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Heat Wave

Thunderstorms rolled through our area forcing me to run around the house and close all the windows so the rain wouldn’t come in and turning the house into an instant inferno with the internal temperature reaching 85 quickly. All except for the bedroom where my wife and her lover lay back on cool, clean sheets with the air conditioning running at full speed. I on the other hand, was relegated to my normal household chores and luckily they allowed me to do them naked. My cuckoldress has recently purchased a device that fastened around my cock and balls that can deliver a shock in varying degrees from one being a slight buzz to five which is akin to being kicked in the balls. Feeling it would be an easy way to summon me if they wanted something, I always had it on around the house. I felt the slight tingle and rushed to the bedroom that I once occupied but which had now become the sole domain of my cuckoldress and her lover, and entered to feel the refreshing cool air on my skin. They lay naked basking in the glow of the television watching a movie. My cuckoldress informed me that she might have left the windows down on her car and I needed to run outside and check to make sure they were up. Before I could ask she told me I needed to stay naked and that no one would notice me naked due to the storm. I immediately ran to the driveway the rain beating down on me feeling like thousands of tiny needles pounding on my skin only to discover the windows were indeed up.

Back inside I toiled in the oppressive heat finishing the dinner dishes, then onto dusting, vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooms. My cock buzzed again and I ran to see what they needed. This time it was a fresh glass of wine for my cuckoldress and a beer for her lover. They also wanted me to prepare some fresh snacks (popcorn for her; nachos and cheese for him) which I immediately ran to get ready. Steadily balancing the tray with the drinks and snacks I climbed the stairs being extra careful not to spill anything when suddenly a jolt hit my crotch as if I was kicked in the balls hard. I stopped and tried not to bend over or spill anything and took several deep breaths and regained my composure and brought them the tray sitting it between them on the bed. Her lover smirked and asked if he had hit that darn remote thing by accident and if it had delivered the most extreme jolt. When I replied that he had, she laughed and pawed him telling him he had to be more careful with that and that’s why men shouldn’t control the remote to anything. I was then dismissed, aching balls and all to go back to the furnace and finish the rest of my chores.

The sweltering heat made everything unbearable as I was dripping sweat and only allowed to drink warm water that my cuckoldress left out for me. If I was really good I might be allowed to put an ice cube in a glass but that sometimes was worse because all MY ice cubes were made with a dose of her lover’s cum in the tray always painstakingly prepared by me under her watchful eye. The storm raged outside and I prayed for the rain to subside so I could open a window and get some air as I wasn’t even afforded the use of a fan. I had to be to up the next day at 6am for work and it was now past one in the morning and I still had more to do. After the bathrooms were clean and the rest of the house was done I had one load of laundry left and swiftly got it out and folded, however when I approached the bedroom to put the clothes away I could hear the familiar sound of them fucking loudly a signal I knew meant that I had to stay outside the door until they were finished.

At two thirty after the last grunt emitted from behind the closed door I heard whispering and laughing and then the familiar tingle on my balls. Entering their room laundry in hand my cuckoldress told me to put the laundry on the dresser that it could wait until tomorrow, draw them a bath and change the sheets while they were bathing. I did as instructed and finally got them dried and back to bed where they snuggled and were dozing off at three o’clock. When I went to drain the bathtub and clean it my cuckoldress told me to leave that to that it could wait till morning that they were tired, when I hear her lover whisper something in her ear and they both burst out laughing. She then told me that I could clean the tub out in the morning only after I had taken my morning bath in their tepid bathwater that had sat all night. I nodded, said my formal response to everything which is “yes dear” and retired to my tiny cot in the junk room.

What got you into it?

Yesterday, a friend asked me what got me into cuckolding. I thought it was a great question as a lot of times we never look at what got us into a certain sexual preference or lifestyle. For me, I have always been submissive. Perhaps it’s because I have a rather small cock, perhaps it’s something that was born inside me, or perhaps it was some traumatic childhood experience that always made serving and pleasing very arousing to me.

I began to also realize that I loved the idea of watching my wife with another man. It was something that turned me on, but unfortunately wasn’t the same turn on for her. The next obvious leap would be watching her and another man while I served. Mind you I didn’t even know at the time that there was a term (cuckolding) for what was turning me on, but I knew that it worked for me and that for whatever reason it became something that I increasingly wanted to experience.

Fast forward to my post-divorce era of my life. I met a wonderful woman and of course there comes that time in every new relationship where you have to discuss sex and what you are into and more importantly not into. I decided to take a leap of faith. I told my girlfriend what I liked, assured her that I wasn’t looking to cheat on her, and gave her a plethora of reading and research material so she could really understand what it was all about.

She is truly an amazing woman who not only took the time to understand cuckolding, but took the time to love and embrace me and what I was about. Although not typically dominant, she understood my submissive side. She understood that she could in many ways have her cake and eat it too if she embraced cuckolding.

It’s not easy for a male to admit to a female that he has submissive tendencies and that he wants to serve and please. But I went out on that limb and I have never looked back. The old line: “To thine own self be true” becomes so relevant in cuckolding. It’s important as you grow older, to know what you like sexually and go after it. Find that one thing that drives you wild and go after it with all the gusto life has to offer! Life is way too short to not follow your sexual dreams, wants, desires and kinks, so go for it!!

The Reception

This past weekend, my girlfriend and I were invited to a wedding of a friend of hers. It was a second marriage for both and a very low key casual backyard affair. The wedding and the reception were several hours away from where we live so I knew no one at the wedding while my girlfriend knew several people. As I said it was a casual affair so I wore jeans and a polo shirt while my girlfriend went with black yoga pants, a low cut top that showed off her cleavage and sandals. On the drive there we talked about the fact that we hadn’t been doing much cuckolding of late and how perhaps the wedding would be a fun place.

After the formalities of the wedding, the reception was in full swing in the backyard and I noticed my girlfriend drinking heavier than usual which was fine with me as she’d had a stressful week at work. Every time I would stand next to her she would take my arm and escort be back to the area of the yard where a group of wives sat talking while their husbands played volleyball. She would then return to a group of men she knew from her friend. I could see the look in her eye of flirtatiousness and I loved it.

The wives kept me busy chatting and at one point I lost sight of my girlfriend. Scanning the backyard I couldn’t find her anywhere, so I went into the house to look for her. The house had two bathrooms one on the first floor and one on the second. The first floor bathroom was unoccupied so I quietly crept to the second floor. I was amazed when I could hear a soft muttering and giggling coming from behind the door. I stood there transfixed as I could distinctly make out my girlfriends voice with another man! I immediately became hard when I realized it was a black guy she had been paying particular attention to earlier. He was from out of state and a friend of a friend so there was no chance we’d ever see him again.

It sounded as if he was fucking her and I could hear her moaning and saying “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum!” and then a load groan. I heard the toilet flush and hurried downstairs. He came down the stairs first and immediately went outside and a few minutes later my girlfriend descended the stairs and engaged me in polite chit chat. It wasn’t until much later in the evening on the ride home that she unzipped my pants, took my cock out and began stroking me slowly and revealing what really had happened in the bathroom. I couldn’t wait to get home and lick her pussy clean!!

What a weekend!

Best cuckoldress hair color?

What color hair makes the best cuckoldress? Black, Blonde, or Redhead?


Terrific story.  The poor husband suffered 24/7, with barely any reward for all his misery.  His wife knew exactly how to manipulate him and keep him under her plump thumb.  The hypnosis was a nice extra touch.   And the photo illustration fit the story perfectly. 

(comment by Throne)

High praise coming from Throne!

Caged cuckold…by cuckytoher

Caged cuckold…by cuckytoher

Randy and Alex stood next to each other dressed only in white Nike Pro Combat Boxer Briefs. They were identical with the exception of their physiques. Randy was tall, six feet two inches tall, tanned, broad shouldered with a rippled six pack abdomen, huge powerful thighs, bulging biceps and a thick crop of black hair. Alex on the other hand was medium height, five feet six, alabaster white skin, chubby at two hundred and forty pounds, with a belly, man boobs, his balding hair shaved close to his head. The other major differences in the two men were their cocks. Randy was five inches soft and eight inches hard and very thick, while Alex was barely an inch soft and strained to make four inches hard.

Amber strolled between the two of them sizing them up. She gently a finger down Randy’s chest. “Hmmmm now what do we have here?” She cooed as she placed her hand on the bulge in his shorts. Amber was Alex’s wife, more to the point his cuckoldress. She was five feet two inches tall with 40DDD breasts, deep brown eyes, long brown hair to her waist, thick thighs and ass. She was what most would call a BBW and she took pride in that. She then rubbed one hand over Randy’s abs and another over Alex’s belly. “Looks like one of you has six pack abs while the other has thirty pack abs!”

Alex stood there feeling humiliated. Amber continued, “Okay rules are the same as always. This will be a cage fight without the cage.” She reached down and gripped Alex’s chastity device through the white underwear, “Oh I’m sorry there will be one cage in the match! And whoever pins the other will have the pleasure of taking me in the bedroom and fucking me senseless! Take your positions and when I say go the match starts.”

Alex cringed, he hated these matches but loved Amber with all his heart and soul. He and Randy took up their places across from each other and Amber shouted “Go!” at which point Randy kicked Alex in the balls forcing him immediately to the floor. Randy then sat on Alex’s chest with his cock straining through the white undies almost in his face. Amber counted to ten and they both high fived. She then took Randy by the hand and led him down the hall to their bedroom.

Alex rolled over on his side holding his sore balls. Once he had been a powerful business executive with a huge house and a lot of money and clout, but then the real estate market tanked and he had lost his job and there were a thousand other guys out there looking for jobs. Amber, knowing his fascination with the cuckolding lifestyle, his addiction to it per his confession one night under deep hypnosis, had obliged him since they married even though he was fifty and she was thirty five. She had pissed through the substantial savings he had built up until they had lost his house and were forced to move into a tiny mobile home where they currently resided. That’s where Amber met Randy, who was a few years younger than Amber. Randy managed the trailer park for his ailing grandfather. Alex was forced to take menial jobs anywhere he could to support them because Amber made it clear she wasn’t going to work, which led him to low paying jobs at Dunkin’ Donuts, Burger King, and delivering pizza for a pizza place in town. Adding to his humiliation was that all the other employees were mostly teenagers and the bosses were always much younger than him and took great pleasure in bossing an old man around. He was given all the demeaning jobs no one wanted, cleaning out the bathrooms, taking out the trash and sweeping up.

All the while Amber lounged at home with Randy always in sight and in the park. He never knew when he came home if he would find her in bed or on the couch naked with Randy between her legs. And then a year ago she had put him in chastity with a CB3000 which she had on a key hanging around her ankle. His release was seldom and when it was it usually meant he had either a) had to complete some demeaning or humiliating act or b) had to cum in some humiliating demeaning way, or c) all of the above.

He uncurled himself from the floor, took a deep breath and went to the kitchen to do the dishes. Then there was laundry to do, his, Amber’s and Randy’s, then dusting. There was always something for Alex to do and while he did it he heard them fucking in the bedroom. Their session went on for over an hour and Alex felt his face blush a few times knowing that the longest he’d ever lasted with Amber was a few minutes. Oftentimes they would allow him to watch, other times to participate, cleaning out Amber’s well fucked pussy and cleaning Randy’s cock. While other times she would dismiss him like a house servant telling him they were to be left alone. These were the worst times. He loved Amber so and wanted to see her beautiful body even if it was while she was being fucked by another man.

It was Friday night and Alex was scheduled to go to his job as a pizza delivery driver so after he finished his chores, he grabbed his keys and left the trailer still hearing Amber’s cries of passion from the bedroom. Sliding behind the wheel of his pink Yugo; a car Amber had insisted he buy so she could keep her new Jaguar when they lost everything, he started the engine drove to work. It was a slamming Friday night and the owner of the pizzeria Tony who had a chip on his shoulders as big as Mount Rushmore and loved to scream and humiliate the delivery drivers. He especially like to take out his frustration on Alex as during the real estate boom Alex had been the one who had sold Tony and his wife a house they really couldn’t afford and that Tony didn’t want. So Tony reveled at taking out his frustrations on Alex any chance he could.

Alex spent the entire night running his ass off in a car with no air conditioning. He raced into the shop grabbed the next order and went out the door, as he drove he looked at the address, it was his house! He sighed deeply and drove to his house and rang the doorbell. “Come in! It’s open!” Amber’s voice boomed from the bedroom. Alex walked down the long hall pizza in hand and when he reached the bedroom, he saw Amber naked spread eagled on the bed, Randy next to her naked, his soft cock laying on his leg, both were engrossed in a program on TV. Amber motioned to the bed between them. “Put it there.” She said, not taking her eyes off the TV. He set the pizza down and said, “Um it’s fifteen dollars.” She laughed, “Well pay for it yourself Dufus! And make sure to give yourself a good tip!” They both laughed and Alex turned to leave when Amber spoke up. “Oh is my poor hubby unhappy?” Alex turned and replied, “No dear, I only want you to be happy.” She laughed and smiling a devilish grin said, “Well what would make me happy is if you’d clean my pussy of all Randy’s cum so there’s room for much more. Would you do that for me dearie?” Alex hung his head, “yes dear anything for you.” She snickered and said, “Well get to work!”

Alex was thirty minutes late getting back to the pizza parlor due to his having to lick Randy’s cum from Amber’s pussy while they ate pizza, watched TV and laughed at him. Tony screamed and yelled at him and told him the next time he was that late, he would fire him. Then he asked in front of all the employees and people eating there, “What did you do get lost? The order was to your own house?” Alex felt himself shriveling up inside his CB3000 and didn’t quite know what to say so he merely skulked away and grabbed his next order.

Arriving home that night, the house was dark and he made his way down the hall to their bedroom and saw Amber sleeping naked, snoring loudly. He slipped into his side of the bed and immediately felt a wetness all over his skin. They had made sure as they did most nights to leave Alex a little reminder of their fucking by leaving him a wet spot to sleep in. He reached out and touched Amber’s beautiful thick thigh and she slapped his hand away and mumbled something about leaving her alone. He drifted off to sleep his little cock twitching in its cage.

Amber not only embraced the cuckolding lifestyle from her end, getting fucked constantly by Randy, but she also embraced the dominant wife role constantly lording her power and dominance over Alex. She had succeeded in hypnotizing successfully after taking some classes. She had put him into a deep trance and given him post hypnotic suggestions triggered by certain words, sounds, or images. She had made a PowerPoint presentation with images of big cocks shooting massive loads of cum and whenever she made Alex watch it he immediately came, even without being touched! Another amusing thing was that she had given him a hypnotic suggestion that whenever she rang a little bell she had, he would immediately begin calling Randy Thor no matter where they were! She had done it a few times in public in restaurants and at a picnic. And another was whenever she uttered a certain key word he would immediately fall to his knees and plead to suck Thor’s cock!

Another way she embraced was by torturing Alex sexually. She would promised him a release date from chastity and then unlock him, make him get on the bed on all fours and she would play with his cock, and prostate milking him while greasing his cock up and teasing him, edging him sometimes for hours at a time. She reveled in the humiliation and power this gave her. Every time he felt he was going to cum, she’d stop and make him take a break and lick her pussy and ass to orgasm, or suck her toes. Then it would be back on all fours and the edging would start again. Finally when she was ready, she’d tell him he could cum and right at the moment of orgasm she would release most of her grip on his tiny cock keeping only her thumb and forefinger barely touching it as he humped wildly, desperately seeking the firm stroke of a hand on his cock that would never come. After he had expelled his load, she would make him lick it all up and then lock him back in the cage.

Alex also knew that there were other post hypnotic suggestions she had given him that he didn’t know about. There were times when they were out or that he was out on his own and he would feel himself space out and when he came back into his own people would look at him strangely. Sometimes Amber would call him on his cell phone and say a word or play a sound and he would go into a trance and have no memory of what he did while he was under.

He loved being a cuckold. It wasn’t a lifestyle to him, it was life. And as long as his BBW wife wanted him under her thumb, he’d be there, the caged cuckold.

Jun 7

It’s a beautiful thing to watch, isn’t it?
Introducing my husband’s mouth to the business end of my Bull’s cock, and making him suck it and swallow the cum, was a major turning point in our relationship. Game changing.
For me, it was a matter of him showing his respect to my Bull by pleasuring and servicing the cock that brought his wife so much pleasure.
And that’s exactly what I told him, as I guided Johnny’s semi-erect cock into his mouth that first time… “take it in your mouth, sweetie, I want you to taste it, I need you to pay your respect to the cock that fucks me so good. I need you to suck it and get it hard for me.”
By that point, he had already transitioned from being my loving husband to being my cuckold. I had introduced him to the strap-on about a year earlier, and was by that time fucking his sweet ass about twice a week, making him my submissive PussyBoy. I had also locked up his penis in chastity to control his orgasms, and prevent him from masturbating.
Making him suck cock for me completed the transition. I thought of him differently after that, but in a good way. I told him at the time, “there’s no shame in sucking cock, sweetie, there’s only shame in doing it badly.”
I think all cuckolds need to experience sucking cock at least three times.
The first time, just so they can experience what it’s like to have a hard throbbing cock in their mouth. To feel it grow and thicken. To experience the musky masculine smell of a man’s cock, and the fleshy salty taste. To feel the texture and the heat of the meat. And to see it up close when it starts to spurt cum all over the place. That first time, he should hold the cock and just watch it ejaculate. No tasting necessary.
The second time he sucks cock will be different than the first time. The first time no doubt had an element of shock and mystery to it. The second time gives him the opportunity to really handle it, stroke it, and suck it like it’s meant to be sucked. To take more than just the head in his mouth. This time, he needs to suck it to completion, and feel what it’s like to suddenly get a mouthful of hot creamy cum. No worries about spilling it. It’s okay if he does. The goal is for him to smell and taste the semen, and swallow what he is able to.
The third time will determine if there will be a fourth and a fifth time, or whether the third blowjob will be his last. It’s a time to observe him closely, and quietly grade his performance. And gently encourage him. It’s also important to praise his performance, regardless of how he’s actually doing. He needs to hear your encouragement and praise. Five minutes into the blowjob you’ll be able to tell if he’s a natural cocksucker, or if he’s too horrified to continue doing it.



It’s a beautiful thing to watch, isn’t it?

Introducing my husband’s mouth to the business end of my Bull’s cock, and making him suck it and swallow the cum, was a major turning point in our relationship. Game changing.

For me, it was a matter of him showing his respect to my Bull by pleasuring and servicing the cock that brought his wife so much pleasure.

And that’s exactly what I told him, as I guided Johnny’s semi-erect cock into his mouth that first time… “take it in your mouth, sweetie, I want you to taste it, I need you to pay your respect to the cock that fucks me so good. I need you to suck it and get it hard for me.”

By that point, he had already transitioned from being my loving husband to being my cuckold. I had introduced him to the strap-on about a year earlier, and was by that time fucking his sweet ass about twice a week, making him my submissive PussyBoy. I had also locked up his penis in chastity to control his orgasms, and prevent him from masturbating.

Making him suck cock for me completed the transition. I thought of him differently after that, but in a good way. I told him at the time, “there’s no shame in sucking cock, sweetie, there’s only shame in doing it badly.”

I think all cuckolds need to experience sucking cock at least three times.

The first time, just so they can experience what it’s like to have a hard throbbing cock in their mouth. To feel it grow and thicken. To experience the musky masculine smell of a man’s cock, and the fleshy salty taste. To feel the texture and the heat of the meat. And to see it up close when it starts to spurt cum all over the place. That first time, he should hold the cock and just watch it ejaculate. No tasting necessary.

The second time he sucks cock will be different than the first time. The first time no doubt had an element of shock and mystery to it. The second time gives him the opportunity to really handle it, stroke it, and suck it like it’s meant to be sucked. To take more than just the head in his mouth. This time, he needs to suck it to completion, and feel what it’s like to suddenly get a mouthful of hot creamy cum. No worries about spilling it. It’s okay if he does. The goal is for him to smell and taste the semen, and swallow what he is able to.

The third time will determine if there will be a fourth and a fifth time, or whether the third blowjob will be his last. It’s a time to observe him closely, and quietly grade his performance. And gently encourage him. It’s also important to praise his performance, regardless of how he’s actually doing. He needs to hear your encouragement and praise. Five minutes into the blowjob you’ll be able to tell if he’s a natural cocksucker, or if he’s too horrified to continue doing it.


Jun 5

The life

The life of a cuckold is a tough one. It’s exciting and exhilarating but it’s also filled with uncertainty and dread, with emasculation and humiliation. It’s a life fraught with unanswered questions and speculations. We’ve all as cuckolds been on the other end of that phone conversation that we’re not quite sure what she’s telling us it is. You know the kind I’m talking about where she calls you to tell you that she’s running late at work, the gym, the mall, the beauty salon, but we wonder if that’s really where she is. We don’t really know where she is and we want so desperately to know.

Women have the total power to control us and to pull our strings, push our buttons and test our limits. As cuckolds we’ll do most anything to live out our cuckold fantasy and if more women were in tune with that dynamic they could be having themselves one hell of a time. Talk about having your cake and eating it too! It’s one thing when she calls and blatantly tells you she’s out with him and is running late, but quite another when we don’t know because either she a) chooses not to tell us, or b) knows that not telling you will drive you wild.

The late phone call, the return to  your home hair a bit disheveled, the soiled laundry you observe while doing the wash, the two coffee cups in her car instead of one, the friend of hers you run into while she’s supposed to be out with them, the blissful look on her face when she returns home are all signs without actual evidence. But in many ways we don’t want the actual evidence, because for many of us the turn on is not knowing. Women in our lives have so much power that they rarely realize it. If they only embraced the true sense of our cuckold nature it would amaze them!

I’ve experienced many of the things I spoke about above and it really lights a fire. Those phone calls would drive me wild with anticipation and wonderment. Those late evenings when she would return and elect to tell me nothing always made me crazy. Those days of feeling, seeing, smelling her panties as I did laundry would take me to another world. It makes the times when she does tell you that much more enticing. The mystery very much spices up the cuckold’s lifestyle.

These days with video on the phone, how hot would it be if she had a face time call with you from the mall but you accidentally saw him in the background? Or she sends you a video of the inside of a dark bar and a glimpse of her leg in thigh highs and that’s it? Or the next time you two are intimate you observe a hickey on her breast? That one I have to say drove me wild!!

Enjoy the life!

Jun 2

How small is small…?

OK, this has been something I’ve been trying to get a handle on for a while.  As women, we talk about big and small cocks, and of course BBCs.  But how small is ‘small’?  

I’ve done research and found a couple references.  One shows average penis size, the other shows the sizes that give us the most enjoyment.  

For penis size the chart below has measures from 3 different studies. In 2 studies they have an average lower than the third, so I’m more inclined to look at the other two.  (especially since the study that had the larger averages is almost 2 decades old.)  But going by these other 2 studies, only 1 man in 100 will have a cock over 7.5 inches.  Same for girth. All 3 studies suggest 6 inches is the high end with only 1 man in 100 meeting or exceeding that.  

What do we ‘like’ in terms of size?  Well this next chart suggests the ‘ideal’ cock isn’t as big as we tend to read from some women looking for lovers.  

Overall, the key here is girth more than length. Between 6 & 6.5 inches in girth, and a length of roughly between 7 & 8 inches seems to be ideal.  But a guy with 6 to 6.5 inches in girth can be as ‘small’ as 6.25 and still rank a ‘B’.  

So what ‘rank’ would you consider to be ‘cuckold size’?  Would you go by length alone, or would you agree with the way they ranked them?  Would 9.5 inches long and 6.5 inches thick really be a ‘C’ ranking to you?

I’m kind of torn between considering ‘small’ a rank of ‘B’ and a rank of ‘C’.  The ‘C’ rank goes as ‘small’ as 5.75 length and 6 inches girth, which is pretty much ‘average’ length but above average girth.

As you can see, I’ve kinda been thinking about large cocks a lot lately.  lol   But what about you?  What are your thoughts on this.  :)

I agree much of it comes down to personal preference. I think “fit” more than anything is important to a woman. All woman’s vagina’s aren’t exactly the same size either so what might feel good to one won’t to another. Much of it is personal preference. The norm in cuckold relationships is that the cuck has a small cock and the bull has a big cock, what defines small and big is up to each couple!

Jun 2

The cuckold’s curse

Most cuckold men admit to two things, one they are submissive and two they have small cocks. But what of the poor bastard that is born with a big cock? I spoke with a guy once who was born endowed with an eight inch cock when it was hard and a little over six when he was soft. His problem was he wanted so to be a cuckold. The issues he faced were tough. Just as most cuckolds can’t make themselves have a bigger cock and so readily acquiesce to their cuckoldress that they know they are small and that it’s okay for her to seek out a well hung lover. But what of the poor bastard who is married to a woman and he’s got an eight inch cock and she’s satisfied with it and he wants so be a cuckold?

This is truly the cuckold’s curse. The guy I talked said it was even tough when they did find someone to play with because the minute the other guy saw his cock get erect (and most were significantly smaller than him) they effectively ran for cover. I asked him what he had done to address this. His answer was that there wasn’t much he could do but his wife came up with a bit of an idea that included both cuckolding, dominance and submission and a bit of role play. She would find guys that were a bit out of shape, perhaps a little on the chubby side etc and the trick here is they didn’t have to be well endowed but hung enough to please her. She would poise as a dominant wife whose husband was submissive to her and craved humiliation. She would then find guys that were the opposite of her stud husband and humiliate him by having him serve her and these chubby guys with smaller cocks than his. He said she would taunt him by saying things like, “Well you may have a big cock, but you’re a wimp and you sure as hell don’t know how to use it! He gives me more pleasure with six inches than you do with eight!” And on and on.

He said it worked, but he still never got the true feeling of being a cuckold because of his big cock. So to all those tiny dicked cuckolds out there who think that they got short changed in life, feel lucky!


After reading THE TRIP, I’m ready to go on vacation.  I don’t think I’d be as ‘lucky’ as that cuckold.  What I especially liked were Bonnie’s cruel and condescending attitude, and how much she controlled her husband and kept him running. 

(Comment by Throne)

The trip

My wife, her lover and I had been on the ship for a little over an hour and I had just sat down to grab a slice of pizza when my phone buzzed with a text message. It read simply: cabin now bitch boy! I knew I was in trouble for something but I couldn’t for the life of me imagine what it could be. I had sold some stocks to pay for this trip for them at my wife’s behest. The most expensive suite with a balcony on the ship for them and a single inside cabin with no windows at the bottom of the ship for me, which I had to pay double occupancy for even though I was staying there alone. I hurried to their suite and knocked on the door even though I had a key, I was instructed to always knock unless told otherwise.

“Come in.” It was my wife Bonnie’s voice. Bonnie is considerably younger than my 50 years and when we met I was immediately attracted to her full figure, 38F breasts, 36 inch waist and 50 inch hips on her 230 pound five foot five frame. She has long auburn hair and immediately saw that I had a submissive streak that ran parallel to her dominant one. It also helped that when we met she was unemployed and I was rather well off. It didn’t take long for Bonnie to recognize my inadequacies in the cock department and was ready to dump me when I begged her not to telling her I’d do anything to keep her. She was quite frank and honest telling me that she was a size queen and needed big cock and all my money couldn’t buy me a bigger cock! I readily agreed and confessed my desire to have her in my life at any cost. For a while she toyed with me like cat with a mouse before killing it, finally she said we would get married but she would continue to see and get plenty of big cock and I could stay and serve or hit the road. I agreed and basically became her cuckold husband and slave.

I opened the door and walked into their suite. Bonnie lay naked on the bed making out with Tony her lover ever since we’ve been married and I suspect probably before. Tony is one of those muscle bound jocks you see at the gym always making out. He’s well over six feet tall, covered in tattoos, tanned, toned and hung as Bonnie likes to tell people.

“Bitch boy where the fuck is the KY that I had you buy that heats up?”

“I’m pretty sure I put it in your bag dear.”

“Well it’s not in my fuckin bag dear!” Bonnie said, very sarcastically. “I was so looking forward to getting fucked and christening our suite with Tony’s big cock all heated up inside me, but you fucked that up.”

“I’m sorry dear.” She cut me off. “Sorry doesn’t cut it. I think Tony needs to teach you a lesson and perhaps you’ll be a little more attentive to my needs and orders.” Tony jumped off the bed naked his flaccid cock swinging in the breeze, it had to be seven inches soft compared to my four inch hard cock.

“Assume the position.” Tony said. I knew what that meant and what was coming next. I spread my hands against the wall much the way a prisoner does when he’s being searched and pushed my butt back and spread my legs. I was dressed in yoga pants (Bonnie had taken great pains to pack my outfits for each day of the cruise and put them in Ziploc bags labeled by the day. Each day had one pair of yoga pants in pastel colors such as gray, light blue, aqua, purple, and one coordinated tank top and that what I was to wear each day. That was all I had to wear every day all day, with the exception of my chastity device, no change of clothes for me two or three times a day!)

Tony pulled my yoga pants down revealing my ass and I heard him get his belt. Bonnie adjusted herself so she had a better view. “Maybe fifty strokes will help your memory. So count each one good like we’ve practiced at home bitch boy.”

The first blow struck and like a trained dog I responded by clenching my buttocks and saying, “Thank you Sir, may I have another?” Bonnie giggled and egged him on through the remaining 49 blows. Then like an insolent schoolboy I was told to pull up my pants and leave while they fucked. I went back to the buffet but my pizza had been cleared away so I grabbed another piece and stood eating it on the deck as my ass was way too sore to sit. I then retired to my tiny cabin to put some cream on my red and welted ass. It was then that I found the KY that Bonnie had wanted. I immediately went to their suite and knocked and was told to come in.

“Dear, I found the KY I mistakenly packed it in my bag instead of yours. I’m very sorry it won’t happen again.”

Bonnie stood up and got right in my face. “I’m very sorry it won’t happen again.” She mocked me and told me to assume the position. I was scared to death I was going to get beat again, but history had taught me to obey and not question. I did as instructed and heard Tony and Bonnie chuckling behind me. I then felt something wet being pressed between my cheeks and up into my ass. I knew immediately it was one of the small butt plugs Bonnie had purchased online for me. “Well maybe if you spend some time with a butt plug in your ass with some warming KY you’ll remember where you put it the next time! You are to go to your room and keep that in there for an hour. Then you are to come back here while we’re at dinner and unpack our stuff and straighten up our suite, then and only then can you go to the buffet and get a slice of pizza and a water and go to bed.” She opened up the door and I simply said, “Yes dear.” 

That night when I returned to their suite I found a note with instructions for the week which became my routine. I know most men would think I was a henpecked cuckolded bitch boy and most women would think I was a wimp and in both cases they’d be right! But I loved Bonnie more than life itself. The times we did spend together when I would get to touch her pussy or tits, or lick her feet, were all worth it. Just seeing her naked sometimes made it all worth it. She was my world and she knew it and I knew it. I knew she needed Tony’s cock, but I also knew she needed me, if only for my servitude and money, which made it all worth it.

My days on the cruise consisted of me getting up each day at 7:00 a.m. and going up on deck to reserve two lounge chairs for Tony and Bonnie even though they wouldn’t be on deck until ten o’clock. I would then bring them breakfast in their suite at 9:00 a.m. and after they were done with me I could go get a coffee and a croissant. During the day on the ship I had to sit just off to the side of Tony and Bonnie in case they wanted anything. Bonnie would raise her hand and I’d have to run and fetch whatever she or he wanted. I got some very queer looks from the rest of the passengers, but Bonnie’s logic was that we’d never see these people again so who cared? I also had to participate in whatever humiliating game might be going on via the cruise director’s stupid games on deck. Whether it was line dancing, yoga, wet t-shirt contest, hairiest man (even though I’m completely shaved) I would have to participate with Bonnie and Tony laughing at me from their chairs.

At night I was to always be near them but never with them. If they went to a club or a show, I’d have to be nearby in case they wanted anything which meant sometimes standing through a two hour show because there were only two seats together and I would have to stand and wait for their signal. In the clubs, I had to wait at the bar to get them drinks and bring them back to the table. In the gift shops I was always nearby to sign for the purchases and lug the bags back to my room. And my phone was always on my in case either of them wanted anything in the middle of the night. I averaged about four hours sleep a night most nights as they kept me running pretty late. Like one night when Bonnie decided at 3 a.m. she just had to have a cookie and a glass of milk.

Days we were in port were much the same with me scampering behind them always at their beck and call lugging bags and presents for each other that went on my credit card. Always ready to stand in line to get Tony a water or his favorite sports drink or wipe Bonnie’s brow of sweat. Days that we went to the beach I lugged umbrellas, beach bags, coolers, chairs and applied sunscreen to them while they romped in the surf and I got strange looks from everyone else always dressed in my yoga pants and tank top.

I also had to accompany Tony to the gym each day and stand there with a water bottle and towel at the ready while getting snickers from the rest of the attendees. Two or three days he even made me accompany him to the steam room and one day when it was just the two of us, I was forced onto my knees and made to give him a blowjob to completion. Then I had to follow him into the shower and wash him all over before he returned to their suite. Tony had an incredible sex drive which was one of the things that attracted Bonnie to him. They were both multi orgasmic and he could cum sometimes twice in a row without even batting an eye.

Sometimes I was privy to their lovemaking and fucking. Bonnie made it very clear to me that they sometimes fucked and sometimes made love and if I was ever allowed to be present while they made love I should consider it an honor. My job was to always get her ready by licking her pussy and get him ready by sucking his cock. They found it amusing to belittle me and laugh at me while I did this in my chastity device. When they felt incredibly cruel they would feed me a Viagra before their session was to start and watch me suffer for hours. Bonnie knew that I loved with every fiber of my being and that Tony was her lover, her stud, her friend, but I was her husband.

Some nights while they lounged in their suite naked watching a movie on the big screen TV I would have to kneel at the foot of the bed giving them foot massages as they’d had a tough day walking all over! With cream in hand I would rub their feet for hours with cramps in my thighs and calves from kneeling, but I never complained. Soon they would get frisky and either dismiss me to my cabin or have me stay and watch. I received more of the belt, which really seemed to turn Bonnie on immensely!

One day when Tony was on deck playing basketball with some other jocks, Bonnie summoned me to their suite. She was wearing a skimp two piece white bikini that she was falling out of. When I got to the room she removed her top and held her tits out to me.

“Does my husband miss these?”

“Oh yes dear!” I said, feeling myself growing hard in my device.

She held out her ankle which had a tiny anklet that held the key to my device. “Does my bitch boy want me to unlock him?” She cooed in a baby like voice. It amazed me how she could be so sexy and seductive one minute and make me melt in her hands and so bitchy and dominant on the other and actually scare me sometimes.

“Oh yes dear!” I was always to refer to her as ‘dear’ and Tony as ‘Sir’ and I wasn’t about to break that rule even though we were alone together.

She took the small key off, unlocked me and removed my device. My tiny four inch cock stood straight out straining and dripping pre-cum, something she took great delight in; in fact her other nickname for me was ‘drippy’ and it had the desired effect of making me drip more. She took her foot with the vibrant pink toe nail polish and toyed with my cock and balls bouncing them around and jiggling them laughing the whole time.

“You’re such a wimp bitch boy. But you know that don’t you? You could never satisfy a woman like me. That’s why I need a real man, a man like Tony whose cock fills me up and strong arms wrap around me, oh and that body baby, isn’t he just gorgeous?”

She loved to taunt me at times like this talking about Tony and all his great attributes while she demeaned and humiliated me. I wished I could’ve said it bothered me but my tiny cock betrayed me and grew stiffer and expelled more pre-cum.

“Yes dear. He is an Adonis! And I’m so happy that he’s in our lives and especially in yours to please you.”

Her fingers now moved to my balls as she instructed me to get on all fours on the bed. Soon she was milking my cock and stroking my balls knowing from my response when I was going to cum and stopping every time. She had placed a saucer on a towel beneath my cock as she toyed with me and milked me.

“That’s right baby, he does please me. And you better never do ANYTHING to make him leave because if you ever did your life would be hell. I need that big cock in my life. You know, sometimes when I lay with my head on his massive chest looking down at those gorgeous thighs and cock and he touches me, I know it’s more than just sex between us.”

That put me over the edge. Each time she would tell me about her ‘possible feelings’ for Tony even though I knew they were there it drove me wild. I could feel my orgasm building as she went on. I also knew from past experience never to tell her when I was going to cum. It was totally up to her. I was to cum when she told me and on the rare occasions I couldn’t hold it and began to cum she reveled in ruining my orgasm by taking her hand off my cock at the last minute.

“Does that bother you baby? That I might have feelings for Tony? That I might like like him as they say in high school. That he gives me butterflies in the tummy and makes my heart race and my face blush?” She stroked me ever so lightly as she said this and I knew I couldn’t hold out any longer.

“Uh Uh Uh nnnnnooooo dear….I want you to be happy even if that means being in love with Tony.” And then I exploded and she let go of my cock, my orgasm spilling out onto the tiny platter below me. I ached to have her stroke my cock just a few more times just for that relief of a touch, but it wasn’t to be. She wrapped her thumb and forefinger into a small circle and gently slid it up and down my cock barely touching it as my orgasm expelled.

“Oh did my poor baby spill his nasty cum without me telling him?” She asked, roughly slapping my balls and cock.

“Yes dear, I’m so sorry.” There was nothing else to say because I knew what lay in store. And just at that point Tony walked it. There I was on all fours just having been milked into a saucer by my wife while her lover viewed this spectacle and laughed.

I was then made to get off the bed, clean my cum from the saucer with my tongue while they kissed and she basically pawed him, threw his sweaty body on the bed and ravaged him. I stayed on my knees my cock shriveling back to its half inch flaccid state. They fucked for over an hour and when they were finished, Bonnie made Tony punish me for having cum without her permission. This time thank God I only received twenty five strokes of the belt. She then reached into her pussy and scooped out a handful of their juices, his and her cum, and covered my cock and balls in it before locking me back in chastity and sending me on my way.

What a trip!


Vacation time…

It’s great vacationing with a cuckoldress as your wife. We are leaving for a vacation and won’t be back for a while, so I thought I’d write a bit about vacationing with your cuckoldress.

Most of the time you’re in a strange place where no one knows either one of you so you basically can get away with anything. The world is your oyster. Here are a few ideas that you and your cuckoldress might explore on that Caribbean island, aboard that big cruise ship, at that all inclusive resort, or in a big city you’ve never visited.

  • Your cuckoldress flashing strangers at just the right moment.
  • You go out at dusk and she’s wearing a skirt with nothing on underneath and makes you lick her pussy in public.
  • She flirts with men at the bar/ship/ocean clearly letting them know that she’s available even though you’re there.
  • She takes you to a club and makes you sit at the bar while she selects several men and dances with them, letting them rub their hands all over her tits and ass.
  • She puts you in chastity and makes you take your cock out in public, but in a very discreet place.
  • She makes you sit in a certain place and gets a guy and takes him out of your view and have no idea what she’s doing or how long she’ll be gone.
  • Your cuckoldress engages in conversation with another female in the hot tub/pool/deck/ocean about sex. She makes no bones about telling the other woman who wears the pants in your family and who’s the boss in the bedroom. She even hints at your cuckolding.
  • She makes comments about other men in your presence showering praise on their muscles/tan while demeaning your shape in the meantime.
  • Your cuckoldress may feel free to roam the ship/resort and find a willing partner to fuck her silly. She may or may not take him back to the room to further humiliate you.
  • She may bring a selected male back to the room and you may be required to be a fluffer boy!

So enjoy your next vacation….I’m going to enjoy mine!!

You seem to love all this fucking and sucking. The cucks on Tumblr all seem to love humiliation, abuse and torture. Your husband seems to put up with and tolerate it to make you happy. But he isn't happy is he?



Most cuckolds are submissive by nature. For a man, accepting or tolerating his wife going out and fucking other men is an act of submission to her. A Hotwife is a woman who has made the decision to take control of her sexuality. Her cuckold husband is left with only two choices: accept it or leave.

Angst, fear, anxiety, jealousy, embarrassment, humiliation, abuse, and mental and physical torture are all part of the package.

Keep in mind that the Hotwife/Cuckold lifestyle, and the FemDom dynamic are related, but different. They frequently go together (like in my relationship), but they don’t have to.

Hotwives can be both dominant and submissive. And some can either one or the other, depending on the circumstances, her mood, or who she’s with.

Husbands can be both dominant and submissive.

Every woman is different. Every man is different.Every relationship is different.

There are certainly some aspects of FemDom that take things far beyond just making a man a cuckold. Making him a PussyBoy (as I have done with my husband) deepens his level of submission. Not all men can handle that. But if they didn’t like it, they’d leave, wouldn’t they?

My hubby accepts my cuckolding him, and stays and submits to my FemDom authority because part of him obviously likes and enjoys it; and sometimes even loves and finds it exciting. He doesn’t love everything I do, or everything I make him do. And there are certainly parts and sides of him that occasionally rise up and resist some things (having his penis locked up, having his orgasms restricted, taking the strap-on, sucking cock for me, putting his ass up for another man).

But for the most part, on balance, there’s a reason why he stays down on his knees ready to please me.

That’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Selfies…by Throne

SELFIES by Throne
My sexy wife Brianna had her cell phone out and was taking a picture of herself, holding the instrument out at arm’s length.  She had on a yellow sleeveless top that fit like a second skin, and bright red stretch pants that did the same.  I stood there uneasily, worrying about who she might send the shot to.  At the same time, I couldn’t take my eyes off her overly full curves: thrusting boobs, flaring hips, jutting bottom.  She also had on black shoes with three inch chunky heels, which made her long shapely legs look even better.  She knows I’m partial to sexy shoes and enjoys wearing them to amp up my desire.  She shook back her long red-blond hair and took another picture.
Then she noticed me standing there in the outfit she had ordered me to put on.  It was a rainbow striped belly shirt that exposed my soft midsection, along with pink biking shorts that showed off my pudgy legs.  Covering my feet were orange slip-ons.  She turned the camera toward me and snapped a shot.  Then she made me pose with my hands on my hips, my lower lip pushed out, and took two more.
"Now my new friend Max can see not only how tempting I look, but how unthreatening you are.  In fact, pull down those shorts, Peanut.  When we met on-line and I told him how tiny your dick is, he couldn’t believe it."
I stood there squirming for a moment but then surrendered.  Down came the shorts to my knees and I stood there feeling as ridiculous as I looked.  My short penis, along with the fact that I cum as soon as it touches any part of my wife’s stunning body, gave her the excuses she needed to deny me sex.  I had been desperately craving her since our first date, through our courtship, and on our honeymoon.  She had been turning me down the whole time, taunting me about my shortcomings and telling me I was welcome to cheat on her… if I could find a woman who was attracted to three-inch pricks that shot off way too soon.  I had no answer to that, so I had simply gone along with it, then and ever since.  She also pointed out that, because she had everything she needed to provide great sex, it wasn’t her fault that we couldn’t be a couple in bed.  It was my fault.  So I owed it to her to keep her happy any way I could.  Which meant with my fingers and mouth.  Mostly the latter.  She constantly had me licking her to orgasms.  Recently she had made me serve her ass, which got her wildly stimulated, which meant she wanted even more climaxes, which meant I had to lap her pussy more frequently. 
She came to me, camera still in hand, and stood alongside me.  Her arm went around my shoulder and she toyed with my nipple through the thin fabric of the top.  My puny dick got hard at once.  It’s not only short, but slender as well.  Brianna angled the camera and took another selfie, this one showing both of us and my undersized hard-on.  I felt my face grow warm with shame.  Brianna laughed and said she was sure these shots would get Max interested in a meeting.  She had me raise my shorts but then I had to pull up her top in front, freeing her heavy boobs.  She took another shot, this one without me in it.  Then she went into the bathroom to pose in front of the mirror and take several more of her reflection.  She had me kneel in front of her and press my face into her bushy pubes while she aimed the camera down at me and captured that embarrassing image.
"This is so much fun," she enthused.  "Max lives pretty nearby, so maybe I can tempt him to stop here tonight.  Wouldn’t that be fun, Peanut?"
She barked at me to lower my shorts again and then looked meaningfully at my small organ, which was the source of that unwanted nickname.  Her breasts were still uncovered and I was imagining what it would feel like to touch them, hold them, and put my mouth on them.  All of a sudden my dick was leaking clear pre-cum.  I whimpered with humiliation.  She snickered at my helplessness and got alongside me again.  Brianna bent down her head and bit my ear, pulling on it with her teeth until I howled.  That was when she took her next picture.  She showed me on the small screen of the phone how pathetic I appeared, my face bright pink and distorted, tears forming on my eyelids.  I moaned and begged her not to send them.
My wife sneered at me and suggested, “Maybe I should take a selfie with you over my lap.  Right before I beat the hell out of your chubby ass with my hand.  And then send THAT one, and a bunch of you showing off your smacked butt.  Is that what you’re saying?  That I shouldn’t send the ones I’ve already taken?  That I should take some even BETTER ones for Max?  Hmmm?”
With my voice shaking, I said, “N… no, dear.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean that.”

"So you’re saying I should send all the ones I’ve taken so far?  Along with any others I feel like shooting?"
I swallowed drily and told her, “Yes, darling.  That’s what I meant.”
"Well, then, I feel like taking a few of you kissing my ass.  Max had trouble believing any man would let his wife make him do THAT.  Get behind me, Peanut."
Obediently, I went behind her and, when she told me to, knelt with my nose an inch from her wide desirable sitter.  She had me wedge my face deeply between her bulging buttocks.  I felt her moving and figured she was reaching the camera over her shoulder to attempt to catch my pathetic performance.  I had to keep my features buried in that narrow space while she captured still more shots.  Then, with me staying where I was, she used the phone to call Max.  Brianna chatted for a bit and told him she had the pictures she had offered to send, including ‘plenty of my wimpy husband’.  He must have said something that amused her because she laughed.  Then she slapped me on the back of the head, which was her signal for me to start probing with my tongue. 
As I began, she commenced talking dirty to Max.  It was torture for me to hear her offering him everything I had ever dreamed of doing with her, or of having her do to me, while I was reduced to being her ass slave.  Worse, she transmitted the demeaning pictures.  My wife laughed so hard she shook, which made her rear end move against my face.  I was close to tears as she and Max continued their lewd conversation, eventually agreeing that he would come by in a few hours.  He offered to bring beer and wine and pizza, but she told him she would send me out to fetch everything, even mentioning that it would force me to use the remains of my meager allowance, which was all the money she permitted me, even though I was working endless overtime to pay for her many indulgences.  She informed Max that I would run my errands wearing my ‘sissy duds’, as she called those awful outfits she favored seeing me in. 
They talked a bit longer, while I continued stimulating her ass.  My dick was still dripping fluid.  She backed up until the back of my head was touching the wall.  Then she thrust against me so that my skull was banged against the unyielding surface.  At last she finished gabbing with Max.  As soon as she closed the phone and stepped away from my perspiring face, she snapped at me to get busy picking up the drinks for her evening with the eager Max.  I already knew I had to wear those fruity fashions, but she also instructed me not to rinse my mouth.  I would have to taste her earthy flavor the entire time.  Feeling sulky but trying not to show it, I got my wallet.  It was a plastic one with images of cartoon characters on it.  Not just any characters, but princesses and teddy bears.  In other words, it was a girl’s wallet.  Every time I paid for something I had to let the cashier see it.  I would order pizzas later and then have to pick up those as well.  It was going to be a long evening.
Brianna had never had a boyfriend in the six months since we got married, though she had talked endlessly about all the guys she had given blow jobs and allowed to screw her before our nuptials.  Often while I was eating her pussy, my nose in her rust-colored pubic hair, she would go on and on about the big cocks, heavy balls, and powerful arms she had encountered.  Now she was going to resume her love life, despite being married to me.  In fact, it was becoming clear, she would use her infidelity to add to my torment.  I knew I was going to hear about Brianna’s cheating every day.  But would I be involved in other ways?   Would I have to meet Max?   Maybe even be in the house when they had foreplay and… what would inevitably follow?  I dreaded the possibility.
But at least she wouldn’t make me watch them.  Or become involved in any way.  It wouldn’t be like those stories I had discovered on the computer while I was researching the sort of marriage I had gotten stuck in.  Would it?  Did my wife expect me to use my mouth to get her pussy wet for Max?  Would she demand that I — ugh! — lick her clean after he ejaculated inside of her?  Would she take pictures of all that?  And maybe even post them on specialized web sites?  I could only hope that it wouldn’t go that far.