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A TRUE cuckolding experience


Anticipation is the key to any cuckold’s world. We’re always there willing to serve and anticipating. Anticipating the arrival of the bull, the pleasure of your cuckoldress and the bull, anticipating when everyone including yourself will cum. This Saturday was no different. My cuckoldress was having her bull come over to our house. As the hour approached I waited with great anticipation until she finally appeared out of the bedroom. She wore a black crotch less bodystocking under a purple dress, no panties or bra and black high heels. Her hair was done up and her makeup was a bit heavier than normal. To put it plainly she looked incredibly beautiful, insatiable, and sexy and I immediately became aroused. She instructed me to shower and shave my lower half which I did and I when I exited the shower I was presented with my outfit which she had laid out on the bed. It consisted of a pair of pink tights and a pink bra with padded inserts in it. For a moment as she looked at me I realized that she was looking at my face to decide if she wanted me to wear makeup or not. In the end, she liked me without.

We both sat in the living room awaiting the arrival of Stan her bull. “You know, it’s very important that you please me this afternoon, but more importantly that you please Stan. If he’s happy he’ll make me happy and that’s what really counts!” My heart raced with excitement as she continued. “I know that you are a bit upset because I wouldn’t sit on your tiny cock last night when we were in bed, but I wanted to save myself for Stan and that gorgeous cock of his!” I meekly knew she was right and said, “Yes dear.”  The doorbell rang awhile later while I was in the bathroom and I heard her answer the door and laughing and talking. This was it. I was going to walk out into my living room in front of my cuckoldress and another man wearing pink tights and a pink bra!

I walked out and her and Stan were locked in an embrace standing in the kitchen. He looked me up and down and smiled and whispered something in her ear and they both giggled. Then turning to me he said, “Nice look cucky.” They went to the living room sofa and I got drinks and served them and we all sat and talked. It have to say it was humiliating, embarrassing and exciting to be sitting there in that state while they were fully clothed chatting about every day events. Slowly I saw him take her hand as we all talked, next I saw his hand move to her thigh and up under her dress. He turned and kissed her and it was game on. I sat in my chair and watched as they kissed and he felt her tits over her dress and put his hands between her legs. She looked beautiful.

“Cucky I need some lube,” Stan said more of an order than a request. I hurried off to the bedroom to get the lube and when I returned her dress was off and she wore only the bodystocking and heels! Putting some lube into Stan’s hand he continued to finger her pussy as she moaned loudly and they kissed. Her gorgeous red hair cascading down her shoulders and over her breasts she was a thing of pure beauty. She pulled her massive tits out of the top of the bodystocking and motioned for me to kneel and suck. I took one and Stan took one and she was moaning as we each sucked a nipple and Stan fingered her. After a bit, Stan stood and took his shirt off and she simply motioned to me and I knew what that meant. I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, slide them down his legs exposing a leather G-string bursting at the seams, the result of his growing erection. I slide the G-string down and his gorgeous big cock sprang to life. I immediately sucked his cock taking it deep into my mouth, the perfect act of submission for any cuckold.

I sucked until my cuckoldress pushed me away and pulled Stan towards her, Stan stood on the couch with his legs on either side of her and impaled her mouth with his cock. She sucked ravenously taking it all in and I could tell loving it. I played with his balls while kneeling behind him and fingered her pussy with my other hand. After a few minutes of that it was time for the bedroom my cuckoldress instructed me. I scurried to the bedroom and turned down the bed and they appeared in the door kissing. They fell on the bed and proceeded to kiss and we both played with his magnificent cock. Stan’s cock is big to say the least especially compared to my tiny one, but his head is mushroom shaped and huge! All I kept thinking was that I had to please him because he was going to please her and I make sure to try to cater to his every whim and anticipate his every need like when at one point she decided to ride his cock and they were at the foot of the bed, I put a pillow behind his head because his head was on the footboard of the bed.

Watching your cuckoldress fuck another man is so hot. I watched as Stan and she made out on the bed, his cock gently brushing her lips and labia driving her wilder and to new heights of passion. After they had made out for awhile with him playing with her big tits and sticking his cock between them it was time to fuck. They had previously agreed to use condoms so my cuckoldress motioned to me as I knelt by the side of the bed and I immediately opened one of the condoms and placed it on Stan’s magnificent cock. He drove himself into her missionary position and she became very vocal telling him how good his big cock felt and how I could never go that deep! Stan’s has incredible stamina as most bull’s do and he can last for a long time. They fucked missionary and then she rode his cock while I stood at the foot of the bed and held her hair back so they could kiss. She looked incredible riding that cock and I did my best to please both of them. I then went behind them and played with Stan’s balls as they fucked.

It was then time for more oral play as Stan ripped the condom off and handed it to me like the good cuckold servant I was. She sucked him and stroked him while he played with her tits and sucked them and I watched as they both rapturously fed off each other. My cuckoldress had already cum twice, once in the missionary position and once while riding Stan’s big cock. Now she wanted what I can’t give her, she wanted to be fucked on all fours doggie style. Stan ordered me to leave the room and go stand outside the door and listen until they summoned me back in. I saw her get on all fours and him begin to play with her pussy as I left the room. I could hear moans and her gasp for breath and then I heard her say, “He can’t do this, cucky is way too small to fuck me doggie style on all fours and I love it so!! I’m so glad you can fuck me like this!” My tiny cock was standing straight out dripping pre-cum through the pink tights I wore and I realized I was in cuckold heaven! After a good fucking on all fours Stan called for me to return to the room and motioned for me to kneel and watch as he fucked her on all fours. She looked like a dream, long read hair flowing, tits hanging, those beautiful globes of her ass high in the air as he pounded her pussy. Stan then ordered me to get underneath them and lick his balls as he fucked her. I was there in a minute! Licking and sucking and trying to be a good cuckold. He finally pulled out and pulled his condom off and stuck his cock in my mouth and I sucked for all it was worth! By this time my cuckoldress had cum a third time from Stan pounding (and I do mean pounding) her on all fours, I can only imagine what that must feel like as I know I’ll never have her that way!

She rolled over on her back and they kissed. He sucked on a nipple and began to play with her tits. Straddling her she took him deep into her mouth and sucked him. He pulled out and she looked at me and said, “He has THE most perfect cock!! When I’m laying here like this and he’s fucking my mouth it’s like I’m playing with the statue of David! This is what a real man’s body and cock should look like! He has the most perfect cock!!” before taking it back in her mouth. I reached under Stan’s cock and massaged his balls hoping to coax a nice load out of them for her and him. Soon Stan pulled out and began furiously jerking his cock telling her he wanted to come on her big tits. He stroked and she played with his balls and licked and sucked them for him. Finally he shot a huge load on her tits covering both beautiful white globes and nipples. Without having to be told I immediately bowed my head and began cleaning his cum from my cuckoldress. It was incredible. After I finished cleaning as they basked in the afterglow of their afternoon reverie Stan said told me to get him a wet towel to clean his cock. I scurried to the bathroom making sure the towel was nice and wet with warm water NOT cold not wanting to displease my cuckoldress or her bull. I returned and wiped his cock as they talked laughed and kissed.

We adjourned to the living room where she and Stan sat naked drinks in hand talking about what had just transpired and how they both loved it. She made an offhand comment about how she didn’t really care that I hadn’t cum and that I could “take care of myself” after he left! I was in cuckold heaven. We all chatted for about a half an hour about the experience and I then helped Stan get dressed and we said our goodbyes, the two of them exchanging a beautiful kiss, him fully clothed and her totally naked looking like a model in a Renaissance painting. After he left she took me in the bedroom and had me strip off my pink tights, lying next to me on the bed she toyed with my cock but the whole time she had this huge smile on her face all the while telling me how perfect his cock was and how great it felt inside her pussy and her mouth and she loved to play with it in her hands as it was so much bigger than my “little thing” as she put it. I begged her to sit on my cock and she laughed, “Ah does my little boy want to go where the real cock was? Do you possibly think you could please me like he just did?” I said in short term, “yes and no!” she mounted my cock telling me she couldn’t even feel me after Stan being in there and it only took about three strokes before I exploded in an incredible cuckold orgasm!

The afternoon was incredible! It was purely a cuckold afternoon. My cuckoldress raved for days after about how perfect Stan’s cock was and how he had the most perfect body and it was like playing with the statue of David. She never stopped telling me how great it was that I sucked his cock and put a condom on his cock for her (her two favorite things that I did that afternoon) and that she appreciated my submissiveness and subservience to her and to Stan. She then proceeded to tell me that when we get together with Stan and his wife Irene how Irene had told her that she doesn’t want me to fuck her but loves my tongue and my subservience and how my cuckoldress loves playing with both Irene and Stan while I serve them all. I took this to mean that there was hopefully going to be an upcoming get together. I have to say as a cuckold this weekend exceeded my expectations, turned my fantasies into reality and left me wanting more!

To fantasize about doing a cuckold scenario is one thing, to share it with your wife or girlfriend is quite another, to actually go through with it and make it happen and have it happen like this one did is yet quite another and one I will never forget! I love my cuckoldress now more than I ever have, she has made my fantasies come true, she has the ability to play with a gorgeous man and a gorgeous cock and Stan got to fuck and play with a beautiful woman while her cuckold was there to serve at their beck and call, it was a definite win-win for everyone involved!!!

PHEW!!!! I’m exhausted just recounting it!


You really scored with your description of the powerful mood of anticipation that can affect a cuckold prior to any encounter.  And that great old paperback cover makes an interesting illustration.  The art suggested so much, even if the stories didn’t always deliver it.

(Comment by Throne)

The Way We Love…

So my cuckoldress tells me that while emailing Stan last week, he informed her that Irene is out of town for the weekend, but suggested the three of us get together. She very nicely asked my feeing on it, (like I would say no!) and I told her I’d love to. I told her that our last time together far exceeded my expectations and fantasies and that this time I really wanted it to be all about her. I told that having said that, I would be totally at her beck and call and offer total subservience and submissiveness as her cuckold when we meet. I would wear whatever she wanted, do whatever she wanted and not question her in any way to show her how much I loved, respected, and put her on the throne she deserves! As you can imagine for any cuckold I was in heaven but waiting patiently for her to tell me what she wanted to transpire.

She sent me an email telling me that she would decide what she wanted to have happen and let me know on Saturday. The excitement had begun to build. In the next email I received from her she told me that she had decided to email “Big Stan” as she put it in the email (making me go instantly hard) and that she and he would discuss what would transpire on tomorrow afternoon when we get together. Wow, I have to tell you that I haven’t been this excited in a long time. Knowing that my cuckoldress will communicate with her bull and they will decide what will happen and I will not know about it until it’s actually happening is incredibly erotic. Knowing that I will be ordered to dress a certain way or be naked, perhaps be in chastity or allowed to be free, will be ordered to perform oral sex on each of them, serve them in whatever way they see fit, wear whatever they’ve cooked up is an incredible turn on!!

One of the most erotic things about being a cuckold is the not knowing what your cuckoldress will present you with or expect of you, but knowing that if you truly love and cherish her you will obey. Knowing that I have seen Stan’s big cock and he is physically superior to me and actually made her squirt the last time (something she’s never been able to do with me) and knowing that he can fuck her on all fours as I cannot due to my small cock size is hot. Knowing that they may make me be naked in front of them while they’re clothed is hot. Knowing that she will be satiated by his big cock and that that gives her so much pleasure and she loves not only having it fuck her, but sucking it and playing with it is another incredible turn on. Knowing that I will have to prepare and cater to the two of them making the afternoon all about the love of my life receiving the pleasure she deserves is the quintessential turn on for a cuckold such as me.

This is only one small way the ways in which we love. I adore, love, and idolize her and she is vibrant, sexy, smart, funny, and voluptuous and I couldn’t ask for a better partner!


I’ve seen quite a few videos of late where men have their orgasms ruined in one way or another by either their wives or their cuckoldress or girlfriend. It amazed me that so many men would endure the pain of a ruined orgasm, but then I realized that in many ways submissive men like the pain. I’m not a masochist by any means and am not into physical pain, but I do like humiliation and that in and of itself is a pain of a different sort. Many men who like their orgasms ruined via a handjob, blowjob or by milking are mostly submissive. The one thing I found staggering is that many of them had HUGE cocks. I know that doesn’t fit the stereotype of a submissive male but the videos don’t lie.

So why would a man want to have his orgasm ruined? Subservience submission and control. He loves being subservient to his partner and moreover loves the fact that she controls his orgasm. He loves the fact that through his submission he is empowering her and allowing her to embrace her dominance, and the control that goes with having to hold out like a puppet on a string until she tells you to cum and being right on the edge and so wanting that release only to have it denied is something spectacular in a way. I have tried orgasm denial a few times and it’s not quite my thing, but I admire the guys who love it.

I have been locked in chastity for awhile and made to perform duties and that is exciting. I’ve had my cuckoldress make me wait until she and everyone else has cum and we get home for me to cum and that is erotic. I have made her cum several times only to have her roll over and barely play with my tiny cock telling me she’s too tired and for me to finish the job and that is hot. I’ve had her edge me to the breaking point and then make me make her cum again and that is wild.

My point is that if you’re a submissive cuckold, no matter what pain you desire, when it gets doled out you love it. Ruined orgasms are one of many. I have thought that at a point in time when we get together with Stan and Irene again, I might be made to be the only one naked, serving them while they laugh at my tiny cock that may or may not be in chastity. Or perhaps they’ll sit around and drink and talk while I’m under the table performing oral sex on them all. Or perhaps they’ll dress me up and make me serve. Who knows? The point is, it’s as exciting knowing your orgasm will come last and may not come at all or may indeed be ruined!



The basics of this came from someone else (thank you toy4her), but it is how I feel and helps explain the why.

Basically, I make my husband a cuckold because I like it.

To be proper in our society where a woman only does things to support her precious hubby I guess I should say: “My husband is a…

Oct 7

On our mind

Interestingly I think sex and cuckolding are always on men’s mind, but not always on women’s minds. Men are sexual creatures by nature, we are visual and we sexualize everything we see, women in tight pants, a low cut blouse, a high skirt, heels, pantyhose, etc., you name it and it will perk our interest. Women are more selective and very sexual and when they are in the mood, their cravings, desires, and sexual prowess will outdo a man’s any day of the work. The key word here is “when” for you see men are like dogs we’re always in the mood, whereas women generally are more selective and not as visual and therefore aren’t always ogling and becoming horny.

It’s the nature of the beast. I must confess as a cuckold that cuckolding is always on my mind. From the mundane of being in a store or restaurant and seeing a guy having some sort of innocent contact with my cuckoldress and my mind begins to wander and sometimes race. I see guys checking her out and my head fills with fantasies of her naked being satiated by another’s big cock while I kneel by meekly and watch and serve. I do know however that in reality most times that is the absolute furthest thing from her mind. She’s usually just taking care of the task at hand. It’s not a wrong or right thing, it’s rather a male and female thing.

My cuckoldress I admit is not an ardent follower of this blog (or any other for that matter) but she reads it occasionally when I tell her there’s something particularly to do with her on it or if I ask her input on something. Do I think that she doesn’t like my blog or my writing? Of course not! I know for a fact that she loves it. But as John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” And that indeed is the case. My cuckoldress works long hours, and has a ton of things going on in her life so when she finally settles in at night she barely has time to read her mail before drifting off to sleep. It doesn’t mean she is any less sexual than a man, it simply means that other things take priority and those are things are the things that MUST get done in life.

So I encourage men who tell me that their wives, or girlfriends “aren’t into it” or “aren’t in the mood” or “don’t seem to have an interest” to take a moment and put yourself in their shoes for a day. And if you truly do and at the end of the day YOU are ready to read erotic blogs (which I’m guessing you won’t be) then you can make one of the above assertions. In the meantime, as a submissive cuckold, perhaps you can do some of the things around the house, or some of the things that fill her days so that she DOES have time to participate in the things you’re interested in. You see as a submissive we “want” this and that but in fact we should be “doing” instead of wanting. For if you “do” she’ll “want” and perhaps the things that are always on our mind will become always on her mind.

Oct 4

beta boy

Most men are raised to believe they should be Alpha males, all drenched in testosterone, doing manly things, seducing women, it goes back to the caveman really. But what of the males that don’t want to be Alpha males? What of those men that know that they don’t possess the physical capabilities whether in strength, looks, or cock size that qualify them for the Alpha male role in life? Well those males usually end up being beta males, or for the purposes of my discussion here, beta boys.

There are a few Alpha male cuckolds (mine friend Stan qualifies here) men with huge cocks, good looks, physical attributes of the Alpha male, but at the same time they enjoy watching their wife with an another man, but at the drop of a coin they can become the Alpha male in the relationship if a good beta boy like me shows up. But for the most part, Alpha males tend to know they’re Alpha males early on in life, for many it’s that first locker room experience where guys check each other out and guys with bigger cocks and physical presence are relegated to Alpha male status while guys with small cocks and smaller physical presences are relegated to beta boy status.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being an Alpha or a beta, the problem comes with society trying to tell beta boys they should be Alpha males. It’s a struggle many of us have had for years, trying to put on a costume that just doesn’t fit us. We grow up, get married, try to live the Alpha dominant role only to feel empty inside and knowing that we’re not quite living up to the Alpha form. So for many it’s a lifetime of quiet desperation, but for a few of lucky ones, we realize it, accept it, and share it with our wives and girlfriends. We are open and communicate the FACT  that we know we have a small cock, we know we can please them mainly with our fingers and our tongues and that we are okay that they seek pleasure in the arms of an Alpha male while we the beta boy serve.

It took me a long time to actually say the words out loud to my girlfriend, “I know I have a tiny cock!” and those were words that I could not even utter to my wife of 20 years prior to our divorce because I was too caught up in “trying” to be an Alpha male. My tiny cock is something that I was born with, it’s something I can’t change, it’s like trying to change the color of your eyes, you can’t do it, so you have to accept it. Once I came to that realization and began to embrace my beta boy status it was exhilarating, exciting, enticing, and a whole new world opened up before us. My girlfriend doesn’t have to pretend like so many females that her guy has a huge cock, and I don’t have to pretend like so many males that I’m so chest pounding uga uga caveman. I embrace and accept who I am, and know that having accepted and embraced that that I am very much okay with her wanting and experiencing a bigger cock at times.

At our recent get together with Stan and Irene I was so turned on by watching her suck his huge cock, then watching her getting fucked on all fours (something I can’t do because of my tiny cock) was about as incredible a turn on for a cuckold as it gets. Knowing that I was there in the beta boy role to serve and please everyone put me over the top. I love her with all my heart and soul and I WANT her to experience a nice big cock in ways that I can’t provide for her. She will always have my tongue, my fingers and my devotion and she will always have my cock, but the pure physical reality is I can’t fuck her like Stan did, and for a beta boy that’s a turn on.

To be able to accept and embrace your station in life and from that acceptance comes another’s pleasure is truly the role of a beta boy.

So to Stan, Irene, and my girlfriend, I thank  you for allowing this beta boy to serve! Hope we do it again real soon!

Oct 2

Addicted to my wife…by cuckytoher

Her hair was bleached so blonde it was almost white and her skin alabaster, add to that the layers of heavy makeup, long nails, thick thighs, calves and butt and I couldn’t stop staring at the woman from across the room. From the first moment I saw her I was addicted, addicted to her looks, her demeanor, and her personality which could border between bitchy and loving at the drop of a hat. She had a demeanor of a woman that knew what she wanted and no one was going to deny her of that. She had full sleeve tattoos on her arms and a diamond necklace that spelled out the word “Bitch” across her chest just about her magnificent cleavage.

“I knew you’d like her.” My friend Janet said.

“Like? I think I’m in love! She is gorgeous! Who is she?” I couldn’t take my eyes off her as the more mundane males who frequent these art gallery openings prefer stick figure models for their trophy wives let her sail right past without so much as  a glance.

“Her name is Lizzie and she just moved here. Knowing your penchant for big blonde brassy women I thought you’d be the perfect fit! Plus she isn’t here for the art, she’s shopping for a husband and although you might fall just a tad below the income bracket she’s looking for this is a small town and pickings are slim so you might have a chance.”


Our courtship was a whirlwind after that first night at the art gallery. I wooed Lizzie and doted on her every chance I could get. A month in after she let me lick her pussy one night just because she was horny and wanted to get off and not necessarily because of any physical attraction to me sealed the deal, I popped the question and accompanied it with the biggest diamond ring I could find in a town our size. She smiled and said she’d have to think about it for a day or two but thought that the intention was “sweet” and she’d keep the ring until she decided. She then pulled my cock out of my pants, one of the few times she had actually touched it and began to stroke it, questioning me about the ring and how many carats it was, how much it cost etc. I found myself becoming extremely excited and my cock grew to its fully hardened length of three and a quarter inches. She toyed with it and teased it bringing me to the edge of orgasm time and again before stopping just at the moment I was going to cum telling me she wanted me to enjoy it and wanted to make it last for me. While she stroked she quizzed me about my finances, my job, my investments, my previous sexual encounters (which were few and far between because of my tiny cock) and finally when I could bear it no more and told her, she stopped, put my cock back in my pants, zipped them up and told me she wanted me to wait to cum until she gave me her answer.

Two nights later after a lavish dinner at the most expensive restaurant in town Lizzie told me she’d come to a decision. As we lay in bed after I had brought her to several orgasms with my tongue on both her pussy and her ass, she toyed with my cock. As it grew she told me she’d given the proposal a lot of thought and that if we were to be happy together and more importantly if she were to be happy sexually it wasn’t going to be with my tiny cock. I shuddered as she lightly toyed with my balls falling deep into sub space. She playfully raked her long fingernails along my tiny shaft, rubbing her finger around and around the head of my cock with my pre-cum. She said she had some “conditions” and if I agreed to them she felt we could be very happy with each other. The more she toyed with my cock and the closer I got to orgasm I would’ve agreed to most anything and I told her so. Quickly she listed the items she’d prepared on a prenuptial agreement.

  • On the day of our marriage I would deposit 50% of my wealth into an account with her name on it.
  • In the event of a divorce she would get alimony for the rest of her life, and she would require me to give her the remainder of my savings and investments on that day.
  • Due to my tiny cock she would be allowed to have a lover or lovers as she saw fit. As we lived in a very small town, her lovers would all be from out of town for discretionary purposes.
  • I would place the house and all property belonging to me in her name.
  • She would make all the financial decisions in the household and my paycheck would go directly into her account.
  • I would be allowed no sex outside the marriage and any and all sex I did have would be at her command.
  • She had total control of my appearance at home including piercings, tattoos, body modifications and dress.
  • She would demand 100% loyalty, submission, and servitude from me at all times.
  • The above points were all NON-NEGOTIABLE. It was an all or nothing deal.

The above conditions were whispered in my ear as she toyed with my cock while telling me vivid stories of how exciting out life would be together. It wall ran into together to some wild sexual whirlpool and while I can’t say I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into it didn’t seem so bad at the time she was cooing in my ear, playing with my cock while naked on the bed.


I am dressed in a black dress with leopard print sleeves, high heels, thigh highs and a long blonde wig, my face heavily made up, and to anyone who saw me they would think I was a woman. I am on my knees in our living room sucking Henry’s big black cock, while Lizzie is out shopping. Henry has become Lizzie’s steady lover over the past year. He loves big bleached blonde women and he loves sissy cross dressers which I must confess I have become. The journey has been long and taken me from loving and devoted husband to a cock sucking servant and slave to my wife and her lover. At first she had several lovers but finding them and having them come to town (even though I paid their travel) was taxing on Lizzie according to her. She went on vacation last year and met Henry while she was there. He was black, hung and unemployed. She invited him to visit us after fucking him and telling him all about our special marriage. Henry really dug it and fit right in. After his first visit Lizzie took him to the mall shopping for an entire new wardrobe and moved him in making him king of the castle. So I work while the two of them stay home and fuck and have fun. A few months back Henry and Lizzie went to an adult bookstore in a neighboring town and there was a crossdresser there all decked out who gave Henry a blow job while Lizzie watched and then Henry bent the he/she over and fucked him up the ass. Lizzie was so turned on when they got home and shared their adventure with me Lizzie said she wanted me to start dressing and being more feminine.

My transformation went quickly. All the body hair was removed from my body by electrolysis and I was given lessons and how to walk, talk, act and behave in a more feminine manner by Lizzie. Soon after her “experiment” she revealed the results to Henry who didn’t even recognize me in my feminine role. I sucked his cock and he blew his load in my mouth before realizing it was me. So now I am required to be feminine around the house whenever I am home and have become “Priscilla” to Henry and Lizzie. One problem has become that I spend so much time in my feminine role that sometimes at work or out in the world where I need to be masculine my “feminine ways” come through and many have taken this as a sign of weakness which has resulted in me losing some business deals and suffering at work.  Henry and Lizzie don’t seem to care as long as the money keeps rolling in. Last week Lizzie to me to a city about 50 miles away to consult with a surgeon about having small B or C cup implants which will require me to wear bigger shirts to hide them at work and in public. She also consulted the doctor about some slight collagen injections for my lips.

So now I have cute little C-cup breasts and slightly bigger lips to better blow Henry with and to lick and suck on Lizzie’s pussy with. My journey has been a strange one, a liberating one, a hellish and slavish one at times, but in the end I’ve done it all because I’m addicted to my gorgeous blonde, BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) and BBB (Blonde, Brassy and Bitchy) wife. There are no lengths that I will not go to for her!

How Do I?

One of the most common questions I’m asked by guys reading this forum is, how do I get my wife into cuckolding? In a word: communication. Let me elaborate a bit. You can fantasize all you want about your wife riding some massive black Mandingo stud but in reality, you’ll probably going to end up with a guy like your next door neighbor. So how do you get there? Well first you need to share a few things with your girlfriend or wife and you need to be able to admit some things about yourself. Most cuckolds are submissive by nature but most men feel they can’t express their submissive side to their wives because she’ll think he’s less than a man and she will look down on him because society has conformed us to think we must beat our chest and say ug ug me man you woman!

So your first job is to dispel that myth. Tell your wife that you like being submissive, BUT that doesn’t have to be only in the bedroom. Start by doing things around the house, vacuum, laundry, the dishes, let me tell you there is nothing that will get a woman in the mood more than a man who’s catering to her every need and doing the mundane daily tasks she hates. So start outside the bedroom. Once she sees that a) you don’t mind doing those things and b) you actually enjoy serving and being submissive to her then you can move it into the bedroom. Now not all women are going to end up being leather clad dominatrixes. But that’s not the point. You want your wife to know you’re there to serve her and make her happy. So once you’ve become more submissive outside the bedroom, you’ve clearly communicated to her that you like serving her, you’ve moved into the bedroom and made it ALL about her pleasure. Now you can communicate to her your cuckolding desires, s-l-o-w-l-y and thoughtfully by first talking to her and telling her you’re turned on by cuckolding and then explaining to her what cuckolding is. You can have her check out websites or blogs to become educated but pick out the good blogs and websites NOT the porno ones!!

Next let her know that your desire to be cuckolded DOES NOT mean you get to cheat on her and sleep with other women. This is a big misconception amongst women and ends up being a big turn off right off the bat. Once you CLEARLY educate and explain to her that she is free to do whatever she wants with whomever she wants but you’re not you’ll see a change. The important part that most guys miss is that they introduce their wives to cuckolding but they only want her to do what THEY want to see and experience. This is so totally against the grain it’s not even funny! It’s called topping from the bottom. It’s not about you it’s about her! When you get it out of your head that cuckolding is now about you but about the TWO of you you’ve made great strides!

Okay so you’ve admitted and communicated to her that you are not like other men, and that you have a desire to be submissive, and submissive does not mean weak. You have shown your submissiveness and willingness to serve first OUTSIDE the bedroom and then INSIDE the bedroom. You’ve explained and educated her and what cuckolding is and you’ve let her know that it’s about a journey the two of you will take together to receive mutual pleasure and satisfaction. You then can begin to explore the MANY levels of cuckolding. What do I mean by that? Well as with any fetish or kink there are many levels and cuckolding is no different. It can range from the wife having a bull and the husband just watching to the wife having the husband serve them both, to feminizing the husband, chastity, or any myriad of scenarios along the way. The key is C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-I-O-N it all comes down to that one little word. What do you want to experience out of cuckolding and what does your wife want to experience out of cuckolding. It’s a journey and you don’t just jump in the car or on an airplane without first talking about where you want to go, what you want to do, what you want to see and experience. Cuckolding is the same thing.

So start slow, read some blogs, communicate with her and show her you’re willing to be submissive and subservient outside the bedroom and talk about cuckolding OUTSIDE the bedroom. It’s important that you talk about your sex life outside the confines of your four bedroom walls.

So take it easy and enjoy!


While coming back from vacation my girlfriend/cuckoldress asked me about our time with Stan and Irene. She wanted to know if the fact that they were all naked and I wasn’t was a turn on. She wanted to know why and wanted to know if it was a turn on that I didn’t get to cum but they all did was a turn on also. Well the short answer is yes and no. The long answer I’ll try to address here.

I tried to explain to her and hopefully it was clear why those things turned me on. It was a turn on being the only one dressed albeit in Nike Pro Combat shorts, it fed my submissive side. I was the one serving while they were the ones having fun (not that I wasn’t having fun mind you!). It was also a turn on not being able to cum until we got home. So that was the “yes” part of the answer. She then asked me to elaborate on the “no” part.

Being a cuckold is being a submissive. Being a submissive is somewhat being a masochist although it’s not about physical pain, although some cuckolds are into pain I’m not one of them. For a cuckold being humiliated is a turn on, it’s a masochistic tendency. We crave the humiliation of our cuckoldress and her bull and in this case the other couple. We love knowing that a man with a bigger cock is fucking our cuckoldress and that we are serving. We are licking his balls as he fucks her, we are eating pussy while she is getting satisfied. All of that is humiliating as hell to most normal men but to a cuckold it’s pure heaven. So I told her that I would have loved to have had them make me take my shorts off, to have laughed and made fun of my little cock, to have had them touch and play with it. I also would have loved to have to serve them outside the bedroom naked while they were all clothed. I would have loved to perform oral sex on all of them while they sat around chatting and drinking. I would have loved to have them make me make myself cum while they watched and were amused. Me being their “entertainment” is hot and humiliating. The masochistic part of me in cuckolding is not the physical part of getting hit or spanked because that really doesn’t work for me, however the verbal part does, the having to perform, serve, please, and entertain while being humiliated does work very much for me.

It’s humbling to be a cuckold. It’s a self-realization that we come to know and accept our station in life. We are men with tiny cocks who crave to serve others more superior than us, we love humiliation and we love knowing that while we can strive to please our cock’s will never be bigger than what they are and that comports how we behave and please. As a cuckold I crave that humiliation and although I know it’s hard for others to take that dominant role for any amount of time and stay with it, I find it hot when they do. As a cuckold I tend to always think of pleasing the other person, but not as an alpha male thinks of pleasing a woman with his cock for I know that I cannot do that; my pleasing must come from deeper, from my tongue and hands and my overwhelming desire to serve and please and because of that I as a cuckold crave the humiliation of being humbled.

Being told you have a small cock is humbling when you’re alone with your cuckoldress, but having it done in front of others and having to show them your tiny cock is exhilarating to say the least. It’s a weird thing and not many people “get it” when you talk about humiliation because they think of humiliating someone as being mean, but to a cuckold that is the contrary to us being humiliated is being aroused and excited.

I hope she understood my explanation. I hope that the next time we get together with Stan and Irene they will perhaps put me through some paces that they didn’t this time. Our recent encounter far exceeded any expectations and fantasies I had as a cuckold and made my dreams come true!!! I just hope there is a next time!

Stay tuned…


Heading on vacation for a few days until Monday. I thought I’d share a new story Throne wrote. It’s wicked in its humiliation of the poor cuckold!! Enjoy!

"B… but…" I said, my voice shaky.  "Darla.  When you volunteered me to work at the fair I thought…  I mean, I assumed that I would be… taking tickets… or something."
"Well," my tall busty wife said with an impish smile, "this is SOMETHING.  It’s being the guy in the dunking tank.  Don’t tell me you’re afraid to get wet."
"N… no, but that costume.  And the m… make-up."
"Well, you ARE supposed to be a clown.  And the costume they sent is for a girl clown.  But I’m not going to ask any of my girlfriends to do this.  I need a man.  One who’s short and fat, like the outfit."
Close to tears at the thought of being put on display, laughed at, and dropped repeatedly into a tank of water, I tried to pull myself together.  After all, this WAS for charity.  I took a deep breath and said, “All right.  I’ll do it.”
She was only half listening to me, already fussing with the ridiculous costume I was going to wear.  Darla said, “Let’s get you into your working clothes, Wayne.  Hmmm, that’s not a very good name for a clown.  Maybe Wayney?  Nah.  I know — Winky.  Winky the Clown.”  She laughed as she held the top of the outfit against my front and said, “Let’s get you into this, Winky.”
"You mean I’ll have to go… go to the fair wearing it?"
"There’s nowhere to change once we get there.  So strip down, Bozo."
I reluctantly began to undress.  I’m uncomfortable with my plump body, even in front of my wife.  She always notices guys who are in better shape than me.  And taller than me.  And more confident.  I got out of my clothes and stood there but she didn’t hand me anything to put on.  She told me to wait a minute, to not do anything until she got back, and then left the bedroom.  I stood there feeling awkward and unhappy.  A moment later I heard her talking to someone.  She must have made a phone call.  Darla chuckled and talked some more.  I couldn’t make out exactly what she was saying.  After a few more minutes I heard her say goodbye.   
She returned and said that she had let a friend know to meet her at the event, to give her some help with the booth.  I stood there squirming, chubby and pink.  It doesn’t help my low self-esteem that I have almost no body hair.  Worst of all, my genitals are underdeveloped.  My wife is amused by my lack of manly assets and jokes about it frequently.  Our sex life is limited to me using my mouth on her and her using her hand on me.  The latter never takes long, as I always get overexcited and, as she puts it, am ‘done before I get started’. 
The first part of the costume was a pair of stockings.  I worked them up my legs slowly, delaying the inevitable, but not for long.  They were bright yellow with a wide red stripe around each thigh.  Darla made me walk around in just those.  I could feel my cheeks get warm with shame.  She said that if I was going to be a girl clown, I had to walk like one, and insisted that I swish my hips with each step.  She giggled at the ridiculous sight I made.  I tried to argue that I would be sitting on the little seat, over the water, and not doing any walking, but she didn’t back down. 
Next I had to get into bright pink panties with ruffles across their seat.  My big bottom filled them almost to their limit.  Between the legs, my small parts barely made a bump.  Then came the top, a yellow and orange dress with short puffed sleeves.  At my plump waist it flared out into a brief skirt that did nothing to conceal the stocking tops or much of the panties.  There were garters, which my wife had me fasten to the stockings.  Finally, there were gloves that went up my arms and vanished under the ends of the  sleeves. 
Darla made me walk to the bathroom, wiggling my hips all the way.  She had me stand in front of the full length mirror and strike several girly poses.  The costume showed off every ounce of excess weight I was carrying.  But there was more.  A bag was sitting on top of the hamper.  From it she took two rounded forms and stuffed them down the back of my panties, making my backside bulge much further.  I couldn’t believe how much the material stretched.  Then came other forms, down the bodice of the dress, to give me absurdly large breasts. 
Following that, she produced a wig.  It was a puffed out mass of tight hair, in rainbow stripes.  As she fitted it snugly onto my head I started to feel as if my own identity was being swallowed up by the foolish role I was being dressed for.  Then, to my dismay, she announced that it was time to apply my make-up.  I would have to travel to the fair in not only that unwanted costume, but wearing a clown face as well.  I tried to console myself with the fact that my identity would be concealed by the white base and colorful highlights I was sure she would use, but somehow it didn’t help.  She sat me down at her vanity table, removed my wig, tied a kitchen apron around my neck, and began to work.
As expected, a white covering came first, except that she mixed some pink into it, so that I was left with a kind of permanent blush.  Then she made that worse by making red circles on my cheeks, like you might find on a baby doll.  The eye liner and eyebrow pencil she used, along with the eyeshade and long false lashes, managed to make me look clownish and slutty at the same time.  Darla assured me that the special adhesive on the lashes would guarantee that they didn’t come off when I was dropped into the water.  Then it was time for what I dreaded the most — lipstick.  She selected a shiny fire-engine red and used it liberally.  Next she outlined my lips, making them appear even larger, and filled in the edges of the outline.  A few final touches completed my outrageous clown/slut look, the apron-bib came off, and the wig went back on. 
She ordered me to stand and show off my girly walk again, forcing me to exaggerate it even more, as well as putting one hand on my hip, raising the other arm, and letting that hand dangle from a limp wrist.  Then came shoes, old fashioned, high-buttoned style, with two-inch heels.  My wife laughed and laughed and laughed, which was what I anticipated everyone else would be doing.  She led me to the front door and out onto the sidewalk.  Just my bad luck, one of our neighbors was strolling by.  It was old Mrs. Grundish, a gossipy biddy if ever there was one.  The senior citizen stopped and gaped at me.
My bride greeted her cheerily and explained that it was me in that humiliating costume, and that we were on our way to the fair.  Darla answered a few questions and somehow, without coming right out and saying it, strongly suggested that I was getting some kind of sick thrill out of being a weird exhibitionist.  The old woman clucked at me and went on her way.  I just wanted to get into the car and have at least a bit of privacy from curious stares.  People driving by gawked at me.  Once I was in the car and my wife was seated behind the wheel, my relief was short-lived.
Darla pulled out her cell phone and declared that she needed to document this happening.  “You know,” she explained.  “In case they need pictures for the charity’s website.  I’ll have to get some of you afterwards, out of your get-up, to put alongside the ones of you as Winky.  Just to make sure everyone knows who generously volunteered to be the buffoon.  Right, Clarabelle?”  She took several pictures.
I cringed.  She drove.  Halfway there, she insisted on getting herself a cup of coffee.  At a busy fast food place.  Not by using the drive-in, but by going inside.  And I had to go with her.  Feeling utterly disgraced, I tagged along behind, having to mince on those heels.  The counter girls snickered at me and the guys who were cooking rolled their eyes.  The manager tried to appear unaffected, but had to turn away when he could no longer keep himself from chortling.  At last my wife had her coffee and whisked out the door, leaving me to struggle to keep up.  People entering the restaurant were startled by my silly appearance. 
She drove us the rest of the way and then I had to get out and face the public on a much larger scale.  The fair was almost ready to open and she hurried me through a side entrance to the local ball field, where it was taking place.  Just my luck, our spot was right in the center of everything.  Anyone visiting the event was sure to see me.  She consulted with a woman who carried a clipboard, who in turn talked with a guy who was putting finishing touches on the booths.  He listened to her and then went off to one side, where he had a big piece of cardboard and a collection of magic markers.  He worked quickly while I looked with trepidation at the dunking booth.  All too soon the man with the markers was done, and he proudly held up a large sign that said DROP THE CLOWN INTO THE WATER.  WINKY THE CLOWN.  And below that, in parenthesis, (AKA Wayne Willis).  Oh no, everyone would know it was me in that cage, wearing that awful costume and mortifying face.
I reluctantly got into the booth, perching on the none-too-comfortable, narrow board that was my seat.  I looked to either side of the cage, where bulls-eyes protruded, waiting to be hit by baseballs, which would make the seat drop and dump me into the water directly below.  I could see down the center aisle, as the gates were opened and fair-goers streamed onto the grounds.  Near the head of the crowd was someone I recognized and was not happy to see.  It was Hank Thompson, a guy who my wife had dated before we got married, and who she still spoke about admiringly.  He was tall and fit and full of attitude.  When he got there she opened her arms to him and he gave her a long hug.  I shuddered.
They were close to me and I heard her say, “I’m so glad you weren’t busy when I called.  I really wanted you to be here.  I need at least one real man with me today.”
He laughed and gave her upper arm a friendly squeeze.  They exchanged intimate glances.  I was just absorbing that shock when the first customers reached the booth.  It was a young couple and the guy handed over his money for two baseballs.  He threw one and was visibly disappointed when it missed.  The second attempt grazed the edge of a bulls-eye but didn’t trigger it.  I was relieved, but knew my luck couldn’t hold.  Then Hank came up alongside the booth and fussed with something I couldn’t see.  He swung a microphone, on a long flexible arm, out and just above my head.
Hank told me, “Go ahead… Winky.  Say something to the people.  Get them worked up.  This booth isn’t going to make any money if you don’t get their attention.  Get them riled up.”
I looked at him blankly.  He shook his head in disgust and reached out one long arm to swing the microphone back toward himself.  Then he unfastened it from its mounting and held it in his hand.  As more strollers neared, he began his spiel. 
"Let’s go, folks.  Hit the target and dump the funny clown into the drink.  Look at him.  Or her.  Yeah, look at Winky the Clown.  Isn’t she cute?  But she thinks YOU look funny.  Are you going to let her think that about you?"
A couple of guys who looked like they thought they were tough heard his patter.  They stepped up to the booth and pulled out money.  Hank said, “Come on, gents.  Knock Winky girl into the water.  Otherwise, everybody might think you’re going easy on her.  They might think you like her.  Is that it, fellows?  Are you getting turned on by Winky’s curves?  Hmmm?”
They ignored Hank, even though he was the one saying those things.  Instead, they glowered at me, obviously displeased with my sissy manner.  Darla gestured to me to use more girlish body language.  I put up one hand and waved it loose-wrist style at the guys.  She pantomimed throwing a kiss, puckering her lips, putting her hand near them, and flinging out her arm.  Not wanting to, I nevertheless duplicated the action, straight at those increasingly angry young men.  They snarled at me as they weighed the baseballs in their hands.  The first of them drew back his arm, looking like he had thrown a lot of pitches in the past.  The ball flashed at the target and barely missed.  On his next attempt he hit it dead center and down I went, into the tepid water, with a big splash.  I came up spluttering and blinking.
"Okay," Hank hooted.  "We have one real man in the bunch.  Do you other guys want to dunk Winky?  Or do you like her too much?"
They took the challenge.  He had gotten them upset and they threw wild, missing over and over.  Then they put down more money.  Hank harassed them but their ire was all directed at me.  One of them hit and down I went again.  The other had to pay one more time before he scored.  A crowd had gathered.  Hank worked them and they lined up to soak the sissy clown.  Darla stood much too close to her former boyfriend, often reaching out to stroke his muscular arm or squeeze his firm shoulder.  I didn’t know what was worse: the way I looked, getting plunked into the water, seeing my wife flirt openly with a past lover.  It was all bad.  There were familiar faces in the crowd and having my name on the sign assured that would all know it was me in that dress, stockings, gloves, heels, and wig, with the made-up face.  People shouted taunting comments at me as the day seemed to last forever.  Dusk arrived and lights were turned on. 
For the next several hours my ordeal continued.  At last it was over.  A final thrower blazed two balls at the targets and dropped me twice.  Hank opened the side door of the enclosure and I got out unsteadily, water running from my outfit.  I staggered around on those heels while Darla thanked him for making the booth a success.  She said he deserved a reward and gave it to him in the form of a long kiss on the mouth.  He said he could use a cup of hot coffee to sooth his throat after all that ballyhooing, and she invited him to our house.  She gave him directions and he offered to pick up a bottle on the way, which she was happy to agree to.  I stood there, soaking wet, while they exchanged another kiss. 
My wife walked away and I followed.  She turned to me and said, “Where do you think you’re going, sissy girl?  I’m not having you in the car while you’re all wet like that.  Walk home.  It’s only a few miles.  And don’t take those shoes off or you’ll ruin the stockings.  That’s an order.”
Stunned, I watched her move away.  Then I started the long walk.  Over an hour later I arrived.  Our car and what I could only assume was Hank’s, were parked out front.  I went to the door but it was locked.  I knocked timidly and then stood there for several long minutes.  At last my bride appeared, wearing a short belted robe.  She had a drink in hand, her hair was tousled, and she was a bit tipsy.  With a snorting laugh she let him come inside.  I was damp and uncomfortable.  I followed her wordlessly and was shocked, when we got to the recreation room, to find Hank on the couch in only his boxer shorts. 
"Hey, Winky, old girl," he said merrily.  "Have a nice walk?  I know WE had a great time while we were waiting for you.  And we’re going to have another great time later, after we’ve rested up from the first one.  But on my way here I got you a gift.  Some closer so I can give it to you."  He stood up.  "Come on, Winky girl."
Feeling defeated, I went to him.  He reached under the side table that was against the couch and pulled out a white box, square and not too deep.  He opened it and took out a pie, balancing it on his broad hand.  Then he put the fingers of his other hand against the back of my head.  Too late, I understood what he intended to do.  With Darla watching, he shoved the pie into my face and ground it against my features.  Afterwards, I still had one eye still clear and could see my wife laughing raucously, her big bust rising and falling, the top of the robe opening slightly to show lots of cleavage.  I was totally demeaned.  Hank put a hand on the top of my head and pushed down hard, telling me to kneel.
I got down on my knees and he ordered me to stay there.  Then he and Darla relaxed, acting as if I wasn’t even present.  They kissed and fondled each other.  Less than a half hour later they were ready to head to the bedroom — again.  His sexual stamina obviously outclassed mine.  My wife looked back at me and said, “Don’t move, Winky.  I’ll leave the bedroom door opened so you can hear how I sound when a real man is with me.  It’s going to get loud.  Oh, and those hand jobs I was generously giving you… they’re going to stop.  I wouldn’t want to feel like I was cheating on Hank.  But don’t worry.  With a dick and balls as tiny as yours, I’m sure it won’t be too difficult to go for a week without cumming.  Or a month.  Or half a year.  And I’ll still let you use your mouth on me.” 
They both laughed at my distraught reaction and then vanished.  As she had said, I could hear them the entire time.  She made sure to compliment Hank on his size and skills.  And to disparage my shortcomings in the same areas.  I was beaten.  Even after my clownish outward appearance was removed, I would still feel like a clown inside.  That was not going to change.  I knelt there with a mess of custard on my face and waited to learn what other indignities would be visited on me.


Your story, TONY, worked very well.  I especially liked how the husband’s life went downhill in stages, all of them described so effectively.  The enjoyment his wife and her lover got from mistreating him just added to the impact.

(Comment by Throne)




So the meeting this weekend went incredible. The couple we met, I’ll call them Stan & Irene were gracious hosts and invited us for dinner and drinks on Saturday. We arrived and Irene was donned in a leather skirt, thigh highs, heels, and a cute black top, Stan had on leather pants and a nice shirt. They served my cuckoldress and I drinks and we chatted for a bit. Irene took my cuckoldress and led her upstairs leaving Stan and I alone. We were both chomping at the bit to see what was going on upstairs as this was my cuckoldresses first bi experience I was curious to see how everything would go. Stan and I chatted for a while about cuckolding, the things I’m interested in, the level of dominance my cuckoldress has and finally he said, “I think we should go upstairs and see what they’re up to.”

As we walked into the bedroom these two gorgeous naked ladies were wrapped in an embrace kissing and touching each other. It was incredible. Stan and I sat on a couch and watched as my cuckoldress played with Irene’s pussy fingering her and Irene kissed and sucked on my cuckoldresses’ tits. We were both mesmerized and watched their gorgeous naked bodies intertwined for quite a time until Irene stood and put on a strap on and made her way back to the bed. Stan asked her if she wanted me to suck the strap on to which she replied, “If I want him to suck the strap on I’ll let him know!” We watched as she fucked my cuckoldress and then Irene called me to the bed and told me to lick my cuckoldresses pussy. I made my way to the bed and undressed with the exception of a pair of white Nike pro combat shorts that my cuckoldress likes me to wear, lay on my stomach and began licking her pussy.

Before I knew it Stan was beside the bed naked and my cuckoldress had his cock in her mouth. I was amazed at how big his cock was and the mushroom head was huge. As a cuckold I know that women like big cocks and this afternoon was to be no exception. I watched from my place licking her pussy as his huge cock drove in and out of her mouth. Soon both Irene and her were sucking his cock. I have to be honest and say I was getting so turned on by the fact that at that point everyone was naked except me! Soon my cuckoldress had his big cock between her tits and Irene was laying back on the bed legs spread telling me to lick her pussy. It was glorious!! As I no licked her pussy both Stan and Irene played with my cuckoldresses tits as he fucked on her back and doggies style. As I lay there licking Irene’s pussy and loving it, she tasted so sweet and responded to my tongue, she told me I was a good pussy licker. She then began to describe in detail what Stan and my cuckoldress were doing and asked me if I wanted to see to which I replied yes. She then said, “What do you have to say?” I stopped licking her delicious pussy for a second and said, “Please may I look at them?”

She allowed me to sit up and watch and it was incredible seeing my cuckoldress in this state of passion with his huge cock fucking her on all fours (something I cannot do due to my tiny cock!) and her moaning and loving every minute of it! Irene then instructed me to get on my back with my head under Stan’s cock and balls. It was so hot to be under there licking his balls as he fucked my cuckoldress with my tongue licking them both. Erotic is a word that comes to mind but that so doesn’t describe the effect, it was mind blowing. As he pummeled her with that huge cock I could hear her moans getting louder and knowing her knew that she was about to cum. Bucking wildly against his cock she rammed herself back and forth impaling her pussy on that huge shaft until in one giant burst she came AND squirted! She has NEVER been able to squirt and always wanted to and just as Stan pulled out their juices hit me square in the face covering my eyes and forehead.

As my cuckoldress lay spent on the bed Irene mounted Stan and rode him and they both played with my cuckoldresses tits while she ordered me to clean her pussy. Again I lay on my stomach, licking her pussy while the three of them reveled in orgiastic pleasure. I was so hot and aroused but still hadn’t taken off my shorts. Soon my cuckoldress came again, and then joined Irene sucking Stan’s huge cock. After they were satiated everyone got dressed and we went downstairs to dinner.

As we ate dinner we talked about what had transpired and what we all liked about it. They seemed to sincerely like us and want to have us back (which we REALLY hope happens) and we sincerely liked them. I loved the fact that as a cuckold I got to serve the three of them and the only thing I didn’t get to do this time was suck Stan’s cock which I hope will happen in the future. After dinner we had drinks and talked and finally left. On the way home my cuckoldress could not stop talking about what a great time she had and the size of Stan’s cock. She teased me all the way home about me not cumming and about me being the only one that wasn’t totally naked. I was getting so excited it wasn’t even funny! She thought how great it would be next time for them to remain clothed for a while and I would be the only one naked so they could see my tiny cock and it would demonstrate why she longed for Stan’s big cock with the “beautiful mushroom head” as she put it.

Once at home, I was made to get naked and she mounted me but soon stopped saying she really couldn’t feel me after him. As she was on top of me riding me she said, “His beautiful mushroom head is almost as big as you entire cock” which made me almost shoot my load right there! I was then made to finger her to orgasm once again, the alcohol she had consumed made this process quite lengthy and yet erotic at the same time because once again I was being put on the back burner and her needs were coming first. Finally after she came she lay there limp and asked me if I “wanted to go where the big cock went” and I immediately put my cock into her very wet pussy. It took me about three strokes before I came as I was so excited reliving the scenes from the afternoon in my mind.

All in all it was a glorious get tighter and one I hope we can repeat. We both want to do it again as do Stan and Irene. Who knows what they’ll have cooked up for me next time?

Tonight’s the night…

My cuckoldress and I are getting together with a very hot couple tonight for some dinner and fun sex! We are all looking forward to it. She will finally get to explore her bi-sexual side. I will hopefully be serving everyone as a good cuckold should.

I’ll keep you posted….

Sep 9

Tony…by cuckytoher

Tony..by cuckytoher

My pathetic, semi-erect, four inch cock dribbled the last of my orgasm onto the bed sheets as I knelt on all fours. My wife rolled off the bed laughing.

“I’ve just got to get a picture of this!” She squealed, getting the digital camera off the dresser.

I must’ve looked quite a site kneeling there in that state with a pair of her pantyhose on, with a cyberskin dildo in my ass, and a small bell wrapped around my cock and balls. I looked at her as she snapped pictures laughing the whole time and wondered how I had gotten into this. Who was I kidding? I knew exactly how I got to this point in my life.

“That’s great Tinkerbelle!” She laughed. “Now come on out in the other room, I need a foot massage.”

I got off the bed, put my cock back in the pantyhose and followed her into the living room where she flopped on the sofa and put her feet on the ottoman. Without being told, I knelt and took the lotion from the end table and began to massage her feet. My mind kept going back to how all this had started.

Kristi and I were high school sweethearts and married soon after. I was always submissive to her and even on our wedding night made a feeble attempt to make love to her before my tiny penis erupted as I slid it inside her. After that our lovemaking was mostly me using my fingers or tongue. And so our life went on for the next twenty years.

And then, suddenly last year, Kristi joined a health club to lose some weight. It was then that I saw a dramatic change in her. She is what I would call a rubenesque woman, and very pretty. She dropped about twenty pounds, dyed her hair blonde, started visiting the tanning salon regularly and started dressing a bit more provocatively.

I on the other hand, resigned myself to the couch, television and potato chips. I packed about two hundred and forty pounds on to my five foot nine frame, and yes I had a gut. It seemed while I was gaining weight, Kristi was losing it and getting a great deal of male attention everywhere we went. She seemed to like it and became more daring in her outfits.

Then one day she came home from the gym, tossed her bag in the corner and took a seat at the kitchen counter and sipped a water. The sweat gleaned off her neck as a tiny bead ran down between her ample breasts and disappeared in her black leotard.

“Honey, you remember Tony (last name deleted) that we went to high school with?”

How could I not. During the whole time we went out together in high school, we broke up once and Kristi had dated Tony. He was the high school jock extraordinaire, quarterback of the football team, baseball player that all the girls were after. Kristi and he dated for awhile until we ended up getting back together, but she would always bring him up as, “my old boyfriend.”

I stared at her and said, “You mean your old boyfriend Tony?”

She laughed a mischievous laugh, “Oh yeah that one. Well I ran into him today at the gym. He just moved back into the area and joined the gym.”

I grunted. “Oh, how’s he doing?”

“He hasn’t changed a bit!” she cooed, like a schoolgirl.

“Great” was all I could muster for a reply.

For the next two weeks every night when she came home from the gym it was Tony this and Tony that. It got so I could barely stand it anymore, but I knew that I didn’t have much choice, Kristi was beautiful and I didn’t want to lose her to Tony again at any cost.

One Tuesday night she came bouncing in the door like she had won the lottery. “Hi honey, I’m home! Tony and I went out for a drink after our workout. Oh my God, he is so funny, he makes me laugh!”

I felt like dying inside, but all I could do was sit and listen as she went on and on about him. She showered and we went to bed and I began to get frisky. She told me she really wasn’t in the mood and that she was tired. I acquiesced and rolled over and went to sleep.

The next night she called to tell me that Tony had invited her out to dinner and that she wouldn’t be home till later. I was seething inside but called and ordered a pizza. At about eleven o’clock that night she came home and flopped down on the sofa. I noticed that she had changed from her workout clothes but was still wearing a leotard, except for the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Again, I had to sit and listen to how funny, cute, sexy, bright, Tony was, while she put her feet in my lap and told me to massage them as they were tired from dancing.

“Dancing! You two went dancing!” It was as if something had broken inside. I started yelling at her about Tony and going out with him. Then something happened that changed my life forever; she hit me. Slapped me right across the face! I was stunned and shocked and didn’t quite know what to do until she spoke.

“Listen honey, Tony is my friend and if I want to go out to dinner or dancing with him I will! Just because you choose to be a couch potato and do nothing and I’ve chosen to take control of my life and make some changes for the better, you’re certainly not going to tell me what I can and cannot do who I can or cannot do it with!” With that, she turned and went upstairs to bed. I sat there for awhile and found myself beginning to cry. Finally I found myself sobbing. I pulled myself up the stairs and sat on the edge of the bed. I begged her forgiveness and told her that I was just afraid of losing her. After a considerable amount of time with me begging and pleading forgiveness, she relented but said there would be some changes in our household and in our relationship. For one, she would do whatever she pleased with whomever she pleased and if I didn’t like it I could leave. She told me that she loved me but that she loved herself and the things she was doing were for her not me. I could do little more than whimper and agree.

Things took a turn after that night. Namely we stopped having intercourse. Our sex life to that point had consisted of me attempting intercourse and usually ejaculating early and sometimes before I even entered her. From that night on, it was all about her. I would get her off with my fingers and then and only then after she had cum would she even think about letting me cum. Usually I was allowed to hump her leg and cum or fuck the bed while she berated me. This soon changed to her playing with my balls and never touching my cock which put me in agony while trying to cum without having my cock touched.

And of course, Tony became more involved in our life. Kristi would spend three or four nights a week going out after her workout at the gym with him only  to return home later and later and some nights coming in as late as three of four in the morning. I would watch her get ready for work in the morning and watched how sexy she dressed knowing that she would be seeing Tony after work. I on the other hand was left to do the laundry, cleaning, and the rest of the household chores. Most nights, when she came home I would be in bed and she would crawl in beside me and tell me all about her ‘date’ with Tony.

Eventually her ‘dates’ with Tony began to work their way into our sex lives with me begging her to tell me about what they did while she played with my balls and made me cum. Sometimes I think she made things up just to get me off but I was never sure. I asked her what Tony thought of me and did he ever question why I never went out with them. She smiled and said, “Tony’s got your number. I’ve told him all about you.” And that was that. She never elaborated and I never asked, I think I was afraid to on a multitude of levels.

Shortly after that, one night while we were having sex she took her pantyhose off and handed them to me and told me to put them on, which I did without question. She told me that from now on, I was to wear her dirty pantyhose from the previous day each day while I was at work and home. She also attached a small bell around my cock and balls that would ring when I walked and she began calling me Tinkerbelle. Again, I agreed and my role of subservient husband got deeper. Every now and then when Kristi and I were out we would run into Tony and I was amazed at how much he hadn’t changed since high school and here I was a balding, chubby husband wearing pantyhose and a bell beneath my clothes.

While Kristi’s time with Tony increased, her time with me decreased. I work nights, so I would only see her on my night off or if I was lucky enough to get home before she went to work in the morning. When I did see her I was like a puppy in heat; fawning over her and trying to get her to give me a little attention and possibly have her get me off. It became so that when we did see each other, I was little more than her slave, doing her bidding, and waiting on her hand and foot. The time I did spend with her was also filled with stories about Tony and what they had done together. The thought that their friendship had turned physical was always at the forefront of my mind and I couldn’t help but begin to accept that they were sleeping together.

The Friday afternoon of Labor Day Weekend the phone rang and it was Kristi.

“Hi Tinkerbelle, it’s me. Listen something dreadful has happened. Tony was playing touch football with the guys and sprained his ankle and threw out his back. The doctor says he can’t walk on his foot for a whole week, so I told him he could stay with us for the weekend at least.”

My throat tightened. “I uh guess that’s ok honey.”

“You guess? What the hell does that mean? I told you he’s coming to stay with us and that’s that! Now make sure the house is clean and the bed has fresh linens, I told Tony he could stay in our bed since it’s more comfortable than the one in the spare room.”

“Bbbbbuuuuttt…where will you and I sleep?” Click the phone went dead before I could finish my sentence. My heart started racing, but like a good little househusband I went into maid gear. I cleaned and changed the linen on our bed, and made sure everything was just right when I heard the door open.

“We’re home!” Kristi shouted from the front door.

I ran down the stairs to see Tony with a crutch under one arm and my wife under the other. She was wearing a low cut top and a very short skirt with what seemed to be very high heels.

“Grab Tony’s stuff from the car and bring it to the bedroom.”

Without thinking I went outside to the car and couldn’t believe my eyes. There were two huge suitcases and bags full of stuff. I brought everything to the bedroom as Kristi settled Tony on the bed. “There that will make my patient feel better.” She said, in a cooing voice. I put the stuff down and Kristi looked at me, “Oh the things in the bags are Tony’s dirty laundry since he isn’t going to be home and he’s not sure what he’ll need I thought we’d bring it over here and you could wash it for him.”

“Yes ma’am,” was all I could think of to say.

“Now honey, Tony knows about our relationship and he knows that you wear pantyhose around the house and about your bell. As a matter of fact, some of that might have been his idea!”

Oh my God, how mortified was I at this moment? He knew? My face flushed red with embarrassment. I could do nothing more than stand there and hang my head.

“Now honey, if Tony’s going to be here for the weekend, or maybe longer, I think it’s only right that you are in your normal state that you’re in around the house. So you can take off your pants and shirt and be yourself. Come on now do it.”

Slowly I lowered my head, unbuttoned my jeans and dropped them to the floor. I could hear Tony and Kristi snickering from the bed.

“There doesn’t that feel better Tinkerbelle?”

“Yes ma’am,” I muttered and then removed my shirt. There I stood in pantyhose with my bell naked in my bedroom while my wife and her old boyfriend sat on the bed snickering.

“Tinkerbelle, I told you Tony knows all about us and what goes on here so there’s no need to be embarrassed. He accepts that certain people have certain needs and he knows that you need to be the way you are. So for as long as he’s in our home, you’ll treat him the way you treat me. Now enough of this foolishness, you’ve got laundry to do and we’re hungry, right Tony?”

Tony just grinned and said, “Yeah I could go for a burger and a beer.”

“You heard the man Tinkerbelle, you better get going.” Kristi said, smiling and fluffing up a pillow under Tony’s back. I bent down and picked up the laundry bags and headed for the kitchen.

The rest of the day and evening were spent with me running up and down the stairs bringing Tony and Kristi food, drinks, magazines, and at one point Kristi had me give her a foot massage right in front of Tony. My little cock was throbbing and dripping just touching her. Then came the time for me to go to work, as I said, I work midnight to eight a.m. So I got dressed to go to work and gave Kristi a kiss goodnight and said goodnight to Tony. I wondered all the way to work what the sleeping arrangements were going to be. Once at work, I called and asked Kristi where she was going to sleep that night.

“Why in my bed silly! What did you think I was going to do?”

“I uh wasn’t sure with Tony being there and all. Oh Tinkerbelle, it’s not like Tony and haven’t seen each other naked before or slept together before after all we did go out together in high school. Now you go to work and have a good night. Oh and in the morning bring us home two coffees and those delicious cinnamon rolls from that bakery on Main St.” Click and the line went dead.

I spent the rest of my night wondering what was going on and it was torture. I couldn’t concentrate on work and all I did was watch the clock. At eight o’clock, I raced from the building, sped to the coffee shop, and then flew home. Upon entering the house I crept upstairs so as not to wake anyone up. There lying on the bed, my bed, our bed, was my wife wearing a little short black see through teddy that I had given her for our last anniversary. She had never worn it saying it wasn’t comfortable to sleep in. Next to her lay Tony with no shirt and a pair of boxer shorts with the snap front undone. Whatever was in there looked huge, but turned away and placed to coffee on the nightstand. Kristi opened her eyes.

“Hmmm hi there.”

“Hi honey, here’s your coffee and cinnamon rolls.”

“Thank you baby.” With that she rolled over and placed her hand on Tony’s hairy chest. He began to stir and she said, “Breakfast is here.”

Tony smiled and nodded to me and I nodded back. “Oh, I’ve got to take a piss.” He said, to no one in particular.

Kristi sat up and said to me, “Grab that urinal and hand it to Tony.” I walked over to my dresser and picked up the urinal that they had given him at the hospital and handed it to him. He made his way to the edge of the bed, stood up and said, “I’m going to need a hand here.” I shuddered to think what he meant, when he leaned on my shoulder and took his cock out and started urinating. I have to admit I must have looked silly, just standing there gazing at it, but it was magnificent. It must have been at least eight inches long and I can’t even guess how thick but it made mine look even smaller than it was.

He laughed and patted me on the back. “It’s ok, there Tinkerbelle I know you’ve probably never seen a cock that big especially after seeing yours. He looked at Kristi and they both chuckled and he got back into bed. I spent the rest of that day waiting on them; actually I spent the entire Labor Day Weekend waiting on them both hand and foot. And finally on Monday night after I’d emptied Tony’s urinal for what seemed like the hundredth time, he had to piss again. Out of bed he got, except this time he pulled his cock out and looked me straight in the eye, “hold it Tinkerbelle while I piss.” Reluctantly, I reached down and took hold of his throbbing member. It was big and warm and I could feel the piss running through it as I held it there.

When he was finished, I placed it back in his shorts and emptied the urinal. That began my total subservience to Kristi and Tony that exists until this day. And so that’s why I’m just finishing kneeling on what used to be my bed watching my cock dribble the last of its orgasm out, my weekly reward for outstanding service to either Tony, Kristi or both of them. But the story of what I did to deserve the reward will have to wait for another day….

     Doing chores never bothered me, but since Tony’s ankle has healed (see part one) it seems like all I do is run around and do chores for him and Kristi. Once his ankle was better, Kristi thought it best that he stay here at our house for a couple of months. By that point, I had no say in the matter but begrudgingly accepted.

     That first week, Tony went back to work as did Kristi and me and I thought things would be back to normal. What I found was that things went back to normal for them, however after work I ended up cleaning, doing laundry, cooking and running a million errands for them. Kristi and Tony still slept in our bed and I could hear the grunting and groaning coming from what used to be our marital bed.

     Weekends were the worst. They would usually go out on Friday night sometimes without me, while I was left home to attend to chores. Some nights they would come stumbling in around 2:00 am, both drunk and horny. Other times I was made to go with them and chauffeur them around, all the time hearing comments from friends about how close they had become. A ritual had started when Tony had his broken ankle and that was that I was to always hold his cock when he went to the bathroom. Kristi thought it was cute, and Tony thought that it showed who the boss was.

     So many nights while out on their bar rounds, every time Tony went to the men’s room, I would follow like a dutiful servant, unzip his pants, take his massive tool out and hold it while he pissed. I have to admit that this held some excitement for me as I did love the feel of his big cock with his piss flowing through it. And furthermore, he once had me hold it while I was naked and witnessed me getting a hard on which set him to laughing and knowing that it turned me on.

     One particular Friday a week or so ago I was not privy to their Friday night trip and was home doing chores when they returned home. Both pretty drunk, they came in and flopped on the couch. Kristi had a low cut leotard on with no bra and a short skirt. I reTonyed that her outfit reminded me of when we were all in high school together. She often wore leotards and knew they drove me crazy. That was all it took, Kristi smiled and said she had a great idea. Why didn’t we do a fashion show of all our old clothes from high school?

     I was mortified. Both her and Tony were the same size (Kristi actually smaller) than when we were in high school. I on the other hand had packed on tons of weight. Dutifully, I went to the storage and got out a bunch of old clothes. Kristi proceeded to try on leotards, Danskin, skirts, low cut tops, and an assortment of hot clothes that a 17 yr old would wear and she looked great! Fortunately for me, Tony had no clothes from that era at our house, so I was the next victim. They sat on the couch and laughed, with tears rolling down their cheeks as I struggled to get into pants that were two or three sizes too small and shirts that would button over my girth.

     Kristi screamed with laughter as I tried to get into my Saturday Night Fever white suit and black shirt. The pants barely fit up my legs and there was no way they would button and the shirt barely made it onto my 240 lb frame. With Kristi roaring with laughter, Tony proceeded to the stereo and turned on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. “Dance for us baby!!” Kristi yelled. I stood there mortified, but Tony came up and whispered in my ear, “You better do what she says or there’ll be hell to pay.”

     Slowly I began to dance around the living room with my pants unbuttoned and my shirt half off while they roared with laughter. Finally a slow song came on and the two of them stood to dance. I thought my embarrassment was over, but Kristi said, “Now if we’re dancing you dance, just pretend you have a partner in that hot looking suit you have on!” With that they proceeded to roar with laughter once again, with Tony caressing his hands up and down Kristi’s thighs and feeling her breasts, while I swayed to the music with my imaginary partner.

     When the song ended, Kristi told me to clean up the clothes and the mess in the living room and go to bed. Since Tony had moved in I had been sleeping in the spare room. After I had cleaned up and locked the house up for the night, I went to my room, but heard Kristi calling me. I approached what used to be our bedroom and pushed the door open expecting one of them to want a glass of water or a drink. There on the bed, lay Tony naked, with his huge cock lying soft on his thigh. I had to admit that even soft, he was bigger than I was hard. Kristi lay next to him, with only her leotard on, legs spread.

     “Yes ma’am.” I said meekly.

     “Honey, I just wanted to tell you you were very entertaining tonight,” she looked at Tony and they both giggled. “Tony and I have been thinking and we think that you deserve a reward for all the hard work you’ve been doing around here and for entertaining us. So, since you’re already familiar with Tony’s cock from holding it while he goes to the bathroom, we figured your next step in the reward process would be for you to actually witness it get hard and help it along. Come over here.”

     With that, a whole new chapter in my life began. Moving slowly toward the bed, I was instructed to kneel between Tony’s legs and take his cock in my hands and gently stroke it. Doing as I was told, I could feel his semi hard cock begin to grow in my hands. Kristi, smiled at Tony and then at me and said, “Now bend over and kiss it.” I couldn’t believe what I was being asked to do, but like everything in my life, I bowed my head ever so slightly and placed a gentle kiss on the tip of his cock. “Now suck it,” she said, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Once again, my subservient state and humiliation complete, I bowed my head and began sucking.

     That night was the first of many that I was to be involved in their lovemaking. Yes, their lovemaking. I was no longer allowed to make love to my wife and it was clear that she and Tony were in love and I was the cuckold slave along for the ride and whatever they chose to dish out.