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So my cuckoldress and I went to meet a very nice couple the other day. They seem like really great people and we met for an hour and it looks as if we’ll get together with them in September. We are very much looking forward to it.

Also on Saturday night we went to a bar where we had been invited to meet a group of local swingers. While very nice people we both decided it really wasn’t our cup of tea. We are much more into cuckolding than swinging and so we exited gracefully.

More to come…

The weekend

The weekend is here and if you’re like me you thrive for the weekends as a cuckold. It’s our chance to shine! It’s our chance to shower our cuckoldress with attention, cater to her (and her bull) and to be the perfect submissive cuckold. Weekends are fun for cuckolds and if you have a particularly inventive or demanding cuckoldress they can be made all the more fun by the way she’ll toy with you. Perhaps she’ll have you running from dawn till dusk doing housework, shopping, cooking, cleaning, yard work and waiting on her hand and foot. All for the simple idea that she just may take pity on you and pleasure you in some small way. She may take you out of chastity, she may have you eat her pussy for hours, she may have you give her a massage, and she may play with your tiny cock and let you cum if you’re an extremely good boy!

My cuckoldress and I have some exciting plans. Tomorrow morning we are meeting a couple with whom we hope to get together and play with at some point. My cuckoldress has been dying to explore her bisexual side and this couple is not only willing to do that but it appears they understand cuckolding and they seem like really nice people which is a very hard combination to find. I have already met with the male and he was a really great guy so I can only assume his wife will be the same. Hopefully they will both like my cuckoldress and me as much as we’ll like them!

Then we’ve been invited to a party tomorrow night at a house where a select number of people gather every now and then and when the doors are closed the inhibitions are open. It will be our first party of any sort like this and we are both very excited. I am so excited to think of men and women wanting to touch and play with my cuckoldress and her having the total and complete freedom to do what she wants with whomever she wants while I am by her side to serve and please. Ah a cuckolds dream come true!!!

Stay tuned for more follow up and Monday and enjoy your cuckolding weekend!

Porky…by Throne

I would like to thank Throne for helping me out during this very busy summer and serving as a guest blogger/writer. My cuckoldress and I are going to be meeting a couple this weekend that we hope will provide my cuckoldress with her first bi-experience and will provide me with some great cuckolding experiences. We are also attending a party on Saturday night that we hope will prove very arousing…stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, here’s a great story from Throne that I had given him and idea for, but nobody writes like Throne! Enjoy!!

PORKY by Throne
I waddled into the home gym in just a sleeveless T-shirt that showed off my soft body and small genitals.  My hair is thinning and they make me keep my body shaved.  My wife Circe and her lover Adonis were there, using the equipment that my earnings had paid for.  Not that he couldn’t have afforded it himself.  The tall handsome bodybuilder owns a chain of highly profitable gyms and has made extra money from allowing movie crews to shoot scenes in them.  He was working with a heavy weight bar, slowly raising and lowering it overhead, showing off his powerful and well defined physique.  She was on the treadmill, her long shapely legs flashing, the muscles rippling under her tanned skin. 
In my hands were a couple of health shakes that I had fetched from the kitchen fridge.  I waited until they were done that phase of their workout and then held out the drinks to them.  Adonis looked down at me and grinned.  He said, “What’s the matter, Porky?  You didn’t get anything for yourself.”  I mumbled something about not being hungry but he insisted.  “Go get yourself a couple sodas and a few snack cakes.  Those Little Sally ones you like.  You know, the pink ones full of white cream.  Yummy.”  I didn’t want to drink and eat what he said but I had no choice.  He was so much taller and stronger than me.  I meekly retreated back to the kitchen, got two cans of Koola Cola and four snack cakes, then went back to the gym. 
Both of them were sitting on plastic chairs, next to each other.  They perspired a lot so it made sense to use chairs that were easy to clean.  After they were done I would wipe down that furniture for them.  Instead of a chair, I got a low stool to squat on.  It put me in a position where my pale belly stuck out and my flabby chest was shown off at its worst.  While I sat there drinking sugary soda and munching calorie-loaded cakes, they finished their shakes and got up.  He put his long arms around her and they hugged intimately.  She opened her mouth and he kissed her, taking his time.  When they stepped apart, his cock was semi-erect, straining outward against the tiny posing strap he wore.  Her nipples were firm, showing through her skimpy bikini top.  The bottom of what she was wearing was just a thong, so her firm buttocks were left bare.  I gazed at her perfect form and felt stirrings of need begin between my legs.
Adonis came over and saw that I had just started on my second snack cake.  He shoved the entire thing into my mouth and put one hand under my jaw, then pushed upward to lock my teeth together.  He said nastily, “Enjoying your feeding, piggy?  Or would you rather we got you a trough.  That way the cakes and soda could go in there together, along with any table scraps we saved for you.  I bet you’d be more comfortable on your hands and knees, with your face down in that mess, scarfing it up as fast as you could.  Right?”  He released my chin.
I looked up at him and said, around the food, “Yes, Sir.  Whatever you say.”
He lifted his bare foot, put his toes against my doughy middle, and pushed, demonstrating how unmuscular I was.  I bit my lower lip, knowing that my wife was being reminded once again that I couldn’t compare with him in any way.    Circe came up behind him and put her arms around his broad chest.  She nuzzled his neck and whispered something.  He laughed, then told her, “Sure, babe.  You know I’m always ready for a session on the sheets with you.”  He glared down at me and said, “Turn down the bed, blubber butt.  And fluff up our pillows.”
I have him another ‘Yes Sir’ and hurried off to obey, taking my food with me.  Once in the bedroom, I set my edibles neatly on the floor, out of the way, and quickly got the bed ready for the horny couple.  It was so painful to see them together, the way they looked at and touched each other.  He was able to satisfy her in ways that I couldn’t even consider attempting.  With my immature penis and lack of control, plus an insecure lack of technique, I had never been able to give her an orgasm.  She had begun cheating on me when she went to one of his gyms for her first session and he happened to be there.  Adonis took an immediate interest in my bride and very soon they were sleeping together.  That was when she told me I could never expect to have sex with her again.  I was stunned.
The first time he came to our home, about a week later, he declared that I would satisfy her with my mouth.  She had suggested that before but I was always too disgusted at the thought of putting my lips there to even attempt it.  That night, and many times since, I had found myself with my face between her thighs, my tongue busy bringing her pleasure.  I had become quite proficient at it and, as her trips to the gym made her increasingly vigorous, she wanted it more and more.  Around that time she began to eat better and changed my already poor eating habits, adding more fat and eliminating fruits and most vegetables.  I was on a Supersize Me diet and it made my normally chubby figure even heavier, at the same time taking away what little stamina I possessed.  That was when they made me get rid of my body hair, the way they and most body builders did, to show off my form.  Losing my pubic hair had the added disadvantage of making my undersized male parts appear even less impressive.
Moments after I had prepared the bed, they were in the room with me.  I knew that after their lovemaking I would have to launder all the bedclothes.  They got out of what little they were wearing and told me to do the same.  I bared my pink hairless upper body and blushed with shame at how pathetic it was.  They smirked at me and got into bed, atop the still clean sheets.  I picked up another cake and the second can of soda, eating nervously as they had spirited foreplay.  Because I almost never get any sexual release, it is very easy for me to get aroused.  My penis stiffened, rising to its full three inch length, while my tiny balls pulled up tight.  I stood there awkwardly, chewing and swallowing, taking gulps of soda, while they passed a pleasant half hour. 
Then it was time for the main act.  No matter how many times I see them having sex, it never gets any easier for me.  Adonis mounted Circe, with her on her back, knees raised.  He slipped the thick knob of his nine inch cock into her waiting, moist passage.  As she moaned with pleasure, he fed her the rest of the thick shaft.  She squirmed under him and began telling him how amazing he was, how he made her feel fulfilled.  She also had plenty to say about how short I fell in comparison.  She went on about my miserably small dick, inability to pass the two minute mark, and lack of anything even close to the necessary skills.  I sobbed but didn’t stop feeding my face.  Food had become one of my substitutes for a sex life.  The other was being her pussy slave.  The more I was denied real satisfaction, the more I craved having my mouth on her slit, my tongue inside her.  Don’t get me wrong.  I still hated having to do it.  But at the same time I was becoming addicted to the unpleasant act. 
In the six months since she had begun seeing the gym owner, I had only been permitted to ejaculate three times.  It was always by using my hand on myself.  Worse, they watched, made me catch my thin watery cum in the other palm, and then had me lick up the meager output.  I thought about that as Adonis energetically pumped my beautiful wife.  I remembered those few times when I had been granted that privilege.  It had been heavenly.  Now, if I was lucky, I might be allowed to jerk off for their amusement sometime in the next few weeks.  I whimpered and hoped they hadn’t heard that pitiful sound.  He continued his rhythmic assault, with her moaning encouragement and meeting his thrusts with her own.
I finished the last of my snacks and stood there holding the can of soda in both hands.  Shivers of jealousy and shame ran through my erotically neglected body.  It had been over a half hour since he had entered her and now I recognized the familiar change in sounds as he began coaxing her toward a climax.  I didn’t understand how he did it.  Even if I could puzzle out his technique, there was no way I could duplicate it.  I was totally outclassed and defeated.  Their well developed bodies moved together as she bit his shoulder and began make feline sounds of excitement.  Still utterly in control, he increased his tempo slightly and changed his angle of penetration.  She exploded joyously and he let himself erupt inside of her.  They rode out the waves of pleasure and gradually settled down.  He rolled off her and they lay alongside each other, their breathing only slightly accelerated. 
A minute later Adonis said, “Hey, jelly belly.  Circe’s always telling me what a good job you do of eating her pussy.  Why don’t you do it while I’m here.  Like right now.”
Had he really said that?  She had a load of his cream in her.  I said, in a strained whisper, “But, Sir, she’s so messy.  Did you want me to get a warm wet washcloth to…?”
"NO.  I did not want you to get that or anything else.  What I want is for you to get your wimp self on the bed, between my woman’s magnificent legs, and put your face where it belongs, which is against her mound, with your mouth on her pussy.  You’re going to eat her and clean up that mess at the same time.  Clean it up and swallow it all down.  Just pretend it’s another load of filling from your precious Little Sally snacks."
It made me feel ill, but I didn’t dare to disobey or even hesitate.  I got onto the mattress while he gave my wife a deep kiss, put my face between her well exercised thighs, and saw the spunk overflowing her smooth-shaved mons.  It made me feel sick, especially after everything I had just put into my stomach, but what else could I do?  My tongue came out and I took a long lick, from the bottom of her opening to the top, gathering a generous portion of his cum, and took it into my mouth.  It slid down the back of my throat and I wanted to retch.  But I had to keep licking, remember to suck her clitoris, and do my best to keep them both happy. 
She told him, “This was a terrific idea, baby.  You’re so clever.  I want my fat-assed husband to do this EVERY time you and me have sex.”
"No problem.  He was made for the job.  And a few more calories won’t hurt him.  It’ll be the best thing in his diet."
They both laughed and I continued my unwanted task, marveling at how much of a mess he had left for me.   His salty output seemed to be endless as I slurped and gulped.  I knew that this would take me even lower in my wife’s estimation, something that I previously would have doubted was possible.  As I lapped and swallowed, she began to grow excited.  Adonis noticed right away.  He began to stroke her breasts and then pressed his lips to hers.  In total disgrace, I continued as she got nearer to an orgasm.  He gently fingered her nipples and that put her over the top.  She cried out and I had to drink the fluids produced by her climax.  When she was done they lay there holding each other.  He absently kicked me, knocking me onto the floor.
The next day they decided to take me to the gym with them.  I didn’t want to go.  I wanted it even less after they gave me what I was expected to wear.  It was a sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off, and cropped high up the chest so that my budding man boobs showed.  Below that I had the sweatpants, but they had been trimmed too, so that they were more like mini-shorts.  On my feet I had rubber flip-flops, which were bright red.  When we walked in, all the fit energetic members laughed at the absurd sight of me in that environment.  Adonis introduced me as Porky and told them I would be towel boy and all around errand runner.  I blushed furiously.  As if that hadn’t been bad enough, he introduced Circe, telling everyone that she was my wife.  If any of those muscle-heads were too dense to get the point, he took her in his strong arms and gave her a passionate unhurried kiss.  I wanted to crawl away and hide.  Instead, he announced that I would be showing off my physique with a series of poses.
I looked at my wife pleadingly.  She just sneered at me.  Then I had to go to the middle of the room and stand on a low platform.  Adonis ordered me to assume a variety of postures that emphasized just what awful shape I was in.  There were catcalls and jeering.  Several people called me ‘thunder thighs’, ‘blubber gut’, and ‘flab abs’.  Next I had to use some of the exercise equipment.  My bride led me to the cables on the wall and I struggled to pull the handles a few inches toward me.  They got me onto the stair machine and I managed only three difficult steps before I was breathing hard.  Circe said something to my audience about how I had never had any energy in bed, either, and that was why she needed Adonis.  Someone had slipped into the back room and gotten a pair of very light weights, miniature dumbbells, that were covered in pink plastic.  Probably they had been bought as a joke, since no one there would use anything that unchallenging.  For me, however, they were exactly right.  I did half a dozen reps before one of the woman, a tall Black female with very short hair, said she could use my assistance. 
The towering beauty took my hand and walked me to a stationary bicycle.  She asked for some elastic bandages and they were brought to her.  Easily overpowering me, she held the back of my head against the bike’s seat and began wrapping my head and neck, attaching me to it.  Soon I was helplessly bound looking upward.  The stunning negress put one foot on a peddle and swung her long leg over me, skillfully balancing on both peddles with her bottom above my upturned face.  All she had on was a tiny bikini, the bottom just a triangle of cloth in the front and a narrow strap in the back.  I belatedly realized her intent and moaned desperately.  But it was too late.  Her backside descended and settled over my features, its hemispheres molding themselves around my face.  I was buried in warm flesh, the smell of clean perspiration and her natural musk strong in my nostrils. 
Suddenly she was peddling, making her bottom roll from side to side, massaging my cheeks.  She increased her speed and produced more perspiration.  I struggled to breath but then she began to rise up occasionally, just enough to allow me an occasional breath.  Her timing was perfect, making sure I didn’t smother but also not letting me get comfortable.  I had to suck in every bit of oxygen I could as she tirelessly peddled on, grinding her firm rump down on my face, literally rubbing my nose in it.  When she at last relented, I was gasping and sheened in sweat, hers and mine.  Only with an effort could I keep from crying. 
For the rest of that afternoon I didn’t have to do anything more difficult than scurrying around getting towels, grabbing bottles of water, and giving foot massages to women and men.  It was horrid having everyone know that Circe was my wife and Adonis was her lover, with me the sad-faced cuckold.  Adonis decided that I could have a regular position at the gym.  Everyone was amused at the idea of an unfit specimen like me among all those flawless bodies.  I was also given locker room duty, having to help members undress and dress.  One guy stuffed his damp smelly jock strap into my mouth and made me crawl around the entire gym on hands and knees carrying it that way.  That was when I finally began to cry for real. 
Since that day I’ve worked shifts at Adonis’ gym half a dozen times.  Everyone calls me Porky and gets a laugh from my mortification.  They try to top each other in thinking up new ways to disgrace me.  They are all vitamin enthusiasts and one of them brought in a big bottle of fish oil capsules.  They’re meant to be swallowed with water to avoid tasting the fishy flavor, but he had me take three of them into my mouth, bite into them, and slowly chew them.  I had to hold them there because ‘that makes them work better’.  I knew it wasn’t true but had no way to stand up to the mass of muscles who was making me do it.  I had to endure the sickening taste for a half hour before I was permitted to swallow but, even then, it lingered for the rest of the day.  Naturally, I wasn’t given permission to rinse my mouth and knew better than to even ask.  I kept belching fish fumes.
At home my wife and her Bull boyfriend (Bullfriend, you might call him) continue to delight in each other’s bodies.  They insist on having me in the bedroom.  Once I had to stand alongside the bed manipulating my fat tummy, kneading the rolls of soft tissue while they had great sex.  Another time I was made to bend forward and pull down on my nipples, giving myself the appearance of having small breasts.  They focus their cruel games on calling attention to my blobby body.  What else will they do to me?  I’m not sure but I’m certain it will be nasty.  I worry all the time.  Lately I’ve noticed that they talk to each other with genuine affection.  My greatest dread is that their relationship will develop into real love.  That would take me even further from being Circe’s husband, in any meaningful sense of the word.  But what else can a short chubby man with a tiny dick and no backbone expect?
(The main idea for this story was suggested by cuckytoher, who gets a big Throne Thank You.)

Bullfriend….what a term

(Bullfriend is a word I made up to describe cheating wives’ boyfriends, who are also dominant Bulls.  Hence, bullfriend.)
(Here is an example of how one of those extremely alpha guys could earn that name.)
I had finally finished cleaning the bathroom, top to bottom, and was kneeling there on the tile floor.  All I was wearing was a brief apron, tied in the back with a big floppy bow.  My wife Chrissy always picks something demeaning like that for me to put on before she leaves for one of her dates.  It’s been six months now since she began seeing Rick.  As I was gathering up my cleaning supplies, I heard the front door open.  There wouldn’t even be any time for me to rest up before she started making her usual post-date demands on me.  I would have to undress her and then run and fetch snacks and beverages for her, along with listening to her rave about his sexual performance.  My stomach turned over at the thought of hearing that.
A moment later Chrissy was at the open bathroom door, feet planted well apart, hands on hips, looking down at me with amused disdain.  “Aw, what’s the matter, sugar-lump?  Have a hard night cleaning the bathtub and floor tiles with just that toothbrush?  And it’s YOUR toothbrush.”  She chuckled.  “Well, if it makes you feel any better, I had a MARVELOUS night with the real man in my life.  Rick was endless fun and he made me feel like a complete woman.  Aren’t you glad I met him?”
She had pushed me too far.  I looked up at her and said, “He’s nothing but a brute.  He’s a macho muscle-head and only cares about partying.  He’s nothing but a loser.  At least I have a good steady job.”
Suddenly Rick appeared behind her.  He put his arms around my wife and cupped her big tits in his crude hands.  Leering at the ridiculous sight I made, he pointed out, “I own a freaking construction company and earned more than you did last year.  So who’s the loser here?  Is it the guy who’s fucking your wife?  Or is it you, bare-assed except for that cute apron, doing stuff like swabbing out the toilet while we have a good time at the club?”
I felt my cheeks grow hot from shame.  She had snuck him into the house so she could get me to say something careless and have him hear it.  Now he was angry with me.  That was what my wife wanted, of course.  She gets a thrill from seeing men dominate me, stronger and more confident men.  Rick took his hands off her breasts, slipped past her, and stood there towering over me.  I tried to stay calm but couldn’t keep from trembling.  He put the toe of his work shoe on top of my splayed fingers.  I knew that if he wanted to, he could step down hard and really hurt me.
Trying not to sniffle or cry, I gazed up at him and said, keeping my voice soft, “I’m sorry, Sir.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  Sometimes I get like that.”  He wasn’t buying it.  If I wanted to escape physical punishment, I had to think of something fast.  The best thing would be to insult myself.  I grinned weakly and whispered, “I guess it’s my time of the month.”
That provoked laughter from both of them.  Chrissy’s was high and unrestrained, Rick’s deep and mocking.  I finished getting my supplies together, including the little pink beach bucket and color-coordinated sponge they made me use.  When I picked up the damp toothbrush, Rick suggested that it would be easier to just carry it in my mouth.  The thing was filthy but I didn’t dare to raise his temper.  Meekly surrendering, I stuck the dirty bristles between my lips and bit lightly on the handle. 
Chrissy rubbed her crotch through the mini-dress that showed off her overly full curves so well.  She told Rick, “Seeing you be mean to my zero of a husband is getting me so hot.  If you bang him around it’ll get me in the mood to suck on that monster cock of yours.  You know, before you cram into my wet pussy.”
He chuckled and sneered at me.  “You heard the lady, zero boy.  She wants to see a show.  Even after you were so nice and apologetic, and made yourself look like an asshole to keep me from hurting you, I’m going to do it anyway.  Just to make my lady happy.  And so she’ll fuck like a wildcat in heat.”
My lips trembled as I tried to think of something to say to make him reconsider.  In the end, though, there were no words that would dissuade him, I knew.  I rose shakily to my feet and set my cleaning equipment in the bathtub.  He took the toothbrush out of my mouth, spit on it, and stuck it back in.  I blinked back tears.  Rick clamped his broad hand on the back of my skinny neck and marched me to the den. 
When we all got there he said to Chrissy, “Remember when we were at the club, talking to my buddies about what a wimp your husband is?  And you said you loved to see me kick his ass around the room?  Well, I’m going to do exactly that.” 
Without warning he punched me hard in the stomach, making me double over.  While I was still off balance he pressed down on the back of my neck, forcing me to my knees.  Then he took a step back, positioning himself behind me.  I was still trying to recover from that punch when he drew back his foot and kicked me hard between the buttocks.  I gasped and flew forward, landing awkwardly on my front.  Rick moved closer, hauled me back to my knees, and got ready to do it again.  I started to cry and then he delivered his second powerful kick, this one to the center of my right buttock.
"Damn," he said, "that’s going to leave a bruise."
My bride added, “I hope so.”
I hadn’t fallen that time, but was reflexively trying to escape.  As I shuffled forward on my knees, tears streaming down my cheeks, he slammed me again, this time in the other buttock.  I toppled to the side and lay there in a ball.  Rick told me that if I didn’t get up and keep moving and go all the way ‘around the room’, he was going to switch to targeting my ribs, and that if I didn’t want a trip to the hospital, I had better show some pep.  Weeping like a schoolgirl, I managed to creep away from him.  He snorted derisively and landed the toe of his heavy shoe under the curve of one cheek, at the top of the thigh.  I kept squirming away from him and he did the same on the other side.  Chrissy was following along, telling him how manly he was a what a weakling I had turned out to be.
It took awhile but eventually we were almost all the way around the room.  I was struggling to get back to my starting point when Rick’s foot thudded into me, not hitting my bottom but catching me between the legs, right on my vulnerable testicles.  I yowled in pain and couldn’t move at all.  Glancing back over my shoulder I saw, through tear-blurred eyes, that my wife had thrown her arms around him and was up on tiptoes to kiss him.  Her big boobs were mashed against his muscular chest.  My nose was running and I felt like I’d never be able to stand up straight again.
That didn’t deter Rick.  He grabbed me under the shoulders, yanked me halfway erect, and hauled me toward the bedroom.  Once all three of us were there he dumped me unceremoniously at the foot of the bed.  Then he told my wife to get undressed.  She slipped the dress, which was made of some stretchy material, over her head.  Chrissy was braless and her overgrown knockers were on full display.  The panties she wore were barely there.  She turned around to reveal that they left her ass bare, with just a narrow strip running between her rump halves.  Despite the bad shape her boyfriend had left me in, I couldn’t help longing for that voluptuous body.  Not that I could get an erection that soon after having my balls nearly busted. 
Rick swept her up in his arms and threw her onto the bed on her back.  He made me untie his shoes and remove them, followed by his socks.  The aggressive man jammed his sweaty socks into my mouth and warned me not to let them fall out.  I breathed through my nose the best I could and nodded assent.  He slapped me lightly on the cheek and finished undressing himself.  For a moment he just stood there with his impressively large cock inches from my face.  I couldn’t keep myself from comparing it to the pitiful example of manhood between my slender legs.  He grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to the foot of the bed, placing me so that I had my chin on the edge of the mattress.  I was going to have a perfect view of the action to follow.
Still in nothing but that shameful apron, mouth stuffed full of damp dirty socks, I stayed where I was while he got alongside my bride.  She enthusiastically began foreplay, running her hands and mouth all over him.  His member stood up proudly and she shifted her manual and oral attentions there.  He put a hand on the back of her head and kept her sucking him, also making her lick his large balls, like she was a practiced whore.  Chrissy didn’t mind at all.  She relished being able to sexually pamper the man who had so easily mastered me.  My conqueror laid there and enjoyed himself while I could only look on and not stop myself from weeping.  The sounds of my distress fueled Chrissy’s lust and she gave me a taunting smile before she climbed on top of him, planting the thick knob of his cock in the entrance to her pussy.
She peeked back at me and told me to watch, then sank down slowly, inch by inch, until she was impaled on his superior endowment.  I was blubbering by then, sore from being manhandled, distraught from watching her cheat on me, and unable to respond because I was so afraid of Rick.  They tried several positions during the next hour, loudly announcing every few minutes how much they were relishing their animalistic coupling.  Chrissy also entertained herself by hurling insults at me, reminding me that I not only had a small dick, but also lacked any semblance of technique and always came too soon.  Not that she had allowed me to have sex with her since shortly after our honeymoon.  I think she simply waited until it was too late for me to obtain an annulment.  After that she began her infidelity and became, as she liked to refer to it, a ‘serial slut’, betraying me and our wedding vows with one man after another.  Rick, however, was the longest lasting of them and appeared to be in her life — and mine — for the long run.
I stayed where he had put me while he gave her a pair of bed-shaking climaxes.  When her third one was imminent he let himself go, so they could orgasm simultaneously.  I was jealous and felt like a failure.  After it was at last over and he had rolled off her, she called out to me to pull his socks out of my mouth and get onto the foot of the bed.  I climbed up there uneasily, worrying about what else they might have in mind.  Was he going to make me kneel between them while he punched me in the face?  Would I have to go to the office on Monday with a black eye?  That might have been better than what they actually wanted. 
Chrissy said, in a little girl, sing-song voice, “Loser husband baby boy.  I’ve got a job for my zero-zero-nothing.  My pussy is soooo messy, with all that thick salty goo in it.  And it’s starting to run out and will get on the sheets.  Hurry up, peanut dick, and lick up all that slimy cum for me.  Get your wussy tongue busy and clean it allll up.” 
Not believing what I was hearing, I hesitated.  This was something new and repugnant.  But then Rick smacked his fist into his open palm.  He didn’t have to do it a second time.  I got my face between my spouse’s plump thighs and lapped at her overflowing slit, getting a taste of his rich spunk.  I gagged a little but continued slurping, swallowing every drop.  My stomach churned and my throat constricted.  I shed fresh tears.  But after about five minutes I thought I had it all, even some which had run down into the crack of her well padded ass. 
That was when she began to purr.  Without stopping, I turned my eyes up and saw her chest begin to rise and fall faster.  Those magnificent breasts that I wasn’t even allowed to touch were becoming flushed a deeper pink.  All my tongue action — along with my new disgrace at having to eat another man’s ejaculate — had her aroused again.  Rick began to kiss her and paw her tits.  He sucked her nipples.  Anything to keep her pleasure mounting, so that she would want me not to stop.  I maintained a steady rhythm, alternating vertical licking with special attention paid to her clitoris, which I sucked gently.  She writhed and clamped her thighs against the sides of my head.  I was finally able to get excited myself, even though the scenario was disturbing in so many ways.  But with no other outlet, my sexual energies were focusing on any sort of contact I was allowed with her desirable body.  I ate her well used pussy until she had a shuddering orgasm.  When she came down from it she thanked Rick for the extra pleasure she had received, not me. 
He told her, “We should make that a regular thing, baby.  You know, feeding your pussy-face husband dessert every time after we have sex.  Sushi with cream sauce.  Pretty soon it’ll be his favorite dish.”
"Really," she said, still breathing a bit deeply.  "I like that, lover.  And he’ll be doing it so often that it really might become something he looks forward to.  After all, it’s the closest he’s ever going to get to having sex with me, his own wife."
They laughed at that and then got drowsy.  As she was drifting off, Chrissy turned onto her side and told me to get my face in her ass, so I could eat that, TOO.
It sickened me but I obeyed.  She drifted into sleep.  Because I hadn’t been given permission to stop, and didn’t want to risk the wrath of Rick, I kept it up for the next two hours, until she eventually woke up.  Rick finished sleeping a few minutes later and she told him that I still had my face buried in her ass crack and was still munching her butt.  He asked her if I had my tongue inside and she said cheerily that I certainly did.
He responded, “That’s good.  Otherwise I’d have to bang him around some more.”
"Aw," she said, sounding disappointed.  "So he’s safe for now?"
"Not really.  I can always make up and excuse to use him for my personal punching bag.  To whip his sissy ass.  If nothing else comes up tonight, I’ll do it in the morning.  That way he can think about it all evening and then when he’s trying to go to sleep."
"And first thing when he wakes up.  Especially because I don’t want him rinsing his mouth or anything.  He can taste me — and YOU — all night long.  Tomorrow we can have Sunday morning coffee and then you can slap his face real hard about a dozen times… for starters."
He nodded.  “Good.  And I was thinking of shoving him out the bedroom window naked, so he can hide his pathetic self in the bushes while we have our morning fuck.  He’ll be able to hear us and imagine what he’s missing.”
"And then he’ll have to scurry back inside, Rick."

"You’ll let him back in the house, Chrissy?"
"For sure.  I don’t want him to miss his next feeding of your good healthy cream.  Who knows?  If he eats enough of it, maybe his baby dick will grow another inch.  But I doubt it."
All I could do was listen to their cruel conversation and worry about what would come next.  It was all so unfair.  They were making my life an endless bad dream.  And the possibility that I would start responding to their mistreatment as if it was sex play, that was horribly upsetting.  I pictured myself the next morning, under the window, nude and cowering, the branches of the bushes jabbing into my tender skin while I listened to my wife and her lover have first class sex.  Would that make my little prick twitch?  Maybe even rise to its full, unimpressive length?  I was nothing.  Rick was more than a boyfriend.  He was a stallion.  A bull.  Yeah, a bull AND a boyfriend.  I guess she could call him her ‘bullfriend’.  And I’d just keep on calling him ‘Sir’.

The Call

The excitement if calling your girlfriend first thing in the morning to say hi and hear her totally out of breath. You ask her what she’s doing and she says she’s out for a power walk. Hmmm did you hear her kind of giggle and was there another voice in the background as she hurriedly rushed you off the phone? Ah the life of an unknowing cuck can be glorious at times!

Jul 7


"But I’m only going to be out of work for two weeks," I told my wife Annie.  "And they’re paying me for my accumulated vacation time.  So I won’t really be…"
"Dear," she cut me off.  "I don’t like the idea of you being idle.  Remember what happened when I was away at my sister’s?  For only two days?"
"Honey, nothing happened.  You know Tess next door is kind of… a nympho.  She thinks every guy wants to jump into bed with her.  All I did was talk to her, and it was a conversation that she started."
"While she was wearing one of her tiny bikinis.  With those mammoth hooters nearly uncovered.  And you didn’t stare?  Not even a little bit?"
"Well, I mean… sort of."
"All right.  So we have two problems.  You’re out of work and you like to ogle busty bimbos."
"Except that… I mean it’s only…"
"This discussion is over.  I’ve already made the arrangements  for a fill-in job, and a representative of the company is coming over soon.  In fact, she should be here in about an hour.  You go and take a shower and put on some clean underwear."
"Why… why do I need to do that?"
"Darling, you never know when someone might get to see what you’re wearing under your slacks.  Right?"
This was getting stranger and stranger, so I just agreed with her, not wanting to get her angry.  I didn’t even know what kind of work I would be doing.  I sighed, a bit theatrically I suppose, and left the room.  Soon I had gotten my shower and, as instructed, put on fresh boxers.  I picked out nice slacks and a sports shirt, dark socks and my favorite loafers. 
Soon the doorbell rang.  My wife had me answer it and I was confronted with a very pretty young lady.  She reminded me of Annie, with her trim figure but somewhat large bust, her sweet face, and pixie haircut.  I hesitated, thrown off balance by how striking she was.  My wife must have gotten right behind me because I suddenly felt her hand on my shoulder.  She gently moved me aside.
"Sorry," Annie apologized.  "But my husband is a bit of a womanizer.  He can’t keep his eyes off you."
"I noticed.  I’m Trish.  We spoke on the phone."
"Yes.  Thanks for coming so soon.  This is the perfect solution for my Richie."
I could only stand there and try to keep up.  It was all moving too fast. 
"The thing is," Annie went on, "you’re my last hope.  If he doesn’t agree to this…"  She gave me a sympathetic look.  "I’m going to have to cut him off from all sex."
What?  I was stunned.  Trish held up a sample case she was carrying and said, “I’m sure the answer to all his problems is in here.  Why don’t we get started?”
I was still taking in the idea of being cut off from sex with my desirable wife.  I’m the kind of guy who needs it several times a week.  If I don’t get it, then it becomes all I can think about.  Granted, once I’m in bed I don’t last too long.  But then two days later, if not sooner, I’m ready to go again.
The women sat on our couch in the living room with the case between them and Trish opened it up.  I started toward a chair but my wife told me I should stand in front of them.  Feeling insecure, I did as she said.  Inside the case was a selection of short tubes, cages and other curious devices.  I didn’t know what to make of them. 
Trish looked up at me and said, “Let’s get one of these on you.”  Her hand drifted back and forth over them before she settled on one.  It was a plastic tube with one end closed by an outwardly curved section, with a small opening in its end.  There was a second piece, a ring of some sort.  I could see that they would fit together but still didn’t understand what they were for.  At the same time I was eyeing those, I couldn’t help staring at her cleavage, which was enticingly displayed by the low cut top she wore.  She gave me a sweet smile and said, “My, you really DO like to gawk at the girls.  Like the two girls in my bra.”  She turned to my wife and said, “He is definitely a candidate for our products.  Having him test them, as a freelancer, will enable you to select the perfect one for him.”
Annie nodded and told her, “Frankly, it will be a relief for me to have him using one of those.”  Then she looked up at me and said, “Drop your pants, darling.  And the shorts.”
I went into mild shock.  What was she saying?  At the same time, however, my fingers went to my belt and opened it.  I unfastened the top of my slacks and lowered the zipper.  Her words about denying me sex kept replaying in my mind.  That would be unthinkable.  I would have to cooperate until this got sorted out, and then everything would be normal again.  I let my pants fall and looked back and forth from one of the women to the other.  They weren’t upset.  This was what they wanted.  Feeling disoriented, I began to lower my shorts.  When they slid down to my ankles to join the pants, both females smiled at me. 
Trish produced a tube of cream and a pair of rubber gloves from the case, offering them to my bride and asking her, “Would you like to do the honors?”
She grinned and said, “Richie would probably prefer that you do it, but I don’t want to get him overheated.”
All at once she was donning the thin gloves, then applying a generous amount of white cream over the fingers of one.  She spread it on my crotch, covering the pubic hair, and also used it on my scrotum and the base of my penis.  I was too nervous to get a complete erection, but did become halfway hard.  That was doubly embarrassing.  It suggested that I wasn’t capable of a full response, but that I lacked self control.  I felt my cheeks getting hot.  The women chatted about Trish’s drive to our home and if she had encountered any problems finding us.  They acted as if I wasn’t present.  After several minutes of them complimenting each other’s outfits and similar girl talk, our visitor glanced at her watch and said it had almost been long enough.  For what?
Annie’s voice was firm when she told me to remove my shoes and get the rest of the way out of my pants and shorts.  Numbly, I obeyed.  Then she ordered me — it wasn’t a request — to go to the kitchen and fetch a freezer pack.  Half naked, I was in no state to stand there and ask questions, so I hurried out and returned with the icy cold plastic box.  I had to stand where I had been before while my wife used a handful of tissues to wipe away all that cream.  To my dismay I saw that my pubic hair had been removed.  She casually tossed the evidence of my manhood into a trash can. 
"Next," Trish told me, "you can press that freezer pack against your disobedient dick."
I looked down at my half-stiff member and did what I had been told to.  At least I was getting to cover myself, however slightly.  In seconds my arousal had faded and my penis shrank to it’s smallest possible dimensions.  That was when Trish brushed my hand aside, took the ring, and slipped it over my flaccid organ and my testicles.  She followed with the tube, which encased my manhood completely.  The two parts fit neatly together, as I had guessed.  But what I hadn’t seen coming was that she took a padlock from the box and put its U through aligned openings in the two parts of the device.  She turned to Annie and asked her if she would like to be the one to lock it.  Before I could react, my cheerful wife reached over and deftly clicked the lock shut. 
In a daze, I stood there, my maleness trapped in that too small tube.  Trish suggested to Annie that she test it.  My wife told me to take two steps back, which I did.  She stood and opened my shirt, then put her hands on my nipples, which have always been very sensitive to touch.  I gasped as a current of sexual electricity ran through me, straight to my genitals.  But instead of being able to get large, my penis strained futilely against the confines of that damned tube.  My balls drew up tight and I felt ready for release, but there was no way to achieve that. 
Annie took my face between her soft hands and kissed me tenderly.  Her fingertips toyed with my ears.  She whispered sensually, “I’m SO glad you agreed to this test, Richie.  I’m sure the next few weeks are going to be very educational for both of us.”  She kissed me again, shoving her tongue into my mouth and using it to add to my stimulation.  I was half crazy from need, and it had only been a minute.  I had to get out of that thing.  I needed to be in the bedroom, with my bride, right away.
My voice trembled as I said, “Please, Annie.  You have to unlock me.”
"I can’t, baby boy."
"Wh… why?"
"Because Trish has the key."
Pleading with my eyes, I begged the other woman, “Please, give her the key.”
"Oh, I will.  I’m going to mail it to her.  After your trial period is over."
A chill ran through me and I asked, in a small voice, “When will that be?”
"Four weeks."
"But I’m starting my new job in two weeks.  Can’t I be unlocked then?"
"No," my wife interjected.  "I agreed to a full month and I’m sure you wouldn’t want me to go back on my word.  Plus, this way you don’t have to worry about me cutting you off from sex."
"Like this," I pointed out, "I can’t have sex."
"No, but I can.  You can do — other things — for me.  And that’ll be part of the test.  Trish and her people want practical information about how a husband reacts when he’s locked, especially if his wife gives him plenty of teasing.  You know, like I was just doing for you."
"I… That’ll have me climbing the walls."
"Don’t worry.  You’ll be burning up that excess energy by pleasing me in bed.  I have so many fun ideas.  You know how I was always asking you to use your mouth on me?  Between my legs?  Because you finish too soon and leave me unsatisfied?  Well, this will give you a chance to learn how to do that.  And to learn other ways to show your new devotion to providing me with pleasure.  We’ll both be able to give Trish’s group the testimonials they’re seeking."
My eyes blinked involuntarily.  I was on the verge of weeping.  My wife hugged me and said consolingly,  “This could be the best thing that’s ever happened to us.  I’m sure you’ll get into the rhythm of it.  In fact, I’m betting that this will make a new man of you.”

I didn’t like the sound of that but what could I do?  They key was somewhere else and we were dependent on Trish to send it to us. 
The company representative got up and said, “Well, I’d better get going.  I’m sure you two have lots to… accomplish.”
Annie saw her to the door and then we were alone, me still in just my opened shirt and my penis out of commission.  She returned and embraced me.  I couldn’t keep myself from whimpering.  It had already been more than 36 hours since we had sex.  I was nearly at my limit then.  How was I supposed to last for another month?  Especially if she kept arousing me?  And did she really expect me to use my mouth on her?  That way?  And what other plans did she have?  Annie took me by the hand and led me toward our bedroom.
Once we got there she told me to get out of my shirt and then undress her.  My fingers trembled as I got her out of her top and then the bra.  Her shapely breasts sprang free and my heart jumped.  I have always been intoxicated by her bust.  She had me touch them, play with her nipples, and then suck them.  That was something I had always enjoyed, but now it just added to my flustered state.  My balls were beginning to throb.   She laughed at me and made me kneel to remove her skirt.  I got rid of that and her panties as well.
My wife turned her back and leaned forward slightly, telling me, “Kiss my ass, Richie.  To show me how dedicated you’re going to be to my needs.” 
I did it and she liked it so much that she had me pressing my lips against both her smooth cheeks for the next several minutes.  At last she allowed me to stop, but it was only so she could lie on her back on the bed and spread her legs invitingly.  Except that she wasn’t inviting me to get into the missionary position and penetrate her.  She was letting me know it was time for my first lesson in… pussy eating.  I got on the bed on my knees and kissed my way up her thighs, trying to delay the inevitable.  I wanted to make one more plea for clemency but could think of no argument that she couldn’t easily squelch.  So I began to kiss her lightly-furred mound and then proceeded to the main act.
She was thrilled and noisily demonstrated just how much she was enjoying herself.  Annie gave me a few instructions, but mostly she cautioned me to slow down, warning that if I rushed her there would be dire consequences.  Hating every second of it, I nevertheless kept it up until she had a quaking orgasm.  I thought it was over but, after half a minute, she demanded that I start again, telling me to be very gentle.  I gave her a second climax and then a third, before she relented and, thoroughly satisfied, permitted me to stop. 
To my surprise, she said I should get into position for regular sex.  It turned out that she simply wanted a session of playing with my very receptive nipples while she told me how much fun it was going to be for her to keep me on this program.  After I had been wildly overstimulated she ceased, but by then I could think of nothing but the release I had been denied.  My bride pointed out that I had been selfish in neglecting her orgasms, and now the tables were turned.  She told me to behave if I didn’t want it to get worse.  Much worse.
I got through those four weeks but by the end I was half out of my mind.  She insisted on having my mouth on her pussy about every other night.  Ironically, it was my former schedule of wanting sex.  There was also more of me kissing her bottom, but it soon went beyond just targeting her buttocks.  She called it ‘ass worship’ and it became her favorite form of foreplay.  I started my new job and seeing all the female workers around me was sheer torment.  At last the month was up and the key came in the mail.  Instead of using it, however, she put it on a thin gold chain around her neck, where I could see it every time I looked at her tempting cleavage.  Annie insisted that she had to wait until Trish stopped to see us, which wouldn’t be for another week.  I started to object but realized at once that I could only make my situation worse.  So I swallowed what was left of my pride and agreed to cooperate.  She rewarded me with extra teasing that evening, which left me with terribly sore balls.
Finally Trish arrived, Friday night after dinner.  The two of them sat and chatted as if nothing odd was going on.  Then the company representative wanted to inspect me.  As shameful as that was, I readily accepted it, eager to gain my freedom.  I got out of my slacks and undershorts.  They discussed my condition and Trish listened with interest.  She said she was extremely glad Annie had volunteered me.  I spoke up, though my voice was choked.  Hadn’t this been to earn us some money?  They both giggled and pointed out that my wife had simply wanted to keep me active… and out of ‘girl trouble’. 
That was when Trish said that, as well as I had responded, she would love to keep me on the program indefinitely.  I nearly fainted as my wife quickly agreed.  When I made a protest and demanded the key, Annie said it wouldn’t help, as it was just a dummy, not the one that would fit my lock.  I was crushed.  Trish suggested that I at least get some relief, since my next period of lock-up needed to be six weeks, and I would be in an even less comfortable device.  She produced the real key and, my spirit broken, I stood there while she freed me.  Then she said that, to maintain the proper continuity in my program, I would have to satisfy myself.  I started to tell them that I would do it in the bathroom but she rejected that idea. 
If I wanted to ejaculate — and I was beyond desperate to accomplish that — I had to masturbate in front of them, into the palm of my hand.  Trish acted very serious when she said she needed to observe all the details, like how long it took me and how much I produced.  Feeling absolutely disgraced, I still couldn’t say no.  So I stood there, naked from the waist down, and began to manipulate myself.  With both of them watching me, however, I couldn’t get completely into the mood.  It was so frustrating.  My humiliation grew as I had to reach up under my T-shirt and finger my nipples.  That pushed me toward the edge.  While they watched avidly I was able to shoot, launching hot cum into my hand.  As soon as my need had been met, I was seized by fresh shame and even guilt.  They handed me tissues and I cleaned up as best as I could.
Then, while I was still limp, Trish gave me a bottle of liquid to complete removing the mess from my crotch and hand.  After that was done she produced my new chastity device.  This one had an extreme downward curve in it that would make attempted erections even more uncomfortable.  I sniffled as I put it on myself and my bride locked it.  Then they had me model it for them while they barely suppressed laughter. 
In the weeks that followed, my wife made sure I understood how precarious my situation was.  It was her decision how long this would go on.  She amused herself by speculating out loud what six months or a year of chastity would do to me.  I was already feeling different, so those possibilities were genuinely frightening.  My entire sex life revolved around devoting myself to my wife’s body and her orgasms.  I had become obsessed with my oral duties, hating them but looking forward to them.  Being teased became less of a torture and more of a reward.  And I always anticipated the next of my jerk-off sessions, as she required me to call them.  The second of those she ruined by stopping me just as I began to finish, so that I had a spoiled ejaculation, dribbling cum into my waiting hand. 
The chastity after that was even worse than the bent tube.  It was lined with short sharp points that hurt me every time I got excited.  Annie never tired of flaunting her body and touching me, whispering lewd suggestions, and doing anything else that would cause me to try to erect and thus cause myself pain.  That one was for eight weeks.  The next chastity after that featured a wide mesh that, while it still contained my penis, allowed for it to press out between the strips, so that she could touch it and let me half feel what I couldn’t have all the way.  Ten weeks.
It has been nine months now.  I was denied the most recent of my jerk-off sessions over some unfair pretext.  It feels like I’m utterly under her control, which is pretty much the truth.  Disempowered.  While I’m serving her in bed she talks about making my chastity permanent, keeping me celibate and well teased endlessly, just because it’s so gratifying for her.  And entertaining.  That, of course, forces me to be even more dedicated to her, in the increasingly slim hope that I can prevent that terrible future.  Imagine being kept in chastity by your sexy wife, having to be a bedroom slave to her, and being teased constantly because it amuses her and makes you still more anxious to honor and obey.   Picture yourself living my life.  How would YOU feel about it?
Jul 3

Happy 4th of July

Here’s wishing all the cuckolds, Bulls and cuckoldress’s a happy 4th of July! Imagine all the fun cuckolding possibilities the Fourth has to offer. First of all, it’s call Independence Day..how apropos if you’re locked in chastity and don’t get freedom or independence but a black man has all the freedom and independence he wants to be with your wife!

Next imagine the possibilities…

they go to the parade where you carry their chairs and have to stand in the beating sun while they’re under an umbrella that  you’re holding

they go to a picnic where you dutifully wait on them hand and foot while everyone else snickers and whispers

they play in the pool; her in her almost transparent bikini him in his speedo showing the outline of that massive cock while you sit on a lawn chair

they flirt, drink, get drunk and several people see them brazenly making out inside the house where the party is

late that night they go to watch the fireworks, you spread a blanket under the stars open wine, serving them the whole time, perhaps cleaning her pussy and sucking his cock not seeing any of the fireworks but creating some of your own!!

A great new story…by Throne.

My husband Tommy is a small guy with a soft body and, what’s worse, a tiny dick.  Yeah, I knew what I was doing when I married him.  He has a nice income and would always be home in the evenings.  But he was also boring.  So I guess people wondered what he was doing with a cute girl like me.  I’m short and nicely built, with tits that are kind of big for my figure, and an ass that guys always drool over.  Plus, I have a sweet face with large innocent eyes and a full pouty mouth.  But my family had been really conservative when I was growing up, so I never had many dates and didn’t go all the way with any guys.  Sex with Tommy was unsatisfying because of his four inch, skinny erections.  I tried to get him to go down on me, because I’d heard other girls rave about how good that could feel, but he thought oral sex was sickening.  I mean, he looked sick when I even hinted at it.
So our marriage was pretty bland and our sex life was just about nonexistent.  I was what is called ‘pre-orgasmic’, which means I had never had my first climax.  It might have all stayed that way except for something that happened by chance.  Or maybe it was Fate.  Either way, I’m damned glad it occurred.  Tommy was at the computer and I came into the room.  There was no chance that I would catch him looking at porn because he thought it was disgusting.  In fact, when we were in bed and it was time for our weekly sex, the only things that interested him were playing with my sexy round boobs, sucking on my nipples, and then sticking his baby dick inside me and shooting off in less than a minute. 
I glanced at the computer screen and saw that he was on that popular social media site, Friend-book.  I have an account there, too, so I visited his page sometimes, which was as unexciting as the rest of his life.  What I noticed, however, was a friend request from some guy I didn’t recognize.  He had dark hair and eyes, a square jaw covered in stubble, and broad shoulders.  That was all I could see from the postage-stamp sized picture, but it interested me.  His name was Steve Banks and he had sent my husband a request to be friends on-line.  I asked Tommy if he was going to accept and he said he wasn’t.  I asked why.
Tommy mumbled something about Steve being annoying and causing trouble when they were in school together.  I was going to press for him to accept the invitation anyway, but then I had another thought.  I changed the subject and after a few minutes left the room.  But I didn’t forget that name.  That evening, when I was checking my e-mail, I went to Friend-book, entered Steve’s name and found his page.  He seemed like a fun person, with messages from buddies about sports and partying.  So I sent a friend request to HIM.  My profile picture was kind of cute and I was wearing a low-cut top in it, so there was a hint of my generous bust and impressive (if I say so myself) cleavage. 
The next day I got a message that he had accepted.  I went to his page and introduced myself, saying that I was married to his former classmate.  Before long we had exchanged addresses and were sending messages back and forth.  I began to get a bit flirty and he made a few suggestive remarks.  I sent him a couple photos of me in casual clothes, and then a selfie of me in panties and a bra.  There were a few more exchanges, some of which could have been called sexting, before we came up with a plan for getting together. 
That Friday night I was sitting around the house in a short slip, covered only by an equally brief robe with short sleeves.  I had gotten some new slippers with two inch heels and Tommy had glanced at them critically but not said anything.  My long chestnut hair was up in a loose bun and I had on a touch more make-up than usual.  At eight o’clock there was a firm knock on our front door.  My husband looked up over the magazine he was reading, his brow furrowed with concern.  He said something about not knowing who it could be.  I was already up so I strode casually toward the door. 
Tommy said, “Lydia, you’re not properly dressed to…”
I called back, “It’s all right dear.  I’m covered up enough.”
Before he could say anything else I had opened the door and asked Steve if I could help him.  He gave me a wink that my spouse couldn’t see and introduced himself as an old friend of Tommy’s who had been in the area and just wanted to stop and say hello.  Tommy was on his feet and moving toward us when I opened the door the rest of the way and invited Steve inside.  He was even taller than I had assumed and had a subtle scent of maleness and aftershave.  Tommy looked extremely uncomfortable as he stood there in his pajamas and socks.  Steve went straight to him and offered his hand.  My husband accepted it reluctantly and Steve applied enough pressure to make him wince.  Then I invited our guest to sit.
I put myself close to him on the couch and offered him a beverage.  Or perhaps a mixed drink?  He said that would be fine and I told Tommy to get it for him.  And the same for me.  When my spouse returned with two drinks, Steve was telling me about their days in school.  Tommy’s jaw dropped when he heard himself being cheerfully described as a wimp and loser.  He numbly handed over our glasses as Steve went on to say how he had never allowed him to get close to any of the girls he was attracted by.
"Not that he could have gotten far with them anyway," the jovial visitor explained.  "In the locker room I always made fun of his little baby dick.  It was me who gave him his nickname."
Tommy looked sick.  I asked Steve what that nickname had been.  He said it was Peanut, because that’s what his penis resembled.
He laughed and added, “I don’t imagine it’s gotten any bigger since then.”
My husband looked at me, horrified that I might agree.  I took an unhurried sip of my drink and said, “That’s certainly true.”
Tommy got to his feet, obviously stressed to his limit.  He blustered, “You can’t come into my home and say things like that.”
Steve grinned.  “Well, it IS true.  Your own wife said so.”
"B… but…"  He scowled, which looked less threatening than comical.  "I won’t have it."
"Hey!" I snapped.  "This is MY home, too.  Now you apologize to our guest."
"I… I won’t."
Steve got up and shook his head.  “Damn it, Peanut.  You made me get rough with you all those times in school and now you’re doing it again.  I guess you just never learned.”  He looked at me and said, “Sorry, Lydia.”
I shrugged.  “You two can work this out between yourselves, I’m sure.”
Tommy turned to me with growing desperation.  He said shakily, “Tell him he can’t…   Make him…”
I said, “Now you’re embarrassing me… Peanut.  If you’re going to defend YOUR home, go ahead and do it.  Otherwise, maybe you should leave the room and let the two of us have a chat.  I’m fascinated by your history.  By all these things you never bothered to tell me.  Keeping secrets from your wife is the same as lying to her.”
My husband called me a bitch, something he had never done or even come close to doing before.  Steve strode over to him and slapped him hard across the face.  While Tommy stood there in shock, Steve yanked down his bathrobe so that it trapped his arms at his sides.  Then he grabbed his nose with thumb and forefinger and gave it a vicious tweak.  Tommy yowled and struggled to free his arms.  Steve caught him by the ear and led him around the room, making him stumble and look foolish.  I watched avidly, feeling myself get moist between my legs.  This was a huge turn-on.  Then Steve began tugging at my spouse’s clothes, getting him out of his robe and pajama top, leaving him standing there looking unfit and helpless.  Steve tripped him and grabbed his slippers, tossing them aside.  He took hold of the bottoms of Tommy’s pajama legs and yanked, pulling them halfway down his legs.  Tommy squealed like a girl.  Steve finished removing his pajama bottoms and reached for his shorts.
"Come on, Peanut.  Let’s all get a look at your peanut."
"No," Tommy begged.  "Please."
"Well, if you’d rather I just smack you around.  Hard."
Tommy’s hands went up protectively.  “Don’t.  You’ll hurt me.”
"That would be the idea.  Unless you want to take those shorts off by yourself."
Once more my husband looked to me for help, which I had no intention of giving.  I just sneered at him for being so weak.  He hooked his fingers under the waistband of his shorts and began to lower them, looking like he was about to cry.  Off they came, revealing his notoriously small member and his chubby bottom.  We both laughed at his shortcomings.  He got onto his knees and pleaded with his eyes to be let alone.  But Steve had no intention of allowing matters to end there.  He turned to me and said, “Strip, Lydia.  Let’s see how Peanut looks when he’s wearing something more appropriate for a wimp sissy like him.”
I laughed and slipped out of my robe.  Then removed the slip and tossed it to my cowering husband.  Tommy hugged it to his undeveloped chest and did nothing.  Steve kicked him in the thigh and snapped at him to put it on.  He reluctantly slipped it over his head and worked it down.  Then Steve told me to give Tommy my panties.  I made a little show out of getting them off, wriggling my bottom to torment Tommy and stimulate Steve.  Then I went to my husband and rubbed them in his face.  After I backed away he rolled onto his back and put his feet through the leg holes, squirming into them.
I looked down at him and said, “I can’t believe what a loser you are.  Your old friend comes to our home, trying to get back together with you, and you pick a fight with him.  Then you back down and start sniveling.  You let him put you into my lingerie and don’t stand up for your rights when he has me get naked in front of him.  Maybe I should just award myself to him, like a prize.”
Before Tommy had a chance to consider my proposal, I took several steps and got right in front of Steve.  I was so hot for him by then.  My arms went around his muscular torso and I pressed my naked bust against his shirtfront, saying, “Maybe you should get out of your clothes, too, and collect your prize.”  I glanced at Tommy and said, “Unless YOU’RE going to try to stop him.  Are you, Peanut?  Are you going to prevent him from giving your loving wife a long deep kiss?  Hmmm?”
Tommy’s nose was bright red from being tweaked.  He was struggling not to weep.  His mouth opened and shut but no words came out.  I shook my head and acted disgusted.  He clasped his hands in front of him in supplication.  I began unbuttoning Steve’s shirt and told my spouse it was his last chance to act.  I imagine that memories of everything Steve had done to him back in school were running through his mind.  I pressed my lips to Steve’s hairy chest.  My hand went into his shirt so I could toy with his nipples.  It was quite a change to be touching a man with firm pectorals.  I finished unbuttoning him and licked his chest, at the same time rubbing his crotch and being thrilled to feel the huge bulge down there.  There was no way I was going to turn back. 
He made Tommy get onto his feet, then used one big hand to slam him back against the wall.  He brought his knee up as if he was going to smash it into his crotch, but stopped at the last possible instant.  Tommy squeaked and stood there trembling. 
Steve told him, “Okay, Peanut.  You pushed me into this.  I’m going to have to take yet another girl away from you.  Except that this time it’s going to be your wife.  Or do you want to fight me?  I can already feel my fist sinking into your fat belly.  How about it, Peanut?”
Tommy blubbered, “N… no, Steve.  Leave me alone.”
"If I leave you alone, it’ll be because I’m busy fucking Lydia.  That’s how it works."  He banged Tommy’s head against the wall.  "Right?"
"Y… yes.  Yes, Sir."
"So be it."  To me he said, "Let’s head for the bedroom, pretty girl.  You are so much more than Peanut deserves.  In fact, after this you should take away all of his conjugal rights.  No more sex for Peanut.  But he can eat your pussy all you want."
"Oh, he doesn’t do that."
"No?  What a jerk.  Well, I’ll fix that.  He can get his mouth down there right now, to get you nice and wet for my cock.  Sound good?"
"Sounds perfect.  And I’ll have to be nice and moist, because I’m certainly not used to having anything as super-sized as what I felt between your legs.  I can’t wait to get a look at it."
He told Tommy, “Hey Peanut.  Open my pants and take my cock out, so your beautiful wife can see what she’s getting into.  Or what’s getting into her.”
Tommy blanched but shuffled over to Steve on his knees, looking ridiculous in my short slip and panties.  With shaking hands he did as he was told.  Once he had the pants opened and fly down, he had to reach into the big man’s shorts and carefully take hold of his tool.  Steve warned him not to play with it, which made Tommy blush furiously.  My husband’s eyes went wide when he saw that Steve had six thick inches while he was still soft.  I went to them and gave that impressive length a few strokes with my small hand, making it grow nearly half again as long. 
I asked, “Steve, baby, is it okay if I rub your beautiful cock against Peanut’s stupid face?”
Steve laughed and said it was.  I put one hand on the back of my husband’s head and kept the other on that gorgeous piece of meat, bringing them together and rolling the hard rod all over Tommy’s features.  I held his hair, pulled his head back a few inches, and ran the head of Steve’s organ, which was leaking plenty of clear fluid, over his writhing lips.  Still holding Tommy’s hair, I gave Steve a lingering kiss, at the same time massaging his heavy balls.  Then we proceeded the short distance to the bedroom, with me towing my husband along, making him struggle to keep up.  Once we got there the two of us undressed each other while Tommy knelt and watched powerlessly.  Steve paid special attention to my bust which, I could tell when I glanced back, was driving Tommy crazy.  That was what HE liked to do.  I encouraged Steve to get his mouth on them.  I ordered Tommy to turn down the covers and fluff up the pillows.  Moments later Steve and I were side by side atop the sheets.
After lots more foreplay, Steve snapped his fingers and barked, “Peanut, get up here and lick my girl’s pussy.  I want it good and ready for me to stuff full of cock.  And I’m sure that’s what you want, too.  You don’t want her to ever have to be disappointed by that nothing sticking out below your saggy tummy, do you?  You’re GLAD we revoked your sexual privileges, aren’t you?”
His voice quivering, Tommy said, “Yes, Sir.”  He even added, “Thank you, Sir.” 
Tommy pointed out, “That’s something I taught him back in school.  To thank me for saving girls from his peanut dick.  Or to thank other guys who I switched them over to dating.  In fact, I don’t think he ever got laid.  Hey, Peanut, is that true?  Were you still a virgin when you got married to Lydia?”
My husband whimpered, “Yes, Sir.  I was a virgin, Sir.”
I gasped and said, “I suppose that’s why, along with having a shrimp dick and finishing practically before he started, he also had no technique.  Where as you, Steve, have fantastic technique.”
"And now your chump of a husband is going to learn some techniques… for eating your pussy."  To Tommy he said, "Get that mouth busy, boy.  You can finally make your wife have some fun in bed."
Tommy got his face directly in front of my crotch.  I made sure my legs were far apart, knowing that he wouldn’t like the sight of a split beaver.  Or the scent.  And definitely not the feel and taste.  But after Steve gave his panty clad rump a hard swat, Tommy licked and probed and even sucked my clit, with a few helpful tips from both of us.  He was soon playing the pink harmonica like a seasoned veteran.  It felt incredible.  I knew I was going to have him doing that all the time.  While he lapped up and swallowed my plentiful juices, Steve fingered my nipples and kissed me ardently.  I kissed him right back and told him how wonderful he was.  I confessed that I had never — ever — experienced an orgasm.  He said that was terrible and told me to remind him later to beat the crap out of Peanut.  Just hearing him say that got me even more excited.  It was so liberating.  Tommy sniffled as he worked his tongue.  I was in payback heaven.
Then Steve shoved my husband off the bed and got into position between my eagerly parted legs.  He set the head of his enviable organ against my open pussy lips and began slipping into my very wet passage.  I moaned and twisted under him, pushing my hips up urgently, wanting more.  He accommodated me effortlessly, setting a steady rhythm that had me purring and telling him I loved him.  He repeated our decision to never let Tommy penetrate me again.  I heard my spouse who was on the floor alongside us babbling pathetically.  That drove me to ever greater heights of ecstasy.  Steve pumped me for the next half hour.  After Tommy’s feeble efforts I wouldn’t have believed that intercourse could be so rewarding.  But it was.  My newfound lover varied his pace, keeping me on the brink of an explosion.  At last, with me begging him for completion, he grinned and accelerated his pace, sending me into the stratosphere of gratification, making me feel sensations I had never known before, addicting me to his lovemaking and assuring that I would never lose my resolve to deny my husband what Steve was enjoying.
As I was launched into total pleasure, Steve let himself go and blasted again and again inside me.  I couldn’t believe how much more spunk he produced that Tommy ever had.  At last we both descended from the heights and he rolled off me.  That’s when I got the final surprise of the evening.  Steve snarled at Tommy to get back into position and resume servicing my slit.  I saw in an instant what he intended, which was for my spouse to have to consume all the warm cream that had just been deposited there. 
Tommy hesitated, but only until Steve said, “Don’t make me get out of this bed.  I’ll spank your ass right in front of your wife, then I’ll slap your face until you can’t see straight, and THEN you’ll have to do it anyway.  What’s it going to be, Peanut?”
The broken cuckold groaned but did what was required.  As his tongue touched me I almost climaxed again, it was so thrilling to have him put in his place that way.  Steve nibbled on my neck and ears, whispering to me about how I could have my pussy pampered by Peanut any time I pleased.  He said I would be welcome to his overgrown cock on a regular basis, as well.  Before long I felt myself climbing to the second orgasm of my life.  It hit me hard and I jerked several times, getting loud as well, before it was over.  Tommy slowed down but didn’t stop.  I imagine he was too frightened to halt without permission.  Eventually Steve planted a foot on his shoulder and shoved him hard, sending him onto the floor in an ungainly heap.  Tommy lay there in my lingerie while we snuggled and complimented each other, and I thanked my new love over and over. 
Since then I have made sure to have Tommy serve me daily.  Even if I don’t want the full treatment, I make sure he has his mouth on my pubes frequently.  I’ve also started him on doing the same for my ass.  When I wrote to Steve about that on-line, he congratulated me and said that maybe I didn’t need him anymore.  I wrote back immediately, telling him I needed and wanted him and would go crazy if I couldn’t have him.  He showed up the next evening and spent several hours reassuring me that he would stay in my life.  And Peanut’s.
Both of us take special pleasure in reminding my defeated husband of what a weakling he proved himself to be and how he didn’t even stand up for his rights as a husband.  And that those rights are now permanently gone.  And that he is my pussy slave.  And ass slave.  Steve and I have been discussing what else we can do to crush Tommy’s ego and make him into even more of a wussy than he already is.  We’ve had some really nasty ideas.  I can’t wait to try them out.  All of them.

Heat Wave

Thunderstorms rolled through our area forcing me to run around the house and close all the windows so the rain wouldn’t come in and turning the house into an instant inferno with the internal temperature reaching 85 quickly. All except for the bedroom where my wife and her lover lay back on cool, clean sheets with the air conditioning running at full speed. I on the other hand, was relegated to my normal household chores and luckily they allowed me to do them naked. My cuckoldress has recently purchased a device that fastened around my cock and balls that can deliver a shock in varying degrees from one being a slight buzz to five which is akin to being kicked in the balls. Feeling it would be an easy way to summon me if they wanted something, I always had it on around the house. I felt the slight tingle and rushed to the bedroom that I once occupied but which had now become the sole domain of my cuckoldress and her lover, and entered to feel the refreshing cool air on my skin. They lay naked basking in the glow of the television watching a movie. My cuckoldress informed me that she might have left the windows down on her car and I needed to run outside and check to make sure they were up. Before I could ask she told me I needed to stay naked and that no one would notice me naked due to the storm. I immediately ran to the driveway the rain beating down on me feeling like thousands of tiny needles pounding on my skin only to discover the windows were indeed up.

Back inside I toiled in the oppressive heat finishing the dinner dishes, then onto dusting, vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooms. My cock buzzed again and I ran to see what they needed. This time it was a fresh glass of wine for my cuckoldress and a beer for her lover. They also wanted me to prepare some fresh snacks (popcorn for her; nachos and cheese for him) which I immediately ran to get ready. Steadily balancing the tray with the drinks and snacks I climbed the stairs being extra careful not to spill anything when suddenly a jolt hit my crotch as if I was kicked in the balls hard. I stopped and tried not to bend over or spill anything and took several deep breaths and regained my composure and brought them the tray sitting it between them on the bed. Her lover smirked and asked if he had hit that darn remote thing by accident and if it had delivered the most extreme jolt. When I replied that he had, she laughed and pawed him telling him he had to be more careful with that and that’s why men shouldn’t control the remote to anything. I was then dismissed, aching balls and all to go back to the furnace and finish the rest of my chores.

The sweltering heat made everything unbearable as I was dripping sweat and only allowed to drink warm water that my cuckoldress left out for me. If I was really good I might be allowed to put an ice cube in a glass but that sometimes was worse because all MY ice cubes were made with a dose of her lover’s cum in the tray always painstakingly prepared by me under her watchful eye. The storm raged outside and I prayed for the rain to subside so I could open a window and get some air as I wasn’t even afforded the use of a fan. I had to be to up the next day at 6am for work and it was now past one in the morning and I still had more to do. After the bathrooms were clean and the rest of the house was done I had one load of laundry left and swiftly got it out and folded, however when I approached the bedroom to put the clothes away I could hear the familiar sound of them fucking loudly a signal I knew meant that I had to stay outside the door until they were finished.

At two thirty after the last grunt emitted from behind the closed door I heard whispering and laughing and then the familiar tingle on my balls. Entering their room laundry in hand my cuckoldress told me to put the laundry on the dresser that it could wait until tomorrow, draw them a bath and change the sheets while they were bathing. I did as instructed and finally got them dried and back to bed where they snuggled and were dozing off at three o’clock. When I went to drain the bathtub and clean it my cuckoldress told me to leave that to that it could wait till morning that they were tired, when I hear her lover whisper something in her ear and they both burst out laughing. She then told me that I could clean the tub out in the morning only after I had taken my morning bath in their tepid bathwater that had sat all night. I nodded, said my formal response to everything which is “yes dear” and retired to my tiny cot in the junk room.

What got you into it?

Yesterday, a friend asked me what got me into cuckolding. I thought it was a great question as a lot of times we never look at what got us into a certain sexual preference or lifestyle. For me, I have always been submissive. Perhaps it’s because I have a rather small cock, perhaps it’s something that was born inside me, or perhaps it was some traumatic childhood experience that always made serving and pleasing very arousing to me.

I began to also realize that I loved the idea of watching my wife with another man. It was something that turned me on, but unfortunately wasn’t the same turn on for her. The next obvious leap would be watching her and another man while I served. Mind you I didn’t even know at the time that there was a term (cuckolding) for what was turning me on, but I knew that it worked for me and that for whatever reason it became something that I increasingly wanted to experience.

Fast forward to my post-divorce era of my life. I met a wonderful woman and of course there comes that time in every new relationship where you have to discuss sex and what you are into and more importantly not into. I decided to take a leap of faith. I told my girlfriend what I liked, assured her that I wasn’t looking to cheat on her, and gave her a plethora of reading and research material so she could really understand what it was all about.

She is truly an amazing woman who not only took the time to understand cuckolding, but took the time to love and embrace me and what I was about. Although not typically dominant, she understood my submissive side. She understood that she could in many ways have her cake and eat it too if she embraced cuckolding.

It’s not easy for a male to admit to a female that he has submissive tendencies and that he wants to serve and please. But I went out on that limb and I have never looked back. The old line: “To thine own self be true” becomes so relevant in cuckolding. It’s important as you grow older, to know what you like sexually and go after it. Find that one thing that drives you wild and go after it with all the gusto life has to offer! Life is way too short to not follow your sexual dreams, wants, desires and kinks, so go for it!!

The Reception

This past weekend, my girlfriend and I were invited to a wedding of a friend of hers. It was a second marriage for both and a very low key casual backyard affair. The wedding and the reception were several hours away from where we live so I knew no one at the wedding while my girlfriend knew several people. As I said it was a casual affair so I wore jeans and a polo shirt while my girlfriend went with black yoga pants, a low cut top that showed off her cleavage and sandals. On the drive there we talked about the fact that we hadn’t been doing much cuckolding of late and how perhaps the wedding would be a fun place.

After the formalities of the wedding, the reception was in full swing in the backyard and I noticed my girlfriend drinking heavier than usual which was fine with me as she’d had a stressful week at work. Every time I would stand next to her she would take my arm and escort be back to the area of the yard where a group of wives sat talking while their husbands played volleyball. She would then return to a group of men she knew from her friend. I could see the look in her eye of flirtatiousness and I loved it.

The wives kept me busy chatting and at one point I lost sight of my girlfriend. Scanning the backyard I couldn’t find her anywhere, so I went into the house to look for her. The house had two bathrooms one on the first floor and one on the second. The first floor bathroom was unoccupied so I quietly crept to the second floor. I was amazed when I could hear a soft muttering and giggling coming from behind the door. I stood there transfixed as I could distinctly make out my girlfriends voice with another man! I immediately became hard when I realized it was a black guy she had been paying particular attention to earlier. He was from out of state and a friend of a friend so there was no chance we’d ever see him again.

It sounded as if he was fucking her and I could hear her moaning and saying “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum!” and then a load groan. I heard the toilet flush and hurried downstairs. He came down the stairs first and immediately went outside and a few minutes later my girlfriend descended the stairs and engaged me in polite chit chat. It wasn’t until much later in the evening on the ride home that she unzipped my pants, took my cock out and began stroking me slowly and revealing what really had happened in the bathroom. I couldn’t wait to get home and lick her pussy clean!!

What a weekend!

Best cuckoldress hair color?

What color hair makes the best cuckoldress? Black, Blonde, or Redhead?


Terrific story.  The poor husband suffered 24/7, with barely any reward for all his misery.  His wife knew exactly how to manipulate him and keep him under her plump thumb.  The hypnosis was a nice extra touch.   And the photo illustration fit the story perfectly. 

(comment by Throne)

High praise coming from Throne!

Caged cuckold…by cuckytoher

Caged cuckold…by cuckytoher

Randy and Alex stood next to each other dressed only in white Nike Pro Combat Boxer Briefs. They were identical with the exception of their physiques. Randy was tall, six feet two inches tall, tanned, broad shouldered with a rippled six pack abdomen, huge powerful thighs, bulging biceps and a thick crop of black hair. Alex on the other hand was medium height, five feet six, alabaster white skin, chubby at two hundred and forty pounds, with a belly, man boobs, his balding hair shaved close to his head. The other major differences in the two men were their cocks. Randy was five inches soft and eight inches hard and very thick, while Alex was barely an inch soft and strained to make four inches hard.

Amber strolled between the two of them sizing them up. She gently a finger down Randy’s chest. “Hmmmm now what do we have here?” She cooed as she placed her hand on the bulge in his shorts. Amber was Alex’s wife, more to the point his cuckoldress. She was five feet two inches tall with 40DDD breasts, deep brown eyes, long brown hair to her waist, thick thighs and ass. She was what most would call a BBW and she took pride in that. She then rubbed one hand over Randy’s abs and another over Alex’s belly. “Looks like one of you has six pack abs while the other has thirty pack abs!”

Alex stood there feeling humiliated. Amber continued, “Okay rules are the same as always. This will be a cage fight without the cage.” She reached down and gripped Alex’s chastity device through the white underwear, “Oh I’m sorry there will be one cage in the match! And whoever pins the other will have the pleasure of taking me in the bedroom and fucking me senseless! Take your positions and when I say go the match starts.”

Alex cringed, he hated these matches but loved Amber with all his heart and soul. He and Randy took up their places across from each other and Amber shouted “Go!” at which point Randy kicked Alex in the balls forcing him immediately to the floor. Randy then sat on Alex’s chest with his cock straining through the white undies almost in his face. Amber counted to ten and they both high fived. She then took Randy by the hand and led him down the hall to their bedroom.

Alex rolled over on his side holding his sore balls. Once he had been a powerful business executive with a huge house and a lot of money and clout, but then the real estate market tanked and he had lost his job and there were a thousand other guys out there looking for jobs. Amber, knowing his fascination with the cuckolding lifestyle, his addiction to it per his confession one night under deep hypnosis, had obliged him since they married even though he was fifty and she was thirty five. She had pissed through the substantial savings he had built up until they had lost his house and were forced to move into a tiny mobile home where they currently resided. That’s where Amber met Randy, who was a few years younger than Amber. Randy managed the trailer park for his ailing grandfather. Alex was forced to take menial jobs anywhere he could to support them because Amber made it clear she wasn’t going to work, which led him to low paying jobs at Dunkin’ Donuts, Burger King, and delivering pizza for a pizza place in town. Adding to his humiliation was that all the other employees were mostly teenagers and the bosses were always much younger than him and took great pleasure in bossing an old man around. He was given all the demeaning jobs no one wanted, cleaning out the bathrooms, taking out the trash and sweeping up.

All the while Amber lounged at home with Randy always in sight and in the park. He never knew when he came home if he would find her in bed or on the couch naked with Randy between her legs. And then a year ago she had put him in chastity with a CB3000 which she had on a key hanging around her ankle. His release was seldom and when it was it usually meant he had either a) had to complete some demeaning or humiliating act or b) had to cum in some humiliating demeaning way, or c) all of the above.

He uncurled himself from the floor, took a deep breath and went to the kitchen to do the dishes. Then there was laundry to do, his, Amber’s and Randy’s, then dusting. There was always something for Alex to do and while he did it he heard them fucking in the bedroom. Their session went on for over an hour and Alex felt his face blush a few times knowing that the longest he’d ever lasted with Amber was a few minutes. Oftentimes they would allow him to watch, other times to participate, cleaning out Amber’s well fucked pussy and cleaning Randy’s cock. While other times she would dismiss him like a house servant telling him they were to be left alone. These were the worst times. He loved Amber so and wanted to see her beautiful body even if it was while she was being fucked by another man.

It was Friday night and Alex was scheduled to go to his job as a pizza delivery driver so after he finished his chores, he grabbed his keys and left the trailer still hearing Amber’s cries of passion from the bedroom. Sliding behind the wheel of his pink Yugo; a car Amber had insisted he buy so she could keep her new Jaguar when they lost everything, he started the engine drove to work. It was a slamming Friday night and the owner of the pizzeria Tony who had a chip on his shoulders as big as Mount Rushmore and loved to scream and humiliate the delivery drivers. He especially like to take out his frustration on Alex as during the real estate boom Alex had been the one who had sold Tony and his wife a house they really couldn’t afford and that Tony didn’t want. So Tony reveled at taking out his frustrations on Alex any chance he could.

Alex spent the entire night running his ass off in a car with no air conditioning. He raced into the shop grabbed the next order and went out the door, as he drove he looked at the address, it was his house! He sighed deeply and drove to his house and rang the doorbell. “Come in! It’s open!” Amber’s voice boomed from the bedroom. Alex walked down the long hall pizza in hand and when he reached the bedroom, he saw Amber naked spread eagled on the bed, Randy next to her naked, his soft cock laying on his leg, both were engrossed in a program on TV. Amber motioned to the bed between them. “Put it there.” She said, not taking her eyes off the TV. He set the pizza down and said, “Um it’s fifteen dollars.” She laughed, “Well pay for it yourself Dufus! And make sure to give yourself a good tip!” They both laughed and Alex turned to leave when Amber spoke up. “Oh is my poor hubby unhappy?” Alex turned and replied, “No dear, I only want you to be happy.” She laughed and smiling a devilish grin said, “Well what would make me happy is if you’d clean my pussy of all Randy’s cum so there’s room for much more. Would you do that for me dearie?” Alex hung his head, “yes dear anything for you.” She snickered and said, “Well get to work!”

Alex was thirty minutes late getting back to the pizza parlor due to his having to lick Randy’s cum from Amber’s pussy while they ate pizza, watched TV and laughed at him. Tony screamed and yelled at him and told him the next time he was that late, he would fire him. Then he asked in front of all the employees and people eating there, “What did you do get lost? The order was to your own house?” Alex felt himself shriveling up inside his CB3000 and didn’t quite know what to say so he merely skulked away and grabbed his next order.

Arriving home that night, the house was dark and he made his way down the hall to their bedroom and saw Amber sleeping naked, snoring loudly. He slipped into his side of the bed and immediately felt a wetness all over his skin. They had made sure as they did most nights to leave Alex a little reminder of their fucking by leaving him a wet spot to sleep in. He reached out and touched Amber’s beautiful thick thigh and she slapped his hand away and mumbled something about leaving her alone. He drifted off to sleep his little cock twitching in its cage.

Amber not only embraced the cuckolding lifestyle from her end, getting fucked constantly by Randy, but she also embraced the dominant wife role constantly lording her power and dominance over Alex. She had succeeded in hypnotizing successfully after taking some classes. She had put him into a deep trance and given him post hypnotic suggestions triggered by certain words, sounds, or images. She had made a PowerPoint presentation with images of big cocks shooting massive loads of cum and whenever she made Alex watch it he immediately came, even without being touched! Another amusing thing was that she had given him a hypnotic suggestion that whenever she rang a little bell she had, he would immediately begin calling Randy Thor no matter where they were! She had done it a few times in public in restaurants and at a picnic. And another was whenever she uttered a certain key word he would immediately fall to his knees and plead to suck Thor’s cock!

Another way she embraced was by torturing Alex sexually. She would promised him a release date from chastity and then unlock him, make him get on the bed on all fours and she would play with his cock, and prostate milking him while greasing his cock up and teasing him, edging him sometimes for hours at a time. She reveled in the humiliation and power this gave her. Every time he felt he was going to cum, she’d stop and make him take a break and lick her pussy and ass to orgasm, or suck her toes. Then it would be back on all fours and the edging would start again. Finally when she was ready, she’d tell him he could cum and right at the moment of orgasm she would release most of her grip on his tiny cock keeping only her thumb and forefinger barely touching it as he humped wildly, desperately seeking the firm stroke of a hand on his cock that would never come. After he had expelled his load, she would make him lick it all up and then lock him back in the cage.

Alex also knew that there were other post hypnotic suggestions she had given him that he didn’t know about. There were times when they were out or that he was out on his own and he would feel himself space out and when he came back into his own people would look at him strangely. Sometimes Amber would call him on his cell phone and say a word or play a sound and he would go into a trance and have no memory of what he did while he was under.

He loved being a cuckold. It wasn’t a lifestyle to him, it was life. And as long as his BBW wife wanted him under her thumb, he’d be there, the caged cuckold.

Jun 7

It’s a beautiful thing to watch, isn’t it?
Introducing my husband’s mouth to the business end of my Bull’s cock, and making him suck it and swallow the cum, was a major turning point in our relationship. Game changing.
For me, it was a matter of him showing his respect to my Bull by pleasuring and servicing the cock that brought his wife so much pleasure.
And that’s exactly what I told him, as I guided Johnny’s semi-erect cock into his mouth that first time… “take it in your mouth, sweetie, I want you to taste it, I need you to pay your respect to the cock that fucks me so good. I need you to suck it and get it hard for me.”
By that point, he had already transitioned from being my loving husband to being my cuckold. I had introduced him to the strap-on about a year earlier, and was by that time fucking his sweet ass about twice a week, making him my submissive PussyBoy. I had also locked up his penis in chastity to control his orgasms, and prevent him from masturbating.
Making him suck cock for me completed the transition. I thought of him differently after that, but in a good way. I told him at the time, “there’s no shame in sucking cock, sweetie, there’s only shame in doing it badly.”
I think all cuckolds need to experience sucking cock at least three times.
The first time, just so they can experience what it’s like to have a hard throbbing cock in their mouth. To feel it grow and thicken. To experience the musky masculine smell of a man’s cock, and the fleshy salty taste. To feel the texture and the heat of the meat. And to see it up close when it starts to spurt cum all over the place. That first time, he should hold the cock and just watch it ejaculate. No tasting necessary.
The second time he sucks cock will be different than the first time. The first time no doubt had an element of shock and mystery to it. The second time gives him the opportunity to really handle it, stroke it, and suck it like it’s meant to be sucked. To take more than just the head in his mouth. This time, he needs to suck it to completion, and feel what it’s like to suddenly get a mouthful of hot creamy cum. No worries about spilling it. It’s okay if he does. The goal is for him to smell and taste the semen, and swallow what he is able to.
The third time will determine if there will be a fourth and a fifth time, or whether the third blowjob will be his last. It’s a time to observe him closely, and quietly grade his performance. And gently encourage him. It’s also important to praise his performance, regardless of how he’s actually doing. He needs to hear your encouragement and praise. Five minutes into the blowjob you’ll be able to tell if he’s a natural cocksucker, or if he’s too horrified to continue doing it.



It’s a beautiful thing to watch, isn’t it?

Introducing my husband’s mouth to the business end of my Bull’s cock, and making him suck it and swallow the cum, was a major turning point in our relationship. Game changing.

For me, it was a matter of him showing his respect to my Bull by pleasuring and servicing the cock that brought his wife so much pleasure.

And that’s exactly what I told him, as I guided Johnny’s semi-erect cock into his mouth that first time… “take it in your mouth, sweetie, I want you to taste it, I need you to pay your respect to the cock that fucks me so good. I need you to suck it and get it hard for me.”

By that point, he had already transitioned from being my loving husband to being my cuckold. I had introduced him to the strap-on about a year earlier, and was by that time fucking his sweet ass about twice a week, making him my submissive PussyBoy. I had also locked up his penis in chastity to control his orgasms, and prevent him from masturbating.

Making him suck cock for me completed the transition. I thought of him differently after that, but in a good way. I told him at the time, “there’s no shame in sucking cock, sweetie, there’s only shame in doing it badly.”

I think all cuckolds need to experience sucking cock at least three times.

The first time, just so they can experience what it’s like to have a hard throbbing cock in their mouth. To feel it grow and thicken. To experience the musky masculine smell of a man’s cock, and the fleshy salty taste. To feel the texture and the heat of the meat. And to see it up close when it starts to spurt cum all over the place. That first time, he should hold the cock and just watch it ejaculate. No tasting necessary.

The second time he sucks cock will be different than the first time. The first time no doubt had an element of shock and mystery to it. The second time gives him the opportunity to really handle it, stroke it, and suck it like it’s meant to be sucked. To take more than just the head in his mouth. This time, he needs to suck it to completion, and feel what it’s like to suddenly get a mouthful of hot creamy cum. No worries about spilling it. It’s okay if he does. The goal is for him to smell and taste the semen, and swallow what he is able to.

The third time will determine if there will be a fourth and a fifth time, or whether the third blowjob will be his last. It’s a time to observe him closely, and quietly grade his performance. And gently encourage him. It’s also important to praise his performance, regardless of how he’s actually doing. He needs to hear your encouragement and praise. Five minutes into the blowjob you’ll be able to tell if he’s a natural cocksucker, or if he’s too horrified to continue doing it.