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Jun 2

How small is small…?

OK, this has been something I’ve been trying to get a handle on for a while.  As women, we talk about big and small cocks, and of course BBCs.  But how small is ‘small’?  

I’ve done research and found a couple references.  One shows average penis size, the other shows the sizes that give us the most enjoyment.  

For penis size the chart below has measures from 3 different studies. In 2 studies they have an average lower than the third, so I’m more inclined to look at the other two.  (especially since the study that had the larger averages is almost 2 decades old.)  But going by these other 2 studies, only 1 man in 100 will have a cock over 7.5 inches.  Same for girth. All 3 studies suggest 6 inches is the high end with only 1 man in 100 meeting or exceeding that.  

What do we ‘like’ in terms of size?  Well this next chart suggests the ‘ideal’ cock isn’t as big as we tend to read from some women looking for lovers.  

Overall, the key here is girth more than length. Between 6 & 6.5 inches in girth, and a length of roughly between 7 & 8 inches seems to be ideal.  But a guy with 6 to 6.5 inches in girth can be as ‘small’ as 6.25 and still rank a ‘B’.  

So what ‘rank’ would you consider to be ‘cuckold size’?  Would you go by length alone, or would you agree with the way they ranked them?  Would 9.5 inches long and 6.5 inches thick really be a ‘C’ ranking to you?

I’m kind of torn between considering ‘small’ a rank of ‘B’ and a rank of ‘C’.  The ‘C’ rank goes as ‘small’ as 5.75 length and 6 inches girth, which is pretty much ‘average’ length but above average girth.

As you can see, I’ve kinda been thinking about large cocks a lot lately.  lol   But what about you?  What are your thoughts on this.  :)

I agree much of it comes down to personal preference. I think “fit” more than anything is important to a woman. All woman’s vagina’s aren’t exactly the same size either so what might feel good to one won’t to another. Much of it is personal preference. The norm in cuckold relationships is that the cuck has a small cock and the bull has a big cock, what defines small and big is up to each couple!

Jun 2

The cuckold’s curse

Most cuckold men admit to two things, one they are submissive and two they have small cocks. But what of the poor bastard that is born with a big cock? I spoke with a guy once who was born endowed with an eight inch cock when it was hard and a little over six when he was soft. His problem was he wanted so to be a cuckold. The issues he faced were tough. Just as most cuckolds can’t make themselves have a bigger cock and so readily acquiesce to their cuckoldress that they know they are small and that it’s okay for her to seek out a well hung lover. But what of the poor bastard who is married to a woman and he’s got an eight inch cock and she’s satisfied with it and he wants so be a cuckold?

This is truly the cuckold’s curse. The guy I talked said it was even tough when they did find someone to play with because the minute the other guy saw his cock get erect (and most were significantly smaller than him) they effectively ran for cover. I asked him what he had done to address this. His answer was that there wasn’t much he could do but his wife came up with a bit of an idea that included both cuckolding, dominance and submission and a bit of role play. She would find guys that were a bit out of shape, perhaps a little on the chubby side etc and the trick here is they didn’t have to be well endowed but hung enough to please her. She would poise as a dominant wife whose husband was submissive to her and craved humiliation. She would then find guys that were the opposite of her stud husband and humiliate him by having him serve her and these chubby guys with smaller cocks than his. He said she would taunt him by saying things like, “Well you may have a big cock, but you’re a wimp and you sure as hell don’t know how to use it! He gives me more pleasure with six inches than you do with eight!” And on and on.

He said it worked, but he still never got the true feeling of being a cuckold because of his big cock. So to all those tiny dicked cuckolds out there who think that they got short changed in life, feel lucky!


After reading THE TRIP, I’m ready to go on vacation.  I don’t think I’d be as ‘lucky’ as that cuckold.  What I especially liked were Bonnie’s cruel and condescending attitude, and how much she controlled her husband and kept him running. 

(Comment by Throne)

The trip

My wife, her lover and I had been on the ship for a little over an hour and I had just sat down to grab a slice of pizza when my phone buzzed with a text message. It read simply: cabin now bitch boy! I knew I was in trouble for something but I couldn’t for the life of me imagine what it could be. I had sold some stocks to pay for this trip for them at my wife’s behest. The most expensive suite with a balcony on the ship for them and a single inside cabin with no windows at the bottom of the ship for me, which I had to pay double occupancy for even though I was staying there alone. I hurried to their suite and knocked on the door even though I had a key, I was instructed to always knock unless told otherwise.

“Come in.” It was my wife Bonnie’s voice. Bonnie is considerably younger than my 50 years and when we met I was immediately attracted to her full figure, 38F breasts, 36 inch waist and 50 inch hips on her 230 pound five foot five frame. She has long auburn hair and immediately saw that I had a submissive streak that ran parallel to her dominant one. It also helped that when we met she was unemployed and I was rather well off. It didn’t take long for Bonnie to recognize my inadequacies in the cock department and was ready to dump me when I begged her not to telling her I’d do anything to keep her. She was quite frank and honest telling me that she was a size queen and needed big cock and all my money couldn’t buy me a bigger cock! I readily agreed and confessed my desire to have her in my life at any cost. For a while she toyed with me like cat with a mouse before killing it, finally she said we would get married but she would continue to see and get plenty of big cock and I could stay and serve or hit the road. I agreed and basically became her cuckold husband and slave.

I opened the door and walked into their suite. Bonnie lay naked on the bed making out with Tony her lover ever since we’ve been married and I suspect probably before. Tony is one of those muscle bound jocks you see at the gym always making out. He’s well over six feet tall, covered in tattoos, tanned, toned and hung as Bonnie likes to tell people.

“Bitch boy where the fuck is the KY that I had you buy that heats up?”

“I’m pretty sure I put it in your bag dear.”

“Well it’s not in my fuckin bag dear!” Bonnie said, very sarcastically. “I was so looking forward to getting fucked and christening our suite with Tony’s big cock all heated up inside me, but you fucked that up.”

“I’m sorry dear.” She cut me off. “Sorry doesn’t cut it. I think Tony needs to teach you a lesson and perhaps you’ll be a little more attentive to my needs and orders.” Tony jumped off the bed naked his flaccid cock swinging in the breeze, it had to be seven inches soft compared to my four inch hard cock.

“Assume the position.” Tony said. I knew what that meant and what was coming next. I spread my hands against the wall much the way a prisoner does when he’s being searched and pushed my butt back and spread my legs. I was dressed in yoga pants (Bonnie had taken great pains to pack my outfits for each day of the cruise and put them in Ziploc bags labeled by the day. Each day had one pair of yoga pants in pastel colors such as gray, light blue, aqua, purple, and one coordinated tank top and that what I was to wear each day. That was all I had to wear every day all day, with the exception of my chastity device, no change of clothes for me two or three times a day!)

Tony pulled my yoga pants down revealing my ass and I heard him get his belt. Bonnie adjusted herself so she had a better view. “Maybe fifty strokes will help your memory. So count each one good like we’ve practiced at home bitch boy.”

The first blow struck and like a trained dog I responded by clenching my buttocks and saying, “Thank you Sir, may I have another?” Bonnie giggled and egged him on through the remaining 49 blows. Then like an insolent schoolboy I was told to pull up my pants and leave while they fucked. I went back to the buffet but my pizza had been cleared away so I grabbed another piece and stood eating it on the deck as my ass was way too sore to sit. I then retired to my tiny cabin to put some cream on my red and welted ass. It was then that I found the KY that Bonnie had wanted. I immediately went to their suite and knocked and was told to come in.

“Dear, I found the KY I mistakenly packed it in my bag instead of yours. I’m very sorry it won’t happen again.”

Bonnie stood up and got right in my face. “I’m very sorry it won’t happen again.” She mocked me and told me to assume the position. I was scared to death I was going to get beat again, but history had taught me to obey and not question. I did as instructed and heard Tony and Bonnie chuckling behind me. I then felt something wet being pressed between my cheeks and up into my ass. I knew immediately it was one of the small butt plugs Bonnie had purchased online for me. “Well maybe if you spend some time with a butt plug in your ass with some warming KY you’ll remember where you put it the next time! You are to go to your room and keep that in there for an hour. Then you are to come back here while we’re at dinner and unpack our stuff and straighten up our suite, then and only then can you go to the buffet and get a slice of pizza and a water and go to bed.” She opened up the door and I simply said, “Yes dear.” 

That night when I returned to their suite I found a note with instructions for the week which became my routine. I know most men would think I was a henpecked cuckolded bitch boy and most women would think I was a wimp and in both cases they’d be right! But I loved Bonnie more than life itself. The times we did spend together when I would get to touch her pussy or tits, or lick her feet, were all worth it. Just seeing her naked sometimes made it all worth it. She was my world and she knew it and I knew it. I knew she needed Tony’s cock, but I also knew she needed me, if only for my servitude and money, which made it all worth it.

My days on the cruise consisted of me getting up each day at 7:00 a.m. and going up on deck to reserve two lounge chairs for Tony and Bonnie even though they wouldn’t be on deck until ten o’clock. I would then bring them breakfast in their suite at 9:00 a.m. and after they were done with me I could go get a coffee and a croissant. During the day on the ship I had to sit just off to the side of Tony and Bonnie in case they wanted anything. Bonnie would raise her hand and I’d have to run and fetch whatever she or he wanted. I got some very queer looks from the rest of the passengers, but Bonnie’s logic was that we’d never see these people again so who cared? I also had to participate in whatever humiliating game might be going on via the cruise director’s stupid games on deck. Whether it was line dancing, yoga, wet t-shirt contest, hairiest man (even though I’m completely shaved) I would have to participate with Bonnie and Tony laughing at me from their chairs.

At night I was to always be near them but never with them. If they went to a club or a show, I’d have to be nearby in case they wanted anything which meant sometimes standing through a two hour show because there were only two seats together and I would have to stand and wait for their signal. In the clubs, I had to wait at the bar to get them drinks and bring them back to the table. In the gift shops I was always nearby to sign for the purchases and lug the bags back to my room. And my phone was always on my in case either of them wanted anything in the middle of the night. I averaged about four hours sleep a night most nights as they kept me running pretty late. Like one night when Bonnie decided at 3 a.m. she just had to have a cookie and a glass of milk.

Days we were in port were much the same with me scampering behind them always at their beck and call lugging bags and presents for each other that went on my credit card. Always ready to stand in line to get Tony a water or his favorite sports drink or wipe Bonnie’s brow of sweat. Days that we went to the beach I lugged umbrellas, beach bags, coolers, chairs and applied sunscreen to them while they romped in the surf and I got strange looks from everyone else always dressed in my yoga pants and tank top.

I also had to accompany Tony to the gym each day and stand there with a water bottle and towel at the ready while getting snickers from the rest of the attendees. Two or three days he even made me accompany him to the steam room and one day when it was just the two of us, I was forced onto my knees and made to give him a blowjob to completion. Then I had to follow him into the shower and wash him all over before he returned to their suite. Tony had an incredible sex drive which was one of the things that attracted Bonnie to him. They were both multi orgasmic and he could cum sometimes twice in a row without even batting an eye.

Sometimes I was privy to their lovemaking and fucking. Bonnie made it very clear to me that they sometimes fucked and sometimes made love and if I was ever allowed to be present while they made love I should consider it an honor. My job was to always get her ready by licking her pussy and get him ready by sucking his cock. They found it amusing to belittle me and laugh at me while I did this in my chastity device. When they felt incredibly cruel they would feed me a Viagra before their session was to start and watch me suffer for hours. Bonnie knew that I loved with every fiber of my being and that Tony was her lover, her stud, her friend, but I was her husband.

Some nights while they lounged in their suite naked watching a movie on the big screen TV I would have to kneel at the foot of the bed giving them foot massages as they’d had a tough day walking all over! With cream in hand I would rub their feet for hours with cramps in my thighs and calves from kneeling, but I never complained. Soon they would get frisky and either dismiss me to my cabin or have me stay and watch. I received more of the belt, which really seemed to turn Bonnie on immensely!

One day when Tony was on deck playing basketball with some other jocks, Bonnie summoned me to their suite. She was wearing a skimp two piece white bikini that she was falling out of. When I got to the room she removed her top and held her tits out to me.

“Does my husband miss these?”

“Oh yes dear!” I said, feeling myself growing hard in my device.

She held out her ankle which had a tiny anklet that held the key to my device. “Does my bitch boy want me to unlock him?” She cooed in a baby like voice. It amazed me how she could be so sexy and seductive one minute and make me melt in her hands and so bitchy and dominant on the other and actually scare me sometimes.

“Oh yes dear!” I was always to refer to her as ‘dear’ and Tony as ‘Sir’ and I wasn’t about to break that rule even though we were alone together.

She took the small key off, unlocked me and removed my device. My tiny four inch cock stood straight out straining and dripping pre-cum, something she took great delight in; in fact her other nickname for me was ‘drippy’ and it had the desired effect of making me drip more. She took her foot with the vibrant pink toe nail polish and toyed with my cock and balls bouncing them around and jiggling them laughing the whole time.

“You’re such a wimp bitch boy. But you know that don’t you? You could never satisfy a woman like me. That’s why I need a real man, a man like Tony whose cock fills me up and strong arms wrap around me, oh and that body baby, isn’t he just gorgeous?”

She loved to taunt me at times like this talking about Tony and all his great attributes while she demeaned and humiliated me. I wished I could’ve said it bothered me but my tiny cock betrayed me and grew stiffer and expelled more pre-cum.

“Yes dear. He is an Adonis! And I’m so happy that he’s in our lives and especially in yours to please you.”

Her fingers now moved to my balls as she instructed me to get on all fours on the bed. Soon she was milking my cock and stroking my balls knowing from my response when I was going to cum and stopping every time. She had placed a saucer on a towel beneath my cock as she toyed with me and milked me.

“That’s right baby, he does please me. And you better never do ANYTHING to make him leave because if you ever did your life would be hell. I need that big cock in my life. You know, sometimes when I lay with my head on his massive chest looking down at those gorgeous thighs and cock and he touches me, I know it’s more than just sex between us.”

That put me over the edge. Each time she would tell me about her ‘possible feelings’ for Tony even though I knew they were there it drove me wild. I could feel my orgasm building as she went on. I also knew from past experience never to tell her when I was going to cum. It was totally up to her. I was to cum when she told me and on the rare occasions I couldn’t hold it and began to cum she reveled in ruining my orgasm by taking her hand off my cock at the last minute.

“Does that bother you baby? That I might have feelings for Tony? That I might like like him as they say in high school. That he gives me butterflies in the tummy and makes my heart race and my face blush?” She stroked me ever so lightly as she said this and I knew I couldn’t hold out any longer.

“Uh Uh Uh nnnnnooooo dear….I want you to be happy even if that means being in love with Tony.” And then I exploded and she let go of my cock, my orgasm spilling out onto the tiny platter below me. I ached to have her stroke my cock just a few more times just for that relief of a touch, but it wasn’t to be. She wrapped her thumb and forefinger into a small circle and gently slid it up and down my cock barely touching it as my orgasm expelled.

“Oh did my poor baby spill his nasty cum without me telling him?” She asked, roughly slapping my balls and cock.

“Yes dear, I’m so sorry.” There was nothing else to say because I knew what lay in store. And just at that point Tony walked it. There I was on all fours just having been milked into a saucer by my wife while her lover viewed this spectacle and laughed.

I was then made to get off the bed, clean my cum from the saucer with my tongue while they kissed and she basically pawed him, threw his sweaty body on the bed and ravaged him. I stayed on my knees my cock shriveling back to its half inch flaccid state. They fucked for over an hour and when they were finished, Bonnie made Tony punish me for having cum without her permission. This time thank God I only received twenty five strokes of the belt. She then reached into her pussy and scooped out a handful of their juices, his and her cum, and covered my cock and balls in it before locking me back in chastity and sending me on my way.

What a trip!


Vacation time…

It’s great vacationing with a cuckoldress as your wife. We are leaving for a vacation and won’t be back for a while, so I thought I’d write a bit about vacationing with your cuckoldress.

Most of the time you’re in a strange place where no one knows either one of you so you basically can get away with anything. The world is your oyster. Here are a few ideas that you and your cuckoldress might explore on that Caribbean island, aboard that big cruise ship, at that all inclusive resort, or in a big city you’ve never visited.

  • Your cuckoldress flashing strangers at just the right moment.
  • You go out at dusk and she’s wearing a skirt with nothing on underneath and makes you lick her pussy in public.
  • She flirts with men at the bar/ship/ocean clearly letting them know that she’s available even though you’re there.
  • She takes you to a club and makes you sit at the bar while she selects several men and dances with them, letting them rub their hands all over her tits and ass.
  • She puts you in chastity and makes you take your cock out in public, but in a very discreet place.
  • She makes you sit in a certain place and gets a guy and takes him out of your view and have no idea what she’s doing or how long she’ll be gone.
  • Your cuckoldress engages in conversation with another female in the hot tub/pool/deck/ocean about sex. She makes no bones about telling the other woman who wears the pants in your family and who’s the boss in the bedroom. She even hints at your cuckolding.
  • She makes comments about other men in your presence showering praise on their muscles/tan while demeaning your shape in the meantime.
  • Your cuckoldress may feel free to roam the ship/resort and find a willing partner to fuck her silly. She may or may not take him back to the room to further humiliate you.
  • She may bring a selected male back to the room and you may be required to be a fluffer boy!

So enjoy your next vacation….I’m going to enjoy mine!!

You seem to love all this fucking and sucking. The cucks on Tumblr all seem to love humiliation, abuse and torture. Your husband seems to put up with and tolerate it to make you happy. But he isn't happy is he?



Most cuckolds are submissive by nature. For a man, accepting or tolerating his wife going out and fucking other men is an act of submission to her. A Hotwife is a woman who has made the decision to take control of her sexuality. Her cuckold husband is left with only two choices: accept it or leave.

Angst, fear, anxiety, jealousy, embarrassment, humiliation, abuse, and mental and physical torture are all part of the package.

Keep in mind that the Hotwife/Cuckold lifestyle, and the FemDom dynamic are related, but different. They frequently go together (like in my relationship), but they don’t have to.

Hotwives can be both dominant and submissive. And some can either one or the other, depending on the circumstances, her mood, or who she’s with.

Husbands can be both dominant and submissive.

Every woman is different. Every man is different.Every relationship is different.

There are certainly some aspects of FemDom that take things far beyond just making a man a cuckold. Making him a PussyBoy (as I have done with my husband) deepens his level of submission. Not all men can handle that. But if they didn’t like it, they’d leave, wouldn’t they?

My hubby accepts my cuckolding him, and stays and submits to my FemDom authority because part of him obviously likes and enjoys it; and sometimes even loves and finds it exciting. He doesn’t love everything I do, or everything I make him do. And there are certainly parts and sides of him that occasionally rise up and resist some things (having his penis locked up, having his orgasms restricted, taking the strap-on, sucking cock for me, putting his ass up for another man).

But for the most part, on balance, there’s a reason why he stays down on his knees ready to please me.

That’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Selfies…by Throne

SELFIES by Throne
My sexy wife Brianna had her cell phone out and was taking a picture of herself, holding the instrument out at arm’s length.  She had on a yellow sleeveless top that fit like a second skin, and bright red stretch pants that did the same.  I stood there uneasily, worrying about who she might send the shot to.  At the same time, I couldn’t take my eyes off her overly full curves: thrusting boobs, flaring hips, jutting bottom.  She also had on black shoes with three inch chunky heels, which made her long shapely legs look even better.  She knows I’m partial to sexy shoes and enjoys wearing them to amp up my desire.  She shook back her long red-blond hair and took another picture.
Then she noticed me standing there in the outfit she had ordered me to put on.  It was a rainbow striped belly shirt that exposed my soft midsection, along with pink biking shorts that showed off my pudgy legs.  Covering my feet were orange slip-ons.  She turned the camera toward me and snapped a shot.  Then she made me pose with my hands on my hips, my lower lip pushed out, and took two more.
"Now my new friend Max can see not only how tempting I look, but how unthreatening you are.  In fact, pull down those shorts, Peanut.  When we met on-line and I told him how tiny your dick is, he couldn’t believe it."
I stood there squirming for a moment but then surrendered.  Down came the shorts to my knees and I stood there feeling as ridiculous as I looked.  My short penis, along with the fact that I cum as soon as it touches any part of my wife’s stunning body, gave her the excuses she needed to deny me sex.  I had been desperately craving her since our first date, through our courtship, and on our honeymoon.  She had been turning me down the whole time, taunting me about my shortcomings and telling me I was welcome to cheat on her… if I could find a woman who was attracted to three-inch pricks that shot off way too soon.  I had no answer to that, so I had simply gone along with it, then and ever since.  She also pointed out that, because she had everything she needed to provide great sex, it wasn’t her fault that we couldn’t be a couple in bed.  It was my fault.  So I owed it to her to keep her happy any way I could.  Which meant with my fingers and mouth.  Mostly the latter.  She constantly had me licking her to orgasms.  Recently she had made me serve her ass, which got her wildly stimulated, which meant she wanted even more climaxes, which meant I had to lap her pussy more frequently. 
She came to me, camera still in hand, and stood alongside me.  Her arm went around my shoulder and she toyed with my nipple through the thin fabric of the top.  My puny dick got hard at once.  It’s not only short, but slender as well.  Brianna angled the camera and took another selfie, this one showing both of us and my undersized hard-on.  I felt my face grow warm with shame.  Brianna laughed and said she was sure these shots would get Max interested in a meeting.  She had me raise my shorts but then I had to pull up her top in front, freeing her heavy boobs.  She took another shot, this one without me in it.  Then she went into the bathroom to pose in front of the mirror and take several more of her reflection.  She had me kneel in front of her and press my face into her bushy pubes while she aimed the camera down at me and captured that embarrassing image.
"This is so much fun," she enthused.  "Max lives pretty nearby, so maybe I can tempt him to stop here tonight.  Wouldn’t that be fun, Peanut?"
She barked at me to lower my shorts again and then looked meaningfully at my small organ, which was the source of that unwanted nickname.  Her breasts were still uncovered and I was imagining what it would feel like to touch them, hold them, and put my mouth on them.  All of a sudden my dick was leaking clear pre-cum.  I whimpered with humiliation.  She snickered at my helplessness and got alongside me again.  Brianna bent down her head and bit my ear, pulling on it with her teeth until I howled.  That was when she took her next picture.  She showed me on the small screen of the phone how pathetic I appeared, my face bright pink and distorted, tears forming on my eyelids.  I moaned and begged her not to send them.
My wife sneered at me and suggested, “Maybe I should take a selfie with you over my lap.  Right before I beat the hell out of your chubby ass with my hand.  And then send THAT one, and a bunch of you showing off your smacked butt.  Is that what you’re saying?  That I shouldn’t send the ones I’ve already taken?  That I should take some even BETTER ones for Max?  Hmmm?”
With my voice shaking, I said, “N… no, dear.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean that.”

"So you’re saying I should send all the ones I’ve taken so far?  Along with any others I feel like shooting?"
I swallowed drily and told her, “Yes, darling.  That’s what I meant.”
"Well, then, I feel like taking a few of you kissing my ass.  Max had trouble believing any man would let his wife make him do THAT.  Get behind me, Peanut."
Obediently, I went behind her and, when she told me to, knelt with my nose an inch from her wide desirable sitter.  She had me wedge my face deeply between her bulging buttocks.  I felt her moving and figured she was reaching the camera over her shoulder to attempt to catch my pathetic performance.  I had to keep my features buried in that narrow space while she captured still more shots.  Then, with me staying where I was, she used the phone to call Max.  Brianna chatted for a bit and told him she had the pictures she had offered to send, including ‘plenty of my wimpy husband’.  He must have said something that amused her because she laughed.  Then she slapped me on the back of the head, which was her signal for me to start probing with my tongue. 
As I began, she commenced talking dirty to Max.  It was torture for me to hear her offering him everything I had ever dreamed of doing with her, or of having her do to me, while I was reduced to being her ass slave.  Worse, she transmitted the demeaning pictures.  My wife laughed so hard she shook, which made her rear end move against my face.  I was close to tears as she and Max continued their lewd conversation, eventually agreeing that he would come by in a few hours.  He offered to bring beer and wine and pizza, but she told him she would send me out to fetch everything, even mentioning that it would force me to use the remains of my meager allowance, which was all the money she permitted me, even though I was working endless overtime to pay for her many indulgences.  She informed Max that I would run my errands wearing my ‘sissy duds’, as she called those awful outfits she favored seeing me in. 
They talked a bit longer, while I continued stimulating her ass.  My dick was still dripping fluid.  She backed up until the back of my head was touching the wall.  Then she thrust against me so that my skull was banged against the unyielding surface.  At last she finished gabbing with Max.  As soon as she closed the phone and stepped away from my perspiring face, she snapped at me to get busy picking up the drinks for her evening with the eager Max.  I already knew I had to wear those fruity fashions, but she also instructed me not to rinse my mouth.  I would have to taste her earthy flavor the entire time.  Feeling sulky but trying not to show it, I got my wallet.  It was a plastic one with images of cartoon characters on it.  Not just any characters, but princesses and teddy bears.  In other words, it was a girl’s wallet.  Every time I paid for something I had to let the cashier see it.  I would order pizzas later and then have to pick up those as well.  It was going to be a long evening.
Brianna had never had a boyfriend in the six months since we got married, though she had talked endlessly about all the guys she had given blow jobs and allowed to screw her before our nuptials.  Often while I was eating her pussy, my nose in her rust-colored pubic hair, she would go on and on about the big cocks, heavy balls, and powerful arms she had encountered.  Now she was going to resume her love life, despite being married to me.  In fact, it was becoming clear, she would use her infidelity to add to my torment.  I knew I was going to hear about Brianna’s cheating every day.  But would I be involved in other ways?   Would I have to meet Max?   Maybe even be in the house when they had foreplay and… what would inevitably follow?  I dreaded the possibility.
But at least she wouldn’t make me watch them.  Or become involved in any way.  It wouldn’t be like those stories I had discovered on the computer while I was researching the sort of marriage I had gotten stuck in.  Would it?  Did my wife expect me to use my mouth to get her pussy wet for Max?  Would she demand that I — ugh! — lick her clean after he ejaculated inside of her?  Would she take pictures of all that?  And maybe even post them on specialized web sites?  I could only hope that it wouldn’t go that far.
May 8

Transfixed by Tessa…by cuckytoher

Transfixed by Tessa…by cuckytoher

Candles flickered on the nightstands in our bedroom as I entered. My wife Tessa lay on the bed wearing black thigh high stockings, black heels, her long red hair cascading over her big tits, her erect nipples standing out red and swollen signs of being worked over by her lover Richard. The outfit Tessa wore was also one of Richard’s favorites. Richard lay on the bed naked his massive cock glistening with their cum was flaccid but even in that state he was much bigger than I was hard. Tessa’s shaved pussy, red and swollen from their latest lovemaking session oozed cum and she motioned for me with a crooked finger in that come hither way she had that had controlled me since the first day we met. Meekly I moved my naked, pudgy body towards the bed my tiny shaved cock leaking pre cum just from seeing the sight before me. “Oh baby Richard left you a nice hot load in my pussy and I think some of it may have run down into my ass!” She giggled, and took Richard’s cock in her hand. “And when you’re done with me I want you to clean Richard’s cock nice and clean for him so he can fuck me again!”

Richard was everything I was not. Tall, strong, masculine, alpha male, former Navy seal, he and Tessa had been a couple in college before he went in the Navy. It was during this break in their relationship that Tessa met me. I say met me because she had put an ad on a dating site looking for ‘a man who knows his place is at a beautiful woman’s feet’ the ad ran for a paragraph or more but some intriguing phrases still stick in my mind. Phrases such as, ‘must make his wife’s happiness paramount in his life’ and ‘knows that his wife will make all the decisions in their relationship and will embrace that lifestyle’ and the final one that hooked me, ‘understands that sometimes a wife needs more than her husband can provide and accepts, encourages and helps out with that lifestyle’. That was it! I was hooked like fish being pulled out of the water. I immediately responded begging her to accept me for a date. Tessa didn’t make it easy either; I had to send dozens of roses before she would even agree to speak to me on the phone. Then our first date where Tessa showed up and I was bowled over. Long red hair, big tits, wide in the hips, and a big butt that was made for worshiping made every guy in the bar turn his head, and then there were the thick thighs and an attitude that had me hard at hello.

I licked and sucked at Tessa’s swollen pussy as she moaned and held my head in place. As I lapped her pussy she kissed Richard deeply while he fondled her tits teasingly pinching her nipples. “Ouch! You brute! If you don’t stop that I’m going to have to have my husband put you in your place!” At that they both burst laughing. Tessa crawled over and straddled Richard and continued making out with him giving me better access to her ass. It always made me so hot to see Tessa making out with Richard. Like two teenagers in heat, the fireworks and passion drove me wild and made me realize that although I would never be able to make out with her like that, I had my place and I was in the place right now doing what I loved to do to please Tessa.

We were married in a small ceremony with Tessa in gorgeous wedding dress that I paid for with only her friends in attendance. My outfit consisted of a pair of pink satin shorts and pink sneakers with no shirt, as the guests all laughed and made comments. Richard was there, showing up the night before our wedding and having his way with Tessa. At our wedding he was dressed in a tux and looked great and Tessa decided that he should be in all the wedding photos since he was ‘dressed more appropriately than my hubby’ as she put it to the photographer. Soon after that Richard moved into our house and I worked two jobs to pay the bills and make sure Tessa and Richard could do as they wished as neither had any desire to work. As a wedding present Tessa had me convert a tiny room at the other end of the house into ‘my room’ complete with furniture she ordered online that I had to stay home and assemble while her and Richard went to Barbados for a week. The room when it was finished was painted in pink with a canopy bed and matching pink dresser. Tessa had left me a package wrapped up and told me that when the room was finished I was to call her on my video phone so she could watch me open it. I did as instructed first showing Tessa and Richard via the video phone what ‘my room’ looked like. They laughed as I panned the room showing them the unicorn and rainbow stencils Tessa had made me put on the walls. Then it was time to open my ‘wedding present’ as I unwrapped it I saw it was a framed 8x10 wedding photo of Tessa and Richard! At our wedding no less! “We thought that would like nice on your pretty pink dresser” I could feel a tear welling up in my eye and all I could say was “Thank you Tessa I love it.” But before I even got that out she had hung up the phone.

Tessa crawled off of Richard and lay down on the bed motioning for me to clean his cock. I have been trained not just to start cleaning his cock but I must always ask first partially for their amusement but mostly for my humiliation. Kneeling between Richard’s legs I took his flaccid cum covered cock in my hands and looked up at him, and recited a phrase I’ve come to know like an altar boy knows his prayers and in many ways I was saying my prayers at the altar of Richard, “Sir you are the ultimate alpha male and it humbles me to be in your presence. I am so happy that you have come into our lives and that you have what it takes to please my gorgeous wife. Sir please allow me the pleasure of cleaning your magnificent cock and wherever that may lead. I pledge my undying devotion to you and Tessa vow to do anything either of you command.” Richard looked down at me with a combination of amusement, disgust, power and satisfaction, “Go for it bitch boy.” I brought my head close to his cock slowly kissing the tip as I had been trained, then licking his shaft tasting their salty remnants working my mouth over his cock and balls. “You know bitch boy some of your wife’s cum may have run down my shaft and past my balls towards my ass too so you better do a good job of cleaning and make sure you get that whole area down there cleaned!” “mmrmmph” was all I could manage as a response as I licked and sucked.

The cuckold in the trailer part two…by cuckytoher

Part Two:

It was Sunday afternoon and while most men were home lounging around in their easy chairs watching football, Nellybelly was at the Laundromat doing laundry. Not only was he doing his and Lizzie’s laundry he was doing Jesse’s laundry too. He was exhausted and had been run ragged since Friday night when Jesse was invited over by Lizzie and the humiliation had started. She required Nellybelly to don a pair of her bright yellow yoga pants and his blue Wal-Mart jumper and answer the door by saying “Welcome to Lizzie Mart where we’re here for YOUR pleasure and to serve and meet every one of YOUR needs, wants and desires!” in a high effeminate voice. Jesse laughed as he looked him up and down in mocking inspection and went straight to Lizzie’s waiting arms. Jesse owned his own landscaping business so he was tall, muscular, tanned and rugged, he wore jeans, work boots, and a tank top showing his huge biceps. Lizzie wore a tube top with no bra and yoga pants that accentuated her big ass and thighs.

Jesse tossed Nellybelly a set of keys. “Here you go Nellybelly why don’t you go wash, wax, and clean out my truck and then go to my house and tidy up. Make sure everything’s spotless, Lizzie and I have some catching up to do.” Without waiting for a reply he took Lizzie in his arms, kissed her and she led him to the bedroom.

Nellybelly washed, waxed and detailed the truck which was a mess and looked like Jesse had been living out of it with coffee cups and empty fast food bags strewn all over the cab, and the dash littered with papers and candy wrappers. Once the truck was spotless, he went to the Jesse’s house in the suburbs which was quite a step up from their trailer. The house was in worse shape than the truck and Nellybelly finally finished cleaning the six room ranch at 3:00 a.m. and crept home.

Exhausted he entered the trailer to the sounds of Lizzie and Jesse snoring loudly in the bedroom. A bedroom that until tonight had belonged to him and Lizzie. The trailer was a mess with beer cans and pizza boxes strewn around as well as clothes and Jesse’s work boots in the middle of the living room floor. He tidied up and not knowing where to sleep curled up on the living room sofa at 4:30 a.m.

A mocking voice called out, “Nellybelly! Oh Nellybelly are you home yet?” It was Lizzie calling from the bedroom as he jumped up and ran to see what she wanted. She hated it when he kept her waiting and didn’t’ respond immediately. Jesse lay naked on his back still snoring away, his huge flaccid cock was twice the size soft as Nellybelly was hard and his tiny cock flinched with excitement as he lay eyes on it. Lizzie was naked too in all her flesh splendor. She held her arms open as if she wanted a hug and Nellybelly ran to her and hugged her. She whispered in his ear, “I hope you were a good boy and did a good job last night, but we’ll talk about that later, right now I want you to run down to the donut shop and get us a dozen donuts and two large coffee’s. Oh and you can get yourself a small coffee and a munchkin if you want, we don’t want you getting any fatter than you already are! And hurry back!!” She handed him so cash as Nellybelly was never allowed any money of his own.

He scurried to the donut shop and back and upon entering the bedroom found Lizzie surfing channels as Jesse played with her tits. They both looked up and chuckled as Nellybelly walked in and served them their coffee and donuts. “Did you get yourself a munchkin Nellybelly?”

“Yes dear, I ate on the way home as I was very hungry because I didn’t get a chance to eat dinner last night.”

“I didn’t ask you for your life’s history I asked you a simple question and a simple yes or no answer will suffice.”

“Yes dear.”

“Yes dear.” She mocked him and fed Jesse a powdered sugar donut. “Well we had a fun night last night and Jesse left a little present for you to munch on this morning between my thighs and it’s got lots of protein in it so you shouldn’t be hungry for long!” The both laughed as Lizzie spread her legs and pointed to her pussy. Nellybelly knelt knowing what was required of him and licked and sucked the salty mix of last night’s carnal activities from his wife’s pussy.

The rest of the day Saturday was spent running errands for Lizzie and Jesse. Grocery shopping, the mall, endless errands that neither wanted to attend to so Nellybelly was relegated to do them, all the while wearing a pair of Lizzie’s teal colored yoga pants and a yellow t-shirt with the words Hard Body written across the front and a pair of tan boat shoes. Everywhere he went he got stares, snickers, and catcalls from construction workers. All the while he was suffering this public humiliation his thick wife was home reveling in a private paradise with her new lover Jesse getting fucked in every position in every room of the trailer as evidenced by the photos and videos she kept sending him on his phone.

At 5:00 p.m. he returned home, arms laden down with heavy grocery bags and stepped into the trailer to a total disaster. It had been spotless when he had left this morning and now there were pizza boxes, empty soda bottles, and beer cans strewn all over as well as newspapers, Chinese take-out boxes, dishes piled high in the sink, muddy boot prints on the floors and carpets. “Nellybelly is that you?” came a voice from the bedroom.

“Yes dear.” He hurried to put the items down and make his way down the long hallway to the back bedroom. Lizzie lay on the bed in a short black teddy that came to her waist and her hair and makeup were disheveled. Jesse lay naked on his stomach snoring.

“Nellybelly, what took you so long?”

“I’m sorry dear there was a lot of traffic and the stores were crowded.”

“Whatever. Oh you might’ve noticed the house is a bit of a mess, but Jesse had a few of his work crew stop over for lunch while they went over jobs he needed them to do. Those landscaping workers can be such messy guys! Anyway, we had a nice lunch and Jesse took such pride in showing him off to me. He even called me beautiful! All the guys stared at me and of course I gave them just enough to look at but not too much! Jesse actually told them I was his new girlfriend!” She squealed this last line out like a schoolgirl and Jesse grunted and went back to sleep.

“I better go bring in the rest of the groceries and get dinner started dear.”

She looked at him coyly. “Ah does my Nellybelly have hurt feelings because his wifey is getting attention from a real man?”

“Yes dear, I mean it’s just that I love you so much and I think you’re beautiful too.”

She cut him off. “But you thinking I’m beautiful is one thing, you’re my hubby and you’re not a stud like Jesse so to have a man who’s not my hubby and a stud say I’m beautiful makes me wet! And speaking of wet, I have another little present for you!” She crooked her finger beckoning him towards her and spread her legs.

That night he made a gourmet dinner which he didn’t get to taste as he was busy running back and forth from the kitchen to the living room where they ate serving them and giving Jesse a foot massage while he ate. After dinner they went bar hopping and Nellybelly’s phone was flooded with more images of them partying as the night wore on. He fell fast asleep and awoke to the door being slammed open at 3:00 a.m. with raucous drunken laughter. They flopped on the couch and Lizzie ordered Nellybelly to get them a couple of beers. He scurried back into the living room and handed them each a beer and Lizzie already had Jesse’s cock out of his pants and was sucking on it. She looked up at Nellybelly and smiled.

“Why don’t you take over while I drink my beer?”

Nellybelly had never sucked a cock before but he had always fantasized about it. He slid to his knees knowing to say no was fruitless.

“Go ahead boy it ain’t gonna suck itself!” Jesse taunted and he and Lizzie laughed.

Nellybelly took the massive tool in his small delicate hand and licked the tip tasting the salty clear pre-cum that he had been sucking from his wife’s pussy for the last two days. He circled the head with his tongue as he had seen women do in the porn movies Lizzie forced him to watch to mock him and show him what “real men” were like. Then he slowly slid his mouth over the massive organ engulfing it all the way back into the back of his throat.

“I think we might have found something Nellybelly is good at besides running errands and cooking!” He grabbed the back of Nellybelly’s head and held it there as he fucked his mouth. Nellybelly stayed on his knees with Jesse’s cock in his mouth sucking and licking it for almost an hour while Lizzie and he watched porn and talked. He heard a giggle above him and without warning he felt Jesse’s cock tense a huge gush of cum erupted inside Nellybelly’s mouth and throat. He worked hard to swallow every last drop knowing that Lizzie wouldn’t like it if he wasted some of Jesse’s precious cum.

Jesse finally relaxed his hold on the back of Nellybelly’s head and neck. He stood and grabbed Lizzie by the hand and the two went to the bedroom to fuck one more time before passing out in a drunken stupor. Nellybelly couldn’t believe that a man could have his cock sucked for almost an hour, cum and then immediately fuck again! Lizzie was right when she said Jesse was a real man. Again, he curled up with a thin blanket on the couch and slept, his tiny cock straining through his yoga pants with and ever widening wet spot showing on the front.

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday and now here he was doing laundry with the same outfit on he had worn all weekend, the dried cum spot still on the teal yoga pants and adding to his humiliation and embarrassment. In the coming weeks and months Jesse and Lizzie would take him to new depths of humiliation and degradation. Some weekends Lizzie would deem it a “cum only weekend” meaning Nellybelly’s only food or sustenance would be Jesse’s cum either directly from his cock or from her pussy. Many times during the week while Nellybelly was at work Jesse would stop by unannounced and fuck Lizzie and Nellybelly would find them both cuddled up sleeping when he got home. Other times Jesse and Lizzie would parade into Wal-Mart while Nellybelly was working to pick out make-up and lingerie for her, many times she would even model it in the store for Jesse.

The dryer buzzed signaling the load was done and Nellybelly folded Jesse’s jeans and finished putting the clothes in the basket when his phone buzzed signaling a message from Lizzie. It was a picture of her freshly fucked pussy with Jesse’s erect cock standing next to it, the message simply read: “lunch is served!

The cuckold in the trailer part one…by cuckytoher

The cuckold in the Trailer…by cuckytoher

The first thing one would notice about Lizzie was her peroxide blonde hair. Black roots showing through made it evident she was not a true blonde but Lizzie didn’t care. She was a big woman, tall in stature, and broad through the shoulders, hips, thighs and ass. She lived in a small trailer in a trailer park with her husband Nelson whom she affectionately referred to as Nellybelly due to the spare tire around his midsection.

Nellybelly was the quintessential henpecked husband having been married to Lizzie for ten years now and knowing that his small stature, tiny cock and chubby frame made him less than attractive to most women. But Lizzie wasn’t most women. She had set eyes on Nellybelly when he worked at the donut shop she frequented down the street one day as she watched him run back and forth taking orders from the female manager.

She was the aggressor and a few dates later wearing her heaviest makeup and lightest clothing she had Nellybelly drooling and eating out of her hand. By their fourth date she had him eating out her pussy a talent she found suited him well. Nellybelly was relatively unexperienced with women which suited Lizzie fine. She had him licking her ass and pussy for hours telling him it was “normal” and that all men did it for the women they loved.

A month later they were married and moved into Lizzie’s trailer in the trailer park. Nellybelly didn’t have many belongings and the ones he brought with him were sorted out by Lizzie and discarded. The items he was allowed to keep, were kept in a small cardboard box dresser she had set up for him in the bedroom. Lizzie knew she had a diamond submissive in the rough and trained Nellybelly well in the ways of subservience and submissiveness. Shortly thereafter, Nellybelly was doing all the housework, cooking, cleaning, laundry, yard work, and whatever else Lizzie had on tap for him. She also told him that money was going to be an issue so his job at the donut shop wasn’t going to cut it. She found him a better paying job at Wal-Mart and allowed him to keep his part time job at the donut shop. Lizzie didn’t work and didn’t intend to start.

Nellybelly doted on Lizzie and became an expert at cunnilingus and analingus always putting Lizzie’s pleasures before him. Her reward for his dedication and servitude was to tease and toy with him and his tiny cock watching it grow in excitement and dribble pre cum until he was required to wipe the tip and suck his finger dry. She reveled in toying with him like a cat plays with a mouse until they get bored and put it out of its misery. She would play with Nellybelly driving him wild with excitement and anticipation until he was in such a tizzy that it almost felt like she had him in a trance or under hypnosis. Once in these states and wanting to cum so badly Nellybelly would agree to whatever Lizzie suggested.

Lizzie loved to wear yoga pants and tube tops with no bra or underwear and yoga was the furthest thing from her mind. She knew how great her thunderous ass and thick thighs looked in those pants and how her big nipples protruded through the tube tops and how men always paid attention with stares, whistles and comments. She lay on the bed in a pair of black yoga pants, her top off rubbing her nipples on Nellybelly’s tiny cock which stood at full mast at a rocking four inches. His totally shaved body (another of Lizzie’s demands) made him look even smaller.

“Does my baby boy like that?” She cooed.

“Oh yes dear!” Nellybelly replied using three of the two most common words in his vocabulary “yes dear” as his body rocked with excitement.

“Last night while you working and I was at the bar all the men were paying attention to me and I told them, ‘you’d better be careful or you’ll have to deal with my Nellybelly’ and they all laughed! Why do you think that is Nellybelly?”

He quaked with excitement and longing. “B-b-because all of our friends know that you g-g-get to do what you w-w-want and I h-h-have to accept it.”

She slapped his cock hard. “You HAVE to accept it?” She shouted. “You don’t HAVE to accept anything! You can take your fat ass and your tiny cock out of here anytime you want! After all I’ve done for you and all the things I’ve given you and that’s the thanks I get?”

He panicked and sprang to his knees on the bed in a praying position. “No dear, no please that’s not what I meant. I uh I uh meant I love you and I accept anything YOU want. My life is dedicated to making you happy and I love having you as my wife and I love you with all my heart and soul. I want you to do whatever you want with whomever you want and I know I can’t please you like a real man. I am sooooooo sorry please, please, please forgive me? Please dear?”

She looked at him with stone cold eyes and a look that didn’t betray what she was thinking. She looked down into his begging puppy dog eyes and took his chin between her thumb and forefinger. “Alright, I’ll accept your apology THIS time. But the next time you make a comment like that you’ll be out on your ass and I don’t see women pounding a path to your door like men pound a path to mine! And speaking of pounding, this guy I met last night at the bar named Jesse pounded my ass good and I loved it! He was fucking huge and fucked for hours and came in buckets.”

His cock grew and dripped pre-cum and she laughed. The laughing made him harder and drip more. “Ah is my little Nellybelly excited when I tell him about real men fucking me?”

“Yes dear.”

“Yes dear.” She said, mocking him. She lay on the bed and peeled off her yoga pants and spread her massive thighs revealing her perfectly shaved pussy. “Well let’s see if you can do the ONE thing you’re good at in bed and lick my pussy and ass Nellybelly.”

He immediately lay on his stomach, his erection forgotten, his orgasm a thing for another day and began worshiping her moist, wet vagina. With his head buried between her legs he heard her dialing the phone as she placed a hand on his bald head and directed him to where she wanted his tongue.

“Hey baby, what’s happening? Oh yea I had a blast last night. You rocked my world! I can’t remember the last time I came three times from being fucked and that cock of yours, let me just say WOW! Oh him? Don’t you worry about him, as a matter of fact he’s between my legs right now licking out your load from last night.”

Nellybelly gagged and tried to raise his head for which he received a slap on the skull and went back to work.

“So the reason I’m calling is I wanted to tell you that anytime you want to come over you’re more than welcome. The door’s always open and I’m always horny.”

She laughed a schoolgirl laugh. “Yes I’m even horny right now and was thinking maybe you could come over. What? Laundry and housecleaning? That sounds boring! Oh wait a minute I have an idea!! Nellybelly is awesome at laundry and cleaning! Why don’t you come over and bring your laundry and Nellybelly can do it and then go clean your apartment while we play.”

Nellybelly felt his cock growing and leaking amid the talk above him as if he wasn’t even in the room. He knew since their marriage that Lizzie went out at night to the bar while he stayed home and did chores and he suspected, well he knew she was having sex with other guys. But until today she had never come out and actually said it. And now she was inviting another man over. Nellybelly knew this was a shift in their relationship and it scared and excited him.


Another great thing about pantyhose is that, if she leaves them on while teasing and denying you, there is no access to her pussy.  You can rub up against the crotch of the pantyhose, overstimulating yourself, but can’t achieve penetration. 

(Comment by Throne)

Stockings & pantyhose

Men are fascinated and aroused by pantyhose and woman hate them! That’s been my experience and I find it a very ironic twist on each gender’s sexuality. As a man, I find pantyhose erotic, they’re soft and depending on the color they make a woman’s legs and ass look hot especially if she’s not wearing panties. They are in a sense a gift wrapping for a man to unwrap! They conceal her delicious ass and legs and of course who doesn’t love unwrapping that fabulous gift of a beautiful pussy? Add to that, the fact that it may be full of another man’s cum adds to the excitement and us cuckolds look forward to it like a kid on Christmas morning.

Woman on the other hand see pantyhose as a necessary evil. Years before pantyhose they had to deal with nylon stockings (which ripped and ran constantly) garter belts and girdles. Pantyhose replaced all of those in one fell swoop. However if you ask any woman her take on pantyhose she’ll tell you they’re hot in the summer and can be uncomfortable and most all women will find them anything but sexy and erotic! If you’re a foot fetishist pantyhose add and even greater excitement because you have the sight, touch and smell combined to arouse you. Again ask any woman you know and she will look at you like you have eight head when you ask if she finds pantyhose erotic.

Cuckolds love pantyhose and they love the look, feel, smell and they especially love unwrapping that fantastic present when their woman presents them with the gift of another man’s cum. Pantyhose will forever be one of those items that will remain a mystery between the sexes. Men love them; women hate them. My suggestion, share your fascination and turn on with your woman and you may be able to find a pantyhose compromise where you both win!

Cuck hubby in chastity…by Throne

Another fantastic story!!
Being locked in chastity can do plenty to a man.  The longer he can’t get free, the bigger the changes. 
"What do you think of these?" Bella wanted to know.  "They’re called Date Panties.  ‘Cheeky’ style.  Because they leave my butt cheeks showing." 
The curvaceous woman turned around so her husband could see the rear view.  He opened and shut his mouth, throat so dry he couldn’t speak.  She was extremely sexy, with her long red-brown hair, generous bust, full hips, and gorgeously rounded bottom.  The tiny panties showed off that last feature to great advantage.  Also, they were the only thing she was wearing.
"Well?" she said.  "What do you think, Bunny?  Hmmm?"
Her shaken up husband stood there gaping at her.  She asked him if HE would like a pair of date panties for himself.  That brought him back into the present moment.  Bobby, who she had renamed Bunny, looked down at himself.  He had on a filmy top with a scalloped collar.  It was the upper half of a set of bedroom lingerie.  She hadn’t given him the matching panties, however, because she didn’t want to cover the pink tube that contained his penis.  The rigid sheath was short and narrow enough that he couldn’t get an erection, something he was very aware of as he continued to stare at her. 
His distress registered with Bella and she giggled, walked over to him, and took his face between her palms.  “Poor baby.  Poor Bunny.  Poor baby Bunny.  Are you having second thoughts about letting me put you into that pretty pink chastity device?  Are you?”
He put his hands self-consciously over his crotch, which was shaved hairless like the rest of his body and his face.  Bunny mewled softly, sadly.  He swallowed to get some moisture into his throat and then said, “I’m sorry.  I mean, I’m not but…”  His eyes, adoring yet worried, met hers.  He went on, “I mean, I wanted to be put into chastity.  You know that.  And I was willing to go along with being dressed this way, if it meant you would lock me up.  But… but…”
"But what, baby Bunny?  But you didn’t think I’d be so enthused about playing your chastity game after I made you close the lock on your pink prison?  You didn’t think I’d find oral sex SO much better than that boring old penetration that I used to put up with?  Did you forget that you always finished quickly?  Much too quickly?  Quick like a bunny?  Has it been rough on you, these past months, being locked up almost constantly?"  She chuckled as she reached out to rub his nipples through the soft and slippery material of the barely-there top.  Bunny whimpered and pressed his thighs together involuntarily. 
"Pleeease," he moaned.  "Don’t tease me like that."
"Not like that?  How would you like me to tease you instead?  Or would you rather I took you out of chastity?  I could, you know.  I’d unlock you, slip that nasty old tube off your handsome cock, and show you a wonderful time in bed.  Except that you’ve been so antsy, loving that I’m playing the chastity games you crave, but super horny because I’ve kept you out of action for longer than you expected.  How long has it been this time, Bunny boy?"
"Y… you know."
"Of course I do.  But I want to hear you say it."
"It’s been th… three weeks."
"Right.  With seven more days to go before you’re eligible for parole.  The sentence you agreed to was one month, love Bunny.  Isn’t that what you wanted?  Or was that length just your fantasy?  Did you imagine that I’d miss penetration so much that I’d relent?"  She continued toying with his nipples, making him writhe and murmur.  "I’m sure you wouldn’t want to go back on what you agreed to.  Would you?"
"N… no."
"Well, then, let’s have fun with MY part of the deal we made.  The part where I turn you into my girlfriend for nights of unrestrained pleasure."  She laughed at her clever way of saying that, then turned to the dresser where she had cosmetics, perfume and accessories spread out, ready to be used. 
First Bella picked up an old-fashioned atomizer that was full of an especially flowery scent.  She held it under her spouse’s chin and sprayed some into the hollow of his throat.  Then she applied just a whiff to the inside of each of his wrists.  Finally, just to be funny, she made him lift his chastity out of the way so she could spray the fragrance onto his bald scrotum.  He didn’t want to smell like some silly girl who didn’t know how to limit her use of perfume, but that’s  what his bride liked to make him almost resemble. 
Next she picked up lip gloss, flavored-and-colored strawberry, and applied it liberally to his mouth.  Pleased with the results, she moved on to eye shadow and liner, using them sparingly so that he still looked like a guy, but a very feminized one.  Bella leaned close to give him an air kiss.  She gripped his slender upper arms and pulled him toward her so that her large warm breasts pressed against his narrow chest.  He took a deep breath, then licked his lips without thinking, so that he got a good taste of the gloss.
"Now you’re SURE, right?  You don’t want to cheat on the agreed period of time?  I mean, it must be SO hard for you."  She paused and put on a thoughtful expression, than said, "Oh, wait.  It CAN’T be hard for you.  I mean, your dick can’t.  Not all the way.  That tube is just too darned small.  And I’m so naughty, parading around in these super-sexy panties, with my boobies exposed."  She leaned closer, as if he needed to be reminded of the magnificence of her bust.  "But then, it’s not about what you want, anyway.  Is it?  No, it’s all about satisfying my whims.  And my desires."  She chortled.  "So my horny little Bunny will just have to stay in that tight tube and have blue balls until I say otherwise."
He nodded his agreement and whispered, “Yes, dear.”
Finally she selected some heels for him, only two inches high because that was still his limit.  But they were zebra patterned, like something a hooker might select.  Bella had him strut around in that shameful outfit, his chastity tube moving slightly with each careful step.  She instructed him to put more swish in his hips and to roll his shoulders.  Soon she had him walking in an exaggeratedly girly style.  His eyes begged her not to make him remain in the role of her lesbian lover, but she had no intention of granting him his wish.
"Let’s go to the kitchen," she decided.  "I feel like a glass of wine.  You may pour for me." 
They walked through the house and Bunny was horrified to see that the curtains on the large picture window in the living room were opened wide.  They had to pass right in front of there.  Worse, when he was in the most visible location, Bella told him to stop for an inspection.  Bunny hated when she committed small indignities like that on him.  In no hurry, the stunning woman, still clad only in panties, heedless that she too might be seen from outside, circled him, brushing her plump fingertips over his neck, shoulders, and upper back.  He squirmed but did not move away.
At last she said, “Oh, I didn’t pick any extras to go along with that lovely perfume and attractive make-up.  You wait right there while I go back and select something.  I won’t be a minute.”
Actually, she was about five minutes.  He heard her open her cell phone and then speak in a hushed voice.  He hoped desperately that she wasn’t calling… him.  A car drove by on the street out front and its headlights momentarily glared through the window, making Bunny twice as afraid that he would be spotted.  Mrs. MacGruder lived directly across from them.  If that blowsy middle-aged harpy noticed him standing there, she would talk to Bella and want to hear the entire story.  Bunny knew she was heartless because everyone gossiped about how she dominated her meek husband Carl.  The unfortunate little man had been under her thumb for two decades.  And she showed more than normal interest in the hunky guy who did her landscaping. 
When Bella reappeared, her husband was relieved.  He just wanted to get away from that window.  She had chosen a small bow which she clipped into his short hair, just above his right ear.  He followed her the rest of the way to the kitchen, eager to be out of sight.  She had him take the wine from the fridge.  It was a modest pinot grigio.  He got a tall, stemmed glass and poured carefully.  She reminded him to concentrate on his posture, to make sure it was appropriately girlish at all times, but especially when he was performing any sort of duty for her.  Bella took a sip and sighed approvingly.  Bunny watched with envy.  She denied him wine, coffee, sweets and especially beer.  In the past he had enjoyed an occasional bottle of imported ale, as much to savor its rich taste as to demonstrate his masculinity.  Now he wasn’t even allowed to wear anything made of flannel or denim — though she had said that if he was a good girl she might buy him a pair of cut-off dungaree shorts, telling him he would look cute in Daisy Dukes. 
Bunny had to stand by obediently, like a servant, while she unhurriedly finished her drink.  She pushed her chair back and patted her lap.  He went to her and sat himself gingerly on her broad thighs.  She gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek and blew in his ear, then whispered seductively, “What would you like to do now, Bunny?  Are you ready for some fun?”
Being in such intimate contact with her body, he felt his need for release rise even higher.  His penis strained against its smooth cage but the effort was futile.  Bunny nibbled his lower lip and tried not to look as frustrated as he felt.  Being in chastity for that long can do strange things to a man, make his mind pliable, and allow a woman to mold his psyche into something new.  Bella rubbed his bare belly, letting her mischievous fingers drift lower, to where his pubic hair used to be.  She touched his chastity lightly and repeated her question.
"I…"  Bunny took a steadying breath.  "I’m ready for some fun," he managed to say, making his voice as sultry as he could.  She had taught him to respond this way, to make it convincing, and to follow through — if he didn’t want to be punished.  The memory of his most recent spanking, just the night before, was much too fresh in his mind.  He rubbed up against his wife, thrilling to the way her large breasts rolled against him.  His hands went to her hips and stroked them, which just added to the unwanted stimulation of his imprisoned member.  He fought to keep his mind on what he was doing and adjusted his position so he could lower his face and fasten his mouth over her nipples and suck.  Left and right.  Left and right.  Bella purred and stroked his hair, telling him he was her sweet girlfriend. 
Bunny couldn’t stop thinking about his trapped penis.  He honestly loved the idea of being kept in chastity by his desirable wife.  But somewhere along the line he had lost control of the fantasy and now he was disturbingly deep into the mental slavery she had initiated.  It chilled him to realize how far she had brought him in such a short time.  Since the pink tube had arrived, rush-shipped after they ordered it on-line, and she had made him put it on, he had been slipping further and further into her trap.  He continued to love the idea of chastity, but the reality now unnerved him.
At the same time, her desire to dress him in lacy lingerie had robbed him of any ability to stand up to her.  And the way she repeatedly reminded him of his past poor performances in bed, that also left him feeling inadequate.  Any chance he had to regain his male pride was eliminated by her taking the lead in their physical relations, the way she was doing now.  Bella bit his neck and tweaked his vulnerable nipples.  She licked his ears and put her finger deep into his mouth, making him suck on it.  All of that drove him into a frenzy of unrelieved neediness.  He arched his back, thrusting out his chest.  She took the cue and, wetting her fingers, reached under his meager covering to diddle his nipples and push him even further. 
Once Bunny started to ‘ask for it’ that way, not only pushing out his upper body, but simultaneously grinding his bottom down on her, she knew he was primed for the main event.  The controlling woman slid him off of her, allowed him to get shakily onto his feet (or rather his heels), and stood alongside him.  She took him by the hand and led him back toward the bedroom.  Besotted with pleasure, his body heat making the cloying perfume spread its aroma, he followed wordlessly.  She stood by the bed and told him to ‘kiss my butt’.  Wanting only to please her, with the unrealistic hope that she would remove his chastity and allow him some release, he sank to his knees and planted his lips repeatedly on her wide sitter.  She helpfully jutted out her bottom and even reached around to grasp his ears, so she could pull his features tightly against her cheeks.  He was still being her lesbian lover and delivering ardent kisses when they heard the front door of the house open. 
There were heavy footsteps and, moments later, she saw her lover’s tall, broad-shouldered form filling the doorway to the room.  He grinned at her and said, “Isn’t that a pretty picture.  Glad to see you’ve found something your wimp hubby is good for.”
She grinned back and said, “Hey, Turk.  Glad you rushed right over.  I’m wearing those Date Panties you got me, so I figured we should have a date.  On the bed.”
He laughed, went to her and, while her husband continued to kneel and worship her ass, the big man kissed her deeply, his large rough hands roaming over her impressive curves.  She responded by cupping one hand over the manly bulge in the crotch of his denim jeans and rubbing the other up and down the front of his flannel shirt.  He told her, “Let me get out of these work shoes and we can party all night.”
"Just sit on the side of the bed, stud.  Let my sissy husband take those dirty old shoes off for you."
She stepped away from Bunny, exposing his red face and still puckered lips.  He looked up at the towering Turk and cringed visibly.  The swarthy intruder reached down and gave the side of Bunny’s face a few playful slaps.  “You heard the lady, you little pervert.”  Turk sat.  “Get those shoes off my feet so I can get out of these pants… so I can screw your wife.  She sure as hell doesn’t want you fumbling all over her and shooting off before you even get all the way inside.”  He looked away from Bunny and locked eyes with Bella, telling her, “This arrangement is working out so well, we might NEVER want to let pansy boy out of his lock box.”
The sexy woman tittered at is remark and sat alongside him.  While Bunny struggled to unknot Turk’s thick shoelaces, the couple mashed their mouths against each other and made their tongues dance together.  Turk pawed Bella’s naked breasts.  On the floor, Bunny kept working but wished he could run to another part of the house and hide.  This was the ultimate shame, he told himself.  They ignored him and continued swapping spit.  He sniffled and got the first shoe undone.  Eventually he had them both untied and then went to work at the laces in the eyelets to loosen them, and at last was able to tug the shoes off those size 12 extremities. 
Bella got onto her back and lifted her hips so Turk could gently slide her Date Panties down her shapely legs.  He sneered at Bunny and barked, “Let’s go, Pink Lips.  Get me out of these pants.  NOW.”  Turk unbutton his shirt while the helpless husband undid his wide leather belt and unfastened his pants.  With shaking fingers he lowered the fly and cautiously eased the fitted jeans down those muscular legs.  Turk wore boxer shorts, something Bunny hadn’t been permitted to put on since he made his one-sided arrangement with his bride.  The dusky man stepped out of his pants and snapped at Bunny to remove his socks.  Turk tossed aside his shirt.  That left only the shorts.  Bunny reached for them and hooked his fingers under the waistband.  He blinked nervously as he began lowering them, revealing abundant black pubic hair.
There were a breathless few seconds as Bunny paused to delay the inevitable.  Acting out her scenario of having him be a male lesbian would have been preferable to this.  He was humiliatingly aware that he was facilitating the ravishment of his wife, while she kept his throbbing penis locked away, the key hidden somewhere in the house.  Bunny pulled down the boxers and Turk’s exceptionally long, virile cock sprang free.  Soon he was as naked as the woman who was hungrily anticipating what was to come.  Bella spread her legs when he knelt between them.  He smiled down at her and she said, “Let’s do it, Turk.  I’ve been looking at my failure of a husband for the last two days, wishing you were here instead of him.  I’m tired of chasing his sissy ass around, getting him to do his chores, and having to swat him every three minutes.  The only fun I have with Mr. Panties is trying different outfits on him.”
"Yeah?" Turk said as he pressed his firmness against her yieldingness.  "Isn’t there one other thing he’s good for?"
She chuckled.  “Well, sure there is.  You know that.  When you’re not here and I get too hot to wait for you, I have to use Bunny there as my lezzie love toy.  She’s such an eager eater when it comes to my wet pussy.  I mean, once she gets started I can’t stop her.  At least, not until I’ve had a bunch of orgasms.”
Turk pushed his tool into her, all the way up to his weighty balls, in one easy movement.  “You’re pussy’s plenty wet right now.  You won’t need that machine-mouth to get off this time.”
"I know, babe.  But I’ve been thinking about another use for for her tongue."  She gasped as he began to pump in earnest.  Her legs wrapped around him and she met his plunges with upward heaves of her hips. 
Bunny could only remain where he was, on his knees, in that nearly transparent top, at the perfect eye level to watch them copulate like untamed animals.  They went on and on, changed position, and started over.  The lovers were tireless.  And inventive.  Bunny gaped at the action, his balls hurting, his face flushed.  Without meaning to, he began to caress the minimal covering he wore.  Then his fingers strayed to his nipples and he teased himself uncontrollably.  He reached down with one hand and clutched his chastity, massaged his balls, groaned, and felt the arrival of the clear fluid that he leaked at times like these.  His wife teased him about that, calling him Drippy Dotty.  He tried not to cry as the savage lovemaking led to a quaking climax for Bella.  While Bunny’s great shortcoming had been a total lack of control, Turk’s valuable asset was that he could refrain endlessly from ejaculating.  Bunny was so envious.  If he could do that, it would be him up there on the bed, possessing Bella’s irresistible body. 
After what must have been an hour, they were doing it doggy style, and Bella was flung into her second noisy finish.  But this time Turk didn’t slow down afterwards.  Instead, he redoubled his efforts, driving her into a third orgasm, at the same time that he let himself go and emptied his heavy balls into her.  The stayed at a peak of passion, his fingers digging into her plush hips, and then began to come down slowly.  In the end they were lying side by side, their breathing returning to normal.  That was when Bella said, “Hey, Turk.  Remember a little while ago, when I said I had a new use for my lesbian lover’s talented mouth?  I want her to make sweet girl-on-girl love to me right now.”
"You mean, like, without you getting washed up?  Down there?"
"That’s right, stallion.  I want her to eat my pussy.  And to clean it up at the same time.  You dumped such a load in there that I’m overflowing."
Turk sat up and glowered at Bunny.  “You heard the lady.  Get up here, candy ass, and do the only thing you’re any good for in bed.  Show her messy slit how much you love it.  Be her lez lover and lick up every drop of my spunk.”  The brutish man’s eyes glowed with sadistic delight.  He was getting aroused by the idea of forcing the lesser male to comply.  Bunny gagged but started to climb onto the mattress.  He moved close to his target and lowered his face, tongue already extended, eyes pleading for a reprieve that would never come.  Hating every second of it, wishing he could go back to just his chastity obsession and lose the girly look and… this, he began to lick up the oozy cream.  It was disgusting but he had to continue.  At the same time, he was getting his wife excited again.  Even after three climaxes.  Bunny kept consuming what seemed like an endless supply of cum and Bella started to jerk her hips and push them harder into his face.  Turk put a powerful hand on the back of Bunny’s neck to make sure he didn’t slow down.  Swallowing sperm and lapping simultaneously, the defeated husband brought his spouse to a loud orgasm. 
"Omigod," she said between deep breaths.  "That was the best.  Deep solid finishes from your huge cock, Turk.  And then a bonus one from Bunny’s well-trained tongue."  She sighed.  "I want to do it like that ALL the time."
"Sure, babe," her stud assured her.  "I got off on grabbing his skinny neck and holding him there.  And the way his sissy ass was sticking up, it kind of gave me some ideas.  Looked almost like a real girl, if you know what I mean."
She said, “You’re saying that while he’s going down on me, cleaning up one mess from you, he might get another load shot up his ass?  That would be too damned funny.  And after that, I’ll bet he would never dare to whine about anything I do to him.”
"Or anything I do, either," Turk added.  "And I might do a lot."
Quaking with fear from what he was hearing, Bunny slipped off the bed.  To try to placate them, he knelt silently at the foot of the mattress.  The couple turned their faces toward each other and kissed tenderly.  Bunny could only stay where he was, running his hands over his diaphanous bit of covering, almost as if he was beginning to want to be dressed that way.  Because — again — being locked in chastity can do amazing things to a man.  Or a former man. 

Everybody’s cucking for the weekend….

Here’s wishing all the cuckolds a weekend full of hard cocks, cream pies, house cleaning, laundry, shopping, yard work and pampering your cuckoldress. And here’s wishing that your cuckoldress has a weekend full of hard cock, multiple orgasms, delicious new sexual heights, a man who loves, cherishes, honors and dotes on you all weekend!!!


Apr 7


I was thinking about husbands who suspect their wives are cheating but aren’t sure.  That could create a lot of mental turmoil, perhaps denial, and maybe some excitement.  Here’s a fictional look at the possibilities.
Dave came home late from work again.  He found a note from his wife saying she was at a girlfriend’s house, helping her with some project.  He sighed and got out of his sport coat and slacks and dress shirt, then put a bathrobe on over his undershirt and shorts.  He debated whether or not to remove his socks, finally deciding against it.  Big excitement.
About an hour later the phone rang.  He was sitting in front of the TV, not quite sure what he was watching.  He picked up and said hello.  His wife Sharon said, “Hi, babe.  I’m running a little late here.”  She sounded slightly out of breath.  “Are you okay getting dinner for yourself?  There’s some sandwich stuff in the fridge.” 
He told her, “Oh, sure.  Are you at… Betty’s place?”
"Huh?  No.  It’s somebody you don’t know.  Friend of a friend.  So you’re okay?"  She made a sound of disapproval at somebody, followed by giggles.  Dave had a mental image of someone doing something distracting, her telling them without words to stop, and then being amused by the whole situation.  That scenario was running through his mind and he didn’t say anything until she repeated, "Okay?"
He distractedly answered, “Sure.  I’m okay.  I’ll see you later.  Whenever you get here.”
She made a kissing sound and hung up.  But just before the disconnect, he heard a lower pitched voice begin to speak.  Probably just the TV, he told himself.  Although, why would the TV be on if they were working on a ‘project’.  Might be turned on just for background sound.
He went into the kitchen to check on dinner options.  His mind wouldn’t let go of that final voice.  He had a sudden and unwanted thought that it could have been a man.  Like her friend’s husband, which would be perfectly normal.  The husband of this friend of a friend who he didn’t know.   Dave selected what he needed and began to put together a sandwich.  His wife was an attractive woman, he considered as he worked.  She had a sweet face, which contrasted with her big bust and curvy hips, the latter leading down to an eye-catching bottom.  In fact, it caught the eyes of lots of men.  He stood there with a mayonnaise jar in one hand and a butter knife in the other, poised while he entertained disturbing thoughts.
They had been at a party two weeks before and he couldn’t miss the fact that the other men all noticed and appreciated his wife’s looks, especially in the snug top and slacks she had worn.  The guys had congregated around her, fetching drinks and chatting her up.  It hadn’t been anything that he could object to, not specifically, but the general tone had been that she was appetizing and they were all hungry.  Single guys and even married ones.  And there had been that half hour or so when he didn’t see his wife at all.  But once more he rationalized; there was probably some simple explanation for her absence. 
Dave finally completed the sandwich and returned to the TV show that he wasn’t paying attention to.  Or maybe that one had ended and this was another.  Whatever.  He realized he didn’t have anything to drink and returned to the kitchen.  With the fridge door open, his hand drifted left and right, trying to settle on either a can of soda or a bottle of beer.  He went for the brew, twisted off the top, and went back to his sandwich.  And the TV.  And his thoughts.  It was odd, too, that his wife had changed their sex life lately.  She began stroking his member with her soft plump hand as foreplay.  She teased his easy-to-stimulate nipples as well.  In fact, she was so good at it that he kept having — as she laughingly called them — accidents.  Every time they were preparing to have sex, she got him overexcited and he shot off on the sheets.  Sharon joked about it and happily cleaned up with a handful of  tissues.
But then she would point out that she had to have her fun, too.  He had never used his mouth on her, sexually, in the year they had been married.  Doing that always seemed kind of unmanly to him.  But he didn’t want to leave her high and dry, and she hinted strongly that he should employ his tongue to give her an orgasm.  So he had reluctantly tried it and found that, although he still didn’t like it, she got off on it tremendously.  So it had become their intimate routine, her giving him a hand job and him eating her pussy.  He got to finish once and she enjoyed a minimum of two orgasms, usually more. 
After her first nocturnal visit to a ‘friend of a friend’, her nights out became a regular occurrence.  She was away at least three evenings every week.  That kept his mind working overtime, worrying that maybe she was seeing someone other than one of the girls.  Soon she was returning home a bit mussed up, her hair out of place and clothing slightly disarranged.  His nerves were increasingly on edge and the scenes he imagined, between his bride and some faceless lover, became ever more vivid — and extreme.  He couldn’t help dwelling on the fact that his penis was below average size and she might desire something larger.  Maybe that was why she now preferred his mouth.  His concerns gnawed at him day and night.  He considered saying something to her but if he was wrong, if she wasn’t cheating, he would look like a fool and upset her terribly. 
Dave felt himself changing.  He was becoming more involved in their modified sex life.  Having his body pampered that way, by her skilled hands, was addictive.  And even though it still made him feel like less of a man, giving her pleasure orally grew more exciting.  In his mind it gave him a hold on her.  He pictured her imaginary lover giving her vigorous and satisfying sex, but not providing the selfless treat of a long unhurried licking.  He even started to look forward to doing it for her.  Sharon didn’t want it on the nights when she had been out, saying that she was too tired when she got home. 
The drama of not knowing if infidelity was taking place continued.  Whenever they were out he noticed other men glancing at her.  She occasionally made comments about guys she saw on TV, noting that they were ‘well built’ or ‘hot’.  One time they were watching a superhero movie on TV, the one about the Norse god who came down the Earth and fought some menace.  She make a joke about his weapon being a big hammer and that ‘every girl likes a guy with one of those’.  Dave understood that she was referring to the fact that ‘hammer’ could mean a large cock.  Even so, he smiled at her comment.  He was more anxious then ever about not upsetting her.  Perhaps he was afraid that if he did, she would counterattack by saying that she was having an affair.  With a guy who was taller and stronger than him, and who was better endowed.   Where would that leave him?
In an effort to maintain a peaceful relationship, maybe even to reverse or prevent the infidelity he was imagining, Dave became more attentive to her, especially in bed.  He provided her with endless pussy eating.  One night, when she began to use her hand on him, he spontaneously told her he wanted to focus on her pleasure that night.  She didn’t object.  He was thrilled when she had several loud and animated climaxes.  Somehow he thought he had gained a victory.  She told him that postponing his own pleasure had made him do a better job on her, and that she wouldn’t mind more of the same.  So it became normal for him to finish less and less often. 
She also increased the amount of teasing she did.  One trick she came up with was to let him get in the missionary position and put just the tip of his dick against her moist pussy lips.  It was wildly stimulating, especially when she toyed with his nipples at the same time.  But she made a point not to let him finish, complimenting him on how fantastic he had become at lapping her through multiple orgasms, how much he could prolong the act.  Again, even though he had lost something, it felt liked he had gained.  And Sharon continued to go out just as often.  She also expanded her wardrobe with more sexy choices.  His wife would model low cut tops and stretch pants, along with sexy heels, for him.  One pair of the latter had three inch stilettoes and were zebra patterned.  The poses she struck made his dick tingle.  He was in a constant state of frustrated excitement.
One night, after several months of all that, she came home quite disheveled and in an especially mischievous mood.  Her lipstick was smeared and, when she opened her purse to put her keys in it, he thought he saw her panties there.  She suggested that he get naked.  Dave was immediately interested.  He pictured the two of them stripped bare and in bed together.  Maybe it would be like before all this started.  But after he had all his clothes off she was still fully dressed and asked him to get her a glass of wine.  When he reached for his shorts she told him not to bother.  He returned to find her on the bed, still clothed, on her back.  She was wearing a short loose skirt and it was pulled up far enough to bare her full thighs.  His heart jumped at the sight she made.  It was somehow arousing for him, being totally undressed while she was mostly covered.  Thoughts of what she might have been doing earlier filled his mind and his dick pulsed.  She spread her legs slightly, raised her skirt all the way, crooked a forefinger to summon him to her, and then pointed to her slightly parted labia.
Dave obediently got onto the foot of the bed and inched forward, lowering his head toward his goal.  Her slit seemed coated with something.  It struck him that if she had been with a lover, and not cleaned up afterward, he might be looking at someone else’s spunk.  The mental image of another man’s cock, one bigger than his own, inside of her made his heart freeze.  At the same time, however, his penis began to grow.  He told himself it was because he was so close to his wife.  And because she hadn’t let him finish in almost two weeks.  But he couldn’t dismiss the possibility that he was getting hard because of her possible unfaithfulness.  He took a shuddering breath and bent to his duty, starting slowly, the way she had taught him. 
Sharon tasted different.  Saltier.  He sobbed but didn’t halt his tongue.  She purred and told him, “That’s a good boy.  Sweet little husband.  Don’t you dare stop.  Go nice and slow and make it last a long time.  If you do a good enough job, I’ll even use my hand on you.  Maybe let you put the end of your little dick against my precious pussy.  Hmmm?  But I won’t be able to let you finish, sweetheart.  I want you to keep trying extra hard to please me.  Maybe I’ll let you empty your balls later.  Like on your birthday.  Or our anniversary.”  She chuckled.  “We’ll see.”
He gave her several more licks, wondering if he was consuming another man’s ejaculate.  He sucked gently on her stiff clitoris and made her moan.  She writhed her broad hips.  Dave said, “Yes, dear.  Whatever you say.  You’re in charge.”  And he knew that was true… and would continue to be from then on.