual.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sex and am accepting and open to anyone who wants to act out whatever fantasy or role play they want as long as it’s legal. I just think that cuckolding and transvestitism or transsexuals are not one in the same as many people try to make them. Yes having your wife humiliate you in a cuckold relationship is part of it, and many couples feel or take it to the next step of making him pretty while she goes out and gets fucked by a real man, hence the crossdressing and her coming home with a lover for her ‘pretty’ husband to service her lover. I get it, but I think it’s a stretch, but to each their own.

The most important thing when it comes to all things sexual is to be honest. Honest with yourself and honest with those you love those who love you. If you want to crossdress, then crossdress, if you want to suck cock or get fucked, do it! But be honest about it. Don’t get your wife into cuckolding under false pretenses so you can crossdress and suck cock or get fucked. Being honest with your wife or lover is a huge step in your relationship to building trust and mutual respect. Women admire, respect and embrace honesty and you being honest with your wife will go much further than you lying, being deceitful and doing things behind her back under the guise of being into some sexual situation. It’s kind of like taking that first step into the unknown, it’s scary and exhilarating but oh so rewarding once you take it. Trust me I know, I spent thirty years being dishonest, cheating; all the bullshit guys that are supposedly ‘into’ things say to rationalize. Then I met an incredible woman. A woman I decided to trust with my heart and soul. And once I bared my soul to her she was not judgmental, not angry, not upset, not surprised, didn’t freak out, she merely embraced me and who I am and what I had shared with her. She is the first woman in my life I’ve never wanted to cheat on, she’s the firs woman in my life who has ever loved me for who I am and not who I represented to her.

So go out on a limb, try honesty, it works!