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Heading on vacation for a few days until Monday. I thought I’d share a new story Throne wrote. It’s wicked in its humiliation of the poor cuckold!! Enjoy!

"B… but…" I said, my voice shaky.  "Darla.  When you volunteered me to work at the fair I thought…  I mean, I assumed that I would be… taking tickets… or something."
"Well," my tall busty wife said with an impish smile, "this is SOMETHING.  It’s being the guy in the dunking tank.  Don’t tell me you’re afraid to get wet."
"N… no, but that costume.  And the m… make-up."
"Well, you ARE supposed to be a clown.  And the costume they sent is for a girl clown.  But I’m not going to ask any of my girlfriends to do this.  I need a man.  One who’s short and fat, like the outfit."
Close to tears at the thought of being put on display, laughed at, and dropped repeatedly into a tank of water, I tried to pull myself together.  After all, this WAS for charity.  I took a deep breath and said, “All right.  I’ll do it.”
She was only half listening to me, already fussing with the ridiculous costume I was going to wear.  Darla said, “Let’s get you into your working clothes, Wayne.  Hmmm, that’s not a very good name for a clown.  Maybe Wayney?  Nah.  I know — Winky.  Winky the Clown.”  She laughed as she held the top of the outfit against my front and said, “Let’s get you into this, Winky.”
"You mean I’ll have to go… go to the fair wearing it?"
"There’s nowhere to change once we get there.  So strip down, Bozo."
I reluctantly began to undress.  I’m uncomfortable with my plump body, even in front of my wife.  She always notices guys who are in better shape than me.  And taller than me.  And more confident.  I got out of my clothes and stood there but she didn’t hand me anything to put on.  She told me to wait a minute, to not do anything until she got back, and then left the bedroom.  I stood there feeling awkward and unhappy.  A moment later I heard her talking to someone.  She must have made a phone call.  Darla chuckled and talked some more.  I couldn’t make out exactly what she was saying.  After a few more minutes I heard her say goodbye.   
She returned and said that she had let a friend know to meet her at the event, to give her some help with the booth.  I stood there squirming, chubby and pink.  It doesn’t help my low self-esteem that I have almost no body hair.  Worst of all, my genitals are underdeveloped.  My wife is amused by my lack of manly assets and jokes about it frequently.  Our sex life is limited to me using my mouth on her and her using her hand on me.  The latter never takes long, as I always get overexcited and, as she puts it, am ‘done before I get started’. 
The first part of the costume was a pair of stockings.  I worked them up my legs slowly, delaying the inevitable, but not for long.  They were bright yellow with a wide red stripe around each thigh.  Darla made me walk around in just those.  I could feel my cheeks get warm with shame.  She said that if I was going to be a girl clown, I had to walk like one, and insisted that I swish my hips with each step.  She giggled at the ridiculous sight I made.  I tried to argue that I would be sitting on the little seat, over the water, and not doing any walking, but she didn’t back down. 
Next I had to get into bright pink panties with ruffles across their seat.  My big bottom filled them almost to their limit.  Between the legs, my small parts barely made a bump.  Then came the top, a yellow and orange dress with short puffed sleeves.  At my plump waist it flared out into a brief skirt that did nothing to conceal the stocking tops or much of the panties.  There were garters, which my wife had me fasten to the stockings.  Finally, there were gloves that went up my arms and vanished under the ends of the  sleeves. 
Darla made me walk to the bathroom, wiggling my hips all the way.  She had me stand in front of the full length mirror and strike several girly poses.  The costume showed off every ounce of excess weight I was carrying.  But there was more.  A bag was sitting on top of the hamper.  From it she took two rounded forms and stuffed them down the back of my panties, making my backside bulge much further.  I couldn’t believe how much the material stretched.  Then came other forms, down the bodice of the dress, to give me absurdly large breasts. 
Following that, she produced a wig.  It was a puffed out mass of tight hair, in rainbow stripes.  As she fitted it snugly onto my head I started to feel as if my own identity was being swallowed up by the foolish role I was being dressed for.  Then, to my dismay, she announced that it was time to apply my make-up.  I would have to travel to the fair in not only that unwanted costume, but wearing a clown face as well.  I tried to console myself with the fact that my identity would be concealed by the white base and colorful highlights I was sure she would use, but somehow it didn’t help.  She sat me down at her vanity table, removed my wig, tied a kitchen apron around my neck, and began to work.
As expected, a white covering came first, except that she mixed some pink into it, so that I was left with a kind of permanent blush.  Then she made that worse by making red circles on my cheeks, like you might find on a baby doll.  The eye liner and eyebrow pencil she used, along with the eyeshade and long false lashes, managed to make me look clownish and slutty at the same time.  Darla assured me that the special adhesive on the lashes would guarantee that they didn’t come off when I was dropped into the water.  Then it was time for what I dreaded the most — lipstick.  She selected a shiny fire-engine red and used it liberally.  Next she outlined my lips, making them appear even larger, and filled in the edges of the outline.  A few final touches completed my outrageous clown/slut look, the apron-bib came off, and the wig went back on. 
She ordered me to stand and show off my girly walk again, forcing me to exaggerate it even more, as well as putting one hand on my hip, raising the other arm, and letting that hand dangle from a limp wrist.  Then came shoes, old fashioned, high-buttoned style, with two-inch heels.  My wife laughed and laughed and laughed, which was what I anticipated everyone else would be doing.  She led me to the front door and out onto the sidewalk.  Just my bad luck, one of our neighbors was strolling by.  It was old Mrs. Grundish, a gossipy biddy if ever there was one.  The senior citizen stopped and gaped at me.
My bride greeted her cheerily and explained that it was me in that humiliating costume, and that we were on our way to the fair.  Darla answered a few questions and somehow, without coming right out and saying it, strongly suggested that I was getting some kind of sick thrill out of being a weird exhibitionist.  The old woman clucked at me and went on her way.  I just wanted to get into the car and have at least a bit of privacy from curious stares.  People driving by gawked at me.  Once I was in the car and my wife was seated behind the wheel, my relief was short-lived.
Darla pulled out her cell phone and declared that she needed to document this happening.  “You know,” she explained.  “In case they need pictures for the charity’s website.  I’ll have to get some of you afterwards, out of your get-up, to put alongside the ones of you as Winky.  Just to make sure everyone knows who generously volunteered to be the buffoon.  Right, Clarabelle?”  She took several pictures.
I cringed.  She drove.  Halfway there, she insisted on getting herself a cup of coffee.  At a busy fast food place.  Not by using the drive-in, but by going inside.  And I had to go with her.  Feeling utterly disgraced, I tagged along behind, having to mince on those heels.  The counter girls snickered at me and the guys who were cooking rolled their eyes.  The manager tried to appear unaffected, but had to turn away when he could no longer keep himself from chortling.  At last my wife had her coffee and whisked out the door, leaving me to struggle to keep up.  People entering the restaurant were startled by my silly appearance. 
She drove us the rest of the way and then I had to get out and face the public on a much larger scale.  The fair was almost ready to open and she hurried me through a side entrance to the local ball field, where it was taking place.  Just my luck, our spot was right in the center of everything.  Anyone visiting the event was sure to see me.  She consulted with a woman who carried a clipboard, who in turn talked with a guy who was putting finishing touches on the booths.  He listened to her and then went off to one side, where he had a big piece of cardboard and a collection of magic markers.  He worked quickly while I looked with trepidation at the dunking booth.  All too soon the man with the markers was done, and he proudly held up a large sign that said DROP THE CLOWN INTO THE WATER.  WINKY THE CLOWN.  And below that, in parenthesis, (AKA Wayne Willis).  Oh no, everyone would know it was me in that cage, wearing that awful costume and mortifying face.
I reluctantly got into the booth, perching on the none-too-comfortable, narrow board that was my seat.  I looked to either side of the cage, where bulls-eyes protruded, waiting to be hit by baseballs, which would make the seat drop and dump me into the water directly below.  I could see down the center aisle, as the gates were opened and fair-goers streamed onto the grounds.  Near the head of the crowd was someone I recognized and was not happy to see.  It was Hank Thompson, a guy who my wife had dated before we got married, and who she still spoke about admiringly.  He was tall and fit and full of attitude.  When he got there she opened her arms to him and he gave her a long hug.  I shuddered.
They were close to me and I heard her say, “I’m so glad you weren’t busy when I called.  I really wanted you to be here.  I need at least one real man with me today.”
He laughed and gave her upper arm a friendly squeeze.  They exchanged intimate glances.  I was just absorbing that shock when the first customers reached the booth.  It was a young couple and the guy handed over his money for two baseballs.  He threw one and was visibly disappointed when it missed.  The second attempt grazed the edge of a bulls-eye but didn’t trigger it.  I was relieved, but knew my luck couldn’t hold.  Then Hank came up alongside the booth and fussed with something I couldn’t see.  He swung a microphone, on a long flexible arm, out and just above my head.
Hank told me, “Go ahead… Winky.  Say something to the people.  Get them worked up.  This booth isn’t going to make any money if you don’t get their attention.  Get them riled up.”
I looked at him blankly.  He shook his head in disgust and reached out one long arm to swing the microphone back toward himself.  Then he unfastened it from its mounting and held it in his hand.  As more strollers neared, he began his spiel. 
"Let’s go, folks.  Hit the target and dump the funny clown into the drink.  Look at him.  Or her.  Yeah, look at Winky the Clown.  Isn’t she cute?  But she thinks YOU look funny.  Are you going to let her think that about you?"
A couple of guys who looked like they thought they were tough heard his patter.  They stepped up to the booth and pulled out money.  Hank said, “Come on, gents.  Knock Winky girl into the water.  Otherwise, everybody might think you’re going easy on her.  They might think you like her.  Is that it, fellows?  Are you getting turned on by Winky’s curves?  Hmmm?”
They ignored Hank, even though he was the one saying those things.  Instead, they glowered at me, obviously displeased with my sissy manner.  Darla gestured to me to use more girlish body language.  I put up one hand and waved it loose-wrist style at the guys.  She pantomimed throwing a kiss, puckering her lips, putting her hand near them, and flinging out her arm.  Not wanting to, I nevertheless duplicated the action, straight at those increasingly angry young men.  They snarled at me as they weighed the baseballs in their hands.  The first of them drew back his arm, looking like he had thrown a lot of pitches in the past.  The ball flashed at the target and barely missed.  On his next attempt he hit it dead center and down I went, into the tepid water, with a big splash.  I came up spluttering and blinking.
"Okay," Hank hooted.  "We have one real man in the bunch.  Do you other guys want to dunk Winky?  Or do you like her too much?"
They took the challenge.  He had gotten them upset and they threw wild, missing over and over.  Then they put down more money.  Hank harassed them but their ire was all directed at me.  One of them hit and down I went again.  The other had to pay one more time before he scored.  A crowd had gathered.  Hank worked them and they lined up to soak the sissy clown.  Darla stood much too close to her former boyfriend, often reaching out to stroke his muscular arm or squeeze his firm shoulder.  I didn’t know what was worse: the way I looked, getting plunked into the water, seeing my wife flirt openly with a past lover.  It was all bad.  There were familiar faces in the crowd and having my name on the sign assured that would all know it was me in that dress, stockings, gloves, heels, and wig, with the made-up face.  People shouted taunting comments at me as the day seemed to last forever.  Dusk arrived and lights were turned on. 
For the next several hours my ordeal continued.  At last it was over.  A final thrower blazed two balls at the targets and dropped me twice.  Hank opened the side door of the enclosure and I got out unsteadily, water running from my outfit.  I staggered around on those heels while Darla thanked him for making the booth a success.  She said he deserved a reward and gave it to him in the form of a long kiss on the mouth.  He said he could use a cup of hot coffee to sooth his throat after all that ballyhooing, and she invited him to our house.  She gave him directions and he offered to pick up a bottle on the way, which she was happy to agree to.  I stood there, soaking wet, while they exchanged another kiss. 
My wife walked away and I followed.  She turned to me and said, “Where do you think you’re going, sissy girl?  I’m not having you in the car while you’re all wet like that.  Walk home.  It’s only a few miles.  And don’t take those shoes off or you’ll ruin the stockings.  That’s an order.”
Stunned, I watched her move away.  Then I started the long walk.  Over an hour later I arrived.  Our car and what I could only assume was Hank’s, were parked out front.  I went to the door but it was locked.  I knocked timidly and then stood there for several long minutes.  At last my bride appeared, wearing a short belted robe.  She had a drink in hand, her hair was tousled, and she was a bit tipsy.  With a snorting laugh she let him come inside.  I was damp and uncomfortable.  I followed her wordlessly and was shocked, when we got to the recreation room, to find Hank on the couch in only his boxer shorts. 
"Hey, Winky, old girl," he said merrily.  "Have a nice walk?  I know WE had a great time while we were waiting for you.  And we’re going to have another great time later, after we’ve rested up from the first one.  But on my way here I got you a gift.  Some closer so I can give it to you."  He stood up.  "Come on, Winky girl."
Feeling defeated, I went to him.  He reached under the side table that was against the couch and pulled out a white box, square and not too deep.  He opened it and took out a pie, balancing it on his broad hand.  Then he put the fingers of his other hand against the back of my head.  Too late, I understood what he intended to do.  With Darla watching, he shoved the pie into my face and ground it against my features.  Afterwards, I still had one eye still clear and could see my wife laughing raucously, her big bust rising and falling, the top of the robe opening slightly to show lots of cleavage.  I was totally demeaned.  Hank put a hand on the top of my head and pushed down hard, telling me to kneel.
I got down on my knees and he ordered me to stay there.  Then he and Darla relaxed, acting as if I wasn’t even present.  They kissed and fondled each other.  Less than a half hour later they were ready to head to the bedroom — again.  His sexual stamina obviously outclassed mine.  My wife looked back at me and said, “Don’t move, Winky.  I’ll leave the bedroom door opened so you can hear how I sound when a real man is with me.  It’s going to get loud.  Oh, and those hand jobs I was generously giving you… they’re going to stop.  I wouldn’t want to feel like I was cheating on Hank.  But don’t worry.  With a dick and balls as tiny as yours, I’m sure it won’t be too difficult to go for a week without cumming.  Or a month.  Or half a year.  And I’ll still let you use your mouth on me.” 
They both laughed at my distraught reaction and then vanished.  As she had said, I could hear them the entire time.  She made sure to compliment Hank on his size and skills.  And to disparage my shortcomings in the same areas.  I was beaten.  Even after my clownish outward appearance was removed, I would still feel like a clown inside.  That was not going to change.  I knelt there with a mess of custard on my face and waited to learn what other indignities would be visited on me.


Your story, TONY, worked very well.  I especially liked how the husband’s life went downhill in stages, all of them described so effectively.  The enjoyment his wife and her lover got from mistreating him just added to the impact.

(Comment by Throne)




So the meeting this weekend went incredible. The couple we met, I’ll call them Stan & Irene were gracious hosts and invited us for dinner and drinks on Saturday. We arrived and Irene was donned in a leather skirt, thigh highs, heels, and a cute black top, Stan had on leather pants and a nice shirt. They served my cuckoldress and I drinks and we chatted for a bit. Irene took my cuckoldress and led her upstairs leaving Stan and I alone. We were both chomping at the bit to see what was going on upstairs as this was my cuckoldresses first bi experience I was curious to see how everything would go. Stan and I chatted for a while about cuckolding, the things I’m interested in, the level of dominance my cuckoldress has and finally he said, “I think we should go upstairs and see what they’re up to.”

As we walked into the bedroom these two gorgeous naked ladies were wrapped in an embrace kissing and touching each other. It was incredible. Stan and I sat on a couch and watched as my cuckoldress played with Irene’s pussy fingering her and Irene kissed and sucked on my cuckoldresses’ tits. We were both mesmerized and watched their gorgeous naked bodies intertwined for quite a time until Irene stood and put on a strap on and made her way back to the bed. Stan asked her if she wanted me to suck the strap on to which she replied, “If I want him to suck the strap on I’ll let him know!” We watched as she fucked my cuckoldress and then Irene called me to the bed and told me to lick my cuckoldresses pussy. I made my way to the bed and undressed with the exception of a pair of white Nike pro combat shorts that my cuckoldress likes me to wear, lay on my stomach and began licking her pussy.

Before I knew it Stan was beside the bed naked and my cuckoldress had his cock in her mouth. I was amazed at how big his cock was and the mushroom head was huge. As a cuckold I know that women like big cocks and this afternoon was to be no exception. I watched from my place licking her pussy as his huge cock drove in and out of her mouth. Soon both Irene and her were sucking his cock. I have to be honest and say I was getting so turned on by the fact that at that point everyone was naked except me! Soon my cuckoldress had his big cock between her tits and Irene was laying back on the bed legs spread telling me to lick her pussy. It was glorious!! As I no licked her pussy both Stan and Irene played with my cuckoldresses tits as he fucked on her back and doggies style. As I lay there licking Irene’s pussy and loving it, she tasted so sweet and responded to my tongue, she told me I was a good pussy licker. She then began to describe in detail what Stan and my cuckoldress were doing and asked me if I wanted to see to which I replied yes. She then said, “What do you have to say?” I stopped licking her delicious pussy for a second and said, “Please may I look at them?”

She allowed me to sit up and watch and it was incredible seeing my cuckoldress in this state of passion with his huge cock fucking her on all fours (something I cannot do due to my tiny cock!) and her moaning and loving every minute of it! Irene then instructed me to get on my back with my head under Stan’s cock and balls. It was so hot to be under there licking his balls as he fucked my cuckoldress with my tongue licking them both. Erotic is a word that comes to mind but that so doesn’t describe the effect, it was mind blowing. As he pummeled her with that huge cock I could hear her moans getting louder and knowing her knew that she was about to cum. Bucking wildly against his cock she rammed herself back and forth impaling her pussy on that huge shaft until in one giant burst she came AND squirted! She has NEVER been able to squirt and always wanted to and just as Stan pulled out their juices hit me square in the face covering my eyes and forehead.

As my cuckoldress lay spent on the bed Irene mounted Stan and rode him and they both played with my cuckoldresses tits while she ordered me to clean her pussy. Again I lay on my stomach, licking her pussy while the three of them reveled in orgiastic pleasure. I was so hot and aroused but still hadn’t taken off my shorts. Soon my cuckoldress came again, and then joined Irene sucking Stan’s huge cock. After they were satiated everyone got dressed and we went downstairs to dinner.

As we ate dinner we talked about what had transpired and what we all liked about it. They seemed to sincerely like us and want to have us back (which we REALLY hope happens) and we sincerely liked them. I loved the fact that as a cuckold I got to serve the three of them and the only thing I didn’t get to do this time was suck Stan’s cock which I hope will happen in the future. After dinner we had drinks and talked and finally left. On the way home my cuckoldress could not stop talking about what a great time she had and the size of Stan’s cock. She teased me all the way home about me not cumming and about me being the only one that wasn’t totally naked. I was getting so excited it wasn’t even funny! She thought how great it would be next time for them to remain clothed for a while and I would be the only one naked so they could see my tiny cock and it would demonstrate why she longed for Stan’s big cock with the “beautiful mushroom head” as she put it.

Once at home, I was made to get naked and she mounted me but soon stopped saying she really couldn’t feel me after him. As she was on top of me riding me she said, “His beautiful mushroom head is almost as big as you entire cock” which made me almost shoot my load right there! I was then made to finger her to orgasm once again, the alcohol she had consumed made this process quite lengthy and yet erotic at the same time because once again I was being put on the back burner and her needs were coming first. Finally after she came she lay there limp and asked me if I “wanted to go where the big cock went” and I immediately put my cock into her very wet pussy. It took me about three strokes before I came as I was so excited reliving the scenes from the afternoon in my mind.

All in all it was a glorious get tighter and one I hope we can repeat. We both want to do it again as do Stan and Irene. Who knows what they’ll have cooked up for me next time?

Tonight’s the night…

My cuckoldress and I are getting together with a very hot couple tonight for some dinner and fun sex! We are all looking forward to it. She will finally get to explore her bi-sexual side. I will hopefully be serving everyone as a good cuckold should.

I’ll keep you posted….

Sep 9

Tony…by cuckytoher

Tony..by cuckytoher

My pathetic, semi-erect, four inch cock dribbled the last of my orgasm onto the bed sheets as I knelt on all fours. My wife rolled off the bed laughing.

“I’ve just got to get a picture of this!” She squealed, getting the digital camera off the dresser.

I must’ve looked quite a site kneeling there in that state with a pair of her pantyhose on, with a cyberskin dildo in my ass, and a small bell wrapped around my cock and balls. I looked at her as she snapped pictures laughing the whole time and wondered how I had gotten into this. Who was I kidding? I knew exactly how I got to this point in my life.

“That’s great Tinkerbelle!” She laughed. “Now come on out in the other room, I need a foot massage.”

I got off the bed, put my cock back in the pantyhose and followed her into the living room where she flopped on the sofa and put her feet on the ottoman. Without being told, I knelt and took the lotion from the end table and began to massage her feet. My mind kept going back to how all this had started.

Kristi and I were high school sweethearts and married soon after. I was always submissive to her and even on our wedding night made a feeble attempt to make love to her before my tiny penis erupted as I slid it inside her. After that our lovemaking was mostly me using my fingers or tongue. And so our life went on for the next twenty years.

And then, suddenly last year, Kristi joined a health club to lose some weight. It was then that I saw a dramatic change in her. She is what I would call a rubenesque woman, and very pretty. She dropped about twenty pounds, dyed her hair blonde, started visiting the tanning salon regularly and started dressing a bit more provocatively.

I on the other hand, resigned myself to the couch, television and potato chips. I packed about two hundred and forty pounds on to my five foot nine frame, and yes I had a gut. It seemed while I was gaining weight, Kristi was losing it and getting a great deal of male attention everywhere we went. She seemed to like it and became more daring in her outfits.

Then one day she came home from the gym, tossed her bag in the corner and took a seat at the kitchen counter and sipped a water. The sweat gleaned off her neck as a tiny bead ran down between her ample breasts and disappeared in her black leotard.

“Honey, you remember Tony (last name deleted) that we went to high school with?”

How could I not. During the whole time we went out together in high school, we broke up once and Kristi had dated Tony. He was the high school jock extraordinaire, quarterback of the football team, baseball player that all the girls were after. Kristi and he dated for awhile until we ended up getting back together, but she would always bring him up as, “my old boyfriend.”

I stared at her and said, “You mean your old boyfriend Tony?”

She laughed a mischievous laugh, “Oh yeah that one. Well I ran into him today at the gym. He just moved back into the area and joined the gym.”

I grunted. “Oh, how’s he doing?”

“He hasn’t changed a bit!” she cooed, like a schoolgirl.

“Great” was all I could muster for a reply.

For the next two weeks every night when she came home from the gym it was Tony this and Tony that. It got so I could barely stand it anymore, but I knew that I didn’t have much choice, Kristi was beautiful and I didn’t want to lose her to Tony again at any cost.

One Tuesday night she came bouncing in the door like she had won the lottery. “Hi honey, I’m home! Tony and I went out for a drink after our workout. Oh my God, he is so funny, he makes me laugh!”

I felt like dying inside, but all I could do was sit and listen as she went on and on about him. She showered and we went to bed and I began to get frisky. She told me she really wasn’t in the mood and that she was tired. I acquiesced and rolled over and went to sleep.

The next night she called to tell me that Tony had invited her out to dinner and that she wouldn’t be home till later. I was seething inside but called and ordered a pizza. At about eleven o’clock that night she came home and flopped down on the sofa. I noticed that she had changed from her workout clothes but was still wearing a leotard, except for the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Again, I had to sit and listen to how funny, cute, sexy, bright, Tony was, while she put her feet in my lap and told me to massage them as they were tired from dancing.

“Dancing! You two went dancing!” It was as if something had broken inside. I started yelling at her about Tony and going out with him. Then something happened that changed my life forever; she hit me. Slapped me right across the face! I was stunned and shocked and didn’t quite know what to do until she spoke.

“Listen honey, Tony is my friend and if I want to go out to dinner or dancing with him I will! Just because you choose to be a couch potato and do nothing and I’ve chosen to take control of my life and make some changes for the better, you’re certainly not going to tell me what I can and cannot do who I can or cannot do it with!” With that, she turned and went upstairs to bed. I sat there for awhile and found myself beginning to cry. Finally I found myself sobbing. I pulled myself up the stairs and sat on the edge of the bed. I begged her forgiveness and told her that I was just afraid of losing her. After a considerable amount of time with me begging and pleading forgiveness, she relented but said there would be some changes in our household and in our relationship. For one, she would do whatever she pleased with whomever she pleased and if I didn’t like it I could leave. She told me that she loved me but that she loved herself and the things she was doing were for her not me. I could do little more than whimper and agree.

Things took a turn after that night. Namely we stopped having intercourse. Our sex life to that point had consisted of me attempting intercourse and usually ejaculating early and sometimes before I even entered her. From that night on, it was all about her. I would get her off with my fingers and then and only then after she had cum would she even think about letting me cum. Usually I was allowed to hump her leg and cum or fuck the bed while she berated me. This soon changed to her playing with my balls and never touching my cock which put me in agony while trying to cum without having my cock touched.

And of course, Tony became more involved in our life. Kristi would spend three or four nights a week going out after her workout at the gym with him only  to return home later and later and some nights coming in as late as three of four in the morning. I would watch her get ready for work in the morning and watched how sexy she dressed knowing that she would be seeing Tony after work. I on the other hand was left to do the laundry, cleaning, and the rest of the household chores. Most nights, when she came home I would be in bed and she would crawl in beside me and tell me all about her ‘date’ with Tony.

Eventually her ‘dates’ with Tony began to work their way into our sex lives with me begging her to tell me about what they did while she played with my balls and made me cum. Sometimes I think she made things up just to get me off but I was never sure. I asked her what Tony thought of me and did he ever question why I never went out with them. She smiled and said, “Tony’s got your number. I’ve told him all about you.” And that was that. She never elaborated and I never asked, I think I was afraid to on a multitude of levels.

Shortly after that, one night while we were having sex she took her pantyhose off and handed them to me and told me to put them on, which I did without question. She told me that from now on, I was to wear her dirty pantyhose from the previous day each day while I was at work and home. She also attached a small bell around my cock and balls that would ring when I walked and she began calling me Tinkerbelle. Again, I agreed and my role of subservient husband got deeper. Every now and then when Kristi and I were out we would run into Tony and I was amazed at how much he hadn’t changed since high school and here I was a balding, chubby husband wearing pantyhose and a bell beneath my clothes.

While Kristi’s time with Tony increased, her time with me decreased. I work nights, so I would only see her on my night off or if I was lucky enough to get home before she went to work in the morning. When I did see her I was like a puppy in heat; fawning over her and trying to get her to give me a little attention and possibly have her get me off. It became so that when we did see each other, I was little more than her slave, doing her bidding, and waiting on her hand and foot. The time I did spend with her was also filled with stories about Tony and what they had done together. The thought that their friendship had turned physical was always at the forefront of my mind and I couldn’t help but begin to accept that they were sleeping together.

The Friday afternoon of Labor Day Weekend the phone rang and it was Kristi.

“Hi Tinkerbelle, it’s me. Listen something dreadful has happened. Tony was playing touch football with the guys and sprained his ankle and threw out his back. The doctor says he can’t walk on his foot for a whole week, so I told him he could stay with us for the weekend at least.”

My throat tightened. “I uh guess that’s ok honey.”

“You guess? What the hell does that mean? I told you he’s coming to stay with us and that’s that! Now make sure the house is clean and the bed has fresh linens, I told Tony he could stay in our bed since it’s more comfortable than the one in the spare room.”

“Bbbbbuuuuttt…where will you and I sleep?” Click the phone went dead before I could finish my sentence. My heart started racing, but like a good little househusband I went into maid gear. I cleaned and changed the linen on our bed, and made sure everything was just right when I heard the door open.

“We’re home!” Kristi shouted from the front door.

I ran down the stairs to see Tony with a crutch under one arm and my wife under the other. She was wearing a low cut top and a very short skirt with what seemed to be very high heels.

“Grab Tony’s stuff from the car and bring it to the bedroom.”

Without thinking I went outside to the car and couldn’t believe my eyes. There were two huge suitcases and bags full of stuff. I brought everything to the bedroom as Kristi settled Tony on the bed. “There that will make my patient feel better.” She said, in a cooing voice. I put the stuff down and Kristi looked at me, “Oh the things in the bags are Tony’s dirty laundry since he isn’t going to be home and he’s not sure what he’ll need I thought we’d bring it over here and you could wash it for him.”

“Yes ma’am,” was all I could think of to say.

“Now honey, Tony knows about our relationship and he knows that you wear pantyhose around the house and about your bell. As a matter of fact, some of that might have been his idea!”

Oh my God, how mortified was I at this moment? He knew? My face flushed red with embarrassment. I could do nothing more than stand there and hang my head.

“Now honey, if Tony’s going to be here for the weekend, or maybe longer, I think it’s only right that you are in your normal state that you’re in around the house. So you can take off your pants and shirt and be yourself. Come on now do it.”

Slowly I lowered my head, unbuttoned my jeans and dropped them to the floor. I could hear Tony and Kristi snickering from the bed.

“There doesn’t that feel better Tinkerbelle?”

“Yes ma’am,” I muttered and then removed my shirt. There I stood in pantyhose with my bell naked in my bedroom while my wife and her old boyfriend sat on the bed snickering.

“Tinkerbelle, I told you Tony knows all about us and what goes on here so there’s no need to be embarrassed. He accepts that certain people have certain needs and he knows that you need to be the way you are. So for as long as he’s in our home, you’ll treat him the way you treat me. Now enough of this foolishness, you’ve got laundry to do and we’re hungry, right Tony?”

Tony just grinned and said, “Yeah I could go for a burger and a beer.”

“You heard the man Tinkerbelle, you better get going.” Kristi said, smiling and fluffing up a pillow under Tony’s back. I bent down and picked up the laundry bags and headed for the kitchen.

The rest of the day and evening were spent with me running up and down the stairs bringing Tony and Kristi food, drinks, magazines, and at one point Kristi had me give her a foot massage right in front of Tony. My little cock was throbbing and dripping just touching her. Then came the time for me to go to work, as I said, I work midnight to eight a.m. So I got dressed to go to work and gave Kristi a kiss goodnight and said goodnight to Tony. I wondered all the way to work what the sleeping arrangements were going to be. Once at work, I called and asked Kristi where she was going to sleep that night.

“Why in my bed silly! What did you think I was going to do?”

“I uh wasn’t sure with Tony being there and all. Oh Tinkerbelle, it’s not like Tony and haven’t seen each other naked before or slept together before after all we did go out together in high school. Now you go to work and have a good night. Oh and in the morning bring us home two coffees and those delicious cinnamon rolls from that bakery on Main St.” Click and the line went dead.

I spent the rest of my night wondering what was going on and it was torture. I couldn’t concentrate on work and all I did was watch the clock. At eight o’clock, I raced from the building, sped to the coffee shop, and then flew home. Upon entering the house I crept upstairs so as not to wake anyone up. There lying on the bed, my bed, our bed, was my wife wearing a little short black see through teddy that I had given her for our last anniversary. She had never worn it saying it wasn’t comfortable to sleep in. Next to her lay Tony with no shirt and a pair of boxer shorts with the snap front undone. Whatever was in there looked huge, but turned away and placed to coffee on the nightstand. Kristi opened her eyes.

“Hmmm hi there.”

“Hi honey, here’s your coffee and cinnamon rolls.”

“Thank you baby.” With that she rolled over and placed her hand on Tony’s hairy chest. He began to stir and she said, “Breakfast is here.”

Tony smiled and nodded to me and I nodded back. “Oh, I’ve got to take a piss.” He said, to no one in particular.

Kristi sat up and said to me, “Grab that urinal and hand it to Tony.” I walked over to my dresser and picked up the urinal that they had given him at the hospital and handed it to him. He made his way to the edge of the bed, stood up and said, “I’m going to need a hand here.” I shuddered to think what he meant, when he leaned on my shoulder and took his cock out and started urinating. I have to admit I must have looked silly, just standing there gazing at it, but it was magnificent. It must have been at least eight inches long and I can’t even guess how thick but it made mine look even smaller than it was.

He laughed and patted me on the back. “It’s ok, there Tinkerbelle I know you’ve probably never seen a cock that big especially after seeing yours. He looked at Kristi and they both chuckled and he got back into bed. I spent the rest of that day waiting on them; actually I spent the entire Labor Day Weekend waiting on them both hand and foot. And finally on Monday night after I’d emptied Tony’s urinal for what seemed like the hundredth time, he had to piss again. Out of bed he got, except this time he pulled his cock out and looked me straight in the eye, “hold it Tinkerbelle while I piss.” Reluctantly, I reached down and took hold of his throbbing member. It was big and warm and I could feel the piss running through it as I held it there.

When he was finished, I placed it back in his shorts and emptied the urinal. That began my total subservience to Kristi and Tony that exists until this day. And so that’s why I’m just finishing kneeling on what used to be my bed watching my cock dribble the last of its orgasm out, my weekly reward for outstanding service to either Tony, Kristi or both of them. But the story of what I did to deserve the reward will have to wait for another day….

     Doing chores never bothered me, but since Tony’s ankle has healed (see part one) it seems like all I do is run around and do chores for him and Kristi. Once his ankle was better, Kristi thought it best that he stay here at our house for a couple of months. By that point, I had no say in the matter but begrudgingly accepted.

     That first week, Tony went back to work as did Kristi and me and I thought things would be back to normal. What I found was that things went back to normal for them, however after work I ended up cleaning, doing laundry, cooking and running a million errands for them. Kristi and Tony still slept in our bed and I could hear the grunting and groaning coming from what used to be our marital bed.

     Weekends were the worst. They would usually go out on Friday night sometimes without me, while I was left home to attend to chores. Some nights they would come stumbling in around 2:00 am, both drunk and horny. Other times I was made to go with them and chauffeur them around, all the time hearing comments from friends about how close they had become. A ritual had started when Tony had his broken ankle and that was that I was to always hold his cock when he went to the bathroom. Kristi thought it was cute, and Tony thought that it showed who the boss was.

     So many nights while out on their bar rounds, every time Tony went to the men’s room, I would follow like a dutiful servant, unzip his pants, take his massive tool out and hold it while he pissed. I have to admit that this held some excitement for me as I did love the feel of his big cock with his piss flowing through it. And furthermore, he once had me hold it while I was naked and witnessed me getting a hard on which set him to laughing and knowing that it turned me on.

     One particular Friday a week or so ago I was not privy to their Friday night trip and was home doing chores when they returned home. Both pretty drunk, they came in and flopped on the couch. Kristi had a low cut leotard on with no bra and a short skirt. I reTonyed that her outfit reminded me of when we were all in high school together. She often wore leotards and knew they drove me crazy. That was all it took, Kristi smiled and said she had a great idea. Why didn’t we do a fashion show of all our old clothes from high school?

     I was mortified. Both her and Tony were the same size (Kristi actually smaller) than when we were in high school. I on the other hand had packed on tons of weight. Dutifully, I went to the storage and got out a bunch of old clothes. Kristi proceeded to try on leotards, Danskin, skirts, low cut tops, and an assortment of hot clothes that a 17 yr old would wear and she looked great! Fortunately for me, Tony had no clothes from that era at our house, so I was the next victim. They sat on the couch and laughed, with tears rolling down their cheeks as I struggled to get into pants that were two or three sizes too small and shirts that would button over my girth.

     Kristi screamed with laughter as I tried to get into my Saturday Night Fever white suit and black shirt. The pants barely fit up my legs and there was no way they would button and the shirt barely made it onto my 240 lb frame. With Kristi roaring with laughter, Tony proceeded to the stereo and turned on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. “Dance for us baby!!” Kristi yelled. I stood there mortified, but Tony came up and whispered in my ear, “You better do what she says or there’ll be hell to pay.”

     Slowly I began to dance around the living room with my pants unbuttoned and my shirt half off while they roared with laughter. Finally a slow song came on and the two of them stood to dance. I thought my embarrassment was over, but Kristi said, “Now if we’re dancing you dance, just pretend you have a partner in that hot looking suit you have on!” With that they proceeded to roar with laughter once again, with Tony caressing his hands up and down Kristi’s thighs and feeling her breasts, while I swayed to the music with my imaginary partner.

     When the song ended, Kristi told me to clean up the clothes and the mess in the living room and go to bed. Since Tony had moved in I had been sleeping in the spare room. After I had cleaned up and locked the house up for the night, I went to my room, but heard Kristi calling me. I approached what used to be our bedroom and pushed the door open expecting one of them to want a glass of water or a drink. There on the bed, lay Tony naked, with his huge cock lying soft on his thigh. I had to admit that even soft, he was bigger than I was hard. Kristi lay next to him, with only her leotard on, legs spread.

     “Yes ma’am.” I said meekly.

     “Honey, I just wanted to tell you you were very entertaining tonight,” she looked at Tony and they both giggled. “Tony and I have been thinking and we think that you deserve a reward for all the hard work you’ve been doing around here and for entertaining us. So, since you’re already familiar with Tony’s cock from holding it while he goes to the bathroom, we figured your next step in the reward process would be for you to actually witness it get hard and help it along. Come over here.”

     With that, a whole new chapter in my life began. Moving slowly toward the bed, I was instructed to kneel between Tony’s legs and take his cock in my hands and gently stroke it. Doing as I was told, I could feel his semi hard cock begin to grow in my hands. Kristi, smiled at Tony and then at me and said, “Now bend over and kiss it.” I couldn’t believe what I was being asked to do, but like everything in my life, I bowed my head ever so slightly and placed a gentle kiss on the tip of his cock. “Now suck it,” she said, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Once again, my subservient state and humiliation complete, I bowed my head and began sucking.

     That night was the first of many that I was to be involved in their lovemaking. Yes, their lovemaking. I was no longer allowed to make love to my wife and it was clear that she and Tony were in love and I was the cuckold slave along for the ride and whatever they chose to dish out.


Sep 8

The Meet

So this weekend my cuckoldress and I are meeting with a couple we found and hopefully it will be an erotic exchange for all involved. My cuckoldress wants to have her first bi experience and she is looking forward to watching me suck cock and lick pussy for her. She has also expressed a desire to make me serve them all!!

Sep 4

Cousins…by Throne

COUSINS by Throne
"B… but…"  I stood there gaping at my wife Delia.  "What do you mean, you’re bringing this guy here?"
"It’s like I’ve been telling you, Jerry.  He’s someone I dated before I met you.  He was a fantastic lover and has a huge cock.  In other words, he’s the opposite of you.  But I just invited him over for an innocent visit.  Then I remembered how insanely jealous he can be, and how he can get violent, so I told him that I have my own little house and that my gay cousin is staying with me.  That way we can have an hour or so together, just talking and stuff, and nothing bad will happen… to you.  I mean, the slightest thing can set him off.  And he can be kind of irrational about it.  But that won’t be a problem, not as long as you stay in character… Jenny."
"You can’t…  I mean, it isn’t fair for you to…."  I was too upset to even talk right.  The idea of some macho bully coming into our home, even just to chat with Delia, was unacceptable.  Except that he was already on his way.  And I’m not a big guy, so the threat of him hitting me was terrifying.  I didn’t WANT to pretend to be her gay cousin, but what else could I do?  My shoulders slumped and I said, "Well, all right.  It’ll only be for an hour."
She got a sly smile as she said, “Exactly.  Just an hour.”  Delia pulled back her shoulders and thrust out her impressively large bust.  “With my old friend Kurt.”  She gave her broad hips a slow-motion roll.  “To talk about old times.”  She turned away from me, showing off her plump shapely bottom, then looked back over her shoulder and said, “Now come into the bathroom so I can make you look right for the part.”
It felt like I was in some weird dream.  She had me strip and insisted that I smear some awful smelling depilatory all over my body and then get into the shower to wash it off, along with every bit of my body hair.  When I complained about the smell she made me wash with her perfumed soap and then, after I dried off, sprayed me liberally with flowery perfume.  I was close to tears as she had me get into some fruity looking jockey shorts that I had never seen before.  She said they were meant as a gift for me, to try to spice up our boring sex life, but that they would be perfect for this ruse.  Then she found some white jeans in the bottom of my drawer, that were snugly fitted, and a tank top with wide vertical stripes in bright colors.  Those awful shorts gave me a visible panty line.  Delia fussed with my hair and even tweezed the ends of my eyebrows.  When she turned me toward the mirror I couldn’t believe how much those last two alterations had changed my look.  Before I recovered from that she was putting a hint of blush on my cheeks and gloss on my lips. 
My wife had me slip on a pair of her socks, which were pink, and casual shoes of mine that I’d always liked, but with this outfit they just made me look even more unmanly.  I was trying to think of some way to get out of this humiliating encounter.  I would have offered to leave for a while but was afraid that he might kiss her or even put his hands on her in some improper way.  I was still trying to come up with a solution when there was a hard knock on the front door.  She told me to answer it and to keep him company while she finished getting ready.  That was distressing but by then I just wanted to keep everything moving forward so we could get it all over with.  As I passed the hall mirror I shivered at how gay I looked.
When I opened the door I was confronted with a tall powerful hunk.  He had on a black T-shirt and leather pants.  At the curb I could see his flashy muscle car.  He stepped inside and looked down at me.
"You must be Delia’s swishy cousin," he said, his voice deep and commanding.
I held out my hand, remembering to make my wrist a bit limp, and then made my voice soft as I said, “Yes, I am.” 
He wrapped his big paw around my fingers and squeezed hard, making me squeak in pain.  That caused him to laugh as he let go and strode past me, as if he owned the place.  He wanted to know, “Where’s Dee?”
I explained that she was just ‘prettying herself up for you’.  As soon as the words left my mouth I regretted them.  Kurt’s square-jawed face was made over by an interested expression.  I was stammering something about her not having much time, hoping to make him cut short his visit, when my wife appeared.
She said, “Now you know that’s not true, cousin.  Don’t be your usual silly sissy self.  Tell Kurt he can stay as long as he pleases,” she added sweetly, “Jenny dearest.”
I swallowed with difficulty and said, still in that unwantedly simpering voice, “You’re welcome here in… Delia’s… house for as long as you want to stay.”
He laughed loudly and turned his full attention to my wife and gave her a warm hug.  She had changed into a snug top that hugged her bountiful curves and a pair of slacks that fit like a second skin.  She also wore red shoes with chunky heels that were kind of slutty.  Where had those come from?  And why had she applied extra lipstick and eye make-up?  I didn’t have time to think about that because she sent me to the kitchen to fetch them sodas.  When I returned they were sitting on the sofa, side-by-side.  I gave them their drinks and meekly went to the easy chair across the room.  I sat down while he talked about his friends.  It sounded like Kurt had hung around with some pretty rough types.
Then Delia said, “I’m glad you don’t mind Jenny being gay.”
"Nah," he told her.  "I’m cool with that.  You know, last year I smacked some guy around so bad, because he looked at the bitch I was with, that I got a month in the slammer.  My cellmate was this little guy, kind of like Jenny over there, except that he was straight.  Kept telling me about his wife.  After a week he started to look pretty good to a horny bastard like me, so I made him suck my cock.  And you remember me, Dee, how I want it all the time.  The poor bastard got his mouth stuffed a couple of times a day.  When I had an extra two weeks added for getting into a fight in the yard, it just about gave him a breakdown.  Anyway, I left him all messed up in the head.   I think he ended up not sure if he was straight or faggy.
"He had mentioned the area where he lived, so I was able to track him down.  Just to mess with his mind some more.  Turned out his wife was a stunner.  Big tits and ass, like you Dee.  So I started hitting on her and, what with him being turned halfway into a fairy and having trouble getting his little dick up since he got home, I ended up in bed with her.  Ain’t that something?"
Delia acted like his sickening story was funny.  She laughed and put her hand on his thigh.  I flinched but wasn’t about to say anything.  Not after this new revelation of his violent tendencies.  Instead, I just stayed where I was, which is also what her hand did.  She glanced at me with an unflustered look, simply accepting it all.  He slipped his arm around her shoulders to pull her closer.  I cringed.  Their voices got lower and their eyes locked.  My wife suggested that I ‘scoot over to the liquor store and get us a bottle’.  She asked Kurt if he still preferred the same brand of scotch and, when he said he did, she told me what it was.  In a daze, I went out and got in the car, to go and buy the expensive alcohol he liked.
At the store I was uncomfortable to be seen looking that way.  People eyed me with mixed reactions.  One guy in a leather jacket gave me a wink.  I was on my way back when Delia called me on my cell and said they also wanted something to nibble on.  Karl made some remark I couldn’t hear clearly and she giggled.  I had to make two more stops to get the items she asked for and was gone a full hour by the end.  They were still on the couch and looking quite content.  She was redoing her lipstick and Karl had taken off his heavy work shoes. 
My bride got up to make drinks for her and her old friend… and former date… but not for me.  I had to put the snack food on a plate and serve it to them, still in my sissy cousin persona.  It was deeply humiliating and I hated seeing him so friendly with my spouse.  But at last it ended.  Kurt gave me a hard slap on the back as he headed for the door.  He gave Delia another hug, this one longer than the first.  I was more than relieved to hear his car’s engine roar to life and watch him speed away.  My wife stood on the front porch for a moment, watching longingly, before she came back inside.
"You know," I said peevishly, "you should have talked to me before you let any of this get started.  Who knows how far it could have gone with you two, the way he was acting?"
She smiled wickedly and said, “Well, actually, it did go kind of far.  I was too deep into it to tell him I was married, and when he reminded me of how much I always enjoyed sucking his bone, well, I couldn’t say no.  So I wound up on my knees with his long fat cock in my mouth, giving him the best blow job I could.  I’ve never done that for you because your dick is so small.  But with something that huge to work on — yum — it’s too much fun.  And it made me feel like more of a woman, having something that size in my life again.  Reminded me of how many good times I had… before we got married.”
I was agog.  I told her she must be kidding.  She smirked at me, grabbed the sides of my head, and pulled me to her.  Delia pressed her lips firmly against mine and I was so surprised that my mouth popped open.  She shoved her tongue inside and I tasted the salty richness of Kurt’s sperm.  I gagged and tried to pull away, but my wife held me there and worked her tongue all over mine before she let me go.  Sickened, I ran to the bathroom and rinsed my mouth.  I started crying.  Even after I got myself back under control, I was still red-eyed when I returned to her.  When I tried to talk about it she just waved me away, saying it was repayment she was owed for how useless I was in bed.  She had never been so critical before.  I mean, she had taunted me about my small endowment, and complained that I never performed oral sex for her, but this was an outright attack. 
Delia said, “Hey, tough for you.  It’s not like any of this is my fault.”  When I said that I was going to get out of things she had made me wear, she told me, “Fine, but you might want to start putting together another outfit, Jenny.  My man Kurt is coming over again on Friday night.  And now that he’s had a sample of what I can do, now that he’s been reminded of how good I can deep throat him, and lick his balls, he’s going to want more.  If you tell him that you’re my husband, or that you’re not gay, he’ll put you in the hospital.”
Feeling like I’d been beaten up already, if only emotionally, I stumbled off to our bedroom.  The days passed too quickly and soon it was the weekend, time for Kurt’s next visit.  I had to wear brief plaid shorts, pale green knee socks, and colorful deck shoes, all new items which my wife ‘helpfully’ purchased on a shopping trip we made to the mall.  She even bought a three-pack of panties in my size.  Then there was the top, which she spotted just before we left the shopping center.  It was a T-shirt, bright orange, with the message printed across the chest in pink letters, I’M HOT.  She fussed with my hair, made sure my eyebrows were still shaped nicely, and used the same cosmetics, plus some eye liner. 
Kurt showed up carrying his own bottle.  The pretext of sending me to the store was no longer needed.  He playfully challenged me to a fight and put me into several wrestling holds while I squealed like a girl and he got rather free with his hands.  Delia snickered and let him have his fun, making no move to distract him.  They had drinks, on the couch again, except that this time they were more open about touching each other.  I sat in my previous spot, forced to watch them. 
Then Delia said, “Jenny, darling, you’re good at girly work.  Why don’t you go and turn down the bed for Kurt and me.”
He added, “Yeah, and you can fluff up the pillows.  I’ll bet you’re a great fluffer.”
Blushing furiously, I left the room, the sounds of their chuckles burning my ears.  I arranged the covers and pillows, my hands quivering the entire time.  My eyes were trying to cry.  This couldn’t be happening.  My sexy wife was about to cheat on me.  Since Kurt’s previous visit she had cut me off from the once-a-week sex she had formerly tolerated.  Now I was left horny, wearing panties and that shameful outfit and look, while she was getting worked up with her former bed partner.  Pangs of jealousy tore at me but acting on them was out of the question, unless I wanted to be beaten up by Kurt.  I humbly went back to them.  He had one hand under her top and was pawing her breast.  I told them the bedroom was ready and prepared to make my exit.
Kurt said, “Hey, Jenny.  I bet you like straight guys.  Right?”
In a hushed voice I lied, “Yes.  Yes, Sir.  I do.”
"Then maybe you’ll get a sick thrill out of taking my shoes off for me.  While I’m getting your cousin ready for the big bang.  Come on, sissy pants.  Get busy."
I sank down in front of him and wordlessly began untying his bulky dirty shoes.  When I had them off he made me remove his socks, too.  Then he wanted his feet rubbed.  The whole time he was kissing and handling my bride.  I kept glancing at his meaty hands and picturing them slamming into my soft body, over and over.  He wasn’t satisfied until I’d given a thorough foot massage and Delia had his cock free and was stroking it with her warm hand.  At last he kicked me over backwards and stood up, announcing that it was time.  Kurt ordered me to follow them and wait outside the bedroom door, in case they needed anything.
After they vanished into our bedroom, I had to cower in the hall while the sounds of foreplay were replaced by those of wild sex.  I stood there hugging myself, weeping and mumbling.  She repeatedly told him how fantastic he was and how much his cock filled her.  It took nearly an hour before the inexhaustible Kurt was finally done.  By then I was a trembling wreck.  He yelled at me to open the door because they needed the room to cool down.  When I did it, I got to see them in their post-coital bliss.  She was snuggled against him, gently kissing his neck, her magnificent ass on display to me.  His king-sized member was draped on his thigh, still glistening with spilled seed.  Even flaccid, it was bigger than mine was fully erect. 
It went on like that for the next three weeks.  My wife mocked me and tormented me, saying that she had what she wanted and wasn’t going to let go of it.  I was stuck in the role of sissy Jenny, which I had to maintain all the time at home, in case Kurt dropped by unexpectedly.  Then Delia mentioned that she was going away to visit her sister for a week.  At last I would have an opportunity to try to come up with a solution to all this.  I couldn’t wait to spend a night sleeping in boxer shorts instead of panties, not smelling like perfume.
The night she was to depart, I was still in my Jenny role, in case Kurt stopped to say goodbye to her.  She left and, thankfully, I hadn’t had to endure another of his visits.  I was just getting ready to change into my old clothes when I heard the door open again.  I thought my wife must have forgotten something.  To my surprise, however, it was Kurt.  He swaggered into our home, holding up his key ring, and told me with a grin that Delia had gotten him his own key.  He wanted to know if she was still there.
I responded with secret satisfaction that he had missed her.  Then I said, “So I suppose you’ll be leaving.”
He paused thoughtfully and said, “Nah, I want to see the sports scores.  I had a couple bets with some guys.  Get me a beer, Nancy boy.”
As he strutted toward the den, I went blankly to the kitchen where his favorite brew was kept in generous quantities.  When I returned with the bottle he was already settled into the recliner which had formerly been mine exclusively.  Now I was forbidden to use it and my wife would sit there herself when he wasn’t present, just to remind me of my lowered status.  He took a long swallow and ordered me to remove his shoes.  I meekly began, visions of him using me for a punching bag filling in my mind.  Kurt wanted a foot rub and then told me he ‘knew’ I was enjoying what I was doing, and that he was going to ‘let’ me lick his feet and suck his toes.  I was nauseated but still began the odious task.  He enjoyed his TV show and beer while I disgraced myself with his unwashed lower extremities. 
After he’s gotten his scores and was started on a second beer, he said, “Hey, Jenny, let’s see what panties you have on today.  Come on, princess.  Panty inspection time.”
With my cheeks beet red, I got out of the girl’s slacks I had been wearing and stood there in just a pair of high-cut apricot panties.  Then he wanted me to strip my upper half.  Delia had continued to make me use the depilatory, so I was bare of body hair.  Kurt gave me a crooked smile and said I reminded him of his former cellmate.  I remembered all too well the story he had related, and my stomach turned over.  He nodded to a spot alongside him and told me to kneel there.  Then he took my hand and set it directly on his crotch.  I could feel the enviable bulge under the material.  He grunted and asked me if I liked what I was touching.  I whispered that it was fine.  He gripped the back of my head and tugged me forward, making me kiss his crotch.  I whimpered as I did it… several times.  He was obviously getting aroused.
"You know," he said seriously, "I’m sure that if your cousin Dee was here, she’d give me one of her super suck jobs.  But since she’s not, and you love cock anyway, I’m going to let you do it."  When I didn’t move he went on, "Unless you’d rather I just let off my excess energy some other way — like giving you two black eyes, a split lip, and some bruised ribs.  What’s it going to be, Jenny?"
Close to tears, I said breathily that I would do it.  My unsteady fingers opened his belt and pants.  He stood so I could get pants and shorts off him.  Kurt got his fingers into my hair.  While some sports commentator rambled on about something, he ran the head of his cock and half its shaft between my lips, instructing me how he liked to be mouthed.  I did everything he said, feeling queasy and remembering how long his sessions in bed with my wife lasted.  My worst fears were realized when he kept me there for at least sixty minutes, preventing himself from getting overexcited by having me switch to lapping his heavy balls and even using my tongue on his ass. 
Finally he began to show signs of an imminent ejaculation.  That was when I heard the door open and someone enter.  My wife appeared while I had Kurt’s massive tool choking me. 
She said, “Well, I figured it would come to this.  Guess I’ll just have to share my man with my sissy cousin.  My sister called me on my cell and said she had something come up.  Which you did, too, Kurt, I can see.  So now we can spend some time together… after my sissy cousin finishes sucking you off and swallows one of those huge loads you spurt.  Swallow hard, Jenny, or you’ll have running down your pretty chin.”
As if that was a signal, Kurt exploded, pumping an amazing amount of his cream into my mouth and throat.  I did manage to gulp it all down and suck out any lingering drops.  As I was using my lips to prolong his pleasure, my bride was kissing him passionately.  I understood that now I was stuck in an even worse fix and would be expected to serve the violent man that way on demand.  With his appetites, that would be often.  My wife was visibly amused at the downturn my situation had taken.  She was delighted to see me transformed into a cocksucker not just in fantasy but in reality. 
Kurt stayed for two nights and on both they had uninhibited sex.  On the second, he went out afterwards to get a pizza and my wife summoned me to the bed.  I stood there in nothing but bikini panties, bright yellow ones. 
She told me, “Now that you’re sucking Kurt’s wang, it’s time for you to finally start eating my pussy.  And I mean right now, while it’s full of his hot creamy mess.  Get to it, Jenny girl, or when he gets back I’ll tell him you’re being a little bitch and need a thorough beating.  Later on I’ll make up some story about how you’re so kinky that, even though you’re a total fag, you want to eat your cousin out, but only when she’s full of man sauce.  And then, for the biggest insult of all, I’m going to reveal that you’re actually my husband, and too much of a cowardly wimp to stand up for yourself, even when someone is stealing your wife and turning you into a cock gobbler.  I bet when he hears that, he really will beat the crap out of you, if only just for fun.”
And then, as I took my first lap of the slime in her pussy, she laughed recklessly, on and on.
Sep 2

I could be that guy….

I’m sure all of you like me look at pictures on Tumblr and say Hmmm I could do that, or Hmmm I’d NEVER do that. I too am in that crowd. I think it’s the human nature side of seeing how far our limits can be pushed and what we’re willing to endure especially as cuckolds.

From the cuckoldress side, I’m sure it’s very interesting to not only look at those pics and think that but to look at the sniveling subservient submissive cuckold husbands and wonder, Hmm would my hubby do that? Would he go that low for me?

It’s always interesting to wonder if you would do it but the real test is when it’s in your face. Would you have the love, subservience, gratitude and downright devotion to do what’s depicted in whatever pic you’re looking at. So here’s a challenge take a spin through the Tumblr site and as you’re doing it, ask yourself, “Could I be that guy?” I bet you’ll find more yes responses than no’s.!

A Day at the Office…by Throne

I get to work early because one of my clients is going to call me before he catches an early flight.  As soon as I arrive, heads turn and people smile with amusement and a bit of confusion.  Why am I wearing a pink shirt and loud yellow tie?  Everyone is polite enough not to comment, not to embarrass me… everyone except Mike, a big blustery guy with a nasty streak.
"Hey, Joey, what’s with the gay colors?  Are you thinking of switching teams?  Is that hot wife of yours too much to keep up with?"
I mumble something about my other shirts being in the wash.  My face feels warm and I hope I’m not blushing too plainly.  Several of the women I work with heard his remark and are smirking.  One of them is Angela, who is a stunner.  I’m always trying to impress her, so this is something I definitely DON’T need.  Not that I want to hit on her or anything.  I’m just trying to build up my male ego.  And I have plenty of reasons to want to do that.
I reach my cubicle and turn on my computer.  While I’m signing in, Ted stops and says good morning.  He wants to know, “Aren’t you going to be hitting the gym with the rest of us anymore, buddy?”
What can I tell him?  That my wife Stella has forbidden it?  That she wants me to lose my muscle tone and put on a few pounds?  Or that I’d feel foolish taking off my clothes because she’s had me remove all my body hair and keep myself smooth?  So I make a lame excuse about pulled muscles.  He gives me a dubious look and leaves. 
My call comes in.  The client, Mr. Jacobson, wants to have his contract rewritten before he’ll sign it.  That’s no problem.  However, I notice that he’s started talking down to me.  That’s been happening more and more since Stella began making changes in my life.  I guess people pick up on those things, even though they’re not aware of exactly what’s going on.  I’m kind of nervous and fidgety since she cut me off from sex.  And I have trouble looking other women in the eye now that all I can do in bed is worship her with my mouth.  After an evening of eating her pussy and — lately — her ass as well, it’s hard for me to talk to females without it feeling awkward.
Mr. Jacobson is finally satisfied with the changes I offer to make.  Then he mentions that he’s eager to leave on his business trip.  I figure he’s telling me that he’s getting ready to run but then he wants to add me more.  It turns out that he’s got a woman in the city he’s travelling to, one who’s married but eager to cheat.  She’s a flashy redhead with a meek little mouse of a husband. 
He asks, “Can you believe that?  She says she drops all kinds of hints that she’s stepping out on him but the poor sap’s too afraid to ask her anything.   I think that for her, half the fun is making him squirm.”
I say something brief, conveying how lucky he is to be single and have a woman waiting for him out of town like that.  What I don’t say is that it sounds painfully familiar, except that in my case I’M the guy whose bride is having the affair.  I know what it’s like to pick up on little clues and then to have your bride start being more obvious about it, almost daring you to question her.  In my case, Stella eventually came right out and told me about her and Kurt, a big bruiser who owns a construction company.  She gloated over how much taller and stronger than me he is and, worse, how much better endowed.  When my penis gets hard it only reaches the four inch mark.  Kurt’s is bigger than that while it’s still soft.  Erect, it’s twice the length and thickness of mine.  Plus, as she delights in reminding me, he can last for a long time, not just a minute or two like I do.  Or rather, like I used to do, when I was allowed to have sex with her. 
The rest of the morning is routine.  I have to make one trip to the restroom and, like always, I try to go when no one else is in there.  Stella has put me into a chastity device, which makes me have to sit when I pee.  It’s one of those little tubes that holds your member and prevents it from getting hard.  She says that without it I might masturbate in secret and she won’t permit that.  Her thinking is that when I’m horny, I do a better job of using my lips and tongue between her legs.  She relishes teasing me, too, by how provocatively she dresses at home and the way she flaunts her full curves, along with the frequent references she makes about going to bed with Kurt.  Stella giggles as she describes in detail the way she sucks his long thick cock and licks his heavy balls. 
Then lunch time arrives.  I used to go out with the guys for a nice sandwich and maybe a drink.  But my bride put me on a strict allowance that makes it impossible to pay for even one meal a week.  Instead, I have to bring something in a paper bag.  This time she insisted on packing it herself.  I managed to carry it in discretely, without anyone noticing the bright stickers she stuck on the bag, images of flowers and fairy princesses.  Now, as I take out the contents, I’m upset to see that there’s a juice box, one with colorful cartoon characters decorating it.  After that I find two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, part of her effort to make me gain weight.  For dessert there is a box of candy with clowns adorning it, and an oversized lollipop. 
I have everything spread out on my desktop and am sitting there staring at it in disbelief, when Angela leans into my workspace.  She has on a tight sweater that really shows off her overly full bust.  I’m so needy for sexual release that I almost whimper.  Her pretty expression turns critical when she sees what’s in front of me.  Whatever she intended to say is forgotten as she looks quizzically at what Stella packed for me, along with the stickered bag.  Her pouty mouth expresses disapproval.  What must I look like to her, in my poor fashion selections, about to eat a meal that would be more appropriate in a grade school cafeteria. 
She leaves and I catch a fleeting glimpse of her round jutting bottom, encased in a tight skirt.  It reminds me of my wife’s sexy backside, which is off limits to me except when I have my face buried between its plump halves.  Only Kurt gets to pat it and paw it, to caress it while they’re in bed together.  He has full access to her irresistible body, gets to penetrate her and pump her full of his thick salty cum.  I know what his ejaculate is like because, along with sometimes being made to watch them screw, I’m always required to lick her clean afterwards.  Usually it’s while he’s still alongside her, as he kisses her and they whisper softly to each other.  But if they just want to go to sleep after an especially vigorous coupling, I have to lap up his mess the next morning, after it’s been inside her all night.  On those occasions she’s usually ready for another orgasm, which my well trained tongue provides.  She likes to taunt me about how often she climaxes, while I’m lucky to be let out of chastity once a month, so she can make me whack off while she watches, instructs, and laughs.
After lunch, I hear several hushed voices, male and female, speaking outside my cubicle.  Then Angela struts in on her noticeably high heels and perches her exquisite, well padded sitter on the corner of my desk, so that I can’t help noticing it.  She says, “Mike was saying how you don’t go out to lunch with the guys anymore.  Maybe you and I could catch a bite one day.  Just the two of us.”  She leans closer, her thrusting bosom almost in my face.  I feel tongue-tied.  She goes on, “You know, kind of a long lunch.”  There’s a hint of seduction in her voice.  I’m sure this is a stunt that Mike and some of the others put her up to but I still can’t help feeling tempted and, because of my circumstances, frustrated.  I’m not able to even pay for a quick meal with her, let alone flirt or do anything more serious.  I feel totally deflated and like less than a man.  I mutter something about being unusually busy this week… and next.  She gives me an especially suggestive pout and stands slowly, then adds some extra wiggle to her walk as she departs. 
I’m pretty miserable for the rest of the afternoon.  Kurt is due at our house in the evening.  Stella tells me that they’re going to order pizza and spend the night together, watching TV, cuddling and, of course, having great sex.  She says they haven’t decided what to do with me while they’re in the sack.  Maybe make me kneel naked in the hallway, with the door cracked open, so I can peek in like a naughty little pervert.  I don’t want to be undressed because her campaign to ruin my physique is already taking effect.  Being seen with my body nude of hair and my penis locked in its chastity cage makes it much much worse.  But I have no choice in the matter, or in much of anything else.
I get home and she’s wearing a tight top and slacks that look painted on.  I notice some particularly slutty heels waiting to be worn.  She’s saving those for when Kurt arrives.  I have to clean the bathroom, top to bottom, before he gets there.  She hints that, if I don’t do a perfect job, he might smack me around some.  That’s new and more than a little scary.  He could take me apart without even trying.  Then she drops another bombshell.  She’s made arrangements to drop by the office the next day and visit my boss, Mr. Sanderson.  I immediately picture her arriving in something revealing, pausing to smile at Mike and the other guys, maybe saying something to hint at how she runs my life, and perhaps stopping to gab with Angela, which would be unthinkably bad.  What would transpire between her and Sanderson?  He’s tall, handsome and authoritative.  And single.  I know she wouldn’t cheat on Kurt, but I’ve also heard him say ‘eating ain’t cheating’.  So would she give my boss a blowjob in his office?  Kneel in front of his expensive swivel chair and suck his cock?  The possibility makes me shudder. 
So, you can see, a day at the office is non-stop torment for me.  My wife sees to that.  And it looks like its only going to get worse.  A lot worse.

What would you do?

  • Your wife openly flirts with another man at a party in your presence
  • Your wife comes home drunk and not wearing a bra or panties
  • Your wife tells you she’s fucked another man and wants you to clean the cum out of her
  • Your wife wants her love to move into your house
  • She further wants you to sign everything over to her and him
  • Your wife’s lover stops by while she is not home and tells you she told him to stop by for a blowjob
  • Your wife puts you in chastity and gives her lover the key
  • You see a collar and a leash on the kitchen table but you don’t own any pets

Just some food for thought…

The Meeting…by cuckytoher

“Come along or we’re going to be late for our first meeting with Stan and Irene.” My cuckoldress stood in the doorway of the bathroom looking fantastic, long red hair, full 44DD tits, long legs, shaved pussy her lower half concealed in a pair of black yoga pants and her top half in a very low cut blouse that showed her ample cleavage, and she had heels on to boot which is something she rarely wears! Her makeup was heavy than usual giving her an almost model like appearance. I stood in the shower toweling myself off as she came over and inspected my shaving job. “Very nice my little puppy, Stan and Irene will be pleased when they see this teeny tiny cock and balls all shaved.

It had been a week since I had cum and my cuckoldress Amber had just let me out of my chastity device to shower and get ready for our first meeting with Stan and Iren a couple we had met on a swingers website that were into cuckolding. Stan was tall and thin and very good looking with silver streaked hair and a very tan body with the natural authority of a bull and Irene was a voluptuous redhead much like my cuckoldress who liked to take charge. We had met only once before for coffee to decide if we’d really like to play together. Once it was known that everyone was up for it and what we were all into we set a date. Amber has been wanting to experience her bisexual side for the longest time and Irene was the perfect choice. We were going to their house for dinner.

She held a pair of crotchless pantyhose up on the end of one finger. “Put these on and a pair of jeans and the t-shirt I put on the bed for you. I don’t think we’ll lock you up tonight if you promise not to drip too bad!” She laughed and walked out of the bathroom. They all knew of my submissive streak and desire to be Amber’s cuckold and were more than willing to oblige. I slipped on the pantyhose and shuddered when my pants touched my cock as I hadn’t cum in a week and was so aroused by being free the slightest contact with  my cock made me drip pre-cum hence one of Amber’s many play names for me, drippy. I made my way into the bedroom and found a white t-shirt with black letters across the front that read: HERE TO SERVE leaving no doubt who be doing much of the serving tonight.

Arriving at Stan and Irene’s house we were greeted to Irene all dressed in leather with just enough flesh showing to make me hard and drippy. Stan had on shorts that barely concealed his erection when he saw Amber. They invited us in, showed us the house and Irene paid particular attention to showing me where drinks, dinner, and sexual toys would be found. She then told me bluntly to get them all a drink and serve them in the living room. Amber snickered as Stan and Irene went into the living room and whispered in my ear that she thought it would be cute if I served them only in my crotchless pantyhose. It wasn’t a suggestion it was an order and I immediately complied. Walking into the living room with the silver tray with drinks clad only in my hose they all laughed and Amber motioned for me to take a place at her feet and give her a foot massage while we all chatted.

I have to say it was an amazing display of dominance and submission although outwardly it doesn’t seem so. To all of a sudden be naked in front of two relative strangers and then to have you cuckoldress tell them of your tiny cock, how it drips, and the private turn ons  you’ve shared with her in bed. They all drank wine and I was given a club soda as Irene passed around a plate of “special” brownies that everyone shared except me. After a few minutes the talk turned to sex and Irene suggested that her and Amber retire to the bedroom to get to know each other better while I was to wait in the living room with Stan and “do whatever comes naturally” as they put it, telling us they’d call when we were needed.

After they left I felt awkward but aroused still on the floor in my pantyhose in front of another man. Stan was very aroused watching Irene and Amber walk away and I could see his erection growing through his shorts. Once they were gone he just smiled at me and looked down at his shorts and without having to be told, I made my way over on my knees, pulled down his shorts to reveal a magnificent cock and balls. I immediately kissed the tip and took his member in my mouth. I sucked him and could feel him growing harder as he sipped his wine. He placed his hand on the back of my head guiding his cock in and out of my mouth. “I could get used to this. Those girls are probably going to be awhile so why don’t you take it nice and slow.” I did as I was told sucking, licking, fondling and caressing his cock and balls for over a half an hour before we go the call to come to the bedroom.

Once there we found two beautiful naked ladies sprawled out on the bed arms entwined. Amber seeing Stan’s massive hard on said, “What’s my little drippy been up to?” To which Stan said, “Oh about four inches!” They all chuckled and Amber motioned for Stan to come to her spreading her legs wide. Irene at that same moment motioned for me towards her pussy. I immediately knelt and began to pay homage to her gorgeous pussy and clit. “Amber said this was your specialty and she wasn’t lying.” Irene said, as she licked one of Amber’s nipples while Stan inserted his hard cock into her with one giant thrust. Irene tasted sweet and I licked her pussy, toying with her clit and every now and then letting my tongue slip back toward her ass to which I received glowing compliments. Stan was truly a bull for the seasons as he took Amber on all fours (something I’m not able to do) she rode him front and back and he pounded her shaved pussy. At one point she made him pull out, his cock still hard with their juices and had me lick suck his shaft and lick her pussy.

It went on like that for a long time. Finally I could hear Amber’s groaning and knew she was about to cum and she was wracked by as an intense of an orgasm as I’ve ever seen her have. Stan immediately pulled out and his cum shot everywhere on Amber’s belly and tits. He immediately collapsed next to Irene as I had just brought her to orgasm with my tongue. The three lay on the bed exhausted and I without having to be told, began to clean Stan’s cum from Amber’s body with my tongue.

We had dinner, which I served and they talked about how great the sex they had had was and I just smiled knowing that everyone had cum except me. After the dinner dishes were cleared and there were more brownies and wine consumed it was back to the bedroom for round two. I again got Stan hard as the girls watched kissing and feeling each other up and then it was time for Stan to fuck both Irene and Amber in tandem while I licked whomever he wasn’t currently fucking. After both Irene and Amber had multiple orgasms Stan this time came heavily between Amber’s 44DD’s and as the three lay back on the king size bed reveling in their afterglow I cleaned up with my tongue.

We left and I had still not cum. On the way home Amber said, “Uh who didn’t get to cum tonight?” I meekly replied, “I didn’t dear.” When we arrived home she immediately lost her clothes while walking through the house and headed for the shower. I stood in the living room picking up her clothes, when she returned naked and took her yoga pants and put them to my face. “Like the smell?” I must admit it was intoxicating. “Yes dear, very much!” She snickered and said, “Well while I’m in the show you can wrap these around that pathetic little cock and cum, but make sure you’re done, showered, in  your chastity device by the time I finish my shower because I need a nice long full body massage.”

So is the life of a cuckold husband!

The Aggressor

I was at an event the other day with my cuckoldress and started having nasty thoughts as I often do about her when we’re out in public. I began to think about her just walking up to some guy she finds attractive and starting to put the moves on him. I then began to have other thoughts about some strange guy that finds her attractive coming up to her and putting the moves on her.

It made me question which was hotter if your cuckoldress is the aggressor, or if a potential bull is the aggressor. I think both have delightful outcomes and scenarios!!!

Aug 6


Terrific little tale.  Having to create a Man Cave for the boyfriend would be so humiliating.  And being trained to hump a BBW’s full and shapely leg would be a perverse treat. 

(Comment by Throne)

Aug 6

cuckolded by Kate…by cuckytoher

Cuckolded by Kate part one…by cuckytoher

               It’s 7:45 am and I’m sitting outside Target waiting for them to open while my wife Kate and her lover Michael are home snuggled up in bed sleeping. I can barely keep my eyes open considering I didn’t get to bed until after 3:00 am. My CB3000 chastity device is making my cock shrink smaller than it already is due to the cold air this morning. I have a lot to get here and have to rush because I need to be home by 9:00 am to get Kate and Michael breakfast before I go to work.

               Kate and I have been married for five years, and for three of those five years Michael has been in our lives. Well I should say in my life, he and Kate knew each other prior to our getting married. They went to college together and dated for awhile. Kate and Michael are both 35 years old and I’ve just turned 50. Kate and I are also linked in our previous lives. You see her first husband and my first wife had a torrid affair and ended up marrying each other. After our respective divorces I happened to run into her in a bar one night where she was quite drunk and proceeded to  rip me a new asshole telling me how her divorce was all my fault and if I could have pleased my wife she wouldn’t have needed to steal her husband away. As humiliated as I was in that moment, I was also incredibly turned on by her dominance, beauty and sheer magnetism of the opposite sex.

               I begged her to let me make it up to her. I told her I’d do work around her house, or whatever she felt was right for me to make up for the transgressions she leveled at me. Soon after that encounter she called me and said she was going away for the weekend and there was a key under the matt of her house. I was to clean the house top to bottom and repaint the two upstairs bedrooms with the paint in the front hall. If and only if she was satisfied upon her return would she would contact me.  I did as instructed then went home to wait by the phone. Days and then weeks went by and I never heard from her. Finally on a late Friday night I received a phone call from her and she was very drunk and in a bar, she told me to come pick her up that she needed a ride home. I did as instructed and I have to say she was astonishingly beautiful in her leopard skin sling back open to pumps and matching mini skirt and top to match.

               As I drove home she berated me for ruining her marriage and her life. She called me a small dick, spineless wimp who couldn’t satisfy a woman if I tried. Despite the verbal tongue lashing I found myself getting hard as a rock; well as hard as a guy with a four inch cock when it’s totally hard can get! This cat and mouse game went on for several months before I found myself one night confessing my attraction to her and my love for her and proposing marriage to her. I know it sounds crazy but she ignited something inside me that I have never felt before.

               She accepted my proposal and told me that our marriage would be one of a female led marriage to which I quietly and quickly agreed. The first couple years would be what you would expect of any female led marriage so I won’t bore you with the details but suffice to say Kate never lifted a finger to anything menial in our marriage and she lived like a Queen. Our sex life revolved around her getting off and me getting her there in any way possible. I am a successful author and write under a pen name so no one knows my true identity, but my books sell quite well and many have been made into movies. This coupled with a hefty inheritance from a long lost uncle, meant Kate and I or I should say Kate and Michael live very comfortably.

               It was two years ago that Michael came into the picture after Kate attended a college reunion, which I was not allowed to attend. She came home from her weekend away fawning like a little school girl over her reconnection with Michael. She even showed me pictures of the two of them as they posed with others at the reunion. Michael was as she put it a ‘gorgeous hunk’ he was well over six feet tall and very athletic. Kate told me how Michael had lettered in three sports in college and was slated for a career in the pros before a knee injury sidelined his career for good. His swarthy good looks and obvious physical attributes would be a magnet for any woman and I could see how hot Kate got as she spoke of him.

               After the reunion she informed me that Michael who had just recently divorced was moving to the west coast while we lived on the east coast. She informed me that she didn’t want this to happen. She told me of her infatuation with Michael and how much she wanted him to stay on the east coast; in fact as she put it, she wanted him in our home. Furthermore, it would be my job to convince him. That is one phone call I’ll never forget making. My hands shook as I dialed the number, with Kate on the extension as I knelt at her feet naked in my chastity device.

               “Hello.” Michael’s voice was deep, dark and it sent a chill down my spine.

               “Hello Michael, this is Kate’s husband. I understand you’re planning on moving to the west coast and I have to tell you this has caused Kate some great distress. She cares very deeply for you and wants you to stay on the east coast. As a matter of fact, she wants you to stay with us. To move in with us and be a partner to her that I can’t, if that would be okay with you. You see I am a very successful author and money is not an issue. I would support you and Kate; in fact she controls all my money so in essence it would be her and your money. Michael, Kate needs a real man in her life. I’m more like one of her girlfriends. I provide for her, attend to her needs, but there are some needs that I cannot satisfy and she has made it known to me that you can. I guess what I’m saying is I’m asking, no begging you to do this for Kate.”

               There was silence on the line, then a chuckle. “Are you fucking serious?”

               “Yes, Michael I am one hundred percent serious. I want this and I want this for Kate. Even though we’ve never met, I feel as if I’ve known you forever the way Kate goes on about you. And I promise you if you make this move you will not regret it. I will do anything and everything in my power to make sure the two of you are happy.”

               “Is Kate there?”

               “I’m right here Michael,” she said, cutting into the conversation and staring directly into my eyes.

               “Is this really what you want?”

               “More than you can imagine. I want you and I to make this fat little wimp I’m married to pay and make retribution for the suffering he put me through with my first marriage ending. Please do this for me Michael.”

               My cock twitched and she laughed. “The pervert’s little dick is jumping up and down in his cage he’s so excited about the thought!”

               “Well baby, I’ll tell you what. I’ll give it a try. But the first time that little prick pisses me off, I’m out of there and west coast bound. “

               That was it, the deal was sealed and Kate told me I had better NEVER piss Michael off or my life as I knew it would be over. I agreed, kissed her feet and told her how happy I was for her. The next day I picked Michael up at the airport. He was even better looking and more physically imposing in person. Kate had insisted I stand with all the other chauffeurs in line holding a sign, except mine said “Master” on it instead of some business man’s name. Michael nodded over his should to his luggage and I loaded them all on my shoulders like a pack mule and carried them to the car.

               On the ride home Michael leaned forward from the back seat and grabbed me by the hair. “Listen up wimp, I’ve made a lot of changes in my life to accommodate Kate and from what she tells me you’re a useless piece of shit that needs to be treated as such and I’m just the guy who can do it, so don’t piss me off. You do what I say, when I say, and we’ll get along just fine. You got it?”

               “Yes Sir,” I said, a tear forming in my eye from his hair pulling.

               “You’ll address me as Michael; I’m not into that Sir shit.” With that he leaned back and read the paper for the rest of the ride.

               After Michael moved in my life went from bad to worse. Or if you’re a cuckold, it was pure heaven and got more heavenly as it went on. Kate, who had always enjoyed dressing me in humiliating outfits that she either made or bought, reveled in the fact that she had a new partner in crime to assist in my humiliation. One of her favorites was what she liked to call my Alice in Wonderland outfit. It consisted of short blue dress with printed white apron that came just below my cock, and white thigh high stockings with blue bows on the tops of each, and a white petticoat with a pair of black Mary Jane’s. This was only one of a collection of outfits. The other included, a goldilocks one, a little red riding hood one, a girl scout, a cheerleader, a nurse, a 50’s waitress, little Bo peep, a ballerina, a strawberry shortcake, a belly dancer, a school girl, and a German beer waitress. These were only a handful of the outfits I was required to wear and model.

               Once Michael move in he took over my spot in the bedroom and I was relegated to a small cubby hole in our unfinished attic where I froze in the winter and sweltered in the summer. I was given a small cardboard dresser with three drawers and an old army surplus cot with no mattress and a tiny blanket. Many nights I found myself laying there crying myself to sleep while I listened to Michael and Kate make love directly below me. Often I was required to participate in their lovemaking by either getting Michael hard for Kate and/or getting Kate wet for Michael. Then I would have to kneel at the foot of the bed and watch as they made love and once they were finished I would be summoned for clean up duties.  

               Most mornings would find me up early making breakfast for Kate and Michael and after I had served them and they sat leisurely eating their breakfast, I would fix myself a bowl of porridge and make my way into the dining room on my knees. Crawling up to Michael I would hold my bowl of porridge out like Oliver Twist in an Alice in Wonderland costume and say, “Please Michael, may I have some cream for my porridge?”

               Kate and Michael would roar with laughter as Michael would nod, and I would take his huge cock out of his pajamas and begin to stroke it. He would get harder and harder and finally I could sense when he was ready to cum and I would point his cock at the bowl in my hand and he would shoot his huge load onto my porridge. I would then lick his cock clean, and proceed to sit cross legged on the floor and eat my porridge.

               The Target manager, has just unlocked the door and I open the door to my car and feel the cold hit me as I trudge towards the store in a drizzling rain, my cock still twitching thinking about Michael and Kate all snuggled up under the covers.

Cuckolded by Kate part two…by cuckytoher

               Thank God Target was almost deserted this time of the morning as I have to say as I caught a glimpse of my self in the front glass doors I looked ridiculous. I wore pink sneakers and sweatpants with a pink t-shirt with Kate’s Sissy emblazoned across the front in pink and black letters. I grabbed a cart, kept my head down and raced through the aisles. The list was long and had everything from Kate’s shampoo and conditioner to Michael’s jockstrap. I navigated around the store and heard a few snickers and caught a few stares out of the corner of my eye. I stood in the food aisle, the clock ticking looking for pomegranate caffeine free tea for Kate. Damn I never realized there were so many brands, and types of teas. But Kate had made it perfectly clear that she wanted pomegranate caffeine free tea and nothing else.

               Finally I found it and crossed it off my list. As I was rushing through the store I passed the toy aisle and grinned to myself and had to turn down the aisle and shop. You see Kate has this thing she liked me to do. Once a month or more frequently if she was in the mood she would have me go to the store shopping and I was to pick up a Barbie and bring it home and present it to her and asked if she was pleased with it. If she was, she’d grin and in a matter of days I’d be wearing an exact replica of the outfit on the Barbie I’d picked out and brought home. I stood there in the aisle mesmerized by the huge collection of Barbie’s and my mind wandered over all the humiliating outfits displayed on the Barbie’s and thought of how they would look on me. Today I didn’t have the money to buy one though.

The money situation was very strictly controlled by Kate and Michael. All of my money went directly into a checking account with only Kate’s name on it. At nights and on weekends I had a little side job at a donut shop and all that money went directly to Michael. If I needed money or wanted something I would have to got to Kate and beg. Sometimes her and Michael would make me put on a humiliating show for them before she would acquiesce and give me my minor allowance. I once had to stand in the living room totally naked save for my CB 3000 and sing I’m a little teapot acting out all the lyrics, before Michael and Kate were rolling around in laughter.

I was broken out of my daydream by a woman and her daughter shopping in the same aisle and realized I was getting strange stares from both. Hurriedly, I put my head down and scurried down the aisle to finish my shopping. Kate had given me her shopping debit card which I must use whenever I go shopping and she checks the receipts against the bank account and let’s just say they better match. The last item on the list was Michael’s jockstrap and a box of magnum condoms for him. Although he and Kate don’t use condoms, on occasion Kate finds it amusing if we’re going to the movies for Michael to blow a load in one of the condoms and have me bring it to the movies and while they snuggle together and munch on popcorn, I must chew on the condom. On Michael and Kate’s signal I must bite down on the condom, breaking it and swallow Michael’s load.

Racing out of the store I loaded all the stuff in the car and raced home. It was getting late and I had to get home, make breakfast for them and be at the donut shop by ten. Once at home I unloaded all the bags, put everything away making sure to be especially quiet as I didn’t want to wake the mistress and master of the manor. Once everything was put away, I got going on breakfast. Michael liked poached eggs on dry white toast with black coffee and Kate liked French toast with powdered sugar and real maple syrup with tea with one cream and one sugar. Arranging everything on a silver tray, with the paper folded neatly between their dishes I made the trek up the stairs making sure to not spill a drop of coffee or tea.

I lightly tapped on the door and waited. It was considered rude and taboo for me to just bust in on them I was informed once when I had opened the door by mistake. One time I stood there for ten minutes tapping lightly only to finally be let in and punished because the food was cold. I heard rumbling and then Kate told me to enter. The room was disheveled with clothes all over. Kate wore a sating purple teddy and Michael was naked as usual. I placed the tray between them, unfolded the paper and handed it to Michael as instructed.

“Good job wimpy!” Michael said, getting out of bed and motioning me to follow him. I glanced at the clock on the night stand and realized I was going to be late for my job at the donut shop and the boss there was a real asshole if I was late.

“Yes Michael. Good morning Kate.” I said following him into the bathroom.

He pointed at the floor indicating for me to kneel. I knelt and knew what had to be done.

               “You like holding my piss hard on don’t you wimpy?” Michael said, scratching his ass cheek as he stood there.

               “Yes, Michael, I do.” I said, as I reached out and grasped his huge cock gently guiding towards the toilet bowl as he began to piss a huge stream of his morning piss into the bowl.

               “What’s my little husband up to?” Kate said, smiling as she stood in the doorway sipping her tea with a wicked grin on her face.

               “I’m helping Michael to relieve himself Kate.” There wasn’t much more to say. I had been through this particular humiliating and demeaning practice a number of times and it never ceased to amuse Kate and get her hornier than hell. The last few drops hit the water in the bowl. Michael yawned, “Okay bitch do your job!” I leaned forward and licked the head of Michael’s massive cock cleaning it of urine and putting it in my mouth to make sure if he wanted a morning blow job which he often did I was there to accommodate. But this morning, he pushed my head away, looked at Kate and said, “Let’s fuck baby.”

               I watched them go back into the bedroom and dismiss me as one would the family pet. In a way I was glad. I wouldn’t have to listen to their lovemaking and I wouldn’t be late for my other job. Racing downstairs and headed off to the donut shop. The donut shop was owned by one of Kate’s oldest friend’s brother who was a prick to say the least. When Michael and Kate decided I needed a second job to supplement Michael’s fun money, we were driving through the donut shop with Kate and Michael in the back seat with me driving. They both whispered and roared at the dope that stood out front courting in morning customers. He was a balding, pudgy guy dresses as a dark chocolate donut with sprinkles. The costume was outrageous and humiliating considering everyone could see his face as he stood there with his big donut gloves waving them into the shop.

               Well lo and behold after a few phone calls Kate informed me that she had secured me a job at the donut shop and my new position was that of the donut boy outside the shop. And so for the past year I stood out there in that ridiculous outfit from ten to noon each day dancing and waving at people. If business was bad or profits were down, it was always my fault for not bringing enough customers in according to Neil my prick of a boss. But I knew better than to say anything because one phone call to Kate and my ass would be grass. As if that humiliation wasn’t enough, some days I was required to clean the restrooms and then stand in Neil’s doorway and ask for Michael’s check. He would snicker, write the check, shake head and go back to his business.

               Today was cold and rainy and as I stood there in my donut outfit waving people in and out my cock was freezing inside my plastic chamber. If anyone was close enough to me on any given day they could hear my brass padlock clicking against the plastic device I was locked in. Kate reveled in the idea of the chastity device. She knew after having me in it for any extended period of time I was even more putty in her hands than usual. It was another way for her to push my buttons, and test my limits. She would leave me locked in it for longer and longer periods of time and then release me only to require me to do more and more humiliating things which I of course would do in a heartbeat just for the sheer release of an orgasm.

               As an author, I write for a living, but Kate decided one day that the price for an orgasm after one extended period of time was for me to write a five thousand word essay on how beautiful Michael’s cock and balls were and the perfection of his body. The only thing more humiliating than having to sit there and write it was having to stand in front of Kate and Michael dressed in a pair of stiletto heels, shaved head to toe wearing a crotch less body stocking and read it aloud while Kate milked me.

               After my shift at the donut shop was over I headed home where I was to go to work at my regular job as an author. Kate and Michael allowed me four uninterrupted hours each day to write as they both knew that my books were the golden goose. However, after my four hours of writing were done, it was back into one of my outfits that Kate would lay out for me and back to work. Usually I would begin cooking dinner, doing laundry, cleaning the house, doing any needed yard work. That was in addition to catering to Kate and Michael’s every whim. Once, Michael had called in me inside in the middle of mowing the lawn to give him a two hour foot massage. I was then ordered to get him and Kate a pizza and finish the lawn. When I dared to inform him that it was dark outside, he just laughed and said that’s what flashlights were for. My neighbors must have thought me nuts, but there I was mowing the lawn in the dark with a flashlight!

               “Hey cucky! Get up here!” Kate’s voice was summoning from the bathroom….

Cuckolded by Kate part three…by cuckytoher

               I rushed to the bathroom and Kate, sitting in the tub simply held out her glass and said, “Refill.” I scooped up the glass catching a glimpse of her magnificent naked body beneath the water. She was truly a dream come true. She is 5’3 and 112 pounds and I get punished for her taking on weight if her food is not cooked to her exacting standards. Her breasts are only a deliciously full D-cup. She is a natural dirty blonde, but does change the color of her hair to whatever mood pleases her almost on a monthly basis. Her eyes are greenish/hazel and her skin is very fair from the top of her head to her dainty size 7 feet but her most outstanding feature is  her bubble but that Michael calls ‘astonishing’ and to which I would agree. Kate loves exposing her legs, and wearing open toe sling backs when ever possible. She also loves to wear thigh-high leather boots with four inch heels, but they are murder on her feet, which of course requires me to pay constant attention to them no matter where we are. Once while at the mall Christmas shopping, Kate stopped right in the middle of the mall, sat down on a bench and told me her feet hurt. Without missing a beat I was on my knees, carefully removing her boots and began to massage her feet. I felt the snickers and jeers of holiday shoppers passing by but kept massaging knowing to do otherwise would result in punishment and even more humiliation.

               Scampering to the kitchen I refilled Kate’s drink and hurriedly brought it back to the bathroom. Michael lounged on the couch watching ESPN and threw an empty beer can at me as I passed and yelled for me to hurry up! Sometimes in brief moments I wonder why I put up with the things I do but like any addict, once you’re in you don’t worry about how you got here only about how you’re going to get your next fix. And for me my next fix was pleasing Kate and Michael and having them allow me to have an orgasm. I think of them as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in Cleopatra and I’m merely a young servant boy/girl depending on my outfit to do their bidding.

               I entered the bathroom and handed Kate her drink. She took it and set it down on the side of the tub and pulled her hair back and stretched.

               “Go get the pedicure stuff and do my toes.” It was a command that I loved to hear. It meant spending time with Kate. I mean don’t get me wrong, we live together and I spend a ton of time with Kate and Michael, but not a lot of time with Kate alone. There are times I’m required to do things that are very humiliating like licking Michael’s balls after he gets back from a game with his buddies, or kissing and licking Kate after she gets back from a run. But these are the moments I cherish. To be alone with Kate, me serving her, making her happy and loving every minute of it.

               “You love doing my toes and making me happy don’t you baby?”

               “Yes, Kate, I live to serve you and Michael and make you happy.”

               “You have no idea how much I loathed and hated you for years after your slut wife broke up my first marriage. But I knew that my revenge would come and it would be sweet. I knew that some day I would have a chance to make you pay for the suffering she put me through.”  She sipped her drink like a Queen and closed her eyes.

               “I’m just glad that I can in some small way make up for what happened Kate. I love being your husband and I especially love serving you and Michael. This is all I ever wanted in my first marriage but she was not into a female led lifestyle and so when she met…” I looked up making sure I wasn’t angering her and saw the slightest grin come on her face.


               “When she met your husband Tommy and they started seeing each other I knew it was over.”

               “Well Tommy is not the most dominant guy in the world. So he could’ve never wrapped his head around what we have here. But still she caused me a great deal of distress and the way I’m looking at it now you’re paying for it. And I love every second of it!”

               “Kate thank you so much for allowing me to make retribution in some small way for the emotional distress you had to endure. I hope you know that I will do anything to make you and Michael happy. I have literally become addicted to serving you and Michael. I crave the cum the two of you feed me and it seems the more you push my buttons and test my limits the more excited it makes me.”

               I knew that deep down inside she knew all this but confessing it out loud made it somehow more real, more official if you will. I applied the pink toenail polish to her delicate feet. And she dismissed me with a wave of her hand.

               “Oh by the way, Michael has some of his jock buddies coming over to watch the game today, and you know how much that bores me to be waiting on them hand and foot, so today you’re going to be the little slut who waits on them and brings them beers. Michael has already told them about our special relationship and they’ve all gotten a good laugh out of it. So I want you in your German beer waitress outfit when they get here and you’ll serve them anyway they want. And at half time Michael’s got an especially cruel idea for you that I absolutely adore!”

               “Yes, Kate, it will be my pleasure.”

               I made my way to the kitchen and began preparing snacks for the game. Michael and his buddies could be incredibly rude and vulgar. I have seen them in action more than once at cookouts and parties I’ve attended with Kate where no one knew of our relationship. I can only imagine what it’s going t o be like now that they know.

               It was an hour until kickoff and I stood in the kitchen wearing my German beer waitress outfit making snacks when Michael walked in, stood next to me at the counter, looked me up and down and snickered.

               “Hey there Gretchen the beer girl, I can’t wait for my buddies to see you!”

               “Thank you Michael.” I said, continuing to make the food.

               “Oh yea, they’re going to love you! And I have a great half time show planned for the boys where you’re going to be the main attraction. But for now, you’ll serve and if anyone wants anything and I mean anything sexual or otherwise, you’ll accommodate them without question. Are we clear on that?”

               It really wasn’t a question but I knew better than to not answer it. “Yes Michael it will be a pleasure to serve you and your friends in any way you all wish.”

               He walked out of the room whistling while I went to the garage and got more beer to put in the fridge. My cock strained against my chastity device in an odd mix of excitement, arousal, fear, and expectation of what awaited me.

               By the time kickoff rolled around, all four of Michael’s jock buddies were in attendance and after the initial shock and surprise at seeing me despite being told I would be there to serve, things proceeded rather smoothly. The boys kept me busy getting beers, snacks, giving them foot massages, and sucking cocks as they saw fit. Every time their team scored I had to run into the bedroom, change into my cheerleading outfit, run out into the living room waving my pom poms and cheer for the team. Then I would have to run back in and change into the German beer waitress outfit and resume my duties. The boys loved having me suck their cocks and humiliating me and every now and then Kate would appear from upstairs and watch the show and chuckle.

               Right before halftime Michael handed me a slip of paper and told me to go get ready. I raced to my room in the attic, unfolded the paper and read it: You are to change into your harem girl outfit and come back downstairs and entertain the boys with a little strip tease and make it good! You have two minutes to get back down here.

               I threw off the waitress costume, pulled out the harem outfit and put it on. I was on the third stop from the bottom when I heard the stereo very loudly blaring Michael’s favorite song; I’m a Barbie Girl. I knew what I he wanted as he and Kate had had me do this performance before. I was required to learn the lyrics and had to lip sync them as I danced. I entered the living room just as the first verse started and I began lip syncing:

I’m a Barbie girl in the Barbie world
Life in plastic, it’s fantastic
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation

Come on, Barbie, let’s go party

I’m a Barbie girl in the Barbie world
Life in plastic, it’s fantastic
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation

I’m a blonde single girl in the fantasy world
Dress me up, take your time, I’m your dollie
You’re my doll, rock and roll, feel the glamour and pain
Kiss me here, touch me there, hanky-panky

You can touch, you can play
You can say I’m always yours, oooh whoa

I’m a Barbie girl in the Barbie world
Life in plastic, it’s fantastic
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation

Come on, Barbie, let’s go party, ha ha ha, yeah
Come on, Barbie, let’s go party, oooh, oooh
Come on, Barbie, let’s go party, ha ha ha, yeah
Come on, Barbie, let’s go party, oooh, oooh

Make me walk, make me talk, do whatever you please
I can act like a star, I can beg on my knees
Come jump in, be my friend, let us do it again
Hit the town, fool around, let’s go party

You can touch, you can play
You can say I’m always yours
You can touch, you can play
You can say I’m always yours

Come on, Barbie, let’s go party, ha ha ha, yeah
Come on, Barbie, let’s go party, oooh, oooh
Come on, Barbie, let’s go party, ha ha ha, yeah
Come on, Barbie, let’s go party, oooh, oooh

I’m a Barbie girl in the Barbie world
Life in plastic, it’s fantastic
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation

I’m a Barbie girl in the Barbie world
Life in plastic, it’s fantastic
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation

Come on, Barbie, let’s go party, ha ha ha, yeah
Come on, Barbie, let’s go party, oooh, oooh
Come on, Barbie, let’s go party, ha ha ha, yeah
Come on, Barbie, let’s go party, oooh, oooh

- Oh, I’m having so much fun!
- Well, Barbie, we’re just getting started!
- Oh, I love you Ken!

               At the very end of the song I saw Kate standing on the landing laughing along with the rest of the boys and as the very last line of the song came, I broke into real voice and sang, “Oh I’m having so much fun! Well Barbie we’re just getting started, Oh I love you Kate and Michael.” I then pirouetted around on my toes and bowed.

               The boys howled with laughter, jeered at me and slapped my ass and pulled on my man boobs. I felt their rough hands groping me and running over my soft silky costume. A couple of them forced me to my knees and shoved their cocks roughly in my mouth and down my throat. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of Kate walk over and take Michael by the hand and lead him upstairs. Apparently they had their own half time show planned….

Cuckolded by Karen part four…by cuckytoher

               I woke up on my stomach to the sound of buzzing and my back felt like I had a sunburn. I tried to move but it was apparent I was tied down and totally immobile. Kate laughed and I heard her talking but was unable to make out exactly what she was saying. The last thing I remembered after the football game was over and Michael’s friends had left, was cleaning the house and getting ready for bed when Kate came in and told me what a great job I had done and how she was proud of me. She produced two tablets in her hand and told me to take them with some water. I did as instructed not knowing what they were for. My guess now was that they were some type of heavy duty sleeping pills.

               My head pounded and after a few minutes I was fully awake. Kate came into my vision in front of me and said, “Perfect timing! He’s awake!”

               The restraints were removed and Kate told me to stand up which I did with the help of a heavily tattooed man in the room. I was in my cubbyhole attic room and stood very wobbly on my feet. I was naked save for my ever present chastity device. Kate led me to the full length mirror and turned me around so my backside was facing the mirror. She then produced another smaller mirror and held it in front of me. I blinked and was shocked to see a tattoo on the small of my back and ass. On the small of my back there was a tattoo in very pretty feminine script that read: property of… and below on each ass cheek was the name Michael on one and Kate on the other. It was all topped off with red roses around it. I stared in disbelief when Kate said, “Don’t miss this one!”

               She pointed at my front and I stared at the mirror as she held it in front of my cock and balls and there for all to see emblazoned across the area right above my cock in big block letters was the word CUCKOLD. I stood there not knowing what to do as she laughed and paid the tattoo guy who was packing up his stuff and said it had been a pleasure. Kate said she would take some pictures later on of me and send it to him for his portfolio at the shop. Beyond mortified, embarrassed, and humiliated I found myself become extremely aroused. Kate saw this and chuckled. She asked me if I wanted to cum. That was tantamount to asking a man dying of thirst if he wanted a glass of water.

               She reached down and removed the key to my chastity device from her anklet and unlocked the device. The she told me to meet her outside in the backyard. Our yard which is very private and fenced in by a very high fence has the regular back yard items, lounge chairs, picnic tables, grill, clothes line, and it was from there that she decided to tie my arms and have her fun. I was tied with my arms to the top of the T portion of the clothes line wearing a bikini top, my legs spread out as Kate spread her concoction of oils, and liquids all over my cock and balls. I am not sure what they consisted of but one moment my cock was burning and one moment it felt like heaven. Kate stroked my cock and each time I got close to cumming she would teasingly stop and go in the house for awhile. Mind you I was tied spread eagled in the bright sun and each time she left me for longer and longer periods I could feel my whole body getting sunburned more and more. I could only imagine the tan lines I would have wearing the bikini top for this long in the sun.

               I can’t say how long this went on for but it seemed like hours. Finally around dusk she came out one final time. She stroked my cock with her magic lotion and teased me to new heights of ecstasy. I told her I had to cum and she told me to tell when I was ready as she stroked my cock faster and faster and played with my balls. I told I was ready I was going to cum and just as I started to shoot, she let go of my cock and laughed her cruel laugh as I watch my poor cock twitch helplessly up and down trying to shoot its load unassisted. Releasing the restraints, I fell to my knees in a weakened condition from being in the sun all day and not having cum in weeks. Kate merely snickered and told me to get in the house, get my device back on and get dinner ready.

               Each morning I wake up not knowing what forms or types of humiliation I will suffer that particular day. But as a cuckold husband I love each day and look forward to the constant humiliation and degradations Kate and Michael put me through. I am Kate’s husband, her cuckold, her slave, her toy mouse to play with as a cat plays with a mouse just to amuse itself. And I love being that mouse.  I stare at my reflection in the mirror with my tattoos and now my recently added tan lines and I wonder if I would have changed any of this. And of course the answer is always the same isn’t it? The answer will never change, the more they do to me the more I am theirs heart, body, mind and soul. That’s why I love being cuckolded by Kate.

Cuckolded by Kate part five…by cuckytoher

               The early morning sun streamed through the balcony doors onto Michael’s muscular thighs and legs. His head buried beneath a pillow, he slept soundly. Kate stood naked on the balcony, the ocean breeze caressing her naked body like a million tiny feathers tickling her. Glancing down to sand below her she spotted a cat playing with mouse, toying with it, deciding its fate. Kate smiled and felt a surge of eroticism go through her body. She turned and looked at the scene in the bedroom, Michael laying there in all his naked glory, and stretched out sleeping on the floor naked save for a chastity device the key to which hung from her anklet was her cuckold husband. Kate caught a glimpse of her gorgeous figure in the plate glass window of the full length doors. She was rich, gorgeous, and a sexual animal that controlled everyone she came in contact with. The cat batted the mouse around between its two paws and Kate thought for a brief moment she saw the cat smile; and she knew the joy the feline was now feeling.

               Michael stirred from his restful sleep, pulling the pillow off his head and reaching down to scratch the itch on his balls. Coming awake, he thought of the hot two hour sex session he and Kate had shared last night. It was possible he thought that he took her in every position available. And those weren’t counting the position her little cuckold husband was involved in. Michael thought of himself as a straight guy. He was all man, a pro athlete that was drafted and then sidelined due to an injury he was no limp wristed sissy and when Kate first told him that she wanted her husband to participate in their affair he was turned off. However, once Kate introduced him and he saw that the little wimp was a) no threat to him b) quite a bit older, and c) lived to serve he and Kate and make them happy he came around slowly to the idea of their lifestyle. He had to admit that he didn’t quite get why a guy would want to subject himself to such humiliation and degradations at the hands of his wife and her lover, but hey who was he to question the ways of love? He spotted Kate out on the balcony drinking a coffee in all her nakedness and couldn’t believe how beautiful she had become over the years. Her body had matured with an elegance and grace that come with time and she was more beautiful than ever.  As he scratched his balls he could feel his big flaccid cock start to grow as he looked at Kate. “Wake up Barbie; I need a mouth on my cock now!”

               He heard the sound of Michael’s voice bellowing above him from the bed above him and he jumped from his dream. In the dream, he was a ‘normal’ guy with a ‘normal’ wife and a ‘normal’ life. He worked 9-5 and came home to the suburbs to live and die. The dream, actually to him it was a nightmare, was one he’d had often it was the other side of the rainbow dream as he liked to call it. This dream where their lives were hopelessly normal and blasé.  A dream that he was happy to wake up from knowing his station in life and his love for Kate that would go on forever. 99% of the people, guys especially would never be able to understand why he loved and was fascinated by the lifestyle. Analysts and therapists would have a field day and could make a career out of him on their couches. In reality, it didn’t matter as long as he and Kate were happy, then fuck everyone else. Jumping to his knees, he heard the lock on his chastity device clicking against the plastic cage. He scrambled to the side of the bed and took Michael’s hug flaccid cock in his mouth and sucked as Kate watched from the balcony.

               Kate watched the scene with utter amusement from the balcony. Her amusement rose as she watched Barbie’s head bob up and down on Michael’s cock. She felt a stirring in her loins as the ocean breeze continued to blow at her back. In many ways she was the luckiest woman in the world she had the quintessential you can have your cake and eat it too lifestyle. A husband who professed his undying love to her and who was willing to support her and virtually do anything she ordered, and a lover who was tall, dominant, handsome and had a magnificent cock and with whom she felt a connection. She loved them both in different ways. A subject to which her closest friends to which she confided her deepest secrets had trouble understanding. As close as she could explain it to them, she was reminded of an article she had read when she was younger about cats and their mating rituals and thought how relevant it was to her:

            Once a female cat reaches puberty, she becomes a queen, and estrus cycles will start. In domestic cats’ heat cycles run generally from January through August, depending on location and climate. Until she mates or is spayed, these estrus cycles will repeat as often as every two or three weeks, causing distress to both the queen and her human companions. During these cycles, Queenie’s entire focus will be on escaping the house to mate, or to mate with a male companion, if you are careless enough to have whole male cats in the same household. She will be single-minded in her need to mate, will loudly vocalize (call), and lurk near doors, just waiting for the chance to meet up with one of the noisy feline Romeos who will cluster near your house, fighting for the privilege of impregnating your queen.

            How perfectly that described her. The ultimate feline, looking to mate; not for impregnation, but for fun and men had crawled like alley cats for the privilege of mating with this queen. She watched as both men in her life enjoyed a moment together as she watched. Michael, laying on his back, buck naked, staring out at Kate standing spread eagled on the balcony as Barbie’s head bobbed up and down on Michael’s magnificent cock. She was getting wetter by the moment and needed to have that cock inside her. She strutted in and pushed Barbie aside and mounted Michael’s cock sliding that glorious flesh pole up inside her.

            Michael watched his gorgeous lover observing him and her husband from the balcony. Her long, lustrous legs gleamed in the early morning sun, her erect nipples stood out like pencil erasers and he could taste them from the bed. Her wimpy, balding, overweight, husband his tiny cock locked away in his chastity device sucked hard on Michael’s cock. He allowed Barbie, or piglet as she sometimes referred to him to suck on his cock and assist in their sexual activities as an indulgence to Kate. It seemed to him that she enjoyed toying with her husband, much like a cat toys with a mouse before killing it, but she never killed the cat, and she merely kept toying with it. That was fine with him as long as he got the lion’s share of her loving and the sex was incredible. The fact that her husband was always there to cater to their every beck and call and provided for them financially made the whole situation that much more acceptable. Michael thought of how easy it was to humiliate the poor sap sucking his cock right now. It was no more than what he and his jock buddies did to the weak wimps in high school and college. He remembered once in high school when a group of his football jock buddies had noticed this tiny, wimpy kid lurking around after gym class waiting for the showers to empty out. They mistakenly thought he was gay and looking to steal a peek at their cocks, when in reality he was ashamed of how small his cock was and didn’t want to be seen naked in the shower. They had all laughed as they stripped off his clothes and held him under a cold shower making his tiny cock shrink even tinier. That‘s all this was; life imitating high school. He knew that it probably wasn’t that simple, on some psychological level but what the hell did he care about psychology, all he wanted was his dick sucked.

            “Move over there piglet and let a real woman get in there!” He felt her hand push him off Michael’s cock and he tumbled to the floor as she mounted his magnificent shaft, rolled her head back and began to ride it up and down. Watching the two of them move in unison as lovers who move as one do, he was in awe of their regal presence. They were his king and queen, the lord and lady of the manor. He could never hope to be that beautiful or that well endowed or that sexual. And so here he was the serf that was relegated to serving. Everyone had a station in life and some rose above it, but most didn’t, they just accepted it and dealt with it. For a cuckold husband, it was the ultimate compliment to be allowed to serve and be present when your wife and lover mated. Of course it was humiliating, degrading, embarrassing, and those were just a few of the emotions one felt. There was the jealousy and heartbreak you felt knowing the woman wearing the diamond ring you gave her and who you have devoted your entire life to making happy was now in bed with another man. A man you could never hope to be, a man you could only feel lucky to have in your lives because he makes your wife happy and satisfied.

            His cock is incredible when it’s inside of me thrusting away. It drives me wild when he moves his hips while pulling on my nipples. I spread my ass cheeks and piglet knows what to do without the aid of a verbal command. In a second he is in place alternately licking my ass and Michael’s balls. It is another torment I like to put him through. Knowing my husband adores me more than anything in the world, is almost as much of a turn on and erotic as having Michael’s cock inside me. This was in my world, where I belonged and furthermore what I deserved. It was after all his fault, or his bitch wife’s fault for the dissolution of my first marriage. But I have to admit in my wildest dreams in my first marriage I never could’ve imagined a lifestyle like the one I’m living now. Michael’s fingers tickle my sides as he caresses up and down my body. The feeling of having a huge cock inside you, two hands roaming and exploring your body, and a tongue buried deep in your asshole licking away with the express goal of pleasing you is a turn on most woman will never feel but definitely should, oh well shame on them!

            Her pussy is tight and wet and I can feel her contract her muscles as she rides me while Barbie licks my balls and her ass with each stroke. I have no feelings for her husband either way. He is a means to an end for me.  A cash cow, someone to do what I want when I want, a little bitch who loves humiliation and to serve and who am I to stand in his way. It’s not that I’m into or not into this whole cuckolding lifestyle, I rather look at it this way; I get to fuck an incredibly hot woman, spend a ton of time doing things with her, while her husband has the distinct honor of serving and providing for us. I don’t want her to be my wife and I don’t want to be her husband; she has one of those and I wouldn’t want that life for anything. I’m not a mouse that likes to be played with, but rather a lion who likes to fuck!

            The two of them explode into orgasm, their gorgeous bodies rocking in unison at the heights of sexual intimacy. She whimpers, he screams, and then silence. I keep my place kneeling on the bed waiting for them to uncouple. I’ve learned never to move in moments like this unless they’re ready for me to do so or it could result in standing naked outside in the freezing cold snow watching through the door as they fuck. She falls back on the bed and lets out a deeply erotic sigh and drapes her hand dreamily over his thick, hairy chest telling him what an incredible lover he is and how incredible he makes her feel. No words of encouragement, adulation, or even acknowledgement for me. She simply spreads her legs and snuggles closer to him and I know that’s my signal to begin cleaning her out. I lap at her pussy like a puppy attacking a bowl of milk. Her pussy lips are red and swollen, covered in the mixture of their juices. I dart my tongue out and gently lick her puffy lips and hear her moan, knowing that I will never receive the praise that Michael gets when he makes her moan like this. Once I’ve brought her to orgasm, she pushes me towards Michael who is flipping channels on the television telling her he’s getting hungry. I lick and clean Michael giving him a tongue bath on his cock and balls, cleaning him and attempting to get him hard and aroused again for her.

            For her, because in the end it’s all about her and what makes her happy. Michael and I even though we play very different roles in our strange little lifestyle are merely toys to be played with by Kate. A feline vixen with a penchant for living life and exploring sexual boundaries and limits beyond most people’s wildest imaginations she will forever be the queen of the jungle and of our marriage. The two lovers snuggle above me, cuddling together and drifting in an out of slumber in their post coital bliss, Michael murmurs he’s hungry and without having to be told, I get up, get dressed, my tiny cock raging against my chastity device and head out to get them lunch. 


Aug 5

Heather and James…by cuckytoher

Heather and James by cuckytoher

     The phone hasn’t rung all night. I keep staring at it as if it’s going to speak to me. The house is silent except for the tinkling of the tiny bell attached to my cock and balls and Beth filing her long nails while the TV drones in the background. Heather and James have been on vacation for the past week in the Bahamas, while I have been home working like a dog to pay for their vacation and making sure all their wishes are met when they come home. When they left a week ago, Heather left me a long two page list of things she wanted completed this week in addition to me working my two jobs. She also left her best friend Beth to watch over me.

     The list seemed endless, paint and entirely redecorate their bedroom, move all of James’ remaining things into the house and cancel the lease on his apartment, laundry, cleaning, waxing James’ truck, refinishing the basement into a ‘man cave’ for James’ pleasure and entertainment, and the list went on from there. I hadn’t heard from either James or Heather for the entire week and I must admit I longed to hear either of their voices. It’s weird how you come to depend on someone once you fully give yourself over to them as I’ve done with Heather and James. I depend on them for everything, from finances to emotional dependence of pleasing them.

     Since James moved in, he and Heather have proceeded to take my submission to new levels that even I never thought I could reach. Shortly after moving in, Heather thought it would be fun to show James ways in which she had humiliated me in the early years of our marriage. One of her favorites was to show James humiliating ways in which she had trained me to cum. One of her favorites was that she had trained me early on to cum in a most humiliating way, only after I had pleased her. After I had made her cum, sometimes two or three times, she would grab the remote control and being channel surfing and say, “okay your turn.”

     At that point, while she lay on her back, totally ignoring me while she flipped through the channels, I would assume my position on all fours next to her on the bed, and attempt to put my balls in her outstretched hand. If she were in a good mood she might open and close her hand a bit, or if she was in a really good mood she would jiggle her hand around with my balls in them like she was rolling a pair of dice. Most times though she would merely lay there more interested in what was on TV than what was going on with me. I would place my balls in her hand and hump her arm while she lay there. During our early years she would talk to me and get me so worked up and excited that it didn’t take long for me to cum. As the years passed she had trained me over time to cum with little or no participation from her and to do it quickly.

     If I failed to cum in what she considered enough time, she would simply remove her hand and roll over on the bed, leaving me to hump the bed and cum that way. I soon learned to acquiesce to her demands and basically cum on demand. Heather thought this to be rather amusing and powerful, something she could flaunt over me. That she could make me cum on demand within a few seconds secured her ever growing power over me.  Most nights after I had cum in this most humiliating of ways, I would be required to lick Heather’s arm clean of my cum and then go get a wash cloth and wash her arm clean. I was not however allowed to clean or wipe any cum that had landed on the sheets, which I was required to sleep in.

     After a time, Heather began to enjoy her domination over and found more ways to humiliate me with her making me cum on demand. Some days she would have me clean the house naked and she would call me over to stand next to her while she lay on the couch and merely put her hand out. I knew what this meant and would immediately get into position and make myself cum while she watched TV and laughed. When it was over, she’d pat me on the head like a dog and say, “good boy, now back to your cleaning.” Of course she would sometimes make me hold off for a month or more and I would be so excited that the minute my balls touched her hand I would shoot. She loved this and seemed to revel in her control over me. I once heard her tell a girlfriend on the phone that she had trained me to cum without even touching my cock, a detail both of them seemed to find very amusing!

     And so it was that this was to continue once James became a permanent fixture in our home. Many nights after the two of them had fucked themselves silly and covered my sheets with cum, and after I had cleaned both of them, Heather would say in her most sadistic voice, “does Tinkerbelle want to cum?” Of course she knew the answer and she was would proclaim, “James watch this pathetic show!” James would turn on his side and watch as Heather lay on her back in her old ways and put her hand out. I would scurry to her side on all fours and place my balls in her hand, sometimes only humping once or twice before shooting all over. Heather would then take her cum covered arm and wipe it over my face and hair and say, “night Tinkerbelle, me and the real man of the house are going to bed!” Off they would saunter to their bedroom while I lay there in their cum soaked sheets, my hair and face covered in my own cum!

     This ritual would repeat itself in a variety of forms. Heather and James revealed our special relationship to only some of their closest friends as we live in a very small town and word travels fast. One of Heather’s closest friends was Beth who she had been best friends with since kindergarten. There was no secret the two of them did not share. Beth was single and lived about an hour away from us and she would visit often with her then boyfriend Thomas. Physically, Beth was nothing like Heather. She was extremely tall, and rubenesque or what many would consider a BBW or big beautiful woman, she had long blonde hair and huge tits and had a pretty face. Heather used to joke and say guys didn’t care about Beth’s being overweight as long as they got to see her tits and fuck her! However Beth’s attitude was the most striking feature of her personality. She would walk into a room and carried the air and attitude of a bitchy runway model.

Prior to James moving in, Beth and Thomas and Heather and I would go out like normal couples and have dinner and drinks and enjoy each others company. Heather did confide in Beth about our sex life and how she had trained me to cum on demand. One night when the four of us were together enjoying the hot tub, Thomas excused himself to go to the bathroom.

     Out of nowhere, Heather said that she had been telling Beth all about making me cum on demand and she wanted me to show her. She told me to stand show her and that I was to cum before Thomas got back from the bathroom or there would be serious consequences to pay. I obediently stood and got out of the hot tub so as not to get my cum in the water. Standing next to the hot tub, I lowered my swim trunks as Heather reached her arm over the side and held her hand palm up. Immediately I squatted and placed my balls in Heather’s palm. Beth squealed with laughter as I began to hump, while Heather casually sipped her wine. Within four strokes I could feel myself shooting all over. I could also see Thomas coming through the kitchen back towards the deck. I finished and pulled my swim trunks up quickly and handed Heather a towel. Her and Beth exchanged smiles and smirks and I quickly excused myself as Thomas made his way back into the tub, saying I had to go to the bathroom.

     Heather and James seemed to revel in their ability to humiliate and degrade me in a number of ways. After James moved in whenever Beth would visit, she had since broken up with Thomas; they would continue their little game. Heather of course couldn’t wait to bring Beth up to speed on everything that had transpired since James had come into our lives. Like I said earlier, the two had no secrets from each other and so Beth new about our new arrangement as well as my new attire around the house, bell and all. They delighted in having Beth over and while the three of them watched a movie consuming gourmet snacks that I’d prepared, they would call me in, pause the movie and Heather would make me cum on demand and the three would roar with laughter and continue watching their movie while I cleaned up.

     Once when Beth was over she brought up the question to Heather and James as to whether I could only cum on demand in Heather’s hand or did it matter whose had it was. I was once again summoned into the living room and Heather told me of Beth’s question and said we were going to test out her thesis. Beth was wearing tight jeans, and a tight tube top with no bra and plenty of cleavage spilling out. She motioned for me to come over to her and held her palm out. As I was naked all I had to do was squat down and let my balls fall into her palm. As my balls touched her big hand I could feel myself beginning to cum, it was amazingly like nothing I had ever felt before. It was as if my cock and balls were even tinier as they lay in her huge hand. I’m not sure if it was that sensation or her cleavage or the combination of everything, but almost as soon as my balls touched her hand I shot a huge load all over.

     Beth squealed with laughter as Heather and James grinned at each other like proud parents. I immediately fell to my knees and began licking the cum from Beth’s arm and then scampered to the bathroom and returned with a warm wash cloth. They were all in hysterics as I cleaned Beth’s arm, Heather said, “well I guess that solves that!” and hit the play button on the remote and the three of them continued watching their movie. There would be many more repeat performances like that one and many more humiliating. Once when Beth was at the house for a large summer picnic, she ordered me into the bathroom with her and while she sat and peed she commanded me to cum on demand for her. Embarrassingly I did so and was then told to wipe her after she had finished.

     After that I would hear Heather and Beth talking and giggling on the phone all the time. Soon afterwards, Beth became more aggressive towards me and visited more often. It was as if I had become some mouse in a game of cat and mouse, where Beth enjoyed tormenting and playing with me almost as much as Heather and James did. Beth would spend weekends at our house sometimes when Heather and James were away and she would torment me unmercifully, finding new and exciting ways to humiliate and degrade me. Aside from making me cum on demand with my balls in her hand, Beth devised another method that thrilled her and always made her laugh. One night while Heather and James were away and Beth was at the house, she had me kneeling on the floor massaging her feet, sucking on her toes, when she began to play with my balls with her foot.

     I immediately became aroused and wanted to cum so badly, Beth sensed my desire. I began to hump her foot, and then her leg and the next thing I knew I was humping Beth’s leg like a dog while she sat and watched TV, munching on corn chips and salsa. The feeling inside began to build and I knew what was about to happen. In a flash I came all over Beth’s lower leg. She squealed with delight and told me to lick it all off. After cleaning Beth’s leg it was like she couldn’t get enough of humiliating me. I humped her foot, her calf, and her thigh within the next few hours. Each time licking and swallowing my own cum for her delight and benefit. Heather and James would return home late one night to find me lying face down, spread eagled on the living room carpet while Beth toyed with my balls with her foot, making my bell ring as I shot all over.

     “Well I guess you two have been having some fun while we were gone,” Heather squealed as she came into the room.

     I sprang to my feet in embarrassment, my tiny cock still dribbling cum from it as James just shook his head in disbelief and said, “Tinkerbelle, get the luggage out of the car.”

     “Yes sir,” was all I could muster as a response and started to put my shorts on when Heather said, “No Tinkerbelle I want you to go get the luggage just like that!” I was mortified but knew better than to disobey. I was so thankful that it was late at night and hopefully no one would see me. Hurrying outside, I slipped the keys into the trunk of Heather’s BMW and lifted the trunk lid grabbing luggage with a furry hoping to have to only make one trip. Loaded down with luggage, I raced back into the house naked with my bell ringing all the way.

     After unpacking all their luggage, starting what would be loads of laundry, and following Heather and James around the house while they inspected my work, I was told to make them all drinks while they showed Beth pictures of their trip in James’ newly constructed ‘man cave.’ Walking gingerly down the stairs carrying the tray with their drinks and some snacks, I could hear them laughing and talking, going on and on about what a great trip it had been. The three of them heard my bell tinkling and looked up with amusement. I served them drinks and set the snacks down on the table and took my place kneeling at Heather’s feet.

     “Ma’am would you like me to massage you tired feet?”

     “Well Tinkerbelle, Beth’s been telling us about all the fun you two have been having while we were gone and we thought it would be fun if you put on a little show and show us all you’ve learned!”

     “Yes Ma’am” was all I could mutter.

     For the next hour, the three of them laughed and drank as Beth put me through my paces. She showed them how I humped her foot, her ankle, her calf, her thigh, how I would squat and she would brush my balls with her incredibly long fingernails and I would shoot, how I would lay face down and she would touch my balls with her foot and I would cum. All without ever touching my cock! She even showed them a new trick she had trained me to perform. Making me squat down on the floor, Beth produced a metal cigar tube and proceeded to place a condom on it and lube it up and then very gently she shoved it up inside me. What I felt was a mixture of pain, excitement, embarrassment, and relief. Sliding it in and out of me it took only a few seconds before my cock was shooting cum all over the rug. Heather and James roared with laughter as they watched the show! Sliding the tube out of my ass, Beth handed it to me to dispose of, while she leaned back on the couch, lit the cigar, lifted her brandy and toasted Heather and James.