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Regarding being hypnotized to cuckold, there might be another way. I've only read about it, and while it is contested it sounds remarkable if true. Do a google search for 'how copulins work' and follow the main hit. I think you'll find the site (and the concept) an interesting read.

Mar 6


There is a non-fiction book about someone being conditioned by a woman who used his submissive desires to manipulate him.  It  is titled THE ARMED ROBBERY ORGASM.  I had a copy but couldn’t get into it.  It’s written as a serious study and not meant to tittilate.  But if anyone wants to investigate this subject from a scholarly perspective, they can check it on Amazon. 

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Mar 5


I read an interesting article the other day on conditioning in cuckold relationships. It went on to say how in some extreme cases cuckold husbands have agreed to actually be hypnotized by their wives to further demonstrate their submissiveness. In one case which worked, the husband was actually hypnotized and given a suggestion that every time he saw his wife’s lovers cock he himself would grow hard and begin to dribble pre-cum. In another, a man was so conditioned that he began to love the taste of cum and actually longed for and began asking for it as a treat. The article offered an interesting insight and made me realize that whether we are in a cuckolding relationship or a plain old vanilla one we all are subject to conditioning of one type or another.

Take your average couple who do it twice a month missionary style. At some point the man gets conditioned to know when it’s “sex night” and he gets excited by that. It’s akin to Pavlov’s dogs but with men and sex. Most of the time in cuckold relationships the conditioning can exist on both ends. Many woman have to adapt to being in control and exercising their bitchy edgy side. Woman are raised to be prim and proper and ladylike so for them to toss caution to the wind and all of sudden become a “bad girl” who can be a spoiled bratty bitch goes against the grain. The male on the other hand has to be conditioned to be submissive, subservient and decide how far he is willing to go down the road. It’s a proven fact that some people cannot be hypnotized but I believe everyone can be conditioned.

The whole idea of hypnotizing a cuckold and conditioning him so that a certain phrase or sight makes him behave in a totally opposite manner to his normal behavior intrigues me. In a sense that would almost be THE perfect cuckold relationship because a couple could lead a “normal” life day to day and when she wanted to invoke the cuckolding (notice she is always in control) she could whisper her magic word and bang he’d be the cuckold she’d hypnotized him to be. Imagine the possibilities and the depths of depravation you could lead your little cuckold down. Imagine waking him after his session and showing him a video of all the emasculating humiliating things you’ve have him done. Imagine the flush of red that fills his cheeks as he watches his debauchery being played out and knowing you have it all on film!!

Mar 4

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The Deal

We make all kinds of deals in our life. Cuckolding is just one of them. As a cuckold we make a deal that the woman we love will have other lovers and part of that deal is that we will accept not, not become jealous and be proud of whom we have become. Each and every day we are a cuckold we make deals, sometimes with our cuckoldress sometimes with ourselves. We make a deal with ourselves that we won’t get jealous once this encounter is over, we make deals with ourselves that if we can just get that last drop of his cum down our throat we’ll talk to her about not doing it again. But we go back and many deals we make with ourselves.

Some of the cuckolding deals we make with our cuckoldress involve being locked in chastity. We agree to being locked in chastity for a period of time only to be let out if you complete your end of the deal (whatever she may require that to be) and that deal is literally under lock and key. We make deals sometimes with her lover, we may meet with him privately and request a certain treatment or certain privileges in return for whatever he wants. Deals in cuckolding are just a part of the lifestyle, but we often don’t see it as making a deal. But we can negotiate, beg, please ask, it’s all part of the deal, the deal can be accepted, rejected or not even heard, but the deal is always out there.

It’s interesting that as a cuckold we are dealing with three main people; yourself, your wife; and her lover. But there of course are others you’re dealing with. It could be a friend of hers or his that knows the situation and you may have to plead or make a deal with them not to tell others. The old adage of making a deal with the devil should be mentioned here. We sometimes go into a deal and at the end of the day we are very sorry we made the deal we did. Buyers regret? Who knows?  But we make deals all day long having the wherewithal to keep one thing in mind; she cums first!

That’s really what the whole thing is about, it’s about making her happy. So when you make those deals, make sure you have her best interests in mind!

Happy Friday cucks!

Cuckold Personals

Sometimes one of the hardest things in the world when you’re involved in a cuckold relationship is finding “normal” people to participate and get together with for some fun times. Over the years I’ve tried several sites including Craigslist, SLS, Cuckoldplace, etc and the hard part is that you get volumes of replies and may find one person out of the hundreds. Many replies are from people who just don’t understand cuckolding. I love it when you specifically state in the ad that you as the cuckold want to get the guy ready for her and you get replies from guys who say they are strictly straight! Then why bother responding? Or guys who after you’ve told them what you and your cuckoldress are NOT into reply with those exact same things.

Finding someone to have fun with takes, time, energy, a LOT of patience and persistence. The person that responds and you may think would be a good fit may not be a good fit for your cuckoldress. Age, race, build all play a part and it takes a long time to find someone who works for both of you both physically and with the right mentality. Sometimes my cuckoldress has exchanged emails with the guy or have talked to him on the phone and not liked him and other times she has. We met a couple once who we were going to get together with and met them for dinner but there were no sparks. So it’s all about chemistry, right time, right place, right frame of mind.

Timing is everything. There have been times when I’ve been a little presumptive and “thought” my cuckoldress would be ready if I did all the leg work and so I put ads out, sorted through replies, narrowed down candidates only to be told she wasn’t ready and I shouldn’t have done that. I agree totally. You have to both be on the same page when it comes to cuckolding. I would like to find someone to play with on a regular basis, perhaps someone we both liked and trusted that we could get together with a few times a year and enjoy and afternoon or evening of fun without having to go through the entire process each and every time for a one night stand.

My advice to people is to look long and hard and don’t just jump at the first person who replies or you will most likely be sorry. Craigslist has a tendency to have a lot of crazies on it, SLS which is a swingers website has some very good people on it as they are into the lifestyle and know what to expect and what the scene is about. Due diligence is the key to finding someone and I am a firm believer that good things come to those who wait and are patient.

Ovation Channel

Yesterday I had the opportunity to watch several hours of movies on the Ovation channel both dealing with cuckolding. The first was “The End of the Affair” and the second was “The Other Boleyn Girl” and I was amazed as it was like an afternoon and evening of cuckolding! In the first movie Julianne Moore cuckolds Stephen Rea with Ralph Fiennes. Rea plays the wimpy cuckold husband to the hilt and there is a scene where Fiennes and Moore are having sex on the couch in Moore and Rea’s home when Rea comes home. Fiennes the consummate bull, stays inside her right between her legs almost nonchalantly kissing her while Rea comes up the stairs. The movie is set during WWII and that’s what makes the cuckolding much more risqué as it’s set in a time that is much more conservative and repressive.

In the other movie King Henry VIII cuckolds Scarlett Johansson’s husband and takes her in as his concubine. He moves her and her husband to his court and separates them and takes her as his property. In the ultimate cuckolding gesture he actually impregnates her! The husband meanwhile stands by meekly accepting his plight and role in life. Also shocking this movie is set in an even earlier and much more repressive time. The king takes her sister Natalie Portman as his queen at one point banishing Johansson to the country with their child.

It is amazing how many historical movies, books, and themes revolve around cuckolding. The above two movies albeit never mentioning the word cuckolding are slathered in it. In “The End of the Affair” Fiennes has his hands all over Moore and she plays the hot wife to the hilt at one point even letting an air raid warden kiss her moments prior to the poor husband coming into the room. Fiennes possesses her and like many bulls becomes jealous of the wimpy husband she goes home to each night even at her insistence there is nothing there. He wants to possess her mind, body and soul. Rea is such the cuckold that he admits he can’t satisfy her sexually and can only hope to be “a good husband” and he pulls it off brilliantly.

So I have to give kudos to the Ovation Channel or as I’ve come to call it, The Cuckold Channel!


Was just catching up on your fine blog.  Read the DIANA story and the Q&A.  What impressed me was that you understand both the fantasy and real life aspects of cuckolding.  All too often people are locked into one or the other.  Keep up the good — and well balanced — posting. 

Comment by Throne.

Q&A Friday

Thought I would do a little Q&A today with some questions from readers of this blog:

  • Q: What do you enjoy most about cuckolding?
  • A: The serving and humiliation. While not a masochist in the true definition of the term (I don’t like to have pain inflicted upon me) I love the humiliation aspect and serving a superior woman.
  • Q: When did you first know you liked cuckolding?
  • A: I have always been submissive, but never knew about cuckolding until one day in the early days of AOL chat rooms I saw one titled “cuckold” and went in and it was like Ah! This is what I’ve been wanting and desiring all this time. It wasn’t about swinging or wife swapping but about me serving her and another man and from there I began reading cuckolding stories and eventually writing them. Being a submissive is a big part of being a cuckold but not necessarily a requirement.
  • Q: Is there anything or any type of cuckolding scenario you don’t like or won’t participate in?
  • A: Yes, many people (bulls especially) think cuckolding is tying my in a chair while they fuck my wife. I am not into that. I am into participation. I want to be part of it. Also I believe in practicing safe sex as does my other half. I think as you progress limits will be reached and tested but like any relationship this is all part of growing.
  • Q: What’s the most humiliating thing that’s happened to you as a cuckold?
  • A: Well since humiliation drives my cuckolding and turns me on I would have to say that I’ve enjoyed most of it but not all of it. One particular instance in my previous life was when a friend told me he’d seen my wife and her then lover but now husband coming out of a notorious make out spot late at night and I had to stutter and stammer and try to explain they were just friends to which he replied, “yea right.”
  • Q: Do you think cuckolding ruins relationships and marriages?
  • A: Not if it’s done right. Cuckolding is NOT about cheating, lying and deception. It’s about sharing experiences, love, and you and your wife/girlfriend inviting someone else into YOUR relationship. It only ruins marriages and relationships when people forget that and deceit, dishonesty and untruthfulness rears its ugly head.
  • Q: Does cock size matter in cuckolding?
  • A: The short answer is yes! From my experience, most woman say that men with small cocks (five inches and under) do not satisfy them. I’ve also spoken to women who say the opposite is true and men with huge cocks many times don’t know how to use them and are just ramming away and it hurts. So too big and too small can be issues.
  • Q: Could you be in a relationship where cuckolding didn’t happen?
  • A: Could I be? I suppose, but it’s like any relationship where someone is into S&M or B&D or roleplaying, you can do it but why on earth would you? Your sex life is about pleasure, it’s about exploring your fantasies and your other half’s fantasies so why would you deny yourself?
  • Q: Would you like a relationship where you were cuckolded and she had a live in lover?
  • A: No. This sounds great in fantasy and in stories but in reality it just wouldn’t be for me. I love my girlfriend and I want to spend time with her and sometimes I would want it to be just her and me and not have a third party there. If you keep the focus that the third person is just a cock then you’ll be fine. When the third person starts to have a role in your relationship and life and she starts having feelings for him, they end is near.

An Open Letter To My Cuckoldress

To my blog followers: I write this letter and share it with you because sometimes putting your heart out there in public in and open and honest way to the one you love is the best thing you can do.

Dear __________

I know that you know how much it excites me to think of you with another man. We’ve experienced it in the past and it has been gloriously exciting. I long to experience that sensation again, to share an experience that both excites and titillates. I know in the past you’ve said you’re not quite ready to do it again for whatever reason and that is fine and I will wait for you to be ready.

What I don’t think you know is how much I love you and long to share that experience again at least once more in my life. For we never know when that last breath will come, or that last opportunity will present itself. We never know and that is the great mystery and the great gift of life. I wish to experience all the gusto life has to offer while I still can and I wish to experience it with you and you alone. No other woman can compare.

A few years have passed since our last encounter with another man. We’ve had several near connections that didn’t pan out for one reason or another and it seems as time passes the desire to have another cuckold experience grows less and less like a fire burning out until only the glowing embers are left. The fire of passion and love I have for you will always burn strong, hot and bright however.

Your touch excites me, your smell intoxicates me, your presence fulfills me. I know you love me more than life itself and I love you the same way. Some days in my heart I know we’ll probably never have another cuckolding experience, it was a fantasy that became a reality and was played out and experienced and is now over, but other days I feel that faint spark that it may happen again. That faint spark that you see right before the smoke turns to heat and the heat to flame, that faint spark that keeps me hoping, guessing and wondering.

And through all this my dear, I’ve come to realize that you ignite that faint spark in me like no other woman I’ve ever been with. I fantasize that one day I’ll get that call or email or text from you saying, “Next weekend let’s do this.” And with that we will find a man or a woman and we’ll spend an afternoon of sexual bliss that few will ever experience. Perhaps that phone call, email or text will never come; the hopeless romantic in my likes to think it will.

That’s what keeps love alive; that faint spark that turns to smoke and then ignites into a hot blazing flame.

I love you.


Trust In Diana…by cuckytoher

Trust in Diana…by cuckytoher

The online ad stated that Diana was Big, Beautiful, Busty, Brassy and Bitchy and after meeting, dating and marrying her I can attest to the fact that there is truth in advertising. Being of relatively short stature, chubby, and sporting a male endowment that most woman would laugh at; and Diana certainly did after she had me in her clutches, I’ve always been drawn towards big women who weren’t ashamed of their size, but rather proud of it and loved to flaunt their beauty. Our first date was almost a washout until the bar we were having drinks in had a t.v. over the bar showing some movie featuring dancers in skin tight leotards and I immediately blurted out how much of a turn on leotards were for me especially worn by bigger girls. I could see the wheels turning in Diana’s eyes as she was ready to get the hell out there and go home. It was only after I’d mentioned my significant trust fund that Diana immediately seemed to warm up to me.

Later that night as Diana lay spread eagle on her bed with me between her big thunderous thighs licking her shaved pussy to her third orgasm of the night I knew I was in love with her and had to have her. After she came she had me drop my pants around my ankles remaining otherwise clothed as she toyed with my cock snickering as I grew to my full four inches in her hand. She quizzed me about my trust fund. I told her the details, that my grandmother had set up a trust fund for me when I was three after my parents were killed in a car accident. The trust fund ensured that I would be set for life always able to draw a substantial income and never really needing for anything. The investment portion provided continuing investments and therefore continuing income. I had always been very frugal with the money, living in a small modest home, driving a small economical car, seldom vacationing more than an hour or two from home so I could drive instead of flying.

Diana found my story entertaining as she kept pulling on my cock asking question after question and stopping when I was ready to cum, only to bring me to the brink again with another round of questions. She was very curious as to the clause that said I could never sign over the trust to anyone and the money would always remain in my name. It was from this platform that our relationship flourished and our marriage happened. Being my wife, Diana had full access to spend the money I had as she saw fit, but the vast wealth would always be in my name. So she needed me for the money to afford her the lifestyle she wanted to live and I needed her to provide me the sexual gratification and for bringing my fantasy of having a big, beautiful woman as my wife.

And indulge me she did, prancing around the house in different colored leotards with pantyhose or stockings, always in heels and always with no bra, her big tits always bouncing beneath the fabric, nipples sticking out teasing me at every turn. I spent my nights buried under her pussy or ass licking like a madman till she came, rolled off me and would grant me the privilege of release by teasing me unmercifully sometimes never touching my cock but playing with my balls and making me cum without even touching me. Intercourse Diana explained was off limits as I was too small in the cock department and she was too big in the ass department. After several attempts at trying to fuck her on all fours; one of her favorite positions; it was deemed impossible and therefore off limits. On the rare times she let me climb between her legs and attempt to fuck her, she would toy with my nipples and snicker saying, “are you in yet baby boy?” Which usually caused me to ejaculate prematurely on her bald pussy amusing Diana even more as I cleaned up my ‘mess’ with my mouth.

Diana thrived on humiliating me, emasculating me at every turn, and spending my money like it was water. She hired a contractor to add an addition to our house with one full size room for her closet. All my old modest furniture was thrown out and was replaced by Diana’s highbrow stuff. The contractor put in a new master bedroom that alone was the size of the whole house before she started renovations. It contained a huge pedestal upon which our extra king size bed rested, a heart shaped hot tub, a sunken bath tub, stand up shower with no expense being spared. Johnny the contractor became a regular fixture at our house always suggesting more things that ‘needed’ to be done to the house. He saw that Diana controlled things and I was the goose that laid the golden egg as far as cash. Diana loved to show he control over me while Johnny was in the house prancing around in a black leotard with no bra, having me kneel and do her toe nails or making me run stupid errands like going to get them coffee. She would toss her long red hair back and say, ‘baby boy why don’t you run down to Starbucks and get me and Johnny a couple of coffees while we discuss grown up stuff!’ They would both laugh as I made my way to the car - a run down 15 year old model while Diana’s brand new Jaguar sat in the garage.

The emasculation went further when she would make up names on the spot for me like dumpling - referring to my shape, or nubbin - referring to her pet name for my cock, or tee tee which stood for tiny testicles, and the list went on. Sometimes she would call out some made up name in front of Johnny and then explain to him what it stood for and they both laughed. I didn’t care though because the time I spent between her legs and looking at her gorgeous tits in those leotards and leggings was enough to fuel me to worship her forever. It seemed as if there were no limits to the degradations I’d go through for Diana, for if she wanted it, I would do it. Including indulging her by dressing as some of her favorite movie characters, which included Agador Spartacus from the movie the Birdcage, as well as a host of embarrassing outfits from Disney movies. Sometimes it was just her whim to dress me in slightly effeminate clothes that could be either male or female and have me run errands for Johnny to the lumber yard, or plumbing supply warehouse or hardware store where I would always receive jeers and snickers from the help.

Diana continued her teasing of me sometimes whispering in my ear just as she was about to make me cum, ‘does my baby boy want to see me fuck a nice, big, thick cock?’ to which I would explode in orgasm only to have her snicker and roll over and go to sleep. Diana’s torments didn’t end there though. She loved getting me all worked up by teasing my cock and oiling it up then taking her big tits and sliding my cock between her massive melons constantly talking to me and telling me how much she loved ‘real men’ men that had big real men cocks not like my little nubbin and then just when I could take it no more she’d stop and tell me that I would have to wait to cum to prove my love for her. Of course I always did sometimes even suffering the agony of having to put a bag of frozen peas on my cock and balls to make my erection (or what there was of it) go down; in the process creating another pet name for Diana to call me, ‘tiny pea!’

I longed for her humiliation however wondering every day what was in store for me. Most days Johnny would show up early and the two of them would go out to breakfast with Diana usually dressed in tight black leggings and a sweater with no bra. I on the other hand would be relegated to unloading all the supplies from Johnny’s truck for the day’s project. They would return and Johnny would spend a couple of hours working sometimes utilizing me as his helper per Diana’s instructions even though I was paying him to do a job, I did most of the dirty grunt work. They would then disappear for a two hour lunch while I cleaned Johnny’s construction truck out and washed it. Some days he would even bring laundry over for me to do after Diana assured him it was no problem as I wasn’t a hard working guy like him and I was doing laundry anyway! They would then return and Johnny would do another hour or so of work before leaving; no wonder why it seemed progress was minimal with Johnny working a total of about two hours a day and me paying him for eight.

Diana usually kept me from cumming until I could stand it no longer and would be begging and pleading with her for release. I knew better than to ever touch myself and get myself off; my release was under Diana’s control. However sometimes in a cruel twist of fate Diana liked to play a game where she would see how many times she could make me cum during a certain period of time. One day she was able to make me cum five times in a two hour period and the last orgasm was long in coming and so I agreed to Diana milking me which was a mixture of erotic and painful. After the fifth orgasm my body was exhausted and all I wanted to do was rest but Diana decided that it would be a good time for me go to the mall and pick up a ton of things from several stores. Adding to my humiliation I was made to wear black leggings, UGG boots and a pink sweater. I got my share of stares, leers and jeers as I trudged through the mall doing my shopping while Diana and Johnny tried out our new hot tub.

Johnny became the yardstick by which Diana measured manhood, constantly making comments as she traipsed around in one of her skin tight leotards, “Johnny has such huge muscles, his shoulders are so wide, and you know how much women just love big men!” Sometimes these comments were made in Johnny’s presence and sometimes not but she always leered at my pathetic body and laughed when she made them. One time while I was acting as Johnny’s helper, him dressed in his rugged construction clothes and me dressed in a pink thong of Diana’s, she came to the door and laughed saying “There’s my two big he men!” She proceeded to make me stand next to Johnny as she conducted a comparrisson of our bodies like a meat inspector even getting a tape measure to compare our bicep and thigh sizes. When she got to Johnny’s thigh she unzipped his pants, took out his cock and said, “now here’s a real big muscle!” Then had me pull down the pink thong exposing my tiny yet very hard four inch cock. As she measured Johnny while flaccid he measured out at just over six inches and once she had gotten him hard, his raging hard on measured out at just over eight inches while mine only topped out at four inches hard and was less than an inch soft.

After that day it was as if their secret, not that it had been much of a secret was out of the closet and they made no bones about having sex and letting me know it. Sometimes I was present in the house, sometimes I was present in the bedroom, sometimes Diana in her big, beautiful, busty, brassy, and bitchy way used me as a bed to lay on while Johnny fucked her silly. She was the boss and I went along knowing that I loved it and loved her even more. Knowing that no matter what I would do whatever she wanted. They enjoyed fucking all over the house and Johnny seemed to love the fact that I was paying him the whole time. Diana knew that her bitchy behavior and bossy attitude had an erotic effect on me and drove me wild with ecstasy and longing. It’s said a man will do anything for love and I’m a prime example of that man.

Diana and I lived as a married couple except when Johnny was there, and when he was there he was the ‘man of the house’ not that I was when he wasn’t there. I loved cuddling up next to Diana’s big thick body at night being able to touch her and smell her beautiful long red hair and the soap and shampoo she used. Sometimes she would feel me growing with excitement and without even turning over she would simply reach back touch my tiny cock for a moment or two over my pajamas and I would explode in pleasure. She would then make me go clean myself and by the time I got back to bed she’d be snoring loudly in a deep sleep. The money was her motivation but I had no doubt she really loved me in her own way and cared about me, because deep down she knew what I needed and craved and she gave it to me. And I gave her my unconditional love, my money, my life because Diana fulfilled every one of my dreams.

But her torment knew no bounds. She installed big screen tv’s in most every room of the house and while I was home doing my daily housework chores I was forced to watch Diana and Johnny fucking on each tv in the house. Many times right in our marital bed, many times taunting me. The videos they would record would be selected by them for me to watch while they were out of the house and there were a ton of them. Sometimes out in public sometimes in our house. The agony and ecstasy of watching your wife being fucked hard by another man on a 52 inch plasma screen is incredible. Diana also had programmed her phone so that when she called the house it would automatically come up on the video screens so no matter what room I was in I could talk to her and see where she was and what she was doing. I was often treated to answering a phone call only to see Diana half naked facing the camera in some motel room with Johnny taking her from behind. She would taunt me telling me how good and big his cock felt inside her and what I should be doing at home while she was out fucking a real man. These tauntings and teasings drove me wild with jealousy, eroticism, anger, joy, hurt, but my cock would always become rock hard signaling to me that the number one feeling I was experiencing was a huge turn on!

One night I got a call from her and as her picture appeared on the screen it appeared that they were in a crowded bar as Diana appeared in a halter dress with no bra and massive cleavage showing, her long red hair flowing down her back and over her shoulders. It was also obvious that Johnny was filming her as she took his cock into her mouth and began to suck. She gave him head for a full five minutes with Johnny narrating the phone call the whole time telling me how good and warm my wife’s mouth felt on his cock. At the moment he was about to cum he told her to open her eyes and look into the camera. There was beautiful big brassy gorgeous wife looking right into my eyes and into my soul as Johnny came in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. She then took the phone and told me she’d see me later on that night and promised me a special cream pie dessert baked by Johnny. And sure enough that night when she returned home I was on my knees in seconds between her big bulky thighs lapping at Johnny’s cum and to be honest loving the taste of both of them.

Although my life seems weird to others, I’ve learned to give my trust to Diana….

Be a good boy!

Be a good boy!

Our Greatest Strengths

Cuckolds are generally viewed as sappy, weak, physically inferior specimens of the male species. While that may be true to some extent, cuckolds on the whole have a great degree of talents and strengths. First and foremost, we are loyal to the core even in the face of our spouse’s infidelities. We are good cooks, housekeepers, we are extremely hard working and are excellent caretakers. We put up with our spouse’s moods and bitchiness if they’re having a problem with their lover and we are always consoling and supportive. Cuckolds, like all men have good and bad traits and our bad signs can be jealousy at times, anger, impertinence, and yes we can get moody. Our female side far outweighs our male side when it comes to emotion. From sun to sun however we are dedicated to one thing specifically and that is our wives and girlfriends.

Normally viewed as being weak, what most don’t understand is that it takes real strength to live and exist in a relationship where you must share your significant other with another man. It takes great strength to know that when you’re alone looking at yourself naked in the mirror the way God made you, you know that you have a tiny cock. That is a fact. Just like having brown or blue eyes, it’s something you can’t change. It’s something you have to come to terms with and deal with all your life. You know that you’re not hung like “normal” guys, you experience it in high school in the locker room, and in college. It’s evident by the rapid succession of females that come into your life with promise and vanish as quickly after they experience your tiny miniscule endowment.

And then that one special woman comes into your life. The woman who doesn’t snicker and make fun of you after that first embarrassing sexual experience. A woman who sees the diamond in the rough. A woman who knows that while a man like us may have some failings in the sexual department, we have a broad range of other talents that all the other women in our lives have overlooked. They see the gentle man who understands the wanton needs of some women. They understand that while they have a huge sexual appetite that most men even if they could satisfy it on their own, isn’t quenched with just one man. They know that you with your tiny cock will stand by her, support her, through thick and thin, that you will let her call the shots in the relationship, that you have a tongue that won’t quit, that you’re hardworking and conscientious and that you will always be there for her.

A great cuckoldress will always recognize and appreciate a great cuckold. Even if the rest of the world sees you in a different light.

Feb 6

Venus In Furs

 The “more cruelly she treats him and the more faithless she is, the worse she uses him, the more wantonly she plays with him, the less pity she shows him, by so much the more will she increase his desire, be loved, worshiped by him. So it has always been, since the time of Helen and Delilah down to Catherine the Second and Lola Montez”

“I cannot deny,” I said, “that nothing will attract a man more than the picture of a beautiful, passionate, cruel, and despotic woman who wantonly changes her favorites without scruple in accordance with her whim-“

This is an incredible but true passage from Venus In Furs by Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch. It sums up so much about cuckolding without using the term in the passage or directly referring to it outright. The implications and underlying truth speak through the ages. Most females find it against their nature to treat someone in this way, they have been raised to be the exact opposite. Amazingly however, if you are lucky enough to find a woman who wants to experiment a little and is willing to become a bit more dominant in her role in your relationship you’ll be amazed. It will forever change your and her life. For power truly is the ultimate aphrodisiac and once a woman summons up the awesome power she possesses it is like unleashing a torrent of emotions, pent up frustrations, sensuality, sexuality and you will find your relationship ascending to levels you only previously dreamed could come true.

Most people view Venus In Furs as strictly an S&M novel but it is so much more and if you really read it and not just gloss over the copy and take it as what everyone has told you about it. Cuckolding is above all else about power and trust. The female has the power and the male must trust her implicitly with their relationship. It’s about her exercising her absolute femininity and exploring her sexuality, about her having her cake and eating it too, which we’ve been brought up to see as impossible, as something that we could only dream of, but in reality it can happen.

The power woman carry inside them is mind boggling. They possess what we long to possess and they can dole it out, tease you with it, string you along for weeks, months and even years, toying with you as a cat toys with  a mouse. Women can truly treat us in a vile manner and men will keep coming back for more. Are we all masochist? I think not, I prefer to believe we’re all after what that certain woman that drives us wild possess and we crave so desperately. We want and need to profess our love to her and in doing so we want her to know that we will do anything for her, subject ourselves to any indignity if our reward is her allowing us into her inner sanctum and let us share in her sexual doings. We will endure humiliation and emasculation and submit to be dominated and demeaned for a drink at the well of her beauty.

Alas, if only more woman would realize the true power they have and use it!

Feb 5

Explain this hubs wants to see me get fucked by another younger man!' I'm excited

Explain it? He is obviously into cuckolding, knows you’re a beautiful and desirable woman that he can’t please, loves you VERY much and wants you to have your cake and eat it too!